Shops Civil War

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The Shops Civil War
Date December 2025 - January 2027
Location Shops Island
Result • Shops Island is succeeded by the Shops Union
Antarctic Spring
2027 Scramble for Power
Casus belli Bro is executed, which triggers protests throughout the island causing states to secede from Shops.
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops (Before and during the Frosian Islands battle) (Shops Island, Shopper Forces)
ShopperEmpireFlag.png Shopper Empire (After the Frosian Islands battle)
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland (Support)
USSIFlag.png United States of Shops Island (The Rebels)
NewRoMIFlag.png David Jamask-Franklin (Darth Pengus)
WesternShopsFlag.png Brook Edward LasVegas (later Darth Princessius)
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja Hochstadt (Darth Swissius)
SouthernShopsFlag.png Penquino
ChillIslandFlag.png Chill57181
Flag of Calada.png Brook
SIALogo.png LMGT

The Shops Civil War is a massive war that sought the downfall of the mighty Shops Island, which at the time, was the second most powerful country in Antarctica. It was ultimately triggered when a Moon Islander, David Franklin, became president of Shops Island through an unfortunate turn of events. His presidency and his fateful moves cost the life of the Antarctic superpower.

Prologue: Recipe for Disaster[edit]

February 18th 2015, Dancing Penguin City, Moon Island

It was a crisp and cold day in the city square of a now massive Dancing Penguin City. Everyone was there with their coats to watch the inauguration of Moon Island's new governor, David Franklin. He had gained the seat after the incumbent Dps04 had resigned. Djf had gained his current position in the government due to succession. (being confined to a wheelchair, and having a noticeable mental disability didn't exactly give him a disadvantage as Shopper sympathy is part of what gained him his first position in power, as the mayor of Moon Island City, in 2012.)

President Lavender was there to swear in Djf under the Shops Constitution.

Lavender: "Now, put your left flipper on the constitution and rise your right flipper in the air and repeat after me."

Djf: "Ok."

Lavender: "Now repeat: I, David Franklin solemnly swear"

Djf: "I, David Franklin solemnly swear"

Lavender: "That I will protect, honor, and defend Shops Island at any cost,"

Djf: "That I will protect, honor, and defend Shops Island at any cost,"

Lavender: "Even if it costs me my life,"

Djf: "Even if it costs me my life,"

Lavender: "In the pursuit of freedom, peace, and prosperity,"

Djf: "In the pursuit of freedom, peace, and prosperity,"

Lavender: "So help my will."

Djf: "So help my will."

Lavender: "Congratulations Djf, you are officially the new governor of Moon Island!"

The crowd roared and cheered. Before this, the Dps' were the only family to hold seats as governor of Moon Island. It was a turning point in Shops and Moon Island history, that would ultimately end in disaster.

September 10th 2021, Penguin City, Eastern Shops

It was a quiet morning at Djf's hotel room in Eastern Shops. He had spent the past 2 weeks campaigning for position of Eastern Shops governor, throwing out the incumbent Bro. A room attendant knocked on the door, and Djf rolled over and opened it.

Attendant: "Sir, I'd like to happily inform you that you are now the governor of Eastern Shops."

Djf: "YES!"

He yelled "YES!" so loudly that it echoed throughout the building. He now had control of 2 of Shops' richest areas, Eastern Shops and Moon Island. The attendant handed Djf a letter.

Djf: "What's this now?"

Djf ripped open the letter with his beak. It was a letter by Lavender swearing in Djf over paper. Lavender was getting older, and he was making less and less public appearances.

Djf: "It's all working out..."

Attendant: "I beg pardon?"

Djf: "Oh, you're still here? Nothing."

Attendant: "As you wish, sir."

The attendant closed the door, and Djf went back to rest. It was a nice victory for him and there was no better way to celebrate than a long deserved break. It would be a few more years, however, until Djf would change the face of Shops forever, for the worse.

Chapter One: Rise to Power[edit]

It was now August of 2025. Lavender could barely go anywhere and he was really aging. His assistants and Chill did almost everything for him now. One day, he was in his office. There was a pile of paperwork, and he was very tired.

Lavender: "So much work... Must not give up..."

He briefly fell asleep. When he woke up shortly after, he was extremely dizzy with blurred sight.

Lavender: "I can't see straight! What's happening!?"

Lavender fainted. His withered body had finally gotten the better of him. Even though he was only in his 30's, his constant travel, stressful working conditions, and his untested and semi-toxic lavender paint caused him to age terribly.

The next day, he woke up in a hospital bed.

Lavender: "Where... Where am I?!?"

Chill: "It's good to see you're alive! You passed out while doing paperwork."

Lavender: "Oh no! I didn't finish! I gotta get back!"

Chill: "You won't go back. You're too old for this job now, my friend. The council suggested I take over; I think it's the right choice."

Lavender: "Well, I can trust you, friend. You have been president before. Have at it."

With that, Lavender closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Chill was to be sworn in the next day inside the presidential home. It was a new, but short chapter in Shops' history.

Chill and LMGT were inside the presidential home, inside the Triangle Office. LMGT had a copy of the constitution, and they repeated the same process as shown earlier with Lavender and Djf.

LMGT: "Congratulations my friend, you're officially president of Shops Island. May you never never never give up!"

Chill: "I won't! You can count on me!"

Chill was about to sit down at the desk for a couple of photo shoots but all of the space under the desk was covered in piles of paper. Chill picked up one, and it said "Issues concerning the Snoss". There were stacks of documents, and Chill finally realized the agony Lavender had gone through for so many years. It didn't help that Shops' power, and therefore paperwork, grew as Lavender aged.

Chill: "Son of a biscuit."

It took Chill 10 minutes to put all the paperwork on his desk. Chill was already exhausted, and now he'd have to do all this; Chill was never really a working penguin.

Chill: "What did I sign myself up for?..."

LMGT: "He has it hard because Shops owns such a large territory and so much wealth."

Chill: "Yeah. No wonder he collapsed! This would make anyone grow old!"

LMGT: "Oh well. It's your problem now."

LMGT waddled out of the office and left Chill in the pile of paperwork.

Chill: "Well, there's no way I'm gonna do all this!"

Chill pulled out a piece of blank paper and wrote this on it:

To whoever it concerns: I wish to hire someone to officially be in charge of my paperwork. Please and thank you.

An assistant walked into the office shortly after and took the note. She and her colleagues went off to find and recruit someone to take on this stressful task.

The next day, there was a diplomatic meeting planned with King Carlos of Castilla. Chill met King Carlos at the Shops City airport.

Chill: "Hey!"

King Carlos: "Long time no see. Lavender left you with a pile of work, I see."

Chill: "Nah. I hired someone to do it for me."

King Carlos: "Ah. Good decision."

As they got back to the city center, King Carlos had noticed that Chill hadn't hired a vice president.

King Carlos: "Where's your vice president?"

Chill: "I don't have one..."

King Carlos: "Well, you should. What about all those duties he's in charge of? What if you get assassinated?"


King Carlos: "What?"

Chill: "What?"

King Carlos: "Anyways, it's wise to get a vice president."

Chill and King Carlos talked more. That night, Chill gave a television broadcast to the island and its colonies.

Chill: "Hello, fellow citizens of Shops. I'd like to announce that any current governor is open to campaign for vice president of Shops Island. That's all, thank you."

The broadcast ended as briefly as it started; Chill wasn't the one for speeches.

Bro, a former president, was watching the whole thing.

Bro: "Without an evil puffle and my X-Antibody chasing me down anymore, I could finally pursue a position as VP!"

Oh, Pheonix and Future-Bro were killed by this point.

Bro: "Anyway, I can start a campaign platform now!"

Bro picked up his (TRANSPARENT! AMAZING!) icePhone 14S and called up Chill.

Chill: "Yo Bro. I'm guessing that you saw my speech and now you wanna run for vice president?"

Bro: "Gosh you're psychic."

Chill: "Also, I'm guessing you want me to support you?"

Bro: "Yep. That'd be cool."

Chill: "Well you got yourself a campaign manager!"

Bro: "Awesome!"

In his home on Moon Island, Djf also heard the speech. He also called up Chill, about to ask the same thing as Bro did.

Chill: "Hello?"

Djf: "Hi."

Chill: "Oh, it's you. What do you want?"

Djf: "I wanna run for vice president."

Chill: "Well I'm already sponsoring Bro. Bye."

Chill bluntly hung up. Djf threw the phone across the room in anger where it smashed against the wall.

Djf: "Hang up on me, will you? I'll run myself, AND I'LL WIN!"

Two weeks later and it was voting day. Both Djf and Bro had a heated rivalry going between each other. They were campaigning for the States' votes, and it seemed like Bro was ahead. Citizens from all over were dropping ballots, while Djf was working on something of his own. He was at Shops government building, which he broke into. He got into the room with the computer that stored all the voting information.

