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Scrubby Patrick Pingu, also known as Scrubbypingu.
Title Scrubbypingu
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Has unhealthy levels of salt
Level Unknown
Status Being salty
Location Unknown
Birth date Unknown
Death date He's alive
Occupation "Blogger", Scrub
Height Short
Feather color Black
Strengths See below
Weaknesses See below
Fears Facts
Friends See below
Enemies See below
Weapon of choice Unknown
Signature ScrubbypinguStamp.png
It's right because I said it is!
— Scrubbypingu

Scrubby Patrick Pingu, also known as Scrubbypingu, is a High Penguin. He is a scrub.


Scrubbypingu was born a long time ago. He lived with his parents until he grew up.

One day, Scrubbypingu heard the word "scrub" for the first time, and decided to become one.

When he was old enough, Scrubbypingu was forced to go to school. He didn't like school, like most chicks, because they told facts there, which he doesn't like if he doesn't agree with them, and his least favorite subject was math. School was boring, so there's nothing else to say about it. Later, he finished school.


In 2015, Scrubbypingu decided to become a blogger. He became one, and now he posts almost every day. He complains about things he doesn't like every day. On the blog he has, he also bans anyone who comments facts which cause him to run away from his laptop. This is because facts scare him.

Scrubbypingu also mails in ideas for US Constitutional Amendments to the South Pole Capital. He also mails in proof that his ideas would make the USA better. He mails in ideas, but the South Pole Council always rejects them and lets Mabel send mean letters back to Scrubbypingu. Donal Tenorio has also called Scrubbypingu's ideas "the worst deals in US history". Because of this, Scrubbypingu has written his own Constitution. He follows his own constitution and always carries a copy of it. Scrubbypingu has been arrested multiple times for breaking laws. His defense is that he follows his own constitution which didn't have those rules, so it's okay that he does those things because he says so. Scrubbypingu has also been sent to a mental hospital before, but he escaped, and says they sent the wrong penguin, because he says so.


In the future, Scrubbypingu will start reading the Penstubal Post. He likes the Penstubal Post because there aren't any facts in it. This is good because he would run away from it if there were any facts. This is because he is afraid of facts.

Further in the future, Scrubbypingu will decide to make a better newspaper because he wants to. He will scribble it onto a folded piece of paper. He will then claim it is the best newspaper, because he says it is. The name for the newspaper will be Pingu Post. Unfortunately, Quackerpingu will sue him the next day for using the name "Pingu Post", saying he thought of the name first. However, Quackerpingu didn't use the name first. Scrubbypingu didn't go to court because he didn't want to, but mailed a letter saying he thought of the name first, because he said so. If he went to court, he would have been sent to another mental hospital or arrested again for not following the constitution. Because Scrubbypingu didn't go to court, the judge told both of them to not use the name.

Scrubbypingu will continue to use the name. He will also say his igloo is a new country, Scrublia, that will follow his constitution and have the Pingu Post. Scrublia will have one other citizen, but will be destroyed after being melted by the other citizen while Scrubbypingu is at the store. The other citizen is actually one of Quackerpingu's secret agents, destroying the Pingu Post for him.

Even further in the future, Scrubbypingu will move to Shops Island. He will remake Pingu Post. It will still be scribbled on sheets of paper. He will also have many jobs. One of those jobs is restaurant host and waiter. He will keep asking for raises, which he deserves because he says so. However, nobody gives him the raises that he thinks he deserves. After Shops Island is destroyed, he will move back to the USA.

Scrubbypingu will eventually be hired as a police officer in Snow Jose. They hire him even though the USA wants him arrested. This is because he said he would be a great police officer, because he said so. After becoming a police officer, he will be fired because he arrests people when he wants to. But sometimes they don't break Snow Jose laws and other times he doesn't arrest people who are breaking Snow Jose laws. This is because Scrubbypingu arrests people that are breaking his constitution and rules.

Even more further in the future, Scrubbypingu will write a book about his life. There will be no facts in it. However, Scrubbypingu will say it is all true, because he says so. It will be a very long book. Nobody will like Scrubbypingu's book.


During The Spitfire, Antarctica will be destroyed by a nuke. However, Scrubbypingu's book will survive in one piece. This is because Scrubbypingu said it will exist forever. Scrubbypingu's book will later be found by some aliens visiting Earth. These aliens are not from Earth. The aliens saw Scrubbypingu's book and liked it. The aliens did not know it was not full of facts. The aliens will think penguin society in the early 2000's was like how it is in Scrubbypingu's book. However, it isn't. This is because there are no facts in Scrubbypingu's book that he wrote.


