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Alias Bubble Blower
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 2'11"-9'8"
Residence USA flag.PNG South Pole City, United States of Antarctica
Occupation Supervillain
Evilositian Army member
Employer Evil Pengy
Let's clean this place out, heh heh.
— Scrubby

Scrubby is a criminal turned supervillain who was transformed into soap in an unfortunate accident. He is currently a member of the Evilositian Army.


Scrubby was originally an ordinary criminal, performing routine break-ins and robberies. He was later tricked into breaking into a soap factory, having been given false information that it was actually a front and stored far more valuable items, where he had the misfortune of encountering into Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. As the three battled, Scrubby was knocked into a vat of soap, and he was turned into soap himself when Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal blasted it with their combined powers. Scrubby emerged from the vat with his new soapy form, but had no idea how to use his powers and was easily contained by the heroes inside a bucket. Afterwards, he was turned over to the Elite Penguin Force. Gary planned to study him, but before he could begin his research, Rookie accidentally set him free.

Armed with his new superpowers, Scrubby returned to his old ways, using them to his advantage to steal valuable items. However, he still didn't have a handle on his powers, which gave him little rewards but a whole lot of aches and pains from superhero battles.

In 2015, Scrubby was recruited into the Evilositian Army by Evil Pengy.

In June 2018, Scrubby participated in the Evilositian Army's raid on Acadia, but was shot down. He was easily able to escape from custody using his powers, and was never put on trial. He laid low in Acadia until the rest of the Evilositian Army returned to rescue the other captured members, and assisted in breaking them out.



Scrubby is very dimwitted, and this is often exploited by his fellow criminals for a laugh at his expense.


As a result of his transformation, Scrubby is able to shapeshift into any form he pleases. He is able to reduce himself entirely to soap bubbles, allowing him to escape nearly any confinement that is not completely sealed. He is also able to make bubbles, and has attempted to use them as a shield before, but they have the strength of normal bubbles and pop immediately. Also, being made out of soap, he cleans everything he touches.


Although Scrubby's shapeshifting is unlimited when it comes to form, he cannot grow much larger than his usual size. His maximum size is slightly smaller than Protobot. He also cannot change his colors, so it can only be used for utility and not disguise.

Scrubby's greatest weakness is Kaboom, one of Billy Mays' products.


  • Scrubby is a bit behind the times and has no knowledge of scrubs. The rest of the Evilositian Army is trying to make sure it stays that way, because they think it's funny.