Djf: "This will be easy."

Djf easily hacked the computer, and got into the votes. To his luck and surprise, he could change the number of votes by simply typing. Voting was almost over, and Djf knew there wasn't going to be much change. But, he was feeling mischievous.

Djf: "Hmm... I guess upping my votes by a million wouldn't hurt."

With that, he took 1 million votes away from Bro, and put them in his slot. He turned off the computer, and left the building quietly.

The next morning, the votes were in. Bro woke up expecting to win, but he saw a big headline in the newspaper saying "David Jamask-Franklin elected vice-president of Shops Island in a landslide!".

Bro: "WHAT?!?"

Bro was furious. He thought that the votes had to be rigged.

Bro: "He may win for now, but I will win. I shall get... REVENGE!"


Bro: "That would've been a lot awesomer with some lighting."

Chapter Two: Rebellion[edit]

It was the day of Djf's inauguration. Since Chill didn't want to inaugurate Djf, he got the aging Freezestonian governor Snowstormer to do it for him.

Snow: "Do you, David Franklin, swear to protect, defend, and preserve Shops Island until the day of your death?"

Djf: "Yes, I do."

Snow: "Congratulations. I hereby grant you as the vice president of the Democratic Industrial Island of Shops!"

The crowd roared in cheers and approval. However, there was discontent all over the place. Even outside of Shops Island.

In an igloo in Eastern Shops, Brook Edward LasVegas turned off the televised inauguration of Djf.

Brook: "Hmm, Djf... A good friend of mine before my terrible imprisonment on Pen Chi Island... Never really got to know him, though."

Brook: "I sense something deep within the force... I think it's time to finally fulfill my destiny and take over Shops Island. I remember the day that I realized it would be possible to take over the island..."

Begin flashback

It was a cold, dreary day in the spring of 2021 on the Pen Chi Island prison... the aging Kaiser Swiss Ninja paid a visit to my dark cell in the heart of the prison.

Swiss: "Guards, I'd like to be alone."

Guards: "As you wish, Kaiser."

The guards walked away, and Swiss unlocked the cell. He stepped in and shook the tattered flipper of Brook.

Brook: "Oh great Kaiser Swiss Ninja, please don't hurt me!"

Swiss: "Oh, I plan to do just the opposite."

Brook: "May I ask how so?"

Swiss: "Yes. I am going to give you an opportunity to be released from this prison."

Brook: "I have been in this prison since 2013 great Kaiser, why would you want to release me now?"

Swiss: "Because I sense a great shift of power on Shops Island in the future through the force, and I think you will be able to accomplish your dream of taking your rightful place as leader there. The force tells me you'll do good."

Brook: "How do you know that my dream is to take over Shops Island?"

Swiss: "Through the force. It is a very mysterious thing. I will release you from this prison, but only if you vow to learn the ways of the force and become a Sith first."

Brook: "So this "force" would give me the power to take over Shops Island?"

Swiss: "No. Being a sith would give you the power to do much more than that! The Sith are an elite echelon of penguins who use the force for Antarctica's benefit, and to destroy the evil Jedi."

Brook: "Then you have yourself a deal, Kaiser!"

Swiss: "You will no longer call me "kaiser". From this moment forward you will acknowledge me only as your master, Darth Swissius. Do you understand?"

Brook: "Yes, master."

Swissius: "Then let me show you to your new living quarters, which you will stay at rather than this wretched cell until the end of your sith training."

Swissius and Brook leave the cell.

End of flashback

Brook: "Yes, I believe it is indeed time to start my progression to the throne by making djf my sith apprentice. However, I must be very cautious in my affairs for I sense an unusual amount of force knowledge in him..."

Unfortunately for Brook, Swiss never taught him that the Sith were evil. Brook was taught thinking that the Jedi were evil. However, this wasn't true.

In Snowzerland, Darth Swissius could sense I rise in the dark side of the force, and knew that it must be his former apprentice.

Swissius: "Hmm... I sense an unusual rise of activity from the dark side of the force..."

Servant: "Could it be another Sith, my lord?"

Swissius: "Not just any Sith, but my former apprentice Darth Princessius. He must be thinking about finally getting a padawan."

Servant: "But wouldn't two Sith threaten you since you are only one my lord?"

Swissius: "HAHAHA! I obviously didn't teach that fool everything I knew in case he was smart enough to eventually go against me."

Servant: "Might I ask why you trained him at all then my lord?"

Swissius: "I trained him to solely serve as a distraction in Antarctica. I also hope that because of his actions, the rumored jedi on Shops island will reveal themselves so that we might be able to guarantee their annihilation."

Servant: "Very good plan, my lord."

Swissius: "Indeed."

Meanwhile, Djf was having fun moving into his vice-presidential mansion and was currently unpacking his belongings.

Djf wheeled himself over to a box and opened it. After looking through a bunch of old family photos, he took out an old, dusty Keysaber. He blew the dust off it. It said "Issue 2014" on it, with his master Penquino's signature engraved in it.

Djf remembered when he built this custom Keysaber in 2014, a few years before he became the governor of Moon Island.

Djf: "Ahh, I was so close to Knighthood when I built this old thing... unfortunately I followed my political career instead."

Djf was (and still is) a Jedi padawan, who never quite achieved knighthood due to his political career. Even though he never technically left the order, he left the Jedi Temple (and stopped training) when he became the governor of Moon Island. Also to keep the location of the temple (and the existence of the Jedi) a secret, he could only go there when he was on political trips to that area of Shops Island.

Djf: "Let's see if this still works."

He turned it on, and the laser beam came out. He swung around quite a bit, and turned it back off before putting it back in the box.

A few months had passed, and it was now December 2025. Djf was sitting in his office one day thinking about him being a Jedi.

Djf: "Hmm... since I am the Vice President of Shops Island, I bet I could be a member of the Jedi Council now! Secretary, come here!"

Secretary: "What can I help you with, sir?"

Djf: "Set up a political trip to Eastern Shops. I want to be on a plane by tonight."

Secretary: "Yes sir."

Meanwhile, Brook was planning how and when to approach Djf.

Brook: "Hmm... I have everything planned out. Now is the perfect time to convince Djf into being my Sith apprentice! I think I'll give him a call..."

It is just turning to night in Central Shops, and Djf is about to board a plane on route to Eastern Shops. His cell phone rings...

Djf: "Djf here. Who's this?"

Brook: "Hiya Djf, It's Brook! I don't know if you remember, but we used to be friends years and years ago."

Djf: "Haha yes, I remember that very well!"

Brook: "Great! I was just calling to ask if maybe we could meet somewhere to catch up for all the lost time since... the 'incident'."

Djf: "Sorry Brook, but I'm very busy now that I'm Vice President. In fact, I'm getting on a plane now to go on a secret political trip."

Brook: "Oh, is that so? Well, if you happen to stop in Eastern Shops then make sure to visit Bro Town if you have time! Ironically, that's where I've been holed up for all these years..."

Djf: "Yeah, that is pretty ironic considering that he was the one that had you sent to prison for all of those years."

Brook: "I prefer not to talk about that period in my life."

Djf: "Oh, I'm sorry. But, as it just so happens I am going to Eastern Shops, so maybe I could stop by your igloo after I handle all of the 'official business'?"

Brook: "Sure, That sounds great! However, please come alone, because my igloo is very... 'distraught' after all of these years."

Djf: "Alright then. Anyways, the plane is about to go, so I'll see you tomorrow."

Djf hung up the phone. Brook was left to wait for Djf to arrive some time soon.

A few days later, Brook was waiting in an igloo under his name, waiting for Djf to appear without SIA assistance. Suddenly, something hit him. Djf was outside.

Brook: "The force tells me that I must go outside my igloo. There's a Jedi there!"

Brook pulled out his keysaber and put on his Sith robes. He waddled outside and there was Djf, in Jedi robes.

Brook: "DJF! You joined the dark side!"

Djf: "No. The Jedi are good, the Sith are evil."

Brook: "Whatever. Come on then, join the dark side!"

Djf: "No."

Brook: "Hmm... We have cookies!"


Djf ripped off his Jedi robes and threw them and his keysaber in a nearby creek.

Brook: "Good. Here's some new robes, and a new Keysaber for you."

Brook handed Djf some black robes and a new, red Keysaber just like his. Djf put it on.

Djf: "Cool!"

Brook: "I know. Welcome to the all powerful side of the Sith. Come in my igloo, I'll tell you about a prophecy I have to fulfill."

Djf: "Ok."

Brook waddled back into his igloo and Djf wheeled in behind. Brook sat down on a chair and Djf rolled up close, facing Brook.

Brook: "My master told me that with my powers, I'd be able to take over Shops."

