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Sherby Hoodwounds is one of the three states that makes up the Margate Antarctica Islands, formerly an independent nation that served through three/four eras: the Kingdom of Sherby Hoodwounds (1200 - 1550), the Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds (1550 - 1873), the Principality under Diana rule (1873 - 1960), and the Republic of Sherby Hoodwounds (1961 - 2009) prior to its merger with MAI.

This page is a disambiguation page and features all four versions of Sherby Hoodwounds in a timeline format, as well as the island itself.

Part of the Sherby Hoodwounds series of articles.
History of Sherby Hoodwounds
Kingdom (1200 - 1550)
Founding of Sylvia
Independence of Kingdom
The Great Fish Famine
Diplomacy with HPC
Construction of Sherbian City
First Golden Age
Assassination of Enduva and Rose Serbut
Dark Age/Month-Long Period of Mourning
Assassination of Fouvier
Principality (early) (1550 - 1873)
Coronation of Henry Serbut
Annexation of Ambassador Islands
Second Golden Age
Tribal Wars
The Conspiracy of Centuries
The Mysterious Plague
War of the Seventh Sea
Loss of MAI
Assassination of Undergerg van Lovuta
Principality (late) (1873 - 1960)
Coronation of Princess Diana
Abolishment of Sexist Power
Kind Deeds of a Princess
Third Golden Age
The Curfews of Sherby
The Wraith of Diana III
The Wraith of Diana IV
The End of the Monarchy
Republic (prior to 21st century) (1961 - 2002)
First Free Elections
Annexation of Margate Cross Island
Mass-Construction of Cities
Death of Diana IV
Reshuffling of Capital
War with Air
Trade with Outside World Allowed
Deforestation Activity
Bombing of Transor
Participation in Revolution
Coup By PSM
Republic (under Penguins Socialist Movement) (2002 - 2005)
Five-Year Plan
Lockdown on Freedom
Closed market economy begins
Sherbian Missile Crisis
Battle of Margate Cross
Fall of Veetwovee
Sherbian Offensive to USA
Seige of Sherbian City
Sunday Harbour Attack
Handover of Margate Cross
Voices of a Nation Revolution
Republic/State (post-PSM) (2005 - )
Gained Free Republic Status
Reopening of Trade Contact
MAI Merger

Brief history[edit]

Sherby Hoodwounds started out as a small colony as penguins from mainland Antarctica fled the coasts in search of greener pastures (or snowfields in this case). As time passed, the colony grew from a seaside port that was Sylvia, to a kingdom formally established in the year 1200. The king and queen, King Izzacton Serbut, and Queen Rapzianel Hoodvounz, were direct descendants of the founders of the island, Ozzuvit and Tenzynzyl la Serbut and Ourazm and Picult Hoodvounz. The kingdom was later named after them.

As with all Middle-age monarchies, the king and queen had direct control over the kingdom, accompanied by a prime minister, a general, royal advisors and much more. When the king died, the queen would be the ruler. When both the king and queen died, the eldest son and his wife will rule the nation. The army would proceed to conquer neighbouring islands, such as Margate Antarctica Island, and expand their growing kingdom.

For the next three hundred and fifty years, Sherby Hoodwounds would remain a kingdom until the Assassination of Enduva and Rose Serbut by the aspiring general, Jenson Jay Fouvier. For one month Fouvier would rule the kingdom in which that period was dubbed the "Dark Age", until Fouvier was killed by Enduva and Rose's son, Henri Serbut. Henri took over the reigns and positioned himself as Prince rather than King, as he gave up some of his power to his royal advisers, prime minister and general, in an effort to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

In 1873, Diane le Volutua, the wife of King Undergerg van Volutua, murdered her husband in a conspiracy, taking over the reigns as the new leader. From then on, she removed her last name (le Volutua) and abolished the rule that the elder son would take over the reigns should the existing monarchs die. The successors of Diane le Volutua, renamed Princess Diana I, would be named in succession of her (Diane II, III, IV and V). Diane V would later give way to a new republic from her famous quote, "A princess is merely a figurehead in the modern world and exaggerates her amount of power and rule in a nation. No more shall us Monarchs continue as we gave way to a new era of freedom and peace within the lands." She would remain as the ruling Royal Minister until her death in 1972, where her title was officially replaced with "Prime Minister".

In early 2002, a coup was organised by the Penguins' Socialist Movement, overthrowing the ruling party and going on an island-conquering spree, annexing neighbouring islets and Margate Central Island, a breakaway island of MAI. They proceeded to try conquering MAI which landed them in the War of Sherby Hoodwounds, lasting from late 2003 to 2004, in which MAI would take over MCI and deem PSM a "terrorist organisation". In 2005, the Voices of A Nation revolution took place, overthrowing the Penguins' Socialist Movement and restoring power to the nation. A trial would later take place to delete members of the PSM involved in the war.

A substantial amount of resources was used during the conflict, thus, Sherby Hoodwounds incurred a huge debt, spiralling the nation downwards. There was also a lack of support for the new government. Troubles continued until late 2008 when the government decided to hold talks with MAI to merge with them. The merger officially took place in 2009 and Sherby Hoodwounds was renamed Margate Sherby Hoodwounds.

Sherby Hoodwounds, as the island is still unofficially called, has since paid back its national debt and continued to thrive in exports of resources to MAI and friendly neighbours.