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Leaders </tr>}}
Flag of Freezestonia
MottoMy papaland!
AnthemHail my papaland
Royal anthemNever never never give up!
Coat of Arms
Location of Freezestonia
Freezestonia is colored orange.
(and city)
Official languages English, Freezestonian
Recognised regional languages Marweeish
Species  Penguin, Puffle, Robot, RocketSnail and possibly other antarctic creatures. Some creatures may be imported.
Demonym Freezestonian
Membership Shops Democratical Legistlature
 -  Governor Mark "Snowstormer" Von Schneesturm
 -  Vice-Governor Jennette Robertio
Legislature Shops Bureaucracy
 -  Upper House Shops Bureaucracy
 -  Lower House Freezestonian Council
 -  Shops Establishment August 15, 2010 
 -  Independance Declared February 5, 2012 
 -  Independance Failed May 6, 2012 
 -  Became State of Shops Island May 7, 2012 
 -  2013 estimate 1,302,540 
 -  2012 census 1,294,455 
 -  Density 28.6/km2 
74.1/sq mi
Currency Wiki-Buck$ (WB$)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .fre
Calling code 273

Freezestonia (Freezestonian: Jaheesti), officially The Protectorate of Freezestonia, is a state east of Shops Island, located within the Asiapelago. It has a population of roughly 1,300,000 penguins, making it the most populous island-state in the Shops Island region.

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Never never never give up!
States and Territories



What the Freezestonian area might've looked like during Olde Antarctica.

Freezestonia wasn't a completely unknown territory, archeologists believe that during the time of Olde Antarctica, the Freezestonian territory was larger and there lived lots of different species. Archeologists don't know how to explain the smaller territory and lesser species now, it is believed that a harsh winter was what caused it. There have been founds of pottery and destroyed houses at the area of Raksy.

After the founding of the Skinny Daisy in Pallinn during it's construction, archeologists were stunned. The Skinny Daisy was rebuilt to look like a neo-medieval building. There was research done and other prehistoric cultural items were also found in the area of Freezestonia. There is no data at the moment of what used to be here though.

Discovery and Independence Failure (2003 - May 2012)[edit]

Freezestonia was first discovered by Snowstormer in 2003, he left a small "X" out of rocks and built a small wooden dock where Kapsaalu is today. He left the island, to come back in 2011 and start building a colony on it.

In February 2012, he declared independence for the island, but no one eventually supported it, Shops Island offered Freezestonia everything they need and a part-independent government if Freezestonia would become a part of Shops Island, in May 2012, the independence failed and Freezestonia agreed to become the 5th state of Shops Island.

Today (May 2012 - Present)[edit]

As of today, Freezestonia has a very big population rate, and the towns and cities of Freezestonia are growing quick. Statistics say that a big part of the population (46%) lives in cities, the other part of the population (54%) lives in towns of countryside. It is expected that very soon, ShepherdVille will get the city status and soon after that Cure and Vorué will too.


The Freezestonian Council house, the Doompea Castle

Since Freezestonia is an independent state of Shops Island, the government consists of the governor and vice-governor. Although Shops Island government rules over most of the things, Freezestonia still makes it's own decisions. The Freezestonian Council makes the decisions, with the Governor and Speaker leading each discussion. The Council consists of 21 independent politicians who help Freezestonians vote on special Shops Island issues.

Name Position name
Mark "Snowstormer" Von Schneesturm Governor
Jennette Robertio Vice-Governor
Hibba Jig Council speaker
21 other people Council officials


The economy of Freezestonia is very strong despite the fact that the previous currency of the island failed. Freezestonia is Shops Island's second richest state.


There are a lot of farms around Freezestonia, the only problem is that most of the farming goods are for personal use, so Freezestonia has to import a lot of the farming goods.


Mining is the biggest source of income on Freezestonia. There's a mine in ShepherdVille, where only coal is found. There's not much coal there anymore though. In Karva-River, there was an uranium mine, but most of it is mined already. In middle of Freezestonia, in Saythe, there is an oil shale mine which is the most successful mine of Freezestonia.