Djf: "Ha! Really? I'm already the vice president. I can take over Shops much more easily."

Brook: "Can I help?"

Djf: "Sure. With both of us, we can't fail!"

Brook: "Mhm. But how?"

Djf: "Just watch me."

The next day, Brook and Djf were in the hallway right in front of the Presidential Triangle Office. Brook and Djf put draped their robes on, and their faces were covered. They drew their Keysabers.

Djf: "Go."

They broke down the door, and Chill jumped and hid under his desk in fear.


Djf: "We are here to rightfully claim the Shopper throne. Give up your position or face death."

Chill: "Oook..."

Brook: "And fake a resignation too, or you AND your friends will get it."

Chill: "Ok, ok! Just don't hurt me!"

Chill ran out of the office in fear, leaving Djf and Brook there.

Djf: "Well Brook, it looks like you've got yourself a position as vice president!"

Brook: "Hmph. I wanted president."

Djf: "Maybe later."

That night, Chill made a televised speech stating his resignation. He said that it was because of too much work, and that he wanted to fulfill other ambitions. He never mentioned that he was almost killed. He also gave the right of president over to Djf immediately without inauguration.

A few days later, Djf was working on some paperwork when Brook barged in with some headlines.

Brook: "Look at these!"

Djf: "What in the name of Benny?"

Djf read the headline. It said Protests erupting all over because of Djf!

Djf: "WHAT THE BLAZES? Who's in charge of this!?!"

Brook: "Bro, apparently."

Djf: "Oh. Him. I'll deal with him."

Djf got on the phone and called up the SIA's elite agent force.

Agent: "Hello, Mr. President. What is it you're needing?"

Djf: "I want your squadron to capture Bro. He's ruining my image!"

Agent: "But that's unconstitutional! What about freedom of speech?"

Djf: "I said GET HIM! And by the way, don't tell LMGT about this mission."

Agent: "Very well."

Djf hung up, and left the agent squadron to go after Bro.

It didn't take a genius to find out where Bro would be. He was in Bro Mansion, where he had lived since 2012. The agents arrived there and busted down the door, and ran into his room where he was playing games.

Bro: "Why are you here? Get lost!"

Agent: "You're under arrest by executive order of president Djf!"

Bro: "What did I do!? This is unconstitutional!"

An agent pulled out some duct tape and put it over Bro's beak. He was muffed, and he could barely breathe. He soon fell unconscious.

Bro woke up in an interrogation room with a general looming over him. He was slapped.

Bro: "OW!"

General: "You're in big trouble, mister! How dare you speak against our president!?"

Bro: "I'm allowed to! Freedom of speech!"

General: "Nope! Djf finds you as a threat to his security. He's sentenced you to DEATH!"

Bro: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Bro was booted out of the room, and he was now officially on death row, and under extremely heavy surveillance.

A few days later, he was walked out onto a barren plain of sand. There was only 1 pole there and 5 soldiers armed with guns. Bro was tied up onto the pole, and got blindfolded. His head hung low as his life flashed before his eyes. Bro went into a state of panic, as he realized that he was about to die.

Soldier: "Ready!"

Bro: "NO!"

Soldier: "FIRE!"

All 5 soldiers fired at once, and they all heat Bro straight in the head, except for one that pierced his heart. He was dead instantly.

The news took literally no time to spread. In hours, the news was all over the internet, and penguins and puffles all over Shops Island were angry at Djf's act of malice. Penguins, especially Chill and Penquino, who were friends of Bro, were extremely angry.

Chill decided to call up Penquino.

Penquino: "Hi."

Chill: "Hey. You heard about Bro's execution?"

Penquino: "Yep."

Chill: "We gotta do something about it! We should organize a rebellion!"

Penquino: "Let's gather somewhere populous, so we can get spectators involved."

Chill: "Fine by me. Where should we meet?"

Penquino: "Vonkouver Marina, I guess. It's a good place with lots of penguins there."

Chill: "Ok. I'll be there in a couple days."

A couple days later, Chill and Penquino met at the Vonkouver Marina, a very popular spot. Chill pulled out a bullhorn and addressed the crowd. He pulled out a picture of Bro.

Chill: "Ladies and Gentlemen! Do you know this man!? Do you know me!?"

Many citizens looked at Chill, who soon climbed onto a war memorial. More penguins looked.

Chill: "Djf has murdered this innocent man for no reason! He drove me out of office!"

More citizens looked on.

Penquino: "We gotta stop this evil force! We have to get rid of Djf!"

Chill: "Or better, we secede!"

Chill and Penquino jumped off the war memorial and started marching down the main street, heading for Vonkouver's government building. It didn't take long until they got there, and the crowd entered.

Guard: "What are you looking for?"

Penquino: "I'm governor of Southern Shops, so let me into my office!"

The crowd cheered on, as Chill and Penquino went up to Penquino's office. They drafted up a quick document, and went back outside. Now there was a huge crowd of well over 5000 penguins looking on, as they left the building with the paper.

Chill: "Do you know what this is?"

Penquino: "It's a document! A document that will allow us to secede from Shops! President Djf, if you hear this, we are no longer part of your now evil regime known as the Democratic Industrial Island of Shops; We are the Freedom Rebels, and you have someone to fear!"

The crowd cheered wildly. Southern Shops was now under the name of the Freedom Rebels, or simply the Rebels.

It didn't take long before president Djf was informed.

Djf: "Seceding, hmm? I won't stand for that! I call sanctions to Southern Shops effective immediately! We can live without them."

It wasn't long until Western Shops, Chill Island and Freezestonia seceded as well, and all of the states became The United States of Shops Island (however, the short name was still "the rebels"). Central & Eastern Shops, as well as Moon Island and the rest of Shops Island's territories and states remained part of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops.

LMGT was currently stationed in Southern Shops while overlooking a new military base. He was alarmed by the succession, and supported it. But, he knew that the SIA would be drawn to Djf's side. So, there was only 1 way to back down from the SIA without getting killed.

LMGT: "I guess I don't have any other option. I'll fake my own death."

He got to work right away. LMGT made himself a dummy, and he put it in his bed. He spilled raspberry juice in the dummy's mouth and right near it to look like he died while coughing up blood.

LMGT grabbed his blueprints of all SIA bases before leaving. He went to his car, and ripped off the license plates before throwing them in a nearby hole. He drove off, and headed toward Vonkouver to meet up with Chill and Penquino.

Chapter Three: This isn't a Game[edit]

LMGT drove all the way to the Vonkouver Marina and met up with Chill and Penquino. He went to a certain boat where Chill and Penquino were, and they went inside and locked it up. LMGT rolled out his blueprints.

Chill: "What are these?"

LMGT: "Blueprints. This is a map which lays out all the SIA military bases in Southern Shops and Western Shops."

Penquino: "And?"

LMGT: "And, I suggest we infiltrate them and hijack the military bases and take them out of SIA control and turn it into our own militia."

Chill: "How? We don't have any weapons!"

Penquino: "There are enough gun stores in Vonkouver."

Chill: "True. I guess there are a lot of black markets which sell explosives too."

LMGT: "Good. But do we have enough money?"

Penquino: "I have the key to Vonkouver's bank vault. I can embezzle millions... It doesn't really matter right now."

LMGT: "Ok. We can do that."

Chill, Penquino, and LMGT packed up and left the boat. They got in LMGT's car which was in a parking lot, and drove to the Southern Shops government building.

Once they got there, the three penguins went to the bank vault, which Penquino unlocked. They grabbed bags, and started stuffing them with cash. Once they were done, they casually walked out.


The three penguins, with their riches, went to a locally famous gun store and bought some Ak-47 rifles.

Penquino: "These are awesome! No match for my Keysaber, though."

LMGT: "Next stop, the black market."

They got back in their car and drove to the other side of town, until they reached the ghetto. The Ghetto was home to Vonkouver's illegal black market, famous for selling bombs, guns, and other illegal things. The trio walked up to a stand with lots of ammunition and weaponry. They put their money on the counter. The penguin controlling it was of Latin Antarctican descent.

LMGT: "English?"

Dealer: "Yeah, I speak English."

He had a heavy Castillan accent, and had many tattoos and scars.

Penquino: "What can we get with this money?"

Dealer: "How much is there?"

Penquino: "15 million, give or take."

The dealer's eyes glowed and his mind went bleak. He had never seen so much money.

Dealer: "EVERYTHING! You can take all these bombs and weapons, and you can even take my underground weapons manufacturing plant!"

Chill: "Where is it?"

Dealer: "Along the Southern coast, about 50 miles west of here. I'M RICH!"

The dealer took off with the money before the trio could get another word in.

LMGT: "Did he just run away with 15 million bucks?"

Penquino: "It's worthless Shops money by now. But whatever, now we have a base for our weaponry and a revolutionary force to be reckoned with."

