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Shop Jet

Fly the Lavender Jets
Native name Shop Jet
Callsign SHOP JET
Founded November 4, 2010
Commenced operations December 13, 2010
Hubs Chill P. Beachball International Airport
Secondary hubs None
Focus cities None
Frequent flyer program shopJet Points
Airline lounge shopJet Lounge
Fleet 40
Company slogan Fly the Lavender Jets
Parent company Shops Island Government
Penguin Air, Inc.
Headquarters 236 Beachball Ave.

Shop Jet (stylized as shopJet) is the small but humble and government-ran airline based in Shops City. They offer daily flights from Shops City to other places around the island. Shop Jet is currently the second largest domestic airline on Shops, being behind Penguin Shops Air.


On November 4, 2010, the Shops Island government decided to make an airline for their citizens to fly on. They ordered five used McDannel-Douzas MD-90 aircraft and started hiring. About a month later, the first aircraft was delivered and the airline began service.

The airline was popular until Penguin Shops Air was founded. The government decided to give a billion WB$ to the airline for expansion. The expansion just dwarfed shopJet. After some other airlines were founded, the pricing wars began.

During this "war", shopJet decided to purchase cargo aircraft. They purchased 10 used ATR-42F aircraft. It turned out that hauling freight was a very profitable business. This decision ultimately saved shopJet from bankruptcy.

The "war" ended in 2013. Most of the new airlines weren't successful. There was just Freezestonian Air, Penguin Air, and shopJet. During the July of 2013, Penguin Shops Air purchased a part of shopJet. They also sold them twenty-five new aircraft, but they must be operated under the Penguin Shops Air name.

Since then, shopJet became a successful airline that the government could make money out of.


Aircraft In Service Order/Option Passengers Notes
Snowing 737-700 25 0 137
McDannel-Douzas MD-90 5 0 153
Total 30 0

shopJet Cargo Fleet[edit]

Shop Jet Cargo is the largest and only cargo airline on Shops Island.

Aircraft In Service Order/Option Notes
ATR-42F 10 0
Total 10 0


A shopJet Cargo ATR-42F. shopJet Cargo is the only dedicated cargo airline in Shops Island.
The Spirit of Lavender about to land in Shops City.

The fuselage is mainly lavender. The engines and tail are a darker shade of lavender. Shop Jet's logo can be found in front of the plane above the windows, though it's hard to see from a distance. Shops Island's coat of arms is displayed in the tail, due to the airline being mainly government-ran. On ATR-42F aircraft, the Shop Jet Cargo logo can be seen, with the word "cargo" being in a darker shade of lavender instead of white.

Showing 737 aircraft used to wear "Penguin Shops Air" branding, with the green titles, green engines, and green tail. "Penguin Shops Air" is displayed billboard-style. The tail has the PSA logo, along with Never Never Never Give Up!. These aircraft were repainted sometime in 2014.

Special Livery[edit]

  • On January 1st, 2014, Penguin Air and Shop Jet unveiled two aircraft wearing Spirit of Lavender liveries. The Penguin Air and Shop Jet aircraft painted were a Snowing 757 and McDannel-Douzas MD-90 aircraft, respectively. The livery was basically the same thing as the standard Shop Jet livery, with the exception of Lavender's head on the back of the plane.
    This livery was short lived, however. After an incident involving Penguin Air's jet, Shop Jet repainted their jet back to their standard livery.

Travel Classes[edit]

Due to the varying demand, shopJet offers a layout which allows the amount of first and economy class seats to be changed. This is accomplished using a movable divider. There can be up to eight rows of first class.

First Class[edit]

First class is available on all flights. Seats are 17.5 inches wide with 38 inches of pitch. Each seat has an adjustable headrest. The middle seat is blocked, which apparently allows for "more comfort". Food service is greatly improved over economy, with a fresh fruit basket and (if you're lucky) a free meal.

Premium Economy[edit]

Premium Economy is available on some flights. These are basically the same first class seats sold as economy. The middle seat is not blocked and the food choices are substandard. Only snacks and drinks are available. Sometimes, a buy-on-board program is available on longer flights.


Economy is available on all flights. The seats are the same, but seat pitch is reduced, having only 31.5 inches. The same food options from premium economy are available.

shopJet Lounge[edit]

A shopJet lounge is available in Shops City. There's a small entrance fee to get in, regardless of what travel class you are booked on. The lounge includes seats, a buffet table, and free internet.

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