Sherby Hoodwounds War

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Sherby Hoodwounds War
Part of PSM Control of Sherby
Date June 1, 2003 - December 31, 2004
(1 year, 7 months, 4 weeks and 2 days)
Location Sub-Antarctic
Result MAI wins, Margate Cross Island handed over
Casus belli PSM of Sherby Hoodwounds starts conquering other countries
Sherby.png Sherby Hoodwounds MAI.png Margate Antarctica Islands
With Support From:
Freezelandflag.jpg Freezeland
Sherby.png Penguins Socialist Movement MAI.png Twilight Sparkle
MAI.png Onion Rings
USA flag.PNG Captain Lavender
Freezelandflag.jpg Triskelle3
1,300,000 500,000
3000 killed/deleted, 20,000 wounded 10,000 killed/deleted, 300,000 + wounded
It was an incident which contains violence. The violence had not been expressed to much as it will hurt viewesr.

The Sherby Hoodwounds War was a regional war in the Sub-Antarctic between Margate and Sherby Hoodwounds between 2003 and 2004. The nation of Sherby Hoodwounds, under the government of the Penguin Socialist Movement of the Sherbian Nation, was undergoing financial crisis and political turmoil, and in an effort to turn things around the PSM government decided to invade the neighbouring nation of Margate Antarctica.


Tensions had always been high between the island nation of Margate Antarctica and Sherby Hoodwounds. After a bloody independence war, Margate and Azilda seceded from Sherby Hoodwounds, causing the Sherbians to lose the key port in Margate City. After it's independence from Sherby in 1963 and Azilda in 1965, the Sherbians predicted that the Margatians would beg them for re-merger, since Margate did not have significant deposits of natural resources and water. Their belief was reinforced with the re-annexation of Azilda in 1968.

However, Margate became increasingly prosperous, and relied on Sherby only for water.

Sherby Hoodwounds wanted to conquer more islands, and started to raid MAI. They started fighting and fighthing. The government had to ask Margate Antarctic Airlines to sign a codesharing deal with AirTerra to evacuate civilians. Around December of 2002, the whole island was conquered. Soon, the whole place was raided. Then, the MAI started to fight and try to defeat Sherby Hoodwounds. In 2003, many penguins got hurt and was the most violence event. In the early years of 2004, the MAI defeated Sherby Hoodwounds and everything returned to normal.


MAI had returned to it's normal republic and Sherby Hoodwounds too. Margate Cross Island was freed from Sherby.

In 2008, they decided to merge including MCI and then finnaly became one republic. Also, the USA asked the new republic to sign the Treaty of Dorkugal, which made it a free republic protecting Sub-Antarctic Islands from baddies.

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