LMGT: "Once we get hold of that manufacturing plant, we'll have a sufficient supply of weapons to infiltrate those SIA bases. We should go around back and see if they have any other vehicles."

The three penguins walked out behind the black market and found two old industrial-sized trucks with the same logo as the stand at which they bought their weapons had.

Chill: "I'll take the car. One of you each can take a truck."

The trio drove with the two trucks down the highway heading west from Vonkouver. Eventually, they saw the location as marked in the truck, and drove in. The workers were there waiting for them.

LMGT: "Alright amigos, you're working for us now!"

Workers: "Si senor."

Chill: "I think these guys are harmless. They'll just stockpile weapons for us."

LMGT: "Yep."

Penquino: "I agree... But, we should update this factory. It looks run down."

LMGT: "Later. Let's go back, so we can strike tonight."

The three penguins all got in the car and trucks, and left with their weapons. They were ready to strike.

That night, the penguins were in the middle of nowhere. They were putting on Ninja outfits, and strapping on weapons. Chill and LMGT carried grenades and explosives, while Penquino carried grenades, a machine gun, and his Keysaber.


LMGT: "Ok boys, let's do this!"

Chill: "Where are we going first?"

LMGT: "There's a military base near here. We can take it over, and use the helicopters there to get our other targets."

Chill: "Ok. How far away is the base?"

LMGT: "Not very far away; Maybe half a mile."

Penquino: "Hah! Like you could go that far, fatty!"

LMGT: "You're right, I won't."

LMGT pulled out three Jet Packs and gave one each to Chill and Penquino, who put them on. They took off, and landed on the roof of the military base in no time.

Chill: "How are we gonna get in?"

Penquino: "I have a Keysaber for a reason."

Penquino pulled out his Keysaber and cut a hole through the concrete roof. The slab of concrete fell directly on two sleeping soldiers. They screamed before being killed, which alerted the other guards on duty. Everyone pulled out their grenades, and Penquino pulled out his machine gun.

Almost all the soldiers at the base came running into the scene armed with loaded guns. Chill, LMGT and Penquino threw their grenades while firing at the soldiers, killing them all instantly. They jumped down into the massacred hallway, and made their way through the building.

Chill: "This place is big."

LMGT: "Yep. It's one of the two main branches in Southern Shops. We're just clearing the building before we leave."

Chill: "But, who will stay here to guard it?"

LMGT: "The Rebels. It's a land grab, and we'll dismantle the SIA in the rebel states to the best of our ability."


Penquino: "What was that!?"

Chill: "It sounds like a shot from around the corner!"

The Penguins grabbed their weapons, and went out into the hallway. There were the remaining soldiers. They were cornered.

Penquino: "Hey, LMGT! Take this!"

Penquino handed his gun to LMGT, who with Chill, began firing at the soldiers on one side of the hallway. Penquino sliced through the soldiers on the other side with his Keysaber. It didn't take long before all the soldiers were dead.

LMGT: "That's probably all of them. Let's clear the rest of the building, though, before heading on to our next target."

The trio cleared the rest of the building without finding any other soldiers, before heading out to the nearby air force hangar. There, they saw a stealth helicopter.

LMGT: "Here it is. Pile in."

Everyone got in the helicopter, and the ceiling opened up.

Chill: "Wow!"

LMGT turned on the helicopter and took off. They were heading east to a naval base along the Shopper coast north of Vonkouver. It took off quietly, and flew through the sky, being immune to any and all radar signals.

Chill: "This is so quiet! I can actually hear myself think!"

Penquino: "Chill, do you ever think?"

Chill: "Shut up."

LMGT: "BOTH of you shut up! We don't want to be heard!"

It didn't take long until the helicopter approached the naval base.

Penquino: "So, what are we doing? The same thing as last time?"

LMGT: "We're gonna do it the easy way."

Penquino: "What?"

Before LMGT answered, he pressed a button. Ditto missiles came out of both sides of the helicopter, and shot at the main control center. It was destroyed immediately.

Chill: "Or we could do that."

LMGT: "We just eliminated half the soldiers here, by my estimates. We can land on each ship and take them over."

The helicopter swooped down onto one of the two warships in the harbor and the three penguins jumped out. They went all the way to the bridge, which is where Chill stayed with a gun armed and ready.

LMGT: "Chill, you stay here. Penquino and I are going to go secure the rest of the ship."

Penquino and LMGT left the bridge, and went through the ship. They killed off any soldiers they found, before going onto the deck and getting in a lifeboat.

Penquino: "What're we doing here?"

LMGT: "You'll see. Stay here."

Penquino got out of the lifeboat. LMGT lowered himself with lots of explosives into the sea. He drove the boat over to the other warship behind them. He dived underwater and planted a large bomb underneath the hull. He got back in the lifeboat, and back on the ship. Once LMGT got back on deck, he pulled out a button.

Penquino: "You're going to sink it?"

LMGT: "Nope. Just watch."

LMGT pressed the button.


The explosion was visible, and the bow of the ship got blasted out of the water, and the entire ship jolted to the starboard side. Most of the soldiers were knocked dead or unconscious from the blast, while others were thrown completely off the ship. The rest fled for safety.

LMGT: "Quickly! To the bridge!"

LMGT and Penquino ran to the bridge, where Chill had watched the entire thing.

Chill: "That was amazing!"

Penquino: "Yep. That ship is ours now."

Chill: "So, what do we do now?"

LMGT: "I'll do the same thing to that aircraft carrier in front of us. Then, we can tow all of them to the Vonkouver port."

LMGT got a grappling hook and broke through the glass of the bridge. He shot it at the hull of the aircraft carrier, and tied his end of the grappling hook around a pillar.

Penquino: "Now what?"

LMGT: "You'll see."

LMGT grabbed some more explosives and slid down the cable. He jumped into the water, and planted a bomb package under the aircraft carrier just like he did the first time. He climbed the cable back up to the bridge, and Penquino was ready to blow the charge.

Penquino: "I'm ready! FIRE!"


This explosion was even bigger than the last one. The aircraft carrier jumped out of the water, and all the soldiers were knocked dead. Many aircraft were heard crashing into each other, and some even fell into the ocean.

Chill: "What now?"

LMGT: "We tow them back to Vonkouver."

It didn't take long to tie the three ships to each other. The warship in the front, controlled by LMGT, drove them back to Vonkouver's port, where they arrived a few hours later.

Chill: "We're here!"

LMGT: "Yep. This is officially part of the Rebel Forces army."

Chill: "But what about the rest of the SIA bases?"

LMGT: "They'll either withdraw, or we'll take them over."

Penquino: "So... We're going to go to war?"

LMGT: "Probably."

Meanwhile in Shops City, Djf and Brook were eating breakfast, discussing over what their new national anthem would be.

Brook: "I was never a fan of Never Never Never Give Up. Let's change it."

Djf: "It should hail me, considering I'm the chosen hero of the Shopper people."

Brook: "Whatever."

Without notice, a servant came in and handed Djf and Brook a copy of the newspaper.

Djf: "What's this?"

Brook: "It says that the rebels stole 3 of our ships and 2 military bases!"

Djf: "WHAT!?! They're gonna feel my wrath, if they want to do this the hard way!"

Djf flipped the table, and wheeled away. Brook ran after him.

Brook: "What're we doing?"

Djf: "Declaring war."

Brook: "Oh, cool!"

Once Djf and Brook got into the Triangle Office, they began drafting up an article declaring war on the rebel forces. It didn't take long before they signed their document, and released it to the public.

Djf: "That'll teach the rebels not to mess with me."

Djf thought it would be an easy victory, but in reality, it would become one of the most devastating wars in Antarctic history.

The news of war was heard all across Antarctica. It surprised one, everyday penguin who lived in Puffish Vascania, Calada. His name, Brook.

Brook: "Brook? Brook Edward LasVegas? On Shops Island? He must be the guy that stole my identity all those years back! But, I can't go fight him. He's in Shops, and Shops is evil now. Maybe I can go to the rebel states and join on their side, to fight him from there..."

The next day, Brook landed at the Vonkouver airport. He went downtown, and went to the government building, hoping to find someone there.

Brook: "Hello? Is there a penguin in charge here?"

Secretary: "You mean Penquino? He's at the marina, giving a speech."

Brook: "Oh, thanks."

Brook went out of the building and ran down the main street's sidewalk, all the way to a demonstration where Penquino was giving a speech, with the three conquered ships in the background. He ran into the crowd, and tried pushing to the front.

Penquino: "This is only the beginning! We will watch the evil Shopper empire fall before our eyes, and it shall be glorious! For the love of all good on Earth, we shall exterminate evil with no mercy, and replace it with what the original Shops was like: Peaceful and prosperous!"

The crowd roared and cheered wildly. Brook pushed through the hoards of penguins and made his way to the front.

