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"Zun, zubaan!"
Title BoF Battle Mech Mark II
Gender Male
Race Warmech
Faction The Good Guys
Health Robo-tastic.
Status In standby mode, waiting for its next mission.
Location Bureau of Fiction
Birth date Wait, I forgot...
Occupation Bureau of Fiction battle robot
Interests Helping Kwiksilver and Willy in their adventures.
Friends Kwiksilver, Willy the Penguin and their family, and anyone good.
Enemies Evil villains.
Archetype Hero's Vehicle... so hero.

The Bureau of Fiction Battle Mech Mark II, or just Sentinel, is a robot created by Bureau of Fiction engineers for use in wars of universal importance. It was intended to be one of many near-indestructible battle robots, however this particular robot was placed under the command of James Kwiksilver by accident during its testing phase and nobody can figure out how to remove that allegiance. Kwiksilver commands it using a modified Friendship Bracelet.


Sometime after several events, Mayor McFlapp decided to show Kwiksilver one of the new projects he was working on for the Bureau of Fiction.

"This is the bally Bureau o' Fiction Battle Mech Mark II, but I like to call it the Sentinel, wot! It's one of our new flippin' battle machines in case we have some kind of war, the bally Time Agency had found out about this flippin' Great Fanon War."

"This looks awesome!" said Kwiksilver. "How does it work?"

" be totally honest I don't flippin' know, heh! Can you pass me that friendship bracelet of yours?"

Kwiksilver passed the Friendship Bracelet to McFlapp who placed it carefully on a workbench and pulled a laptop from somewhere unseen. With a few taps of the keyboard, he pressed ENTER and the bracelet exploded in a shower of beads and string.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST DO??" Kwiksilver exclaimed, his eyes widening in panic. That was his only one!

"Now kiddo, don't flippin' panic. Just trust old McFlapp, wot wot!"

A few more taps on the keyboard, and a new Bracelet suddenly appeared on the counter. This bracelet a whole load of buttons and the colourful beads had now become colourful wires. It still looked mostly the same. Kwisilver slid it on his flipper with caution, ready to fling it off if it even THOUGHT about exploding.

" what now?" he asked.

"Press the button and tell the Sentinel to do something!"

"Let's see. Sentinel, punch."

The War Mech sprang into life, moving lightning fast. It grabbed the laptop in its metal grip, threw it up in the air and slammed into it with its huge fist. The laptop went sailing out a window. Mayor McFlapp and Kwiksilver just stood there, stunned.

Later, McFlapp discovered that by making Kwiksilver a new bracelet, the Sentinel would only respond to his command. Therefore, it was useless for battle unless Kwiksilver was involved. Kwiksilver decided to keep it in the Bureau of Fiction until he needed it.

Shinobi Mode[edit]

Shinobi Mode

Through slight modifications, Sentinel can enter Shinobi Mode, which turns him into a ninja-esque robot. This improves his already fast agility and lets him quickly pound down on opponents. However, he doesn't have any actual weapons in this mode.

Kwiksilver usually activates the combination sequence by spinning a red shuriken-shaped wheel, but Sentinel can easily switch to Shinobi mode by spinning the gem piece on his chest 360 degrees in a shuriken fashion. When piloted by Kwiksilver, he can perform Secret Ninpo: Knee Punch, where A FIST APPEARS BETWEEN HIS LEGS AS HE DOES A KNEE SMASH, UTTERLY OBLITERATING THE OPPONENT.

Shinobi Sentinel has the unique ability to change forms via four additional wheels possessed by Kwiksilver. Most of them go to extremes and have noticeable weaknesses.

  • Safari Edition gives Sentinel armor and shoulder-mounted machine guns, but significantly weighs him down.
  • UFO Edition gives Sentinel a jetpack and a laser gun, but can't do much on ground.
  • Surfer Edition gives Sentinel a surfboard, but(obviously) doesn't work on land.
  • Western Edition changes Sentinel's fighting style into an odd rodeo stereotype and arms him with a musket with a bayonet as well as a lasso. It only changes his fighting style and thus has little to no negative effects.
Shuriken Suit

As an alternate battle method, Sentinel can shrink down to a size that'll fit the Shuriken Suit, which is the body of an incomplete Hero Mecha that was eventually never made. Sentinel sits in the controls, using a sword and shield (not shown in the image) to battle the opponent before finishing off with the Splendid Strike... which is just a slash with a bunch of fancy colors.

HaOh Tank

Even more absurd, this Shuriken Suit can enter the HaOh Tank (HaOh meaning "Lord" in Japanese, since it sounds cooler according to Mayor McFlapp) to start blasting stronger opponents to pieces. This HaOh Tank is actually the roof of the BoF facility and was supposed to be a huge battleship that would destroy everything, but the workers weren't able to fill out a huge hole in the chest of the machine. It is placed at the very top of the cylinder and isn't actually part of the building, but nobody was brave enough to question it until it had to be put to use during the Power4U Affair. The HaOh Tank also comes with a little "Transcendental Ninja" that can fly at opponents to chop down their defenses. Once the opponent is weakened enough, the HaOh Tank can unleash the Splendid Buster, firing a huge energy blast that'll obliterate anything in the way. However, the tank uses a lot of the BoF's power and must be used sparingly.

Slasher DaiBouken[edit]

When combining with DaiBouken, Sentinel's arms become shoulder pads, his torso connects to DaiBouken's back, the gem on his chest connects to DaiBouken's chest, his legs become giant cutter weapons, and his head becomes a new helmet.

Slasher DaiBouken, despite all his weight, is very quick and nimble, dashing to strike with his giant cutters. He can also attack with the Guardian Storm beam, and uses the Hurricane Supercharge finisher, using a spinning tornado move to slice through the opponent.


Sentinel mainly specializes in bare-fist combat in both normal mode and Shinobi Mode. He has the ability to change sizes, but his power isn't actually altered to fit this. Since his default mode is huge, this means that he is a very useful ally.

Shinobi mode has a bunch of ninja tactics (mostly used to troll opponents), and each additional mode gives him weapons like shoulder-mounted machine guns, a jetpack with a laser gun, a surfboard and a musket and lasso.


Sentinel is very loyal to Kwiksilver and always aids him in his adventures. Humorously, almost every criminal captured by Sentinel have expressed annoyance of his continuous "Zubaan!" noises and his habit of generally trolling the opponent by dodging attacks until ordered to strike back.

It gets even worse with Shinobi Mode. In every single battle, Sentinel will do at least one of the following: make a bunch of illusions, poof away, or pretend to get hit before revealing that he replaced himself with a straw doll. There are times when he will use all three, including when he was helping Kwiksilver and Kill against the King of Sorrow during the Nightmare Epic!



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Super mode themes
Shinobi Mode Shuriken Suit HaOh Tank


  • Oddly enough, Sentinel keeps saying variations of "Zubaan" instead of anything else. After the Wikia Catastrophe though, Willy the Penguin enters a voice chip.
  • He can change into any size from a penguin to the Elite Penguin Palace.
  • There's a bit of controversy surrounding the Transcendental Ninja that resides inside the HaOh Tank. Although he/it appears robotic, some say otherwise. This specific group believes that he was a baby human child that somehow ended up in Antarctica, and the BoF raised him to fight for them.