Seal Island

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Not to be confused with the main country, Seal Islands.
Seal Island
Flag of Seal Island.png
Flag of Seal Island
Country Seal Islands
Capital city New Sealville
Inhabitants 14,142
Other info
Leader Christina van Guilera
Location Northwest Sealien Sea
Alliances Seal Islands
Neighbours Sealien Sea

The Federal Republic of the Seal Islands
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg
Seal Islands
Sealien History
Sealien Dark Thursday
Seal Islands presidential election, 2013
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Zomer Island
Island of Ashes
Lange Jaar Island
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Seal Island
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Sealien Extraterrestrial Colonies
Sealien Sea
Christina van Guilera

Seal Island is a island designed for seals, which was later also inhabited by penguins. The main inhabitants are penguins, puffles and seals, mostly Weddell Seals.


After the Weddell Seals defeated the Leopard Seals in 2002, the penguins of Weddell were so happy that they awarded the Weddell Seals with a island. The first settlement, New Sealville, was built soon afterwards. It was a small fishing village at first, but it expanded into a major port. However, it was overfilling, so the inhabitants needed to build more settlements. Seal City was built, and it expanded into a city, and once again more was needed. Seal Marine City was built using a new form of underwater tech that wasn't bubble tech, and it became a Metropoliton. In 2008, the Seal Islands became tired of people messing up the names of the islands, so they decided to conquer the island, it wasn't hard because the penguins of Weddell had already forgotten that they made this island. And they didn't mind either, because they hardly cared. The island was then moved over to the Sealien Sea, because it was located too far away from the real country, moving it wasn't easy, but since the island is an iceberg that doesn't have support from ground it could be moved. When Seal Islands conquered the island, they built a smaller port-town called Seal Harbour on it.


The island is governed by an unnamed Sealien Government Official who lives in New Sealville.


Counties with capitals marked!

The Seal Island is divided into 2 counties:

  • Citivia
    • Capital: New Sealville
  • Seal Harbour
    • Capital: Seal Harbour


New Sealville is built in the Southwest part of the island. Seal City is built built in the Northwest.