Brook: "PENQUINO!"

Penquino: "Yes? Who are you?"

Brook: "I am Brook Edward LasVegas, I come from Calada!"

Penquino: "BROOK?"

Penquino pulled out his keysaber and jumped down, ready to slash on Brook in front of the crowd.

Brook: "WAIT! I'm not evil! That impostor who's with Djf stole my identity a long time ago and made ruins of it! I came here to find you, so you could help me destroy him!"

Penquino: "Well then."

Penquino retracted his keysaber, and lifted Brook up onto the monument he gave his speech from, along with Penquino himself.

Penquino: "This brave penguin shall help us! He shall help us topple the evil empire!"

The crowd cheered. This wasn't a game; this was going to be a full scare war.

Chapter Four: It's On[edit]

The next day, Djf was in his office, having a nap. A messenger walked in and gave him a memo.

Djf: "What's this?"

He opened it, and wasn't pleased, yet wasn't surprised, to see what was in the memo. It was a declaration of war by the Rebels.

Djf: "If it's war they want, it's war they've got! SEVANT! GET IN HERE!"

A servant dropped a platter in the other room, and ran into Djf's office.

Djf: "I want a military invasion ready to deploy on the rebel forces by tonight. And, what was that noise in the other room."

Servant: "Oh, nothing."

Djf: "Like heck it was nothing! You're fired!"

Djf pulled out a pistol and shot the servant dead. Another one walked in.

Other Servant: "Yes, sir?"

Djf: "Do what I told the last mortal. And, get that filthy corpse out of here!"

Other Servant: "As you wish."

The servant picked up the dead body, and threw it over his shoulders. He took it into the cellar, and threw the body into an incinerator. He then left, and went to arrange a military strike.

He went to the war department of the Shops government buildings, and talked to the new chief of the SIA, whose identity remained a closely guarded secret. He was known simply by "leader".

Servant: "President Djf has ordered a military strike on the rebel states by tonight. He said we cannot fail, or you will be killed."

Leader: "On it. Now get out of my sight."

The next morning, a military squadron was set up and ready to go near the Eastern/Western Shops border. The Shoppers were going to try to take Western Shops.

Commander: "Is everyone ready?"

Command Center: "Roger. Everything's go."

Commander: "Great. You may start the invasion."

The Shops tanks started their engines and revved into high gear. They moved across the border, and made their way along the northern coast of Western Shops. Camps were set up along the route so they could push in.

While the invasion was happening, Chill and Penquino were rallying in CK Town, gaining support for war. A military officer ran through the crowd.

Penquino: "Yes? What is it?"

Officer: "Shops has pushed onto our Northern coast! We gotta fight back!"

Penquino: "Will do."

Unfortunately, the SIA still had super secret bases underground that not even LMGT knew about. Ironically, there was one under the town square of CK Town. The soldiers in that base heard Penquino's conversation with the officer.

SIA Spy: "They're gonna go to war! What should we do?"

SIA Commander: "We have about 1000 troops here. I say blast up to the surface and take over CK Town."

SIA Spy: "Ok."

Back in the town square, Penquino was continuing his rally, when suddenly the ground started shaking. Spectators ran for their lives, and the ground caved in beneath where the crowd was. A bunch of SIA soldiers ran out of the hole, massacring innocent citizens.

Chill: "AHHH!"

Penquino: "Quick! Take this Keysaber!"

Penquino jumped off his podium and gave Chill a Keysaber.

Chill: "What do I do with this?"

Penquino: "You fight with it!"

Chill turned his Keysaber on and both penguins ran into the crowd of soldiers, deflecting bullets and slicing at the SIA penguins. It didn't take long before Penquino, Chill, and many civilian vigilantes had defeated the SIA battalion.

Penquino: "That was close."

Chill: "Well, what can we do about it?"

Penquino: "Well, we'll send most of our military force to go and hold back the invading forces. You, I, and LMGT can go secure some of these SIA bases, and we can try and push into Shopper territory from these underground tunnels."

Chill: "What about this "real" Brook? What are we doing with him?"

Penquino: "We can bring him. I think he's been staying with LMGT in interviews and such. I'll get most of our forces to push back the invaders right away."

Chill: "Ok."

On the northern coast of Western Shops, the Shopper forces were waiting to make their move, but hadn't gotten Djf's approval yet. However, there was a resistance force coming.

Some repainted, and taken over rebel aircraft flew over the Shopper battalion and dropped numerous Ditto bombs on their camps below. They kept doing this, until tanks arrived soon after. Penquino got word of it right away.

Penquino: "Yes?"

Rebel Commander: "We've encountered each other, sir."

Penquino: "Ok, make this quick, please. You may open fire."

Rebel Commander: "Yes, sir."

The rebel forces opened fire with their tanks, aircraft, and other artillery. The two forces were fighting each other with the exact same machines, except for the fact that Shops had the SIA drones. The only difference is that the rebels had more artillery and equipment at the front.

The two belligerents fought fiercely, but the battle was nothing more than a bloody stalemate. Nobody was gaining ground, but both forces kept fighting.

Meanwhile back in CK Town, Penquino, LMGT, Chill, and the Good Brook were sitting in a diner, looking over some blueprints.

LMGT: "There's a base right outside town; it's one of the main branches that reach out to the center of Shops."

Penquino: "And?"

LMGT: "If we lead a brigade through this tunnel, we can get to Shops City and conquer it!"

Penquino: "Oh! Sounds good to me."

LMGT: "Ok. Let's go now."

Chill: "You mean we're not gonna wait for night?"

LMGT: "Of course not. They'll be on guard at night. Strike when it's least expected."

Chill: "Whatever."

Back on the front, the Shopper forces were gaining ground, as the Rebel's battalion weakened. The Shoppers kept pushing further inland.

Rebel Soldier: "What do we do?!"

Rebel Commander: "Call in the navy. We'll just keep our ground, and the naval forces can attack them from behind."

Rebel Soldier: "Ok."

The Rebel Soldier phoned up the Vonkouver military branch and told them to send their three warships to the northern coast of Western Shops to hold off the Shopper advance.

It didn't take long before the warships arrived. They started firing small ditto and deletion missiles at the ground forces, which let the rebels keep their ground. But, the Shoppers were still too strong, that the Rebels couldn't push forward.

Rebel Commander: "It's working!"

The warships kept firing missiles, until the Shoppers had no choice but to pull out from the coast. However, the forces that pulled out immediately went to the southern front and kept pushing the Rebel forces back. The rebels occupied the abandoned area that the Shoppers had left, while the bloody battle continued.

Chill, Brook, LMGT, and Penquino were now in one of the secret SIA tunnels which lead to Shops City. They were there with a load of weapons, and some soldiers to back them up.

LMGT: "Let's make like my pants and split!"

The small expeditionary force made their way north through the dimly lit tunnel, heading to Shops City. They came through the whole thing virtually uncontested, but still were always on alert.

A few hours later, everyone was already exhausted. They stopped for a break, and got a drink.

Chill: "How much further do we have to go?"

LMGT: "According to my GPS, we're on the outskirts of Shops City right now. It's not too far."

Soldier: "Umm, excuse me sir."

LMGT: "Yes?"

Soldier: "I must leave. There's other business I've been called to attend to."

LMGT: "Hmmm. Ok, I guess."

The soldier ran in the opposite direction, out of the tunnel. He climbed up through a manhole on a deserted highway, and pulled out a cell phone. He dialed a number, and listened.

Back in Shops City, Djf was relaxing at his desk. Suddenly, the phone rang, and he answered it.

Djf: "What do you want?"

Soldier: "Mr. President! The Rebel force should be coming up in Shops City Square any minute now! You must hurry!"

Djf: "Fine. I'll be there."

Djf hung up, and got in his wheelchair. He exited the office and headed downstairs toward the City Square.

The Soldier also hung up, and went back in the tunnel. He ran towards Shops City again, and met up with the rebel force.

LMGT: "Good to see you're back."

Penquino: "LMGT, this is the end of the tunnel. Where do we go now?"

LMGT: "Well, I don't see why there's a convenient manhole right above us."

Penquino: "I didn't ask for sarcasm."

LMGT stopped talking, and opened the manhole. He was greeted by a Djf who was holding a gun. The soldier who had left pulled out another gun and pointed it at the rebels. They were cornered.

Djf: "So, you think you can just come into my city willy-nilly, eh? That's not how it works. Men, arrest them!"

Several SIA troops appeared out of nowhere and jumped on the rebel force, handcuffing all of them. They pulled the rebels out of the tunnel, and escorted them to a jail.

Brook: "Oh no! We're gonna die!"

Penquino: "Shut up."

This jail wasn't normal, though. There were no cells. Only dead skeletons everywhere. They smelt heavy smoke, but didn't know where it came from.