What Scrubbypingu daydreamed when he was a "sith".

He joined The Evil Something, but he's not evil. He said he was their leader because he said so, so he was kicked out. He joined the EQF later, but was kicked out after he said he should be the director.

Scrubbypingu used to think Bernie the Tour Guide was the best tour guide. Then he became a tour guide by painting a question mark on his propeller cap. Nobody thinks he is a good tour guide. This is because he doesn't know any of the lines. However, he thinks he's the best. Whenever someone tells him he is not a good tour guide, he yells at them and then runs away because there are facts.

He decided to be a jedi, so he painted a broom handle blue and said he was a jedi. However, a real jedi told him he wasn't a jedi because he couldn't use the force. Scruppypingu ran away, because there were facts. He later painted his broom handle red so he could be a sith. He started being a sith by training with a ghost sith. However, the ghost sith was actually an imaginary friend. When Scrubbypingu learned everything from the ghost sith, he went looking for a sith that was alive. The only "sith" he could find was Dennis, so he followed Dennis. However, Dennis got annoyed at him and told him to go away. Dennis also took his broom handle, so he's not a sith any more. When he was a jedi and a sith he wore a shower cap. This was to protect him from keysabers and the force.

One day, Scrubbypingu decided to become a waiter at the Pizza Parlor. He became one, but he kept bringing the wrong pizzas. This is because he kept giving the chefs the pizzas he thought would be good, instead of what they ordered. When the customers would tell him it was the wrong pizza, he would run away, because there were facts. Later he got fired.


Most of the time, Scrubbypingu acts like a normal penguin. He goes around complaining about things and arguing with penguins that don't agree with him. Scrubbypingu claims to be a very nice penguin. However, he is not nice when he argues. If anyone points this out, he is not nice. Then he runs away because there are facts.

Abilities and weaknesses[edit]

One of Scrubbypingu's abilities is that he's good at being a scrub, which is good because he is a scrub. He's also good at complaining. However, a weakness is that he can't use the force. His biggest fear is hearing facts; he'll run away as soon as he hears one.

Friends and enemies[edit]

Scrubbypingu is friends with anyone who agrees with him or will blindly follow what he says. He is enemies with anyone who does not agree with everything he says or attempts to correct him with "facts".

Scrubbypingu's best friend is a lamp. Scrubbypingu says the lamp is friends with other objects like the Four Unknown. However, the lamp is not alive. Scrubbypingu says it is. If anyone tells him that the lamp is not alive, he will run away, because there are facts. He hates Mcdonalds394 because they both say they are telling the truth all the time.

List of clones[edit]

Scrubbypingu has many clones of himself. However, these clones do not exist and were made up by Scrubbypingu. If anyone tells him that, he runs away, because there are facts.

  • Mean Scrubbypingu - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but is mean and doesn't agree with Scrubbypingu.
  • Scrubward - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but has a big beak and a unibrow.
  • Scrubbypingette - A clone of Scrubbypingu. She is like Scrubbypingu but is a girl, which Scrubbypingu is not.
  • Chocolate Scrubbypingu - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but is brown.
  • ugnipybburcS - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but waddles backwards.
  • nƃuᴉdʎqqnɹɔS - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but is upside down.
  • Scrubbypinguu - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but is a clone of Scrubbypingu.
  • Scrubbypingu - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but smaller.
  • Scrubbypingu - A clone of Scrubbypingu. He is like Scrubbypingu but bigger.


