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Bean human: All you can say is SHAMOMG when you use this product!
Type Cloth towel, cleaning product
Effects Cleans up all of your messes & spills, and cause pain when used by ninjas.
Source SHAMOMG guy, Vince Offer.
Location Just about any igloo.
Cost to buy 100 pebbles
Cost to sell 50 pebbles

ShamOMG! is a special cloth towel that cleans up your messes and spills better than that slob's cleaning supplies, according to the crazy bean human who advertises it. Hailed as twelve times as absorbent as the other leading brand, Billy Mays always says his cleaning products are better.


There are two primary purposes for the SHAMOMG!: as a cleaning product, and as a Card-Jitsus card/weapon for Ninjas.

Civillian use[edit]

It is a yellow cloth towel that works amazingly. The customers are very satisfied with the product. It is a common igloo item all across the USA. Many times it has been compared to Billy Mays's cleaning supplies, and it has beat them a few times.

Ninja use[edit]

File:SHAM....... WHOA..png
The official Card-Jitsus card for SHAMOMG!.

When used by Ninjas, SHAMOMG! can also be used as a weapon. When used as a whip and with the respective SHAMOMG! Card, it inflicts pain and forces their opponent to say "SHAMOMG!", per hit. However, this effect does not occur when used by a normal penguin, without a SHAMOMG! card.


  • It comes in two sizes, regular and small.
  • The bean human that advertises it does NOT like Billy Mays, stating that "His products are much better than that slob's!"
  • The bean human advertiser thinks Billy Mays is a slob.
  • Regular towels are yellow, whilst small ones are white.
  • Billy Mays claims to have found out the secret behind ShamOMG!, but no one ever listens.
  • People often use them to attack Mwa Mwa Penguins so they will stop talking like that for a while.
  • No one knows where they are made, this is good because if they found it, it would definitely lead to trouble.
  • It is a parody on Shamwoohoo!

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