The penguins rounded a corner, and found 8 nooses. They were shadowed by the giant incinerator in front of them. Political prisoners and POW's were literally being forced to waddle right into the fire. But, the only things they noticed were the nooses.

Chill: "We're going to be hanged!?!"

Djf: "No, that's the easy way out. Soldiers, hang them up!"

The SIA soldiers grabbed the four Rebel leaders and lifted them up. One noose was slid onto each of their flippers, and then the floor gave way beneath them.

Djf: "Now, for you traitorous soldiers, I condemn you to die!"

The rebel soldiers were, unwittingly, strategically standing over a trap door. One of the SIA soldiers pulled a lever, and the floor gave way and the remaining rebels fell into a pit of fire. The floor beneath where Chill, Penquino, LMGT, and Brook were also lit up in a fiery blaze.

Brook: "Could this day get any worse?"

Penquino: "Apparently. Look."

Everyone looked to see the evil Brook coming around the corner. The good Brook's eyes widened especially.


Evil Brook: "Who the fudge are you, little kid?"

Good Brook: "I'm YOU! The real you! YOU STOLE MY IDENTITY IN 2011!"

Evil Brook: "Hmm. That must suck."

Good Brook: "You'll pay for this!"

Evil Brook: "Sure. Now, here's how it's going to work. You see this fiery pit below you? It likes you, and you should get to know it. So, I'll let each of you have a date with the fire, one at a time. Does that sound fair?"

LMGT: "You can't do this!"

Evil Brook: "Just watch me."

The evil Brook walked over to a lever and tried pulling it, which would send Chill plunging into the fiery pit. However, it was stuck.

Evil Brook: "Son of a biscuit..."

The evil Brook kept trying. At the same time, Penquino was focusing in his mind. He was about to use the force.

Evil Brook: "Say goodbye!"

He was about to pull the lever, but suddenly Penquino started using the force. Brook flew to the other side of the room, and crashed into a giant LCD monitor. It shocked him badly, and the screen fell off the wall and onto him.

After that, Penquino saw a rock. He used to force again, and it came to him. He slipped one flipper out of the noose, and used it to throw the rock at an electrical panel. It sparked wildly, before exploding. The doors to the fiery pit beneath the penguins slammed shut.

Chill: "Yay! We're saved!"

LMGT: "Yay! But, how do we get out of these nooses?"

Penquino: "Give me a minute."

Penquino began concentrating again, and picked up a keysaber using the force. He turned it on, and sliced his friends from the nooses. They were free.

Brook: "We're free! But, we need to get out of here!"

LMGT: "This will be easy. Follow me."

The penguins followed LMGT into a back room, where LMGT grabbed a fuse and a propane tank.

Chill: "What are we making with this?"

LMGT: "A bomb. We need to get rid of any penguins who might come after us."

LMGT attached the fuse to the propane tank and lit the fuse with a match.


The gang ran out of the building, which caught the attention of some guards. They began chasing the penguins, but the gang was lucky enough to reach outside first. Chill barricaded the door, and they ran away from the building, though it was still in sight.

Penquino: "When's it going to detonate?"

LMGT: "In 3... 2..."


The entire government building went up in a giant explosive fireball. The entire tower collapsed, and destroyed the Triangle office in the process.

LMGT: "...1"

Chill: "Wow... I just remembered this was the government building. I guess that gives us an advantage."

Brook: "I wouldn't celebrate yet. Look!"

The gang turned around to see a bunch of SIA troops, led by Djf, chasing after them.

LMGT: "Uh oh!"

Penquino: "Follow me!"

The gang followed Penquino, who ran towards a moving goods train. He jumped on a boxcar, and the rest of the rebel penguins, and Djf followed suit.

Djf: "This is where it ends!"

Penquino: "Like heck it is!"

Chill, LMGT and Brook left Penquino and ran on top of the other boxcars all the way towards the front of the train. Penquino pulled out his keysaber, and Djf pulled his out. Penquino charged at Djf, and which so much force that both keysabers were thrown out of their flippers, where they landed on the ground which quickly left them as the train sped ahead.

The trio was now on top of the main engine, at the front of the train.

Chill: "How do we get in?"

LMGT: "Simple."

LMGT pulled out a pistol, and jumped down right in front of the windshield. He shot at the glass, and the windshield exploded into a million pieces. He then shot the two drivers dead and took control himself.

Brook: "Do you even know what you're doing!?"

LMGT: "Of course I do! I like trains, so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing."

He stopped talking, and accelerated the engine to full speed. The toxic smell of burning diesel became very apparent, and the train accelerated to well over 100 miles per hour.

Penquino and Djf were both shaken from the sudden acceleration, and Djf was almost blown off the side of the boxcar after his wheelchair tilted to one side, but he recovered.

Penquino: "Darn!"

Djf: "Oh? You want it to be like that, do you? Well, IT'S ON!!!!"

Djf pulled out a pistol and started shooting at Penquino. He also pulled out a revolver and started firing back.

Penquino: "Catch me if you can!"

Penquino ran towards the front of the train, leaping over the cars. However, Djf jumped the gaps made by the couplings with ease.

Djf: "You'll have to try harder than that to kill me, sucker!"

Suddenly, the train swerved. It had switched onto an old, and abandoned route, still going at full speed. They were still traveling at 100 miles per hour on a rusty track, heading north. The train began climbing into a higher altitude, and they hit a sharp bend. Everyone heard a giant screech, and heard the back quarter of the train run off the rails and fly over a cliff, still coupled to the rest of the train. Djf was on the part that was hanging off the cliff, and he could barely hold on.

Penquino: "Say goodbye you evil tyrant!"

Penquino ran up to the place where the derailed cars separated from the cars that were still on the rails. As the rusty rails flew beneath them, Penquino pulled out his laser gun and shot the coupling clean off.

Djf: "Oh no you don't!"

Djf wheeled quickly to the front of the car that was rolling off the cliff, and jumped. He grabbed onto the backside of the car, with his wheelchair still strapped to his feet.

Penquino: "You've just set yourself a death trap."

Penquino looked over the edge and began firing. The shot flew right through the back of his wheelchair and hit the ground beneath. Djf then started firing at Penquino who ran for cover to the front of the car.

Djf: "Come back here, you pathetic excuse for a penguin!"

Djf surfaced at the top of the car, and got back in his wheelchair. He chased after Penquino, who quickly got himself to the front of the train.

Djf: "You're cornered! It's over!"

Penquino: "No, I'm not!"

Penquino jumped over the front, and grabbed onto some handles near the bottom of the front of the engine. He pulled himself under, and gripped onto the burning rods that hung beneath the engine. He was merely inches from the ground flying 100 miles an hour beneath him.

Djf: "Son of a biscuit..."

Djf also jumped down, and pulled himself under the train. LMGT, Chill, and Brook were oblivious to what had just happened. Once Djf had pulled himself under, his wheelchair was once again hanging from the straps on his feet. The wheelchair grinded against the ground, until the straps eventually snapped off.

Penquino was now at the back of the engine, and had gotten through the exhaust. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Penquino: "Phew!"

Djf: "Rest now, before you can die!"

Djf came out of the smoke covered in black soot, and with his flippers peeled and burning, just like Penquino's. Penquino shot at Djf, but missed, and Djf did the same.

Djf: "I might not have killed, you but I still have you cornered!"

Penquino: "Whatever you say."

Penquino was now at the back of the engine. He grabbed onto the coupling, and pulled his way up onto it. He shot at the door which lead to the first boxcar, and ran into it. Djf crawled behind him.

Djf: "I'll get you!"

Djf, even though he was now crawling, still was in a firefight with Penquino. Penquino shot Djf in the foot.

Djf: "OW!"

He cringed there in pain, and Penquino made a run for it. Djf crawled back, to get on top of the engine where he waited.

Penquino ran throughout the train, towards the back. He shot out doors, and ran through the cars, sometimes laying waste to them. It wasn't long until Penquino got onto the top of the back of the train. The train had now made its way high into the Mario Mountains, and the air was thin. There was snow everywhere. However, through the blizzard, Penquino saw a black-ish figure at the front of the train.

Penquino: "That's Djf!"

Penquino charged towards the front of the train. He caught up with Djf, and they engaged in a firefight on top of the main engine. They kept missing, and were both fatigued.

Djf: "Buh bye!"

Djf was over an escape door. He fell into the cabin, where Chill, LMGT and Brook were driving the train as fast as they could. Penquino jumped in after him, and landed on Djf, crushing and breaking his arm.

Djf: "OW!"

Penquino got up and kicked Djf to the back of the room. He pulled out a pistol, and was ready to shoot Djf dead. But, he was interrupted by LMGT.


Penquino: "What is it?"


