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National Chicks of Scoodlepeep Territories
Flag of Scoodlepeep
MottoFree chicks, free country, free nation!
Anthem"Jellybeans, Jellybeans"
Royal anthem"Jobs Save the Bean"
The Mighty Jellybean

Scoodlepeep jellybean.png
Location of Scoodlepeep
Scoodlepeep highlighted in yellow on the UnitedTerra map.
Largest city Skokie
Official languages Chick
Recognised regional languages English, Chickinese
Species  Chicks
Demonym Scoodlepeepian
Government Democratic
 -  President Baby N.
 -  Vice-President LiveWire
 -  July 9, 2008 Chicks protest 
 -  November 2008 Construction 
 -  February 2009 Establishment 
 -  April 2010 Colonization by and subsequent liberation from Waffleland 
 -  2009 estimate 1,260 
 -  2013 census 3,532,480 
Currency Chickpeas (چء.)
Drives on the Right
Calling code +000
Location of Scoodlepeep
Footnotes Some penguins are allowed into Scoodlepeep. Such as the popular band, Awesomesauce, and all athletes that will play in the Candy Arena.

The National Chicks of Scoodlepeep Territories, commonly known as Scoodlepeep is famously known for being the only chick-governed and inhabited country, with a population of 3,532,480 as of 2013. The country was founded by Baby N, who currently governs alongside LiveWire. Chicks were given the freedom to live by themselves if they wished. During the construction of the free republic, over a thousand chicks left their homes to start a parent-free life. Scoodlepeep is located near the centre of UnitedTerra, away from coasts and oceans to ensure safety for the young chicks. Scoodlepeep are protected by the UnitedTerra Parliament and are backed by the UnitedTerra Artillery Brigade for security.


The country was officially established in early 2009 after a brief few months of construction. Baby N consulted the manner to his older brother, Ninjinian, President of UnitedTerra, who liked the idea and put this request into action. Upon hearing the news, most of the population were intrigued and wondered how such an idea would be able to function economically. Once the news reached overseas, many were astonished and all attention was drawn towards the creation of this chick-inhabited country, soon announced to be named Scoodlepeep. Adult penguins were set out the establishment the country and have intelligent chicks to input their ideas. Most buildings are very short and small to fit the size of chicks. Security for the country was a major concern at first. Too many Mwa Mwa Penguins and Petguins were sneaking into the borders. The borders weren't that strong to hold back the intruders but this was quickly solved. Once it was colonized by Waffleland but Baby N quickly came to the rescue from his vacation in UnitedTerra.

Once chicks have grown into adult penguins they are requested to leave the country and are permitted to live anywhere else in UnitedTerra that is not beyond the coast.


There are many shops, stalls & places in Scoodlepeep. There is only one store for each service to make it easier for chicks to find.


  • Mega-Centre

The centre for international products & items, such as clothes, technology, toys (games/consoles) and other essential goods.

    • Clothing Shop (the clothing shop)
    • Electronic Store (the technology/electronics store)
    • Toy Store (the toy store)
    • Food Shop (store to buy food, including drinks)
    • Candy Shop (the low-in-sugar shop to buy candy)
    • Other Store (very big store to find all miscellaneous products)
    • Vehicle Store (store to buy vehicles)
    • The Bank


  • Mini-Stalls

The little stalls to buy small things, such as key-chains.


  • Scoodlepeep Enterprises

Where very high business-chicks plan to start more shops, stalls, businesses & other products.

  • Scoodlepeep Construction Works

Where construction-chicks build things/make things like igloos & other buildings.

  • Scoodlepeep Inc.

Manufacture resources such as paper.

  • Scoodlepeep Pvt. Ltd.

A very suspicious private business.


  • Tiny Pizza

Restaurant to consume miniature-sized pizzas.

  • Tiny Foods

Best fast-food restaurant in Scoodlepeep.


The Scoodlepeepian currency is known as the chickpea. At first, the currency was supposed to be jellybeans but the main concern for this system was that chicks were eating them. Chickpeas resemble jellybeans but are inedible and boulder-shaped. They are not especially valued and cannot be converted into dauroes, the official Terrain currency; nor can they be used outside of the country's territories. They are about the size of a pebble. Chicks can withdraw and deposit chickpeas at the Tiny Bank, The National Bank of Scoodlepeep, which is the only bank in the country. One chickpea can purchase a candy-bar.


Chicks in Scoodlepeep speak chickinese. The language is considered a code which normal penguins cannot understand. It is mainly a base of different chirping sounds & lengths. Penguins find the language very astounding, because they did once understand it, but don't anymore once they grew out of their chick stage. The Scoodlepeepian chick accent is very noticeable and differs massively from other Antarctican chicks.


Scoodlepeep's national anthem is "Jellybeans, Jellybeans", sung in the style of opera. Chicks are trained in school to be able to master the art of opera singing in order for them to sing the anthem. It is a simple four-lined verse topped off with the sound of trumpets and other horns.



  • Waffleland has claimed Scoodlepeep as their own territory. However, UnitedTerra and the international community ignore the claims.

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