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Shadow Guy
Shadow Guy
Full Name Sam D. Foyo
Alias Shadow Guy
Born September 7, 1985 (1985-09-07) (age 34)
Olde Antarctica Flag.png Olde Antarctica
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Reporter
Employer Club Penguin Times
New Protectors
Years Active 2007-present
For great justice!
— Shadow Guy

Shadow Guy (real name Sam D. Foyo) is a Super Penguin with the ability to manipulate shadows. He is a powerful force to be reckoned with when teamed up with his partner Gamma Gal. The two have become very famous, making appearances in countless media. His secret identity is Sam, a mild-mannered reporter for the Club Penguin Times.


Becoming Shadow Guy[edit]

One day in 2007, Sam was sent to interview Gary the Gadget Guy on his new invention, the Toaster 3000, for an article in the Club Penguin Times. However, the machine malfunctioned while Gary was demonstrating it, producing a surge of electricity which zapped Sam and gave him his shadow powers. After doing some training with Gary to get a hold of his new powers, Sam continued on with his day and went to the Pizza Parlor for lunch.

Chaos ensued shortly after when one of the chefs began making Sam's order with dough prepared and absentmindedly left behind by an unknown employee rumored to be Doom Chef. This caused it to turn into a weird dough monster, which kidnapped the chef and fled. Sam took the chance to use his powers and gave chase, saving the chef and defeating the dough monster by taking the shadows of nearby penguins to grow large enough to eat it. This event made the front page of the next issue of the Club Penguin Times, which dubbed him the "mysterious shadow guy", which Sam chose to keep as his superhero name.

Now known as Shadow Guy, he returned to Gary's lab, and received his own costume. Just then, a news report came on TV about a giant sea monster who had set foot on Club Penguin, and set off to investigate. Along the way, he encountered Gamma Gal, who was on her way to do the same thing, and the two agreed to team up to fight the monster. They ultimately realized that their attacks had little effect on the monster due to its size, and regrouped to consider other possibilities. Shadow Guy got the idea to talk to it, and took other shadows to increase his size. The sea monster revealed that he was only looking for his friend and was "attacking" by accident, so Shadow Guy helped him by leading him to his friend. Aunt Arctic arrived for an interview afterwards, where Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal announced that they were officially a duo.


  • Reporter
  • Superhero
  • Voice Actor - Shadow Guy appeared as a guest star on SnowBob CirclePants, in which he voiced himself in two episodes.



Shadow Guy, as his name suggests, has the ability to control shadows. His main method of attacking is the Shadow Wave, in which he creates a ball of shadow and tosses it at his enemies. Shadow Wave becomes even more powerful when combined with Gamma Gal's signature Plasma Glow Wave. He can also take on a shadow form, allowing him to pass through objects and increase his size by collecting other shadows. He also has the ability to fly.

Personal life[edit]


During Sam's childhood, he enjoyed reading comic books, particularly those about superheroes.


Portrayal in media[edit]

Shadow Guy's design in the manga adaptation of The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

Shadow Guy's first appearance in media was in Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, a play produced for the Stage, which premiered in January 2008. It features Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal fighting Squidzoid, a penguin transformed into a giant monster by hunger. Beginning with the August 2010 showing, the script was revised and the character of Squidzoid's sidekick Melmonst was added, represented by a large animatronic controlled by the Switchbox 3000.

After the success of the play, SHAZAM Comics was given the rights to run a comic series featuring Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal titled The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, which began publication in late 2008.

In early 2015, a Japalandese company received the rights to make a manga adaptation of the SHAZAM comic. However, rather than using the actual costumes of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, the artists chose to make new designs, redesigning their costumes and giving them hair. This decision was very controversial among many of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal's fans, but the manga proved to be a hit in Japaland nonetheless.

Shadow Guy appeared in the SnowBob CirclePants episode "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal" alongside Gamma Gal, voiced by himself. He reprised his role two seasons later for the episode "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal II".

Shadow Guy appears as a playable character in Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., marking his first playable appearance in the series. In previous installments, he also appeared as a trophy.


  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Give up, villain!"
  • "Out of my way."
  • "Stop in the name of Shadow Guy!"
  • "Try this on for size! SHADOW WAVE!"
  • "Saving the day? That's my specialty!"


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