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Andrew Anderson
Title SheZam
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction The Defenders
Health Good
Location Antarctica
Birth date 2001
Occupation Student, Superhero
Nationality Eastshieldian
Interests Sports, cars, sports cars, video games, video games about sports and cars
Friends Carrie Anderson, Daniel Specter, Power Puffles, the ghost of the original SheZam
Enemies Black Madame, Captain Khanzem
Archetype Good, but kind of immature

Andrew Anderson, alter ego SheZam, was a 13 year old boy. He lives with a relative known as Uncle Doofy and much more responsible twin sister, Carol “Carrie” Anderson. However, he was given powers by a magic ring, which turns him into the female superhero SheZam, making the first male to take the mantel.


Andrew hatched in 2002 with his twin sister to parents who are cops. They were sadly killed in a gang war crossfire, and Andrew and Carrie were transferred to foster care. Andrew enjoyed sports, and video games and enjoyed pranks, and many of the people who cared for him thought he was too much to handle and gave the twins to another couple. Andrew did not do well in school, but got passing grades so he didn't get held back. Eventually Uncle Doofy adopted them and even though he was dirt poor, the twins appreciated being in a loving home.

One day Andrew and Carrie were exploring an abandoned cave and sees a bracelet that resembles the one SheZam, a superhero who existed in ancient times, wore. Andrew took the bracelet, jokingly put it on and became the next SheZam. His body turned into an athletic adult female penguin in a snazzy outfit to his dismay. They are visited by the spirit of the original SheZam who tells Andrew that he has been chosen to bear the mantle.

Carrie was also upset, because she had heard of SheZam and looked up to her. She felt like she was cheated because she wanted to be the next SheZam, and couldn't believe the bracelet chose someone like her brother to be the bearer. However, she realized that her brother was chosen, so she would have to help him with his crimefighting.

Andrew was initially excited to go crime fighting, and easily stopped criminals. His sister had to train him to use his powers since she knew everything about SheZam. However, Andrew would often break SheZam's rules such as using the powers for personal gain, which causes deformation of his body parts. Carrie would have to set everything right.

SheZam fought many villains both tough and strong, such as the despicable Captain Khanzem. He later teamed up with superheroes to take down common foes, including Daniel Specter, Diss Kid, Arachnid Boy, and the Power Puffles. However he did not reveal is true age and gender to them.

Carrie decided to become SheZam's sidekick since that way she would be able to help him fight crime. They fought side by side, and made a very effective team.

Eventually he tried to join the Defenders in 2015. The other members did not know he was only 14 so they let him in making him the youngest member to join the team. However, many of them noted he was quite immature.

History of SheZam[edit]

SheZam is a superhero who’s mantel has been passed through the ages. The first SheZam was a wizard who lived in ancient times nearly 6000 years ago. She lived in an empire known as the Kemetican Empire and was very powerful. One day the empire was attacked by hordes of enemies so she decided to create a superhero to defend them. She chose a brave warrior named Khavah and with all her might and knowledge instilled her with solar based Powers. Kemet Khavah was initially a guardian of the people, but became arrogant and power hungry and wanted to rule over the civilians as a deity. She turned on the people and began to massacre them, so SheZam decided to put an end to it and created a superpowered form for herself. She knew that she wouldn’t last forever, so the mantle would be passed on. In order to prevent another Kemet Khavah from happening, she made sure the bearer of the SheZam mantle would be pure of heart- or the next best thing- and that anyone who uses the powers of SheZam for personal gain would become deformed. She fought Kemet Khavah and banished her to another dimension. SheZam became the next guardian and when she died she put her bracelet in her tomb, prophesying that someday someone worthy would take it should Kemet Khavar return. The tomb was found by the Anderson twins


Before becoming SheZam, Andrew was a reckless, immature troublemaker who disobeyed his parents and sister. He enjoyed playing sports and video games and didn’t really care about anyone but himself.

After becoming SheZam, he has become much more responsible and contributive. SheZam forced him into doing heroic and selfless acts, and these have grown onto him. He also appreciates the help that his sister has given him since she saved him many times, and learned to respect authority more. He still enjoys a good prank and fart joke, but controls his impulses much better than before.

SheZam thinks being a superhero is very fun and doesn't hesitate to join in the action. His positive attitude is welcomed in the Defenders who are usually quite serious.


Andrew’s powers only work if he is in SheZam form. He does this by calling “SheZam!” into the sky. He can change back by saying SheZam backwords or “MazEhs”.

  • Shooting Lightning from his flippers
  • Super Strength
  • Extreme Durability
  • Flight at high speeds
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Sonic scream
  • He can look through the memories of previous SheZams, and know what they know.
  • He has “She-S-P’ which allows him to sense danger when it happens. If he doesn’t respond to the danger, it causes migranes.

SheZam has a very lame weakness, which is if his hair gets messed up, he loses his powers. However he keeps a magical comb handy to remedy this problem when it happens.The Kemeticans really liked having nice hair. SheZam also has many rules to follow, which include following just laws, stopping crime when feasible, and not profiting from crime fighting among others. Should SheZam break these rules, bad things will happen.


  • He is a composite parody of SheZow and Captain Marvel.
    • His sister is a parody of Kelly Hamdon and Mary Marvel.
    • The original SheZam is partially based on the wizard Shazam
  • He is very annoyed he has to fight crime in a dress and makeup. It’s starting to bother him less over time.
  • The public knows that this SheZam is different from the previous incarnation. However, they don’t know “she” is male and only 13.
  • Despite not being more mature or experienced than other teenage superheroes such as Daniel Specter and the Power Puffles, he was likely accepted into the Defenders for being more heroic- as he doesn't have much of a choice.