The electricity is managed by 3 companies. Freezestonian Energy, Elecircle and Electricity-Wave. The electricity is generated mostly by oil shale, but solar energy has became popular over the last years. Nuclear Energy is not supported by Freezestonia in any ways.


The currency for Freezestonia is WB$ (Wiki-Buck$), the currency of Shops Island. Although, the currency used to be GM€ (Greenage €uro), but the currency was removed later.



The cuisine of Estonia consists of mostly milk products, like curd snacks, usually sweet vanilla-filling covered in chocolate, but it doesn't have to be vanilla filling, sometimes it's caramel-filling or chocolate-filling. Usually, there is some kind of jam inside the snack.


Sport plays a very important rule in the culture of Freezestonia. It's national winter sports are skiing and hockey, while summer sports are weightlifting and wrestling.

Traditional Holidays[edit]

The traditional holidays of Freezestonia are:

  • January 1 - New Year
  • January 6 - The 3 King's Day
  • March 14 - Mother Tounge Day
  • Some Friday in March or April - Easter Friday
  • Some Saturday in March or April - Easter Saturday
  • Some Sunday in March or April - Easter Sunday
  • Some Monday in March or April - Easter Monday
  • June 23 - Midsummer Eve
  • June 24 - Midsummer Day
  • October 31 - St. Hallow's Eve
  • November 1 - St. Hallow's Day
  • November 2 - Spirit Day
  • December 24 - Christmas Eve!
  • December 25 - Christmas Day!
  • December 26 - Boxing Day
  • December 31 - New Year's Eve

!Different from Shops Island, penguins get Christmas presents on December 24, the Christmas Eve, rather than the 25th, which is Christmas Day.


Only 4% of the population is born on the island. 46% of the population is from Shops Island. 42% of the population is from the USA, 4% is from UnitedTerra, 3.4% of the population originates from Calada, and the left 0.6% is from other parts of Antarctica.


Freezestonia's law says that chicks attend some years of kindergarden. The minimal age you start kindergarden is 1, the maximum is 6. After than chicks attend 4 years of elementary school, 5 years of middle school, and 3 years of high school. Students attend school from September 1st - May 31st. The autumn holiday lasts for a week between October and November, the winter holiday lasts for 2 weeks between December and January and the spring holiday lasts for a week between March and April. All together the schoolyear lasts for 167 days.


There are plenty of newly built Landmarks in Freezestonia.


The Tall Merman

In Pallinn, the "Old Town" consists of only newly built medieval houses and towers. Inside the houses, there are hotels, cafés, restaurants, museums and ever schools. There are also plenty of churches in the "Old Town". The "churches" are, however, only there for rye pleasure and as tourist attractions, most of them have a cafe in them. Usually, most "Old Houses" have community services on the ground level, and then homes on the upper levels. The largest building in the "Old Town" is the "St. Donut's Church", which is over 120 metres tall and looks like a real medieval church. The most visited one, however, is the City Hall, which is also the location of the government of Pallinn. And not to mention, one of Freezestonia's most visited buildings, the Tall Merman, which is about 95 metres tall, it always waves the Freezestonian flag on top, and every morning, when the sun is rising, the flag is raised on the tower, and when the sun sets, the flag is lowered. While the Freezestonian anthem is sung when the flag rises, a sadder song, called "I will miss you" is sung. All tourists are welcome to go and see the flag rise and lower.

Of course, around Pallinn there are other awesome landmarks, like the Song & Dance Festival Grounds, where every year lots of events are held, and every 5 years, the Freezestonian Song & Dance Festival is held. There is also the Pallinn TV Tower, which is also the tallest man-made building in Freezestonia, over 320 metres!


