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Seashells Island
The flag of Seashells.
National name Eastern Shops Island
Country The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Capital city None.
Largest city None.
Formation 2013
Inhabitants Mostly Penguins
Other info
Population 1,000
Leader Shops Island government
Location East of Shops Island
Alliances Shops Island
Neighbours Uranium Island, Western Shops

Seashells Island is an artificially-made island state off the coast of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops. It serves as a popular tourist destination, and the only actual inhabitants of the island are hotel and resort staff. However, it's often overshadowed by Shops' more popular destinations like Buhu Isle, Love Island, or the Shopper East Ocean Territory.


The green dots are trees. The brown thing sticking out of the island is a pier. The gray thing is the resort, and the white outlines of the island are beaches.


Seashells was created in April 2013 by Shops Island as a tourist destination in an effort to make lots of money. It was created by dredging water out of the Western Shops' harbor, and releasing it in the place where Seashells was being built. Enough dirt was eventually dredged, and Seashells Island popped out of the water. It soon became a popular place for tourists and produces over 1 billion WB$. It has a giant resort in the center, and beaches all around the island, along with some lush flora and fauna.


Seashells can hold at least 10,000 penguins at once, because it has an absolutely huge resort. This produces an exponential amount of money, and Shops is considering opening up another island just like Seashells. Activities on the island include:

  • Seashells Resort and Spa- The huge resort which takes up most of the land area. 12 floors, with each having the land area of a small city, there's plenty enough rooms for vacationers to stay in. Also, it was built so that expanding into higher floors would be easy.
  • Beaches- Seashells also has plenty of space for you to sprawl out on the sand to get some nice sun, or have fun in the water!
  • Dock- The dock isn't really an activity, but it's more like a port. Seven total cruise ships can line the dock at any given time, and there's also a DoIC station that everyone must pass through when entering or leaving Seashells (so the government can get statistics of how many patrons visit the resort each year).


The island lacks a sewer treatment plant. As such, when you flush the toilet, it goes into a pipe that goes down 1,000 feet below the surface of the ocean, buried under 10 feet of sand, and 50 miles offshore. It is indicated to sailors by a circle of buoys. Bro, governor of Western Shops, gave this statement:

"This island is considered to be a tourist destination. It's so small, I don't want people to see a sewer plant. We just didn't have a lot of space to put one. I'll consider petitioning the Common Legislature to do so."

However, he has never gotten around to doing so, nor have any other members of the Shopper government. Ironically, the island has a desalination plant which is very well hidden(it gets extra money by exporting the salt, and that's where it gets its water) so a sewer treatment plant could be built that could be well hidden.


  • It's a parody of Seychelles.
  • Seashells is the only territory of Shops Island labeled under two categories at once; it is both classified as an Artificial State and a Colony.