Scramble for Power

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Scramble for Power
The fall of Shops caused the Scramble for Power.
Background information
Participants See below
Date 2026-2028
Location Across Antarctica

The 2027 Scramble for Power was a period of activity for many nations, sparked by those trying to invade and annex Shops Island's former territories during and after the Shops Civil War. However, it eventually included the invasion of sovereign nations as well, and skirmishes throughout the continent.



Forces who gained new land, or attempted to do so.


Territory invaded or compromised during the scramble. Not all affected parties were Shopper territories.


  • 2025
- The Shops Civil War breaks out, causing turmoil on the home front, as well as all of it's territories. Rumors start to spread in the political world.
  • Early-2026
- Many countries in the Ninja Archipelago begin to amp up their militaries, as they see the demise of Shops Island on the horizon.
- The United States of Shops Island and Ed Island sign a treaty stating that in the case of an emergency that caused the downfall of the USSI, Ed Island would be ceded all of Shops Island's space territories.
  • Mid-2026
- Around the height of the "Yowien Campaign" in the civil war, Frankterre invaded Northern Shops and annexed it for themselves, after forcing out Snoss and Castillan forces to the North.
- Frankterre invades L'île du Puissance and Bar Crab City.
- Puffle'and invades Malesia and the newly-independent Frosian Republic.
- As the Shopper Empire and the USSI take the war into space, many Shopper colonies are left to fend for themselves. Some put up determined resistance.
  • Late-2026
- The Snoss attack mainland Shops Island, but are fended off by Imperial Shopper forces. Darth Swissius does not intervene.
- The Shops Civil War ends abruptly, leaving Shops Island uninhabitable and Darth Swissius as the only victor.
  • 2027
  • 2028


Prelude: Northern Shops[edit]

While the Shopper Empire and the USSI were fighting over Northern Shops, or shortly thereafter, Swiss Ninja, Kaiser of Snowzerland, realized that he had the perfect opportunity- storm Northern Shops, wipe out all resistance from both sides of Shops Island, and claim the land as part of Snoss Yow. However, unbeknownst to him, Castilla and Frankterre had also thought of that. Out of respect for Shops Island, Castilla didn't storm the entire territory at first, they just stopped the Snoss by claiming the northern border. Puffle'and was told not to invade, as Swiss Ninja wanted to claim the land for himself.

Soon after the Snoss and Castillan forces met at the Northern border of the territory, a large battle broke out. The battle lasted six days, but as the end of the sixth day drew near, both forces were forced to retreat. Unbeknownst to them, while they were fighting, Frankterre had conquered the mainland and forced them out from behind.

However, this all took place during the chaos of the Shops Civil War, so it wasn't graced by media coverage until the official scramble had begun.

War in Space[edit]

When word got back about the Shopper Empire's looming victory over Notron, former President Lavender, after conferring with Penquino and Chill, asked Ed Island to take over their space colonies, enacting a decade old agreement between the nations. Ed Island's space fleet and armies began mobilizing before launching attacks against the Shopper space colonies to liberate them.

Western Union[edit]

The fall of Shops put the Western Union and its 12 members on extremely high alert. The Western Union Armed Forces were put on high alert, along with the militaries of all 12 nations. President Thomas Anderson called for an emergency summit of the Western Union.

At the Western Union summit, all 12 nations agree to stand by each other's side should any of them be attacked. They signed the Mutual Defense Agreement and also made the statement that they are committed to supporting the independence of any country that comes out of Shops Island.


  • The name and premise of this event is based on the real event known as the "Scramble for Africa". It occurred from the late 1800s to the beginning of World War I, and by that time it had seen the European colonization of ninety percent of the African continent.