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Shopper-Malesian Agreement of Amalgamation
Author Shopper Government
Malesian Government
Country ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
MaLOLaysiaFlag.png Malesia
Language English
Published April 3, 2017
Media type Treaty

The Shopper purchase of Malesia, formally the "Shopper-Malesian Agreement of Amalgamation" was an agreement signed between Shops Island and Malesia on April 3, 2017 in response to the Malesian Debt Crisis. This agreement formally made Malesia a sovereign, mostly-autonomous territory of Shops Island. The purchase of Malesia would mark the end to a four-year growth spurt by Shops Island which had amazed politicians everywhere and had shaken the foundation of Antarctic politics since 2013.

The Malesian Debt Crisis[edit]

Ever since relations first began, Shops Island and Malesia had a very strong and active trading partnership - Shops Island was Malesia's single largest trading partner and the relationship was also very strong in the other direction. However, this trade ended up accumulating large amounts of debt by the Malesian government over a period of seven years, up to the point where Shops Island was the largest foreign holder of Malesian debt, holding over 65% of the country's foreign debt.

Malesia's debt handling worked in the same way as it did in many other Antarctic countries - the legislative government was responsible for setting a debt ceiling - a maximum amount of debt that the country was allowed to occur before the country would have to default on its debt and declare bankruptcy. In the first quarter of 2017, the Malesian prime minister Hajib Tim LOL attempted to put forward a budget which would have raised the national debt level well above the set ceiling. Normally, the legislature would just vote to have the debt ceiling raised, but in this situation the prime minister faced a hung legislature, and as such the motion got stuck in legislative gridlock.

As this budget and the proposal to raise the debt ceiling was stuck in parliament, trade continued with foreign countries and as such, debt continued to accumulate. Eventually on March 30, 2017, Malesia's debt broke through the established limit and the treasury was forced, by law, to default on the nation's debt and in essence declare bankruptcy.

After declaring bankruptcy, the fate of Malesia was all but sealed for good. No Antarctic countries were willing to aid or do business with a country which could not reliably pay back its debts and obligations. Major banks throughout Malesia (with the exception of the Red Shield Bank all pulled out of the country, fearing massive losses due to the default. Economists and political analysts predicted a total collapse of Malesia's economy and civil society if something drastic did not occur. Many of Malesia's less friendly neighbors such as Zhou and the USA began to threaten war if debts were not repaid. In the eve of impending chaos, president Lavender of Shops Island made an offer to purchase Malesia and to make it a Shopper territory to help stabilize the situation for good.

Shopper Purchase[edit]

In officially purchasing Malesia, Shops Island agreed to the following terms:

  1. Shops Island would forgive all of Malesia's debts to the Shoppers.
  2. Shops Island would pay off all of Malesia's foreign debts.
  3. Malesia would be given a further 5 billion WB$ grant by the Shoppers to continue development.
  4. All military protection of Malesia would be the responsibility of Shops Island.
  5. Shops Island would not intervene in Malesian domestic business (within reason).
  6. The Malesian monarchy would be allowed to retain some power and continue its largely-symbolic role.

In this purchase, Malesia also agreed to the following terms:

  1. Malesia would agree to be recognized as a territory of Shops Island in international agreements.
  2. All Malesian military forces and equipment would be integrated into the Shopper Armed Forces.
  3. The Malesian government would not be allowed to create a deficit for five years.
  4. The Malesian government would be responsible for repaying all domestic debts.
  5. Malesia would, by April 1st 2018, phase out the LOL Ringgit and fully adopt the WB$.

On April 4, 2017, the official purchase ceremony was held in Kuala LOLPour, Malesia. Many important diplomats from both countries attended, most importantly president Lavender of Shops Island. The purchase was made in front of many cameras when Lavender delivered a comically large cheque to the Malesian king, displaying an undisclosed (reportedly classified) amount of money on it.

Government Changes[edit]

As a result of the purchase, official power over Malesia was handed over to the Shopper government, Lavender, and the Common Legislature. From now own, Malesia would be given representation in Shopper government just like any other territory, although to a much larger degree than most other Shopper possessions. The Malesian king and the overall monarchy's power would be reduced to a mostly-symbolic role as a staple of Malesia's rich past, although Lavender had agreed to consult the monarchy over any major decisions regarding Malesia.

Due to its long history as an independent country, Malesia had a highly-developed civil service and government structure. To avoid mass confusion and gridlock throughout the country, the Shopper government agreed to keep the civil service and all other government services as-is. Shopper citizens would be allowed to work in Malesia as government workers, as would Malesians in Shops Island. The Shoppers agreed to integrate the Malesian Armed Forces into Shops' military and to integrate Malesia's civil service into Shops' over time.

International Reactions[edit]

Reaction to the Shopper purchase of Malesia was largely negative, and was seen by many opponents and critics as one of the most inappropriate overreaches of Shopper power yet witnessed.

  • USA flag.PNG USA - President Megg of the USA noted that the annexation of such a large country by Shops Island was 'concerning' given the 'dubious circumstances surrounding the purchase', but that she would not intervene so long as Shops Island paid off Malesia's debts.
  • Snowzerland Flag.png German States - Kaiser Swiss Ninja of Snowzerland stated that this purchase was an heinous overreach of Shopper authority in the Asiapelago, and that the 'corrupt Shopper government' was unfit to rule over the people of Malesia.
  • Flag of Castilla.png Castilla - King Carlos and the Castillan government noted that Castilla was cautiously optimistic in the wake of the purchase, noting that this annexation could greatly increase trade between Castilla and Malesia.
  • Asaina flag.png Zhou - The Zhouese government expressed that it was 'deeply concerned' with Shops Island's purchase of Malesia, and President Wu Jiao stated he was 'deeply hurt' that Lavender had not consulted with him beforehand, given that Zhou was the second greatest power in the Asiapelago.
  • Western Union 2017 Flag.png Western Union - The Western Union expressed its concern that the Shopper purchase of Malesia could threaten the balance of power in the Asiapelago region. Member states either gave a neutral opinion regarding the acquisition or expressed their frustration with it. UP president Simon McClark said that as long as the Malesian people welcome the purchase it is entirely fine and legal, although with questionable motives.


  • This would be the last purchase or annexation of land by Shops Island in Antarctica until the Shops Civil War in 2025.

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