An avalanche rumbled above them, and snow battered down on the train, the boxcars were mangled, but were still flying along the rails. The train, however, hit a snowbank on the rails immediately after. The entire train lifted off the rails and fell over the cliff, to their right side. The train fell into the abyss of the mountain range, and went out of view. Everyone aboard was as good as dead.

Chapter Five: The Battle for Antarctic Supremacy[edit]

A whole day had passed, and the mangled train laid in ruins, half a mile below the tracks at the bottom of the valley, buried underneath a mountain of snow. Inside the main engine, every penguin was passed out. But, suddenly, Chill woke up.

Chill: "What... What happened?"

Chill stood up and shook Brook, who woke up too.

Brook: "Where are we? Are we dead?"

Chill: "Nope, we're alive."

Not soon after, LMGT and Penquino awoke due to the noise Brook and Chill were making. Djf was still unconscious, and was still knocked out from his broken arm/flipper and his foot which had been shot out.

Penquino: "We're alive! It's a miracle!"

LMGT: "Hooray!"

There was awkward silence after LMGT spoke, then a voice whispered out of nowhere and said "T'was not a miracle; t'was the work of I."

Chill: "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

Voice: "T'was I."

Suddenly, a white fog appeared in the middle of the engine cabin, and the fog shaped into a penguin form. It was a form of a very familiar friend.


Penquino: "Bro? Is that you?"

Bro: "Yes, it is I. T'was not a miracle that kept you from dying, It was I."

LMGT: "Pfft. If you didn't want us to die, you wouldn't have made us crash!"

Bro: "No. You would have fallen much further if it were not for me. Look outside."

Penquino climbed up and opened the hatch that he and Djf have previously fallen into. He looked.

Penquino: "Yes?"

Bro: "Look down."

Penquino looked down. He realized that he was on a ledge, and that it was a much further fall if they hadn't landed there. It was so far down, they couldn't see the bottom.

Penquino: "Wow... You did save us!"

Chill: "Maybe. But why did you make us crash here?"

Bro: "All of you, come look. Look at the tracks far above you."

They all got out of the engine (with the exception of Djf), and looked as far up as they could. They could barely see the worn out railway line, but they could see that it ended.

Bro: "It would end. You would've plunged to your deaths. That's why I created the avalanche."

Brook: "So, you can control things as a ghost?"

Bro: "Heck yeah I can!"

LMGT: "That's cool and all but, are we going to be found?"

Bro: "Yes, you will. I also have some advice you must heed if you ever want to win this war."

Penquino: "What is it?"

Bro: "The Shopper army is too strong for the rebel forces. You must expand your horizons, and conquer Shopper colonies. Then, you must conquer the worlds Djf has under his control."

Chill: "What does 'worlds under his control' mean?"

Bro: "You'll find out in time. And Penquino, I have something you must do if you ever want to win this war."

Penquino: "Yes?"

Bro: "Djf is too powerful for you to fight on your own. You must train your friends in the ways of the Jedi, so you can fight as one unstoppable force."

Penquino: "Ok. Is this war going to end?"

Bro: "Yes. It will end quite abruptly. Afterwards, you shall endure a long struggle, but all of you shall find peace eventually."

Penquino: "When?"

Bro: "I must leave."

And with that, Bro vanished into the shadows, and he was gone.

Brook: "What now?"

Chill: "I guess we'll have to wait until we're rescued."

Brook: "Well, what about Djf?"

Penquino: "Gimme a sec."

Penquino got up and checked Djf to see if he was still alive.

Penquino: "He seems dead. Mission accomplished."

LMGT: "But what if he isn't?"

Penquino: "Please. You're sorrily mistaken if you think he's not dead. His game was pretty much over BEFORE we crashed."

LMGT: "I won't argue. But, how are we going to get out of here?"

Penquino: "I guess we'll wait it out."

Chill: "That's nonsense! We're in enemy territory! They'll never find us!"

Penquino: "Well, what do you suggest, smart one?"

Chill: "We get out of here ourselves, obviously!"

Chill opened the ceiling hatch, and climbed out of it. His three friends followed him, just to remember they were on a ledge.

Penquino: "Nice one. Let's go inside and wait it out."

Brook: "Hey guys, look! On the rock face!"

They turned around and there was a cave entrance carved into the mountain. Above it, the words "You're welcome" were engraved into the rock.

LMGT: "It should've also said "Bro was here"."

Chill: "Whatever. Any exit is a good exit."

The penguins stepped out of the engine and trudged through the mangle of wrecked train cars and snow, before entering the cave. It was lit with torches, engraved into the rock. It went farther than they could see.

Brook: "I would give anything for this day to just end..."

Penquino: "Quit whining. I'm tired too, let's just get out of here."

The gang started trekking all the way down the long and sloping tunnels. As they got deeper, the tunnels got deeper. Suddenly, they got into a part of the tunnel where it looked like a circular atrium, with a ceiling so high clouds blocked the view of the top. Penquino got a weird feeling.

Chill: "This is unusual..."

Penquino: "This area is strong with the Sith. I can feel it."

LMGT: "It's probably just another one of your wet dreams. Let's move on."

LMGT, however, was also skeptical. He pulled out a pistol and loaded it, before it back in his pocket.

Chill: "What was that?"

LMGT: "Oh, nothing."

The gang rounded a bend, and there were some SIA drones. Their keysabers shot out of their arms, and Penquino took his out. He ran at them, and sliced them all up in no time.

Penquino: "If there are drones here, there are Sith here too! We gotta get out of the main tunnel!"

Penquino used his keysaber, and began slashing a different route through the rock. However, it all caved in on him.

Penquino: "Darnit!"

LMGT: "It's wise if we were to just continue. What's the worst that could happen?"

Chill: "Something bad is gonna happen, I know it."

Penquino: "Quit whining. I just wanna get outta here."

They kept waddling through the seemingly endless cave. A shadow appeared, it looked like a penguin, with a pointy top.

Penquino: "I think I know who this is..."

The evil Brook came out of the shadows, keysaber drawn. Penquino turned his on.

Evil Brook: "Well well. Look who it is: My favorite rebel escape artists!"

Penquino: "Bring it on Ms. Princess!"

The Evil Brook and Penquino charged at each other. Their keysabers struck, and they were in a full on duel. They slashed at each other, but gained no advantage.

Evil Brook: "No wonder Djf almost killed you! You are weak, young Jedi."

Penquino: "I've been a Jedi longer than you've been a Sith! Actually, I don't know why I would be fighting such an inexperienced rookie working for some handicapped dude. I refuse to fight you, Brook Edward LasVegas."

Evil Brook: "Well, so be it. I should go fight your nephew Cp kiddo, he'd be a worthy opponent at least."

Penquino: "Excuse me?"

Evil Brook: "Oh yeah! At least he has a will, unlike you. Say, when was the last time you even did something with your life?"

Penquino was getting angry. He clenched his flippers.

Evil Brook: "Even though he farts like crazy all the time, at least it's better than what you do. At least he'll be memorable."

Penquino was extremely angry now. He turned on his keysaber and ran at the evil Brook, with blood in his eyes.


Penquino slashed at evil Brook faster and move violently than ever before.

Evil Brook: "Ha! Is that the best you can do?"

Penquino: "No. THIS IS!"

Penquino gave one last slash, and sliced of the evil Brook's right arm.


Penquino: "Take that!"

Penquino then closed his eyes. He was using the force. He picked up the evil Brook and walked further down the cave with him in the air, kicking and screaming. Everyone went outside the tunnel briefly onto another ledge, which looked down into nothingness.

Penquino: "Face your destiny!"

He stopped using the force, and let the evil Brook plunge to what would hopefully be his death. It took a couple seconds, before they heard a faint thump.

Penquino: "There."

He put his keysaber back in his pocket, and his friends arrived. They had just come back from the fight scene.

Chill: "That was amazing!"

Brook: "Indeed."

Penquino: "Three rules: Never mess with another man's woman. Never mess with another man's money, and most importantly, NEVER, EVER, mess with another man's ego."

LMGT: "Deep."

Penquino: "Or else, the man will mess with you."

Chill: "Yeah, deep."

Penquino: "I know. Now, let's get moving. I'm already sick of this dreary mountain setting."

A while later, the gang finally resurfaced at the mountain face, in the heart of the mountain region.

LMGT: "Well, judging by where the sun is, we should head in the opposite direction which is east."

Chill: "Over those mountains? No way!"

LMGT: "It's either that or we die. Which one do you want?"

Nobody argued with that ultimatum. So, the gang started moving east towards the sea.

It was now nightfall. The gang had made it all the way to the eastern coast of Shops Island.

Brook: "Now what?"

LMGT: "Now, we need to get somewhere. Does anybody have a compass?"

Chill: "I have my icePhone, and that has a built in compass."

LMGT: "Ok Chill, you can be our navigator. Now if we just had a boat, we could get on our way."