  • Scrubbypingu is convinced that there is a group of people controlling Antarctica. Everyone that Scrubbypingu doesn't like is a member of this group. Scrubbypingu says this group is out to get him.
  • Scrubbypingu thinks oranges were invented by Whoot Smackler Whoot to make fun of High Penguins. Because of this, Scrubbypingu refuses to buy oranges, orange juice, and orange-flavored products. Scrubbypingu also thinks that orange products should be banned. Because Scrubbypingu thinks orange products should be banned, he sometimes goes to stores and starts throwing away their orange products, saying that they're illegal now because he says so. This causes Scrubbypingu to get thrown out of the store.
  • Scrubbypingu doesn't like oranges, and he also doesn't like orange things. His shirt is orange, but if you tell him that he will say it's not orange. He will say the same for any orange thing he owns or likes.
  • Scrubbypingu thinks High Penguins shouldn't be able to die. He says High Penguins being able to die is discriminatory towards High Penguins. This is because he is a High Penguin.
  • Scrubbypingu claims he is the most humble penguin in Antarctica. He also says he is the best at being humble.
    • Scrubbypingu's ego isn't as large as other penguins' egos like Swiss Ninja. These are the only facts Scrubbypingu is not afraid of, because they agree with his lies. For example, if someone said "Swiss Ninja has a bigger ego than Scrubbypingu", Scrubbypingu would not run away even though this is a fact, because he says he is very humble.
  • He hates Donal Tenorio. Because of this, he imitates Donal Tenorio. When he imitates Donal Tenorio, other penguins get confused because they think he is joking. However, he is serious.
  • Scrubbypingu often suspects people of being villains. The reason Scrubbypingu does this is so he can say "told you so" when it turns out they are a villain. However, nobody that Scrubbypingu has suspected of being a villain has turned out to be a villain.
  • Scrubbypingu says he is the nicest penguin in Antarctica. He is not the nicest penguin in Antarctica. If someone tells him he is not the nicest penguin in Antarctica, he runs away because this is a fact.


  • "AAAAA!"
  • "Hi, I'm Scrubbypingu"
  • "Covfefe"
  • "You should agree to my terms 'cause they're great"
  • "I never have to say sorry because I'm always right"
  • "Give me a valid answer, or else you are admitting I was right all along"
  • "That's not a valid answer, because I said so"
  • "The proof is: I said it"
  • "I know you weren't asking me but I feel entitled to giving an opinion anyway"
  • "You're under arrest because I said so"
  • "I'm the nicest penguin in the world, I'm nice to you even when I am angry as heck."
  • "I never say sorry because I am right all the time."
  • "I am an extremely humble penguin. I state it as a matter of fact that I am humble."
  • "I'm a much more humble penguin than you ever were and ever will be."
  • "I am very relaxed and can take a joke."
  • "My name is Scrubby Pingu, not "Scrubby Sue". I am not a woman."



  • Scrubbypingu wants to form a group called "The Eviler Something". However, he does not consider himself evil. He is also thinking of making another group called "Elite Scrub Force", also called ESF.
  • He is trying to make "SPLASH" into a new phrase. For example: "Dude, that's totally SPLASH". Unfortunately, it hasn't caught on.
  • Scrubbypingu says he has always used "SPLASH", but he has not always used "SPLASH". Before he used "SPLASH", he used to overuse and kill memes and sayings.
  • In his blog posts and sometimes in person,
  • He talks like this
  • and
  • it's very annoying
  • because
  • it takes forever
  • for him to say anything.
  • When Scrubbypingu goes to the store, he doesn't pay for anything. He says the prices don't apply to him because he says so. However, they still apply to other penguins. If Scrubbypingu is told that the prices apply to him too, he runs away. This is because this is a fact, which he is afraid of.
  • Scrubbypingu likes going to Chill Island on vacation. When he goes to Chill Island, he likes to visit Banana Beach. He tries to tell other penguins they can't visit Banana Beach. He says that this is because it is his private beach, because he says so. When other penguins tell him that it is not his private beach, he runs away because there are facts.
  • Scrubbypingu has many items that he likes.
  • One thing Scrubbypingu likes is his "race car". Scrubbypingu's "race car" is actually a cardboard cutout that he waddles around in. He says it's a real race car, because he says it is. The propeller hats were glued on for more speed.
  • Something else Scrubbypingu likes is his stamp. Scrubbypingu was given the stamp by a teacher in school. He actually took the stamp, but it was given to him because he said so. He later added the words to his stamp, and has used the stamp as his signature since then.
  • For some reason, when Scrubbypingu talks about the United States of Antarctica, he says US or United States instead. Scrubbypingu says everyone else says that too. However, they don't. He also says "the world" when he talks about Antarctica as a whole.
  • Scrubbypingu does not use proper grammar. This is because he does not know how. Instead, he makes up his own grammar rules.
  • Some penguins call Scrubbypingu "Scrubby Sue". Scrubbypingu always corrects them.
  • Nobody else says it, but Scrubbypingu is the richest creature in the world, because he says so.
  • Scrubbypingu is actually the emperor of Antarctica, because he says so. However, nobody else listens to him so he really isn't.
  • Scrubbypingu has his own Armo theme. This is because he went to Armo headquarters and told the receptionist that they had to make them. However, they didn't, so Scrubbypingu made his own. It is the best Armo set, because Scrubbypingu said so.
  • Scrubbypingu is a Non-Member. This is because he says he deserves to have everything without buying a membership, because he says so.

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