ShepherdVille also has quite a few landmarks. Starting again from the "Old Town", which also contains medieval-like buildings. Although, the ShepherdVille "Old Town" is much smaller than the one in Pallinn, and ShepherdVille is a little harder to reach. So it isn't getting as much tourists as Pallinn is. There is also a big park in ShepherdVille, in which lots of plant species grow that usually aren't found in Freezestonia.


Stocktown, being one of the newer towns, doesn't contain as much landmarks as other places, but there's still quite a few. For example the Lighthouse, which is pretty tall, over 200 metres, making it one of Freezestonias taller buildings.

Metropolitan and surrounding areas[edit]

Unless specified, the town names are the same in Freezestonian.

List of cities[edit]

  • Pallinn
  • Lartu
  • Parnu (Freezestonian: Päyrnu)
  • Saythe (Freezestonian: Saide)
  • Kapsaalu (Freezestonian: Kaapsalu)
  • Crocweer (Freezestonian: Krokvere)
  • Karva
  • Riveria (Freezestonian: Jõgiva)

List of towns and other municipalities[edit]

  • ShepherdVille (Freezestonian: Kutsulinn)
  • Stocktown (Freezestonian: Kaubalinn)
  • Vorué (Freezestonian: Võrue)
  • Cure (Freezestonian: Kure)
  • Kurdley (Freezestonian: Kurdla)



Freezestonia is divided into 10 different counties.

Freezestonian Statistical Data (2012)
State Area (km2) Area (sq mi) Population Population density Capital Capital Population
CherrylandFlag.png Cherryland 5560 2146.7 692,433 124.5 penguins per km2 Pallinn 405,033
WestFreezestoniaFlag.png West Freezestonia 4240 1637.1 27,342 6.4 penguins per km2 Kapsaalu 12,732
TiiuslandFlag.png Tiiusland 3980 1536.7 9,733 2.4 penguins per km2 Kurdley 3,221
BislandFlag.png Bisland 4110 1586.9 25,432 6.1 penguins per km2 Cure 9,231
ParnuslandFlag.png Parnusland 5927 2288.4 103,311 17.4 penguins per km2 Parnu 53,832
LakelandFlag.png Lakeland 6170 2382.3 159,821 25.9 penguins per km2 Saythe 38,982
LartulandFlag.png Lartuland 3040 1173.8 167,832 55.2 penguins per km2 Lartu 105,723
EastFreezestoniaFlag.png East Freezestonia 2840 1096.5 44,511 15.6 penguins per km2 Riveria 29,732
WeiruslandFlag.png Weirusland 5120 1976.8 52,021 10.1 penguins per km2 Karva[a] 21,832
VoruelandFlag.png Voruéland 4240 1637.1 12,019 2.8 penguins per km2 Vorué 7,623
Country Total 45,227 17,413 1,294,455 28.6 penguins per km2 Pallinn 405,033

[a] The capital is officially Karva, since it was built earlier than Crocweer.

CherrylandFlag.png Cherryland[edit]

Cherryland (Freezestonian: Kirsimaa) is the most populous and third largest county in Freezestonia, it is the location of the capital, Pallinn. It is also the most densely populated area of Freezestonia with 124.5 penguins per km2.

LartulandFlag.png Lartuland[edit]

Lartuland (Freezestonian: Lartumaa) is the second most populous and 7th largest county in Freezestonia. It's central point is Lartu. Since it doesn't have a very big area, it's the second most densely populated area of Freezestonia with 55.2 penguins per km2.

LakelandFlag.png Lakeland[edit]

Lakeland (Freezestonian: Järvemaa) is the third most populous and the largest county of Freezestonia. It's central point is Saythe, even though most people live in other parts of the county. It is also the 3rd most densely populated area with 25.9 penguins per km2.

ParnuslandFlag.png Parnusland[edit]

Parnusland (Freezestonian: Päyrnumaa) is the fourth most populous and second largest county of Freezestonia. It's central point is Parnu. It is the 4th most densely populated area with 17.4 penguins per km2.

