Shopper East Ocean Territory

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Shopper East Ocean Territory
Flag of
MottoWatching over the Seven Seas
AnthemNever never never give up!
Demonym Melodeevian, Shopper
Government Shopper Territory
 -  President Lavender
Overseas Territory
 -  2013 estimate 150,000 
 -  2014 census 201,000 
Currency WikiBuck$ (WB$)
Drives on the Right

The Shopper East Ocean Territory is a large area of ocean spanning from Freezestonia to Malesia and to Hindonesië that serves as an overseas territory of Shops Island. It mainly contains the former Melodeeves nation, which Shops and its allies overthrew in late 2013. It used to surround the Snowinian Melodeeves, another territory claimed in the overthrowing of the independent Melodeevian nation. However, the rest of the Melodeeves were given to Shops in February 2014 to pay an outstanding debt.


See the history of the Melodeeves and The Plague War for more details.

The ocean territory was originally inhabited centuries ago by tribal penguins, who adjusted over time to the flora and fauna around them. These penguins flourished for over 1000 years without much intervention, until revolutions throughout 1984 and 1985 united many of the islands into one country, the Melodeeves. The Melodeeves were a tyrannical communist regime, despised across the Antarctic. The Melodeeves eventually fell in 2013 due in part to a war. The fallen nation was split between Shops Island and Snowiny. Shops Island also took this opportunity to seize ocean around the Melodeeves, stretching as far as to Malesia and Hindonesië. Snowiny's part of the Melodeeves were given to Shops Island as a means of paying off a large debt that Snowiny owed to Shops.


Almost completely made of just ocean and nothing else, the East Ocean Territory is basically just a vast ocean under Shops Island. The Melodeevian archipelago and a few other small atolls and islands everywhere else, any land that pops up above the waves is not very significant; the highest point in all of the territory is only five feet above sea level.

The islands are very tropical with much plant life. They're regarded as beautiful, attracting willful tourists from across the Antarctic.


Though there used to be a healthy tourism industry, oil deposits around the ocean territory have fueled a now-booming petroleum industry. Shops has put great funding into sucking the oil out of the oceans to put to Shops' benefits. Oil platforms decorate the oceans, creating lots of pollution in the effort of finding black gold.


The area has an extremely homogenous society, with almost 100% of all inhabitants having Melodeevian blood. The only other inhabitants are oil workers and foreign workers. The East Ocean Territory, especially the Melodeevian area, has a very special culture.



  • Due to the oil deposits, many Shopper troops from both the army and navy are stationed in this stretch of ocean.

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