Shopper Empire

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The Grand Shopper Empire
Shopper Empire

Flag of the Shopper Empire

We shall prosper under our great ruler!
Shopper Empire Anthem
Capital Shops City
Government Totalitarian Sith Dictatorship
Emperor {{{leader1}}}
Darth Princessius (Co-ruler)
Darth Swissius (Dark lord of the Sith; ruler of both Princessius and Djf)
Historical era Shops Civil War era
 -  Split up of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops and The United States of Shops Island 2025
 -  The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops reorganized into the Shopper Empire 2026
 -  Fall of the Shopper Empire 2026
Currency WB$
Today part of ShopsIslandFlag2013.png The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops

The Shopper Empire was a short-lived imperial regime masterminded by the Sith, ruled under the iron flipper of the twisted Darth Pengus and his apprentice Brook Edward LasVegas. Being reorganized from The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops, the Shopper Empire was a totalitarian dictatorship, which lived only in the year of 2026. They were the sworn enemies of the United States of Shops Island, whom they fought endlessly against in the Shops Civil War.


The term "Shopper Empire" stretches all the way back to 2013, in relation to Shops Island's vast collection of overseas territories and colonies, a collection that was constantly growing. Though Shops was a democratic country, it ruthlessly conquered countries and regions in an empire-like fashion. This title became the Shopper Empire's namesake via the 2026 transition.


Soon after the failed Shopper attack on the Frosian Islands, Shops' president Djf turned The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops into the Shopper Empire, stating that the latter title was more fitting as of then. Djf gave the Shopper Empire a new flag, and a new anthem.

Djf then sent two separate military battalions to capture Northern Shops and New Delphis, with Darth Princessius leading the Northern Shops offensive. Princessius was quick to engage a Castillan naval fleet, guarding Northern Shops in support of the rebels, marking the first time the Shoppers and Castillans had ever faced off against each other. Princessius fled from the battle, sending his forces fleeing towards the mainland.


An Imperial Shopper space fighter.


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