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Shops City
Shops City's government towers.
Country The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Area Central Shops
Headquarters Shops government building.
Mayor Chill57181
Population 1,900,000
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles
General information
Native name Shops City
Foreign name Shops City
Demonym Shopper
Founded 2010
– Founder Ben 100022
Area codes 123

Shops City is the capital city and second largest city on Shops Island, next to Vonkouver. It is home to most of Shops' government buildings, and the president's home is situated there. It's the economic and political hub of Shops. It is also home to the Common Legislature and formerly home to the Shops Island Council.

The city is landlocked, meaning there's no access to the oceans. Shops City often relies on rail, road, and air travel to provide its goods, and for this, Shops City has one of Shops' largest airports, Shops' most intricate highway system, and is the center of rail travel on Shops Island and the Shops Island Subway.


Shops City was founded around September 2010. With monetary grants from the USA, Shops City was soon established into a successful city. The city kept expanding, until it became the second largest in the country. Ever since, Shops City has flourished into a world-class city, and is often visited by the rich and those willing to travel luxuriously. Though Shops City is usually most active during political events and nothing more, the capital was rocked by many devastating blows during the Fall of Nexon. All damages were soon repaired and rebuilt. The city was a focus of attacks once more during the Frosian War, this time with much more damage caused, including many Shopper government buildings severely damaged or destroyed.

The Shops City Financial Center under attack in October 2013.


Shops City mainly generates its income through the sale of textiles and souvenirs to tourists. It's one of the most popular destinations for tourists coming to visit Shops, and the city is full of hotels, clothing stores, and nightclubs. Paparazzi generate lots of money for the city, as they come when political leaders come on diplomatic missions to Shops City; it happens quite often.


Shops City has many different locations, and is the epicenter of Shops' economy and its political system.

Shops City Center[edit]

The City Center is, in president Lavender's words, "a monument to power and prosperity". It is home to a giant fountain, and the presidential home. With it is a balcony, so he can speak out to the citizens. The presidential home lies between the twin government towers, which are home to the Shops Island Council, the Common Legislature, and all of Shops' government facilities. It also serves as the city square of Shops City.

Shops City Financial District[edit]

The Financial District is the economic hub of Shops Island. It is the epicenter of all economics, is home to the national stock exchange, the bank headquarters, and home to the central bank system. It's made up of 3 differently designed towers, all very tall. The Financial District is also a popular tourist destination, and the district's towers are the tallest in Shops City.

Chill P. Beachball International Airport[edit]

The Chill P. Beachball International Airport is the only airport in Shops City, and is one of the largest flight hubs in Shops Island, falling just short of Vonkouver and Penguin City. The Chill P. Beachball Airport is the second largest hub for Penguin Air traffic, after Penguin City. Shops City, though being the capital, mainly only handles domestic flights and other flights to places in the Asiapelago and the Seal Islands. It's located to the outskirts of Shops City, like most major airports.

Military Industrial Complex[edit]

The Military Industrial Complex is the main command center of all of Shops' military operations. While a secret base in Southern Shops serves as the official SIA base, the MIC serves as a hub for most military matters. It is a gargantuan complex of many hangars, repair shops, training grounds, prison cells, and much more. The MIC produces much of Shops' war machines, such as tanks and missiles. It's heavily guarded; equipped with a perimeter of countless land mines and watch-posts. The complex is only the headquarters of Shops' military operations, not the SIA as a whole.


Shops City has an extremely fulfilling transit program; the most effective in all of Shops Island. There are many venues of travel around and to/from the city.


The subway on the Red Line at Shops City's main rail station.

The subway transit system in Shops City is managed by the Shops Island Subway. There are many serviceable locations as to which the Shops City-exclusive subway system takes its passengers, and with efficient routes, too. The subway travels above ground for travel to the Chill P. Beachball International Airport.

Shops City's subway has much smaller, and slower cars than those that work on the national level. The subway cars used in Shops City are often imported from other major countries that use and produce them, such as the USA. Shops City's subway system is generally considered slow, yet it works for common domestic use around town.


Unlike other cities, Shops City's bus transport system is efficient and clean. The city's buses are Eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and can hold many passengers. Bus travel is the most common form of government-sponsored transit inside the city. The bus system has a variety of vehicles to fit certain needs, such as regular buses, double-Decker buses, articulated buses, and other less common models. All of Shops City's buses are manufactured in the USA, with the exception of the double-Decker bus, which is manufactured jointly in UnitedTerra and Puffle'and.


Road/car travel is the most popular form of transportation in Shops City. There are many roads in the city, and a large interstate system surrounding the perimeter and cropping outwards. All average families have at least one car. Road servicing is considered of average quality for a city of around 1,000,000 penguins, yet the roads get worn out quickly, even though the city is quite young. Taxis are also commonplace, and are allowed to set their own fees without government restriction, as long are those fares are within reason.



  • Shops City was ranked as Shops' most dangerous city.

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