Sensei Wraith

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Sensei Wraith
Born Akihiro Hideo
December 8, 1888 (1888-12-08) (age 131)
Gender Male
Occupation "Maintaining balance" in the Dojo.
Years active Unknown
Home town Penguin Island
Height 4ft 3in
Weight 44 kg
Known for Being Sensei's counterpart.
Title Yang Sensei/Wraith Shogun
Parents A High Penguin, and a King Penguin
Relatives Sensei, Craáin Sensei

Sensei Wraith (Ninja ドレスを着て悪趣味とのペンギンは、本当に本当に本当に本当に本当に本当に本当にいたずらペンギン。) is the current bearer of the title of the "Yang Sensei" or "Wriath Shogun", a penguin that exists solely as a counterpart of the existing Sensei to maintain balance. He is specifically the counterpart of Toshi Kojima. Sensei Wraith lives at the Dojo, but is rarely seen. His appearance differs from Sensei, with a purple coat that has grey-blue wings printed on the back. However, he takes his clothes off whenever Sensei dons ceremonial clothes of his own. He also has a Yin and Yang symbol on his hat. Since Toshi is a very active Sensei, Sensei Wraith spend most of his time in inaction. As such he can most often be found sleeping or resting in a storage room in the Dojo. Even on the rare occasion he is awake, he will say nothing to any other penguins and will only interact with Sensei at all.


Legend has it, Sensei Wraith was hatched from an egg on the exact same day Sensei was. Nobody knew who his parents were, some say he just appeared out of nowhere. He had nobody in the beginning, no walrus friend, no young students, not even the previous Wraith Shogun. He wandered and wandered until he found a cabal of ninjas practicing the ancient art of Card Jitsu. He joined and learned Card Jitsu there. He was no prodigy, but through every loss and every victory he remained completely stoic and silent, which creeped out many of the other ninjas.

After earning his black belt and becoming a ninja, he left to find other clans around the world, and find them he did. He trained with every clan he could find, learning and improving his strategies, skills, and techniques with each new group. For decades, life went on like this until exactly two centuries after his birth he mysterious found himself drawn to a seemingly worthless little island. Seemingly nothing could stop him in his journey, whether it be treacherous terrain, dangerous weather, or even an entire ocean. Finally, he controlled the waves to drop him off at the coast of the island and his gaze was immediately drawn to the Dojo near the top of the island. He climbed to the top of the mountain with his bare flippers, neglecting food, water, sleep, and even bathroom breaks. He caught an disease during this climb but not even that would stop him.

When he finally arrived at the Dojo, he nearly collapsed out of exhaustion and illness. Sensei saw him, hurried outside, and took him in. He gave him a blanket and a cup of tea and let him sit on one of his spare pillows in the storage room, but after all that the two Senseis locked eyes, and each knew like magic the purpose of the other. They each bowed their heads in understanding to one another and Sensei left him there. From that day forward, the Dojo seemed more calm than ever, like a beast that had been fed to contentment.

Sensei Wraith and Sensei are not exactly "enemies" but consider both of themselves a balance required to run the Dojo. Sensei Wraith and Sensei do practice Card-Jitsu, but the problem is is because they are both considered a balance, neither of them can beat each other. Both are equally powerful. If one's smarter, the other ends up with better cards or vice versa.


A ninja took this photo

Unusually, many media sources depict him as much more active than he truly is, most likely to preserve excitement. After all, it would be boring to have an ally or an enemy that just sat around doing nothing.

Sensei Wraith appears in "Club Penguin: Secret Agents", a game that is popular in Club Penguin. and makes his debut as the mission boss in the end of "Mission 12: The Dojo Case". 影先生の秘密は、河を殺すのだ! To trigger this, you will need to go to his secret room in the Dojo. Sensei Wraith will be there, and a Doom Weed will be in place. Sensei Wraith wishes to engage in a fight, and the battle begins. The balance seems to be stronger in Sensei Wraith's favor. Since Herbert Horror destroyed the Mousetron 2000, you sadly have to do yet another mission, as The Mouse. All of Sensei Wraith's attacks are elemental, and are the following;

  • Dragon Flame: Sensei Wraith sends out a swirly fire beam. Touching the red core will deal damage; the orange aura has no effect.
  • Water Torrent: Sensei Wraith sends out curly water spouts. Touching them will result in damage.
  • Twister: Sensei Wraith creates a small twister. Coming into contact with this will throw you in the air, and take damage.
  • Hypno Nova: Sensei Wraith sends out a spiral nova. Coming into contact with this will give you damage. It also destroys power-ups as well.
  • Mega Hurricane: A stronger version of the Twister. Sensei Wraith creates a huge hurricane. Coming into contact with the Hurricane will send you in the air, and take damage.
  • Frost Beam: Sensei Wraith sends out an icy beam. Touching this will take damage, and slow you down when you return to the field.
  • Torrent Frost: Sensei Wraith sends out a very fast, frosty beam. Touching this will take damage, and slow down your movement when you return to the field.
  • Inferno: Sensei Wraith creates a deadly fire blaze around him. Touching the inferno will take damage.
  • Dark Spiral: Sensei Wraith sends out purple spirals across the field. Touching them will result in damage.
  • Mega Snowballs: Sensei Wraith sends out 3 snowballs that tend to spark. Touching the actual snowball will result in damage, the sparks have no effect.
  • Esscence of Light: Sensei Wraith sends out a small beam of light, that bounces off the walls of the field. It also gradually, gains speed. Touching the beam will result in damage.
  • Thunder Snow: Sensei Wraith sends out a snowball made out of thunder. Touching it will result in damage.
  • Earth Lasers: Sensei Wraith sends out 2 fast, green-ish lasers in any random direction. Touching them will result in damage.
  • Dragon Inferno: Sensei Wraith sends out a fiery projectile that bounces off the field. Touching this will result in damage.
  • Frost Ball: Sensei Wraith creates an icy blast, which is extremely fast. Touching the ice will result in damage.
  • Vortex Laser: Sensei Wraith spawns a vortex around him, slowing your movement and then sends out any random element at you. Touching the element, or the vortex will result in damage.
  • Touch of Frost: Sensei Wraith sends out a small frost beam at you. Touching the beam will result in damage.

Also, during the boss fight, if you happen to lose a life while any power-ups on the field, they disappear. The only power-up used in this boss fight is the following;

  • Sparkle Laser: The Mouse sends out a sparkly laser. Does somewhat damage to Sensei Wraith.


  • Rumors say Sensei Wraith created the Doom Weed, but this has been proven false.
  • Sensei Wraith also enjoys cooking. When he finds the time to do it between his naps is uncertain.
  • He makes an appearance in the Vii game Card-Jitsu X and Vii U Card-Jitsu games, but he helps the player.
  • He is friends with Yalondo Yinchanva.
  • Ninja Wriath will be his successor.
  • Due to his sedentary and lazy lifestyle, he has been accused by some of being a hobo who just wanted a free home.

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Preceded by
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The Position of
Wraith Shogun and High Sensei of Wraith Ninjas,

as held by Sensei Wraith


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