WeiruslandFlag.png Weirusland[edit]

Weirusland (Freezestonian: Weirumaa) is the fifth most populous and also the fifth largest county of Freezestonia. It's central point is Karva, although there have been arguements about whether the point is Karva or Crocweer. It is the 6th most densely populated area with 10.1 penguins per km2.

EastFreezestoniaFlag.png East Freezestonia[edit]

East Freezestonia, sometimes known as Eastland (Freezestonian: Idamaa) is the sixth most populous and the smallest county of Freezestonia. It's central point is Riveria. It is the fifth most densely populated area, due to it's small size and big population, with 15.6 penguins per km2.

WestFreezestoniaFlag.png West Freezestonia[edit]

West Freezestonia, sometimes known as Westland (Freezestonian: Läänemaa) is the seventh most populous and fifth largest county of Freezestonia (NOTE: it is exactly the same size as Voruéland). It's central point is Kapsaalu. It is the seventh most densely populated area with 6.4 penguins per km2.

BislandFlag.png Bisland[edit]

Bisland (Freezestonian: Kaaremaa) is the eight most populous and sixth largest county of Freezestonia. It's central point is Cure. It is the eight most densely populated area with 6.1 penguins per km2.

VoruelandFlag.png Voruéland[edit]

Voruéland (Freezestonian: Võruemaa) is the ninth most populous and fifth largest county of Freezestonia (NOTE: it is exactly the same size as West Freezestonia). It's central point is Vorué. It is the ninth most densely populated area with 2.8 penguins per km2.

TiiuslandFlag.png Tiiusland[edit]

Tiiusland (Freezestonian: Tiiumaa) is the least populous and seventh largest county of Freezestonia. It's central point is Kurdley. It is also the tenth most densely populated area with only 2.4 penguins per km2.

Far flag.png The F.A.R[edit]

Main article: Moon Island#Freezestonian Autonomous Region (Part of Southern State)

Technically not considered a part of Freezestonia, is an area in the Southern State of Moon Island. Since it has a large amount of Freezestonian immigrants and a much different culture than on Moon Island, it was created by the Moon Island government.

Shepherd Island[edit]

Shepherd Island is a Freezestonian county located west of the mainland, just north of Western Shops. It has a good farming and livestock business.


Freezestonia has many ways of transportation.

Air travel[edit]

The logo of Freezestonian Air.

There are 2 main airlines of Freezestonia, those being Freezestonian Air and Shepherd Airlines.


Pia and Syunda originate from the island.


Pallinn has 3 ship terminals, A-Terminal, B-Terminal and D-Terminal. The C-Terminal was deserted, but still exists. Ships also go to the Bisland and Tiiusland from Dirtsu.


Trains are a big source of transport on Freezestonia. Southwestern Train is the main train operator. The older trains were removed and placed in the Railway Museum (in Kapsaalu), since Freezestonia got new high quality trains from Shops Island. The main train station is the Boltic Station in Pallinn.


Freezestonia mostly imports everything. Although, Freezestonia also exports vehicles, planes, food, electricity and other things.


In Freezestonia, the seasons are reversed to meet the Northern Hemisphere standard, so while in rest of Antarctica there is January, in Freezestonia there is July.

The climate in Freezestonia is similar to the one in Shops Island, the summers are mildly warm, while winters are cold and snowy. February (August) is considered the coldest month of the year, while July (January) is considered the warmest. Usually in the winter the temperatures hover close to the freezing point, but colder fronts sometimes may push it as low as -40 degrees, while warmer fronts may push it to an high temperature of 14 degrees. In summers the temperatures hover around the 20 degrees mark, but can be as warm as 40 degrees.


  • It's basically a parody of Estonia, even though the similarity between real life and Freezestonia is not very big.
  • Freezestonia depends on the Shops Island for military.
  • Rockhopper sails to Stocktown once in a while.
  • The highest point of the island is only 318 metres (Big Butterhill), while the tallest building is about 325 metres.
  • The shamrock symbol on the Parnusland and the Bisland flag is the same.


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