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Created Scrap
BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Species Snowman
Gender Male
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Occupation Snow Minion
Employer Tusk
Years Active 2013-present
Military Service
Years Served 2013-present
Rank Supreme Leader of the Remnants of Tusk's Snowman Army
I'll get you! Get you so fast it'll make your head spin!
— Scrap

Scrap is a snowman who was the first of Tusk's Snow Minions. He is the most athletic of the original three Snow Minions, as well as a showoff when it comes to his abilities, and the most devoted to his master. He is a loudmouth who sometimes irritates his companions.


Scrap, like his fellow Snow Minions Tank and Sly, was created by Tusk using his mastery of the element of snow, with the ultimate goal of using them to destroy Sensei. These three would later serve as the templates for Tusk's snowman army.

In May 2013, Scrap, Tank, and Sly were sent to lead Tusk's army and defeat Sensei and his ninjas. These attacks proved unsuccessful, and were warded off by the ninjas, although Scrap managed to slip away unscathed every time. Ultimately, Tusk's army was decimated, and the villainous walrus was himself defeated by Sensei and a group of ninjas and mysteriously disappeared.

Believing that his master had been slain at the hands of Sensei, Scrap vowed to avenge Tusk. He began searching the mountains and wilderness of Club Penguin for any remnants of Tusk's snowman army he could find, and made himself Supreme Leader of the remnants.


As he was the first of the Snow Minions, Scrap feels that he is the leader among the three, second to Tusk of course. However, he is a coward and will quickly flee when the tide of battle turns away from his favor. He is not the brains of the outfit; that title goes to Sly, but it doesn't stop Scrap from taking credit for his ideas. He is very proud of his athletic abilities, and will show off to anyone who is willing to watch.


  • His favorite food is athlete energy gels.
  • Scrap can do fifty push-ups in a row.

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