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Alessandro "Scorpion" Da Scorpione
Altare da Scorpione.JPG
The dirtiest traitor assassin you will ever see.
Title Assassin
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Himself
Health Perfect physically and mentally.
Level 40
Status Going after you.
Location Look behind you.
Birth date April 21, 1988 (1988-04-21) (age 32)
Place of birth Sicilia, Liguria
Occupation Paid assassin/bounty hunter.
Interests Money.
Friends Dunno.
Enemies Anyone he needs to kill.
Archetype It's complicated
Weapon of choice Long knives, navaja, darts, poison.

Alessandro Da Scorpione, known more formally as Scorpion, is a Ligurian paid assassin, who travles from country to country looking for the perfect job.


Early life[edit]

Alessandro Da Scorpione was born on April 21st, 1837 (since he's a High Penguin he has lived to this point because of slow aging) in a small rural house in Sicilia, Liguria, from a Ligurian father and a Castillan mother, who both worked as farmers. His father was a member of Mortem, an highly secret organization exclusive to High Penguins dedicated to kill those who are corrupted and evil, and making the world a "pure" place. Of course, Scorpion's mother had no idea of his husband's secret, and always thought of him as a mere farmer. Scorpion's father trained his son to be skilled enough to join Mortem, by training him in parkour, stealth and combat.

At age 27 (thought he looked 13) he was finally recruited into Mortem. He was appointed as an apprentice to Master Leone, one of the best assassins of Mortem, who trained him ever better to be a member in Mortem. Over time, Scorpion gained his reputation with the other Mortem members killing hundreds of villains of Sicilia, and whole Liguria, in little time.

But also over time, Scorpion started defecting to the dark side, becoming an enemy of Mortem himself. All started after seeing a rich penguin walking through an alley, and Scorpion, not being able to control himself, killed him, desiring those riches for himself. But after killing him, Scorpion ran away, without stealing anything from the man, feeling guilty of what he had done. But this was only the start of his defection. A traitor Mortem member, who also was corrupted by greed and riches, slowly convinced him to join him in being a bandit with him. But when he finally convinced him to join him, he only managed to get killed and all his stolen treasure taken by Scorpion.

At age 51 (looking like a 19 year-older), he completely defected from the organization, and decided to start killing for his own profit, as a paid assassin, taking money for job, working only for himself and the people who hired him. He became one of Mortem's worst enemies as fast as he became one of their best members. He fled from Sicilia, and started taking jobs from anyone from around the world. But Mortem was not going to let him just betray them and get no punishment. They sent his former master, Leone, to follow him and bring him back to Mortem Headquarters, and decide what will be his punishment.

World tour[edit]

No, it's not the world tour you think. Scorpion does not sing. Scorpion started taking ships and planes to other countries, to escape his persecutor. In each country he visits, he looks for someone who will give him a job: The assassination of an enemy for rewards. By these methods, Scorpion is a millionaire by now. He gained the nickname "Scorpion" in English speaking countries because of his use of scorpion venom on his weapons, and also because Scorpion is Scorpione (his surname) in English (but that was pretty obvious, wasn't it?). In other countries, his nickname is Escorpion in Castilla, Skorpion in Alemania or Sasori in Japaland, all for the same reasons.


Scorpion is currently being followed by fellow assassin Leone. Leone's mission is to find Scorpion, take him back to Liguria, turn him in to the Mortem organization, and decide his punishment for his work. Leone has been following him for almost 5 years, spotting him multiple, maybe thousands and millions of times, but never being able to catch up to him and arrest him, because of Scorpion's advanced parkour skills almost nobody can beat. A story of the persecution is coming soon.


Scorpion will live for many more years, being a High Penguin and aging slowly.


  • Scorpion is a paid assassin, killing for rewards.
  • He used to be part of Mortem, an organization of Assassins who killed those who deserved it.


Formerly a worker for good, Scorpion has become a ruthless killer, caring little who he is killing or from who is he receiving orders, only if he is given money and how much money. He can receive orders from someone, and one minute later, get orders to kill the penguin he recently worked for.


As a master assassin and excellent managing weaponry, Scorpion must have a great amount of weapons for the job:

  • Family knives (from part of his father's family, gave to him by his father)
  • Castillan Toledo navaja (from part of his mother family, gave to him by his uncle)
  • Blowgun and darts
  • Knicicles
  • Throwing knives
  • Grappling hook
  • Bow and arrow


Scorpion is skilled in various things, such as in:

Parkour and stealth[edit]

Scorpion excels in parkour, climbing and jumping walls, getting to high places, jumping over things... He was trained by his father, and his parkour skills are unmatched. Scorpion also has really good stealth, and is difficult to be spotted when he is after you.

Weapon handling[edit]

Scorpion can handle any weapon you give him. Even if you gave him something recently made by G that no one has tested, not even G himself, he would need only five seconds to know how it works. He also is good at archery, and has really good marksmanship.


  • I see you want to get rid of someone. Maybe you need an assassin for the job.
  • How much will you pay me for the job?
  • I don't work for good nor for evil. You can say I work for both, or for myself.


  • Scorpion gets his nickname from the fact he uses scorpion venom to poison his enemies. How he gets the venom out of the Scorpion? That's a mystery...
  • Scorpion's political view is highly anti-monarchy, republican and anti-absolute power, and he supports democracy.
  • Although it is said above that he doesn't care who he is working for or who is he killing, there are certain targets and people he won't kill or work for: He won't kill chicks, his parents, fellow Assassins, and won't work for monarchy.
  • He is based off of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. WARNING. This page is about a M-Rated (Mature) video game, which has NOTHING to do with the CPFW. Anything you stumble upon while reading the page is not responsibility of the CPFW. View at you own risk.

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