Shopper Extraterrestrial Colonies

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Shopper Extraterrestrial Colonies
Motto: Never Never Never Give Up!
Anthem: Never Give Up
Largest SettlementMoon Base 3
Official languages English
Demonym Shopper
 -  President of Shops Island Lavender
 -  Director of the SIA LMGT
Legislature Common Legislature
 -  Upper house Bureaucracy
 -  Lower house Administration
 -  First Shopper base 2013 
 -  estimate 150~
Currency WB$
Time zone Moon or Martian time

Shops Island has numerous unincorporated territories on the Moon, Mars, Titan, and many others, all of which are counted as one spread-out territory instead of separate ones each.


Neptune IX, the spacecraft that helped establish Shops' first moon bases.

Shops always had lofty goals for colonies on the moon, an aspiration which was mainly fueled by their rivalry with Yow, who at the time still had Space Colony 1. By 2011, Shops Island was successfully putting astronauts into space, and had started an underground nuclear development program with help from the USA. In 2012, the Shoppers launched the Shopscovery Spacecraft, which pioneered Shops' role in space exploration and territorial expansion. A few months later, in the Neptune IX craft was built and was launched. It was the second largest rocket ever built, and had a nine-ton payload. The Neptune craft carried supplies for a small moon base all the way from Earth to the moon, where the first Shopper space colony was established. In May, Shops introduced the Laurifer spacecraft, which was designed to set up bases on Mars. A couple Laurifer craft were launched over the next two months, establishing three different colonies on the Martian surface. In July, most of Shops' rockets became obsolete as the Great Space Race of 2013 hastened the construction of more compact and efficient spacecraft. Out of this was born new innovations such as the Prosperity Space Station and the Nebula. With this new technology, Shops Island was able to establish many more colonies on both Mars and the Moon (thanks greatly to new Hyperspace routes), and new bases on Saturn's moon Titan and in some other places, all before Shops was drawn into the GSWVI. Ever since, these colonies have grown and have become prosperous, making Shops the leading colonial-space-power of the time.








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