Shake Dimension

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The shake dimension
Key details
Type dimension
Level nnoe
Location unknown
Inhabitants Kerfils,President,legisature

The Shake Dimension is an unknown land that Tails fouund in Tails Zone: Vibrate That!


This dimension was unknown for centuries,until the day Tails6000 was called to save the dimension it has been populated with many penguins,and puffles. The residents welcome the kerfils to there home also. One day before Tails came to save the dimension a vibration monarch Kid napped the president and legislature and as well as their prized treasure The Bottomless Coin Sack Tails took action when rockhoppper found a globe on his island and gave it to him, when he tried to see why he has this a kerfil came from a telescope and surprised him, the kerfil explained the story, and he then accepted the challenge and discovered this place, once he defeated the monarch the president give him the coinsack as a reward though it might not be legal at his home, it was legal to use in the dinmension any he thanekd the president and went home.


No maps have been drawn yet, but it is rumored there are 5 maps of different Islands in this dimension, Tails and Rockhopper have the maps, they can lend one to you if you wish, currentl;y no location has been drawn either. But there will be a picture of the president's house soon


Mount maraca:A good fiestive place for a fiesta

Dash district:A bustling city of many skyscrapers of all sizes

Neon land:An amusement park full of neon lights

Ivy jungle:A place of growing vines with coconuts

The castle:The presidents castle where people come to visit


  1. There used to be a person named the vibration monarch that ruled the place until Tails saved the land
  2. There are different maps in different places if found will take to a different and more challenging version of the place it was found
  3. It was possible to find many treasures in this world, but Tails must have collected an placed them back in their spot in the Treasure museum of this dimension
  4. Tails was rumored to have a vibration kind of superform named Vibrating Tails, who has might vibration powers, this has not been seen before


  • Penguins
  • Puffles
  • Kerfils
  • President
  • Legisature


  • Vibration Monarch (defeated)
  • Robbers
  • Evil pirates
  • Robots


  • Fruit
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Ice
  • Water
  • Snow

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