Shipwreck Island

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Shipwreck Island
Shipwreck Island.PNG
Shipwreck Island when Rockhopper docked there.
Castillan Map of CP Vicinity.png
Shipwreck Island at the top of a Medieval Castillan map. 
Key details
Type Island
Level 23
Location 15 miles north-east of Dinosaur Island.
Inhabitants None.

Shipwreck Island is an island 15 miles north-east of Dinosaur Island and approximately 30 miles west of King George's Island.  The island is very small, and is famous for all the shipwrecks that occurred there. It houses the Hall of the Viking Lords, which appears to be a run-down ancient dining hall, the penguins that were in them long gone, leaving empty armor. The dinner and drinks remained untouched by time.


Shipwreck Island was discovered by the legendary Viking Sigurd, who was on an exploration excursion with some of his most trusted lords. The discovery happened about a thousand years ago, long after the dissolution of the Kingdom of Asgard. Sigurd was able to still hold some land in Trans-Antarctica, and the small areas were ruled by Four different Lords. Little did Sigurd know at first that they planned to assassinate him to seize the throne, but little did the Lords know that Sigurd's father, Cronodinus, was to be there too. A natural cave carved into the island was set up for a feast to honor Cronodinus and Sigurd, an Chrondinus's image was carved into the stone of the cave. Thus, when the ancient Fish was served at the table, Cronodinus was the first to eat the poisoned food instead of Sigurd. Immediately, Cronodinus died, while Sigurd immediately had his soldiers kill the Lords in their spots. That moment, Cronodinus's ship crashed into the island, and Sigurd named the island "Shipwreck Island" because of this. Sigurd left the dead bodies of his father and the nobles to rot, and the bodies eventually completely decayed, leaving only their untouched armor left. The food also was rotted away, except for the ancient fish, strangely. The cave eventually became known as "The Hall of the Viking Lords".

The Island was eventually brought to attention to Rockhopper, who knew about the legend but dared not to enter the island himself. In 2012, he brought the first penguins from Club Penguin for the first time to the island. Several of them discovered Cronodinus's armor, and in return, they created enough copies of Cronodinus's armor to be sold across Club Penguin.


Shipwreck Island is mainly rocky and does not support life on land since it also does not have any vegetation. The surrounding waters are rocky and treacherous, making it hard to reach unless you have a relatively small boat that is not made of wood. However, the waters around the island are still abundant with fish and other sea life. The Island experiences very dreary weather, much like Terninia, about 95% of the year with dark clouds, although it only rains about 68% of the year.


  • Legend has it that Sigurd visits this place once every 10 years.
  • Legend has it that Bacchus visits this place once every 20 years.
  • After the deaths of the Viking Lords, one of the sailors of Cronodinus's ship vowed to stay with his master, so he lived on the island the rest of his life as a blacksmith with several of his other fellow Viking sailors.
  • The Statue of the Viking looking penguin carved into the inside of the Cave is Cronodinus.
  • When penguins discovered Cronodinus's armor in 2012, it was noted that it was covered in seaweed. It is believed that his body and armor had fallen into the small pool of water when he died, but he was pulled out some time later by the Blacksmith who lived on the island.
  • Rockhopper never dared to come to the island until the year 2012.

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