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Seadirom flag.PNG
The flag of Seadirom.
National name Terrain State of Seadirom
Country UnitedTerra
Capital city Neo Domino City
Largest city Neo Domino City
Demonym Rominese
Formation circa. 2003
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles
Other info
Population 5,909,877 (as of 2015)
Leader UnitedTerra Parliament
Location Upper-Eastern Terrain
Alliances None
Neighbours Olde Snoxon, Terra Federation, TerraMount

The State of Seadirom, also known as Seadirome, is a state of UnitedTerra situated in the Upper-Eastern Terrain. It is renown for being the country's most technologically-advanced state where a lot of new, revolutionary tech originates from and its focus on sport. With a population of 6 million creatures, Seadirom is a very different state compared to the rest. The capital and largest city is Neo Domino City, known for its turbo-racing-orientated activities and numerous sporting stadiums.

Since 2003, the state has been the home of futuristic sporting motors known as turbo bikes, and popularised them into becoming UnitedTerra's biggest sports – turbo-racing. Since then Seadirom's creation boasts numerous turbo bike manufacturers, toys, TV shows, stadium and sporting competitions.

Seadirom borders Olde Snoxon, TerraMount and Terra Federation. They are the closest to terrorist state Slumolia, so their neighbouring with military states gives them constant protection if needed. The state's strong focus on technology infamously meant it adopted The Nerd State nickname by citizens of other states. However, Seadirom can't complain about that as the development has driven strong job and population growth, and low unemployment.


The word Seadirom originates from the word CD-ROM, and is a play-on words of it. The inclusion of the word "sea" is generally thought to be a representation of the state bordering the ocean. The state also goes by the name Seadirome. Rumour has it Ninjinian gave the state this name after looking around the Parliament room and noticing Kalin's CD rack standing out to him. He then decided to leave it to Mayor Crepsley to write the name down officially on government papers but spelt "CDROM" as "Seadirome". Ninjinian then decided Seadirome could be used as a secondary name and also gave the Mayor a big slap on the head and paid for his grammar lessons out of his own pocket.


Early history of '03[edit]

In the first two years of the formation of UnitedTerra, the country capital New Club Penguin and a couple major states such as Flipscone had been made. Seadirom's chance came in 2003 when the city Neo Domino City was created. Oddly enough, the capital was formed before the state was and then when the state was formed it adopted the city as its own. It was also a small state land-wise so this was another factor that added to the prediction that Seadirom was not to be something special but merely another Terrain state. Despite this, Ninjinian chose the state as the spot for sporting activity. This is credited to the already-existing Neo Domino City that was created for a sole purpose of bike racing. It seemed to make sense for a state near a racing city to adopt its qualities.

Immigration influx[edit]

During these years, turbo racing was not prominent yet. In fact, only a handful of turbo bikes existed as they were still in their testing stages. For the time being, penguins had standard motorcycles to fulfil their local illegal racing competitions. Seadirom's land was noted for its naturally-existing racetracks and what bikers considered as "perfect terrain for racing". While construction for the state was going on, word spread of the existence of a Land of Racing throughout UnitedTerra and even over to the States. This resulted into thousands of amateur racers coming just for the sake of pursuing their racing dreams.

Rise in technological prominence[edit]

Racers aside, teams of scientists randomly chose Seadirom to be their "research spot". These penguins are typically credited for spawning the scientific and technological success of the state.

Modern era[edit]

From 2007 onwards the modern era of Seadirom began. The success of the economy and inventions brought Seadirom to Antarctic spotlight.


Capital city Neo Domino City is often labelled as the economic hub of Seadirom. The 2012 total gross state product was DAU: 659 billion. Seadirom is responsible for over 13.2 percent of the UnitedTerra's gross domestic product (GDP). Seadirom's GDP alone is larger than many Antarctican countries. The Seadirom economy is dependent on industry and production of goods. The unemployment rate in Seadirom is among the lowest in the nation, at 4.8%, as of August 2015. The state is also the second fastest job growth state in the nation (after Flipscone). The unemployment rate is estimated to be at 2.2%, one of the lowest rates in the country. Northern Seadirome is the highest-income region in Seadirome, having six of the twenty highest-income counties in UTR. Seadirom had the seventh-largest number of millionaires per capita in UnitedTerra.




Many penguins across Antarctica & UnitedTerra come to spend their weeks in the state to watch the numerous sporting events that take place in the capital city and in other key cities.


Just like anywhere else in the nation, the most popular type of road transport is mobeeling. Contrastingly, Seadirome is one of the rare nations of the UTR that causes high levels of pollution. Not many penguins waddle to places as the state is so industrially-orientated.


There are a number of prestigious universities in Seadirome that are ranked highly in the Top Universities of Antarctica list. These universities birth a large crop of scientists that go on to create inventions and discover new things.



Besides technology, sport is the second-highest priority of Seadirom that also contributes heavily to the state economy. Many sports are popular in Seadirome; turbo racing, boxing, football, snowboarding, cycling, golf and ice hockey. Out of these the most popular are turbo racing and boxing. For all sports there are both professional and local competitions, leagues and tournaments held.

Turbo racing[edit]

Turbo racing is the most popular sport in UnitedTerra, but isn't the most popular in Seadirom. While Seadirom make the turbo bikes, there are not many places suitable enough to turbo race anymore except in the capital. In the capital, there are dozens of turbo racing stadiums, the biggest of which are The Super Twist and Loop Stadium. It is the most popular sport in Neo Domino City, evidently.



Boxing tournaments are held throughout the year. They generate the most money out of any sporting competitions. Many high-profiled boxers choose to stage their fights in Seadirom stadiums due to their size. As usual, these are mainly held in Neo Domino City, along with turbo racing and football tournaments.


State symbols[edit]

The CD-ROM is the main state symbol as it reflects the technology aspect of the state. It is featured on the flag of Seadirom. The CD-ROM symbol is often used to represent the state when it chooses to not be referred to by name. As a result, anyone that sees the CD-ROM symbol automatically recognises that it is related to Seadirom. As usual, the Bandana and Cookie Crown symbols are inherited from the national symbols of UnitedTerra, as with every Terrain state.

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