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Toshi Kojima
Born 1883
Penguin Island
Gender Male
Other names 教師主人
Occupation Sensei, Ninja Master
Years active Since 2008
Home town Club Penguin Island
Height 4ft 2in
Weight 41kg
Known for Being the Sensei
Opponent(s) Tusk
Relatives Craáin Sensei, Sensei Wraith
For Sensei's family, go here.

Toshi Kojima (こじまとし) or Sensei (先生 Ninja) is the current Ninja Sensei, who resides in the Dojo. Along with his elder brother, Sensei Wraith, the two work together to create a balance in the Dojo. Sensei and Sensei Wraith are directly linked to the Dojo, and without this balance, the Dojo would falter. Sensei's impeccable mastery of all things Card-Jitsu has led to many Ninjas referring to him as the "Master of the Elements". This title is further backed up by the fact that Sensei is the first and only penguin to hold all prominent Sensei roles at once.

Always speaking in witty haiku, his appearance is a grey colored penguin, with a white beard and wears a straw Zhouese-South Joseon coolie-styled hat. He made his first debut in Penguin Chat 3. During his first time in Club Penguin, no one knew who he was, as he was formerly known as ?????. He also makes a reference to Sanity Penguin, mocking his theory of becoming a ninja.


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Early Life[edit]

Sensei was born some time before Khanzem declared war against the High Penguins, to a clan of Ninjas. Back then however he wasn't called Sensei, instead his name was Toshi. From the moment he was old enough to waddle, he dreamed of becoming a Ninja Master. His brother laughed at him for this, his father told him to lower his expectations, and his mother told him the same thing, just in a nicer way. Toshi refused to give up however, and eventually it paid off. Sort of. Since he wouldn't stop telling his parents about how he would become a Sensei, they asked the current Sensei if he would take him as a student. The Sensei allowed for the young penguin to come and train with him at the Dojo, but said that he would have to leave his family and train extremely hard. Toshi didn't have to be asked twice. He started packing right away, and left for the Dojo the very next day (he had to travel alone, as back then the first part of a Ninja's training was to reach the Dojo by themselves with no help). After a few weeks of wandering in circles, Toshi finally found the Dojo and the current Sensei came to greet him. He told the Sensei of his desire to become a ninja, and the penguin agreed. He then teamed him up with another new student, and began to train them.

Rivalry with Tusk[edit]

Toshi training with Tusk as a teenager.

As soon as Toshi was taken under Sensei Li's wing, he began preliminary training to be a ninja. He and his new friend Speeddasher quickly showed that they were very skillful in the art of Card-Jitsu. At this time, Sensei had taken up a particular interest in the element of snow. He had just met a young walrus named Tusk, and they became quick friends in their youth, although this was bound to change for the worse as they grew up.

Early Ninja Training[edit]

A year after first arriving at the Dojo, Toshi would be taken under the wings of all of The Five Senseis, who would greatly hone his skills in each of the unique elements. Li took the challenge to train him with water, Ho taught him the power of snow, while he was taught Card-Jitsu Fire by Li's brother, Tsoi. As time progressed, Toshi became a decisive Ninja and a legendary martial artist like his teachers, his brother, and fellow student Speeddasher.

The year 1913 was a large turning point for the life of everyone who lived and trained in the Dojo. Whoot Smackler Whoot had couped the High Penguin Confederacy, and Sensei Tsoi and Li were extremely suspicious about him, though they said nothing at first. Not long after Triskelle gave his call to arms speech, The Five Senseis decided to join in the fighting to stop the Naughtzee and liberate the imprisoned High Penguins. Toshi was immediately drafted with the rest of his brothers as Ninja warriors who would assist the other Senseis during the war, which lasted a long 5 years. Toshi had been involved many battles with the Naughtzee, showing the Antarctic and the Senseis of his great skill and humble attitude. It became clear to them that Toshi would become a future Sensei, as declared by Sensei Li.


After the war, Sensei continued to train with the Five Senseis with his brothers. Nevertheless, each of the Five Senseis began to pass away as years progressed, and Sensei was beginning to age. After the death of Sensei Fut, only Sensei Hung was the last of the Five Senseis remaining, and was the only familiar face to Sensei, for his brothers had gone on long journeys to find inner peace. It was Sensei Hung who began to call Toshi "Sensei", since the others did not. Sensei felt he was too old to take the position of Sensei, thus Sensei Hung decided to make Pen Chi the successor, not telling him until last minute.


Thus, Sensei took a "long trip" back in the days of Penguin Chat 3, and did not return for a long time. While on his journey, Sensei Wraith was put in charge of the Dojo, but due to the imbalance, Sensei Hung put Pen Chi in charge of the Dojo alongside with Sensei Wraith, to keep balance. After the LiquidFence Scandal, resulting in Pen Chi leaving the Dojo, Sensei had to make haste and return to properly balance the Dojo once again. Sensei had also took a long journey to Club Penguin in 2003 (it wasn't called Club Penguin then) and rebuilt the Dojo with his brothers, and remained in the mountains for a long time.

After the great snow storm, Sensei decided to dig it out and created the "Dig Out The Dojo" project. After it was opened, Sensei decided to train ninjas once more. Finally meeting up with Sensei Wraith, who was imprisoned underneath the snow, they took back their original posts and began to train aspiring ninjas once more, in the art of Card-Jitsu. This is a style of martial art where you must use different cards to beat your opponent. Beating them successfully will result in a different colored belt showing your skill level. There are nine belts in all and the last one requires you to face off Sensei himself. Beating Sensei will reward you with a Ninja Mask.


Sensei's Elemental Outfits

As Master of the Elements, Sensei is naturally very busy all across Club Penguin Island, and sometimes the rest of Antarctica. As he has to overlook Ninja training in the main Dojo and the elemental Dojos, he rarely has free time for himself.

Fire Training[edit]

Water Training[edit]

Snow Training[edit]


Although Sensei does not record albums, he was invited by close friend Rockhopper serve as a narrator for his final album, Last Ship to Rockhopper Island (2015). Sensei receives writing credit on every song.


  • Many penguins believe that Sensei is in fact a Dufflepud. This would explain how he's 131 years old and still in fairly good shape for an old man.
  • He trained Gamma Gal to be a super hero (he still has the electrocuted plant hidden in the dojo).
  • He has a beautiful collection of rare cards that may intimidate young penguins. He also has a never ending supply of belts, and will always be happy to give them out, but only to the worthy penguins.
  • He is afraid of a pending attack from Pen Chi.
  • Sensei thinks Pen Chi is "weird". Who eats yellow snow anyway?!
  • His relation with Sensei Wraith confuses ignorant penguins, believing that the good must always fight the bad. This is not neccesarily true, as good and bad need to co-exist to keep balance (also known as yin-yang). They both usually face off in Card-Jitsu, but because they are so balanced with each other, neither of them can beat each other.
  • He is one of the few penguins who still knows about The Three Masters.
  • Sensei is a sleepwalker. If you wake him while he's sleeping, he will explode.


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