2015 Second Winsburg Congress

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Second Winsburg Conference of April 2015
Background information
Participants FlagROSn.png Snowiny
MAI.png Margate
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
Amataria Flag.png Amataria
ChinstrapFlag.png Acadia
Cheeese.png Caseusopolis
Date April 26, 2015
Location Winsburg, Snowiny

The Western Union
Western Union 2017 Flag.png
Flag of the Western Union
Western Union
Treaties and Events
Summits and Conferences
Member States
Important Cities
Key People
Notable Companies

The Second Winsburg Conference was a summit in Winsburg, Snowiny between the leaders of the Western Union. It was dedicated to welcome Acadia and Caseusopolis into the union. The First Winsburg Conference happened exactly 22 days earlier.

Topics Discussed[edit]

Entry of Acadia and Caseusopolis into the Union[edit]

The conference's main point was to welcome Acadia and Caseusopolis into the union and discuss their policies and laws.

Effects of their entry[edit]

It was also discussed what effects would the entry have on the two's economy and on the Circular economy as a whole.

A Circular Army[edit]

A proposal already discussed on April 4th, 2015, Snowiny talked to Acadia and Caseusopolis what they would think about the Circular Powers having one, united army. Both refused, and the other members of the Circular Powers also disagreed because of this, except Margate suggested the topic be rested for the future.


  • This conference was started to welcome Acadia and Caseusopolis into the union.

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