Shade the Puffolian

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Shade the Puffolian
Birth name Shade
Born March 27, 1998 (age 12)
Club Penguin
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Alternative rock, rap rock, powerpop, R&B, blizz pop
Occupations Musician, singer, songwriter, producer, band-member, disc-jockey, radio presenter
Years active 2006–present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts The Young Shadows, DJ Crow

Shade the Puffolian is a navy Puffolian who was once owned by the Bureau of Entropy. He is described as a cute, fuzzy fellow by many. In early 2006 he was signed to Club Penguin Music Records and formed a band called "Urban Fire" - they released three albums altogether in their career. The band split in mid-2008 after all three band members, including Shade, wanted a solo career. He then collaborated with DJ Crow on an album titled "Shade Over Crow". Shade then decided to not pursue a solo career yet, and in 2009 he formed "The Young Shadows". He currently resides in Club Penguin.

Early life[edit]

Shade was a wild black puffle who lived in the Darktonian Realm. Born in a small cave during the time of Colonial Antarctica on March 27, 1998, where he spent most of his life. He and his unknown brother would go everywhere together. However during the time of Darktan he was captured by a Doom Knight who wanted a pet. Shade was surprisingly happy with his new owner. Although not much was known about the owner, what everyone knows that he had a soft spot too soft for Darktan.

Darktan was enraged about the fact that an elite minion was taking care of a pet not loyal to him (Shade destroyed one of Darktan's scrolls about Maledict). Darktan summoned the Doom Knight to the throne room where personally he said to get rid of the puffle or be exiled. The Doom Knight was given only two weeks to make the toughest decision of his life. He asked many of his fellow minions what to do. The opinions were all mixed. Eventually the deadline came. The owner made a snap decision and said no. He was exiled to the barren wastelands of Pengolia. As for Shade he was locked up and used for animal testing in 1999. Then came that day where Darktan needed extra Lava Puffles. Shade was selected to become a Lava Puffle. However when the mullet was dropped he snapped out and became a little navy Puffolian.

Like the other Puffolians he was exiled into the wild but was instantly captured by a member of the Bureau of Entropy. He was taken to their secret base underground. It was Lord Carrion's job to look after Shade. However Shade drove Lord Carrion and the Bureau employees up the bend - he set the building on fire, caused dance fever (Puffolians have dance lasers) for a week, flooded the building to get rid of the fire, destroyed an rare crystal of doom, froze the entire building to stop the flood and the list goes on. The only employee who liked him was one called Sarah the Penguin.

Shade was once again exiled by Lord Carrion. Sarah, who loved the little critter, went with him. Sarah even learned how to speak his language. Sarah reformed because of Shade. Shade and Sarah built a wooden shack in a town where they spent there life there. Sarah and Shade decided to build an cafe for everyone. The cafe even had a dance area for penguins to dance. Shade and other Puffolians would use their dance lasers there. Also Shade helped Sarah by being the waiter and the DJ.

Musical career[edit]

2005-2008: Early career[edit]

Sarah and Shade decided to go on holiday to Club Penguin. Shade really enjoyed it in Club Penguin. Often he would help the waiter in the Coffee Shop and dance in the Night Club. At one point he met Cadence and Crow - he heard their music and they heard his, and wanted to work together after he was signed to a label. There happened to be an agent who needed a someone to be the DJ for a hip hop band. Shade was then signed to Club Penguin Music Records in early 2006. He formed a band called "Urban Fire", consisting of two other penguins, Kile and Double J (their stage names). They done three albums together from 2006-2008, but then the other two wanted a solo career, and Shade didn't mind either as he wanted to do something different, and the band split.

Shade and Sarah had many adventures together. But on one he met the love of his life - Palm. Palm was a purple Puffolian. She was banished from the family because she was a Puffolian and the von Injoface were more cruel to puffolians then they are to Green and Red puffles. Director Kenny went back in time to erase that she was a part of the family, and Palm was banished to New Forest, where she scared travelers. Shade happened to be passing with Saraha and Palm jumped out. Shade and Palm looked at each other as they were in love. The two then left Sarah in the forest alone, who luckily found her way out.

2008-2010: The Young Shadows[edit]

He done an un-official tour around the USA in some of the clubs for two months after "Urban Fire" split in July 2008. Shade was inactive for the rest of 2008, and CPMR were thinking of dropping him after his contract expired, which was in January 2009. Just before January, he informed his record label about forming a new band. He got his friends together and made The Young Shadows.


Studio albums[edit]

With Urban Fire[edit]

Year Album details Chart peak positions
2006 Urban Fire 2 1 1 8 25 9 19 5 34
2007 Metropolitan 1 1 1 3 8 6 14 1 17
2008 Free the Streets 1 1 1 1 48 20 33 1 1

With The Young Shadows[edit]

Collaboration albums[edit]

Year Album details Chart peak positions
2009 Shade Over Crow (with Shade the Puffolian)
  • Released: December 4, 2009
  • Genre: Alternative rock, Power pop, hip-hop, R&B, rap
  • Label: Music Industry
  • Format: CD, digital download
1 4 1 1 2 6 17


  • Free the Streets (Became part of Free the Streets album, topped the Eastshield charts).
  • The Wiki Isn't The Same Without You (Shade over Crow, topped charts worldwide).
  • Left Turn (Shade over Crow, also topped the charts worldwide).



  • Shade recieved his name from his former owner, the Doom Knight. From then he accepted that his name was Shade.
  • Shade had to learn English from 2002-2005, and by 2007 he could speak fluent English.
  • He has a girlfriend who is also a Puffolian but ironically was part of the von injoface family. Her name is Palm the Puffolian.
  • He is friends with Rock'n'roll Puffle and Disco Puffle.
  • The hip hop band mainly played rap rock music.
  • Shade plans to make an album with all his favourite singers and bands songs.