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Igloo scene.png
Feey1's home. This is also one of the largest homes in Shiverpool still standing.
Country USA
Area Capital County, Antarctic Peninsula
Monuments Surf zones
Headquarters South Pole Council
Neighbourhoods Industrial District, Residential Area
Mayor Founder: Joseph Maverick
SPC Representative: Henry Shipper
Population City: 1,000,000
Metro: 1,900,000
rank by 2009 67
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles, crabs etc.
General information
Native name Snä Vinn
Demonym Poolish
Founded 1420 (colonial)
1950 (modern)
– Founder Joseph Maverick
Time zone PST (Peninsula Standard Time)
Summer time PSST (Peninsula Standard Summer Time)
Area codes 567

Shiverpool is the capital city of the Antarctic Peninsula and is also the capital of the fishing trade and birthplace of surfing legend Cody Maverick. Formerly a village by the name of Snä Vinn and a fishing spot in the HPC known as Fogvale, the town was rediscovered in the Olde Antarctica era and taken into the flippers of Water Kingdom, where it was transformed into a fishing hotspot. Rapid development of the city only began after the fall of Colonial Antarctica.


It was first inhabited as a village during the Land of Asgard. Duing that time it was called Snä Vinn. It wasnt until the penguins began to want to become an independent country. Thus, Snä Vinn was renamed to Slav'ick and became the capital of The Peninsulan Slav'ens. The place grew until the Frozantium Empire Invaded and destroyed the city. It was not reoccupied until the High Penguin Confederacy.

In the days of the High Penguin Confederacy, Shiverpool was an ancient fishing spot called Fogvale. High Penguins fished there to provide fish for the Confederacy. It was a great center of commerce. Then suddenly, there came Khanzem. The Khanz Penguins completely destroyed the fishing town. All the fish left the area.

Years later, in the times of Olde Antarctica, a man called Joseph Maverick accidentally stumbled upon the ruins of the fishing town. He took notes of it's location, then returned with a team of explorers. Shiverpool was rebuilt and the fish returned. The fish brought many penguins to the area, and the town was reborn.

After the STINC-zachal, the king who governed Colonial Antarctica used Shiverpool as a shipping port. Shiverpool played a major role in the Revolution by the Club, as it was a major site of the protests and a base for revolutionaries during the war. It was captured by Acadia during the Acadian Revolution and became part of the newly founded Republic of Acadia for the rest of the war.

Following the collapse of the regime and the new krytocratic government in place, Acadia handed over Shiverpool to the USA, since they couldn't handle such a large territory. The USA channeled taxpayers' money into the construction and development of Shiverpool, which was at least ten years behind all other major cities and ports. Due to the horrid image of Shiverpool being an ugly shipping port, more than 70% of taxes were used for beautification of the city. Eventually, Shiverpool grew to become one of the largest ports in the Antarctic Peninsula.

After the collapse of Shops Island in 2026, Shiverpool rapidly expanded its port and shipping facilities in order to accommodate much of the merchant fleets originally stopping at Shops, greatly boosting the city's local and regional economy.


The districts of Shiverpool.

Greater Shiverpool is divided into three major sections: the Industrial zone, the Residential district and the Central hub, the latter wedged between the former two. The entire complex looks like the upper portion of a vertical oval.

Outer Shiverpool is the newest part of Shiverpool, and is most suburban. The other areas are being redeveloped into recreational facilities and resort-themed towns to attract tourism to the city. It is also the location of the James Kwiksilver International Airport, which serves Shiverpool and the surrounding towns.

Many of the fishing companies and shipping couriers are stationed in the Industrial zone of Greater Shiverpool. It covers the entire eastern portion of Greater Shiverpool, even extending into Outer Shiverpool. Many trees and plants are located here, although this is the work of the government who wishes to beautify the place amidst the "ugly image" of it.

The Residential district is in the upper half of Greater Shiverpool and contains many houses, mom-and-pop shops, schools, hospitals and small shopping centres and markets. It located right above the Central Hub.

The Central Hub is where all the fun is. Gigantic shopping centers line the beachfront as surfers ride enormous waves in the bay. Hotels have started booming numbers since Cody Maverick's success, and so has the number of restaurants and outlets. Away from the beach is the commercial centre with some skyscrapers, more shopping malls and office blocks.

Maverick Park Stadium is currently Shiverpool FC's home stadium.



As seen in the map above right, Shiverpool has multiple freeways, two of which connect to Acadia by bridge. Though Highway 1 does it cut through Shiverpool, with the exception of a small part of the residential district, most of the highways, if not all, connect to it. Shiverpool is also known for its really bad traffic. In fact, the main USA-Acadia border crossing in Shiverpool is one of the busiest border crossings in the world.


Shiverpool is served by the James Kwiksilver International Airport, though most Shiverpool citizens use the much larger Acadia International Airport. The airport is located in west Shiverpool.


As Shiverpool is a port city, sea travel is very common. There are many ferries that leave and arrive in Shiverpool by the hour. There is also a port located in the southern part of the industrial district, which somewhat rivals the Port of Acadia.

Public Transport[edit]

Public Transport is a popular mode of transport among Shiverpool citizens to commute, since the highways are always jammed during rush hour. In some city streets, there are "bus lanes" which allow buses to drive past traffic in traffic jams.


  • Kwiksilver-- Rumored to be born there.
  • Willy the Penguin once moved there.
  • Various creatures of all ages, including seafarers, fishermen and shopkeepers.
  • It is the home land of The Pie Family, and therefore is kind of like a landmark. Feey1 was born and raised here.
  • Cheddarbox - Current lives there.


Recently, Skua from the Skua Strait have migrated to Shiverpool. They make nests on top of the chimneys of the factories and often team up in gangs, stealing fish. The mayor has had enough. The Skua gangs steal the fish.


  • Fish
  • (Add more)


  • The DMMP has offices here.
  • The famous lyricist, Phantom Heavyweight, lived here.
  • It is the home to Shiverpool FC, a professional soccer team.
    • It is also home to the Major Hockey League Team Shiverpool Sailors, which, right now, suck.

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