Penquino: "Hey, we could just get a thick tree and cut all the limbs off. Then we could carve it into a canoe shape with my keysaber!"

LMGT: "Sounds reasonable enough."

It didn't take long to build a fully functional canoe with Penquino's keysaber.

Penquino: "Ok everyone, hop in!"

Everyone got on board, then LMGT and Penquino started paddling.

LMGT: "Chill, which way are we going?"

Chill: "Southeast."

LMGT: "Ok. We'll head east now. Give us directions as we go."

The next morning, the now extremely tired gang finally hit shore just outside of Vonkouver. Chill had given LMGT and Penquino horrible directions, so it took all night to get anywhere.

Penquino: "PHEW! We're finally back home!"

Brook: "Thank goodness. I thought I was going to die out there."

LMGT: "You were if we got stranded, and I didn't have anything to eat."

Penquino: "Now, let's head into town. We need to recover. I should also take up Bro's offer of teaching you guys the ways of the Jedi."

It only took a few minutes for the penguins to approach downtown Vonkouver. They got a sudden surprise when they entered the main streets, as they saw "missing" posters with their pictures plastered all over the place. The gang decided to go into a diner. When they entered, the penguin running the place ran from her position and came to greet them.

Penguin: "LMGT! Penquino! Chill! Whoever you are! Everyone's been looking for you guys!"

Chill: "We were busy killing Brook and Djf. No biggie."

Penquino: "But, I still have suspicions that both are still alive. But as Chill said, no biggie."

Penguin: "Well, I wish you guys luck. I'll set a seat up for you guys. Follow me!"

The gang followed the cheery penguin to a large booth. They crammed in, and took their orders. The penguin left, and Penquino started talking.

Penquino: "Your Jedi training can begin tomorrow."

Brook: "What are the Jedi, anyway?"

Penquino: "Ah. Good question. The Jedi are ancient knights with one goal in mind: We fight for peace. We fight against our corrupted offspring, the Sith, in hopes of restoring the balance of the force in Antarctica oncemore."

Chill: "I heard that fighting for peace is just like eating twenty-dozen donuts in hopes of losing weight."


Brook: "What's the force, too?"

Penquino: "The force surrounds us. It flows through us. It makes the universe possible."

Chill: "But..."

Penquino: "They're not real. The force is what holds the universe together, never forget that. Once you become a Jedi, you can use the force to your advantage at will."

Chill: "Oh cool."

The gang stopped talking about Jedi topics, and ate their meals which arrived soon after. After that, the gang split up and went back to their homes for a well-deserved rest.

The next morning, the gang met at Penquino's house. However, there were no keysabers or punching bags, or anything that could be used to train Jedi.

LMGT: "Uhh... where's all the training stuff?"

Penquino: "Not here, obviously. Follow me."

Penquino led the gang outside his house, and to an awaiting helicopter. It took off once everyone was on board, and flew west towards Penquino's secret Jedi headquarters in the middle of Southern Shops.

Chill: "Where's this Jedi HQ, now?"

Penquino: "Here."

Penquino grabbed a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button. The ground rumbled, and a path rose out of the ground leading to a Dojo-like place far underground.

Penquino: "The Jedi temple is here."

He lead his friends down the cavernous path into the ground, until they reached a large, open area. It had ancient Jedi relics everywhere, and lots of random and workout equipment.

Brook: "Cool!"

Penquino: "Your training begins now. I must teach you all how to use the force, for it's essential in a Jedi's training. Sit down on a mat."

Everyone sat down on a mat, as Penquino instructed them to.

Penquino: "Now, empty your mind. Empty all conscious thought until you see absolutely nothing."

There was a brief pause. All of Penquino's friends had their eyes closed, and their minds emptied.

Penquino: "There is an object beside each of you. I want you to focus on it; to focus all your telekinetic energy toward it."

Everyone's faces clenched up in both pain and concentration.

Penquino: "Now, keep doing that. Open your eyes and look at your object."

Everyone opened their eyes, and looked at their object. It was floating off the ground.

Penquino: "This is the power of the force, my friends."

Chill: "Cool!"

Penquino: "Yes, but you must use it wisely; the force is very hard to master. I shall spend the next few days teaching you."

Brook: "Ok..."

Penquino: "I'll spend the next few weeks teaching you the ways of the Force, and your Jedi skills. I wish you will all succeed."

Meanwhile, in the Mario Mountains, a crippled Djf still laid inside the wrecked train, and he was in a coma. However, in the mountains, a helicopter was flying. It was full of SIA agents.

Agent: "Have you seen anything yet?"

Other Agent: "Nope."

The helicopter kept flying. They were still flying low in the mountains, until they suddenly saw something outside a tunnel.

Agent: "Is that an arm? Hey, pilot! Land this thing on that ledge!"

The pilot listened to the agent. He landed the helicopter, and the agent brought the arm back in.

Agent: "Let's give this a blood test."

Other Agent: "It's pink! And we lost Brook a couple days ago. I think it's safe to assume that this is Brook, and that he's near."

The agents peeked outside the helicopter, looking for clues. They saw a faint trail of blood leading from where the arm was, to the edge of the cliff.

Agent: "He must've fallen over the cliff. Let's go."

The helicopter took off once more, and swooped down into the depths of the valley. They got through a layer of fog, and saw an unconscious Brook laying on the ground.

Agent: "There he is!"

He ran outside, and grabbed Brook. He threw Brook over his shoulder, and got inside.

Agent: "Let's get outta here! We have to reattach his arm too!"

Some on board surgeons got to work reinstalling Brook's arm.

Pilot: "We still have to find Djf."

Other Agent: "Maybe we should go back up to that ledge. There might be some clues through that tunnel."

Pilot: "Will do."

The helicopter left the site, then flew back up the the ledge and let off an agent. He went uphill through the tunnel, until finding himself in a train wreck. He turned on his radio.

Agent: "I'm here. Do you copy?"

Pilot: "I copy."

Agent: "I'm in a train wreck at the end of this tunnel."

Pilot: "Search it. Djf might be there."

Agent: "Ok."

The agent walked through the snowdrifts and mangles of train cars. It made sense for him to look in the main engine first. He got in the engine, and went through the roof hatch that Penquino and his friends had left open. He saw an unconscious Djf laying at the back of the cab, with a numb foot and a limp flipper.

Agent: "Found him."

Pilot: "Awesome! Bring him back."

It didn't take long for the agent to bring Djf back to the helicopter. It took off and flew out of the Mario Mountains, heading towards Shops City.

Near the end of the flight, surgeons had just finished reinstalling Brook's arm. Once the surgeons took the equipment off him. He woke up and screamed.

Brook: "OW! Wait, where am I?"

Surgeon: "We rescued you and Djf. Good to see you're alive. We don't know if Djf is still alive, though."

Doctor: "Hey you idiot! We confirmed he's alive a long time ago. He's just in a deep coma."

Brook: "Oh. Well, I'll get to work on this whole military thing when I get back to Shops City."

Pilot: "You're in luck. We're not too far from home."

The helicopter landed in Shops City square soon after. Brook walked away to take care of some "business", while Djf recuperated.

Brook walked from the helicopter, and went to the outskirts of Shops City. There, he met a military squadron that was ready to battle the rebels.

Brook: "Men, be ready to fight! The rebels may strike at any time!"

Soldiers: "YES MADAM!"

Brook: "It's SIR!"

Soldiers: "YES SIR!"

Brook: "Excellent. Now, send this squadron out to Port Chill, where we can put them on ships. That way we can guard our colonies better."

Soldiers: "YES SIR!"

The tanks revved up, and the airplanes started their engines. Brook left to head back to the Shops City Square, while the squadron made their way eastward.

Back at Penquino's Jedi hideout, he had finally taught his friends the ways of the force, and how to be Jedi.

Chill: "Are we as experienced as you yet?"

Penquino: "OH HECK NO."

Brook: "Am I ready to fight the evil Brook?"

Penquino: "No."

Brook: "Then why don't you do it?"

Penquino: "Ok, you're ready to fight the evil Brook."

LMGT: "When will we strike?"

Penquino: "You're the military expert!"

LMGT: "Oh, right. Well, I think we should strike Shops' colonies first of all."

Penquino: "Ok... Do we have enough materials?"

LMGT: "Of course not, that's the problem."

Penquino: "Hmm... I think I can do something about that."

Chill: "Wait, what happened to that cloning machine Shops used to have a long time ago?"

LMGT: "It was dismantled because it was too expensive to keep working."

Chill: "Oh."

Penquino: "As I said, I'll get some help for us."

Brook was now in a medical room in the heart of Shops City. Djf laid there, still in a coma. He was being treated.

Brook: "Is he going to be ok?"

Doctor: "Yes. He'll be okay to go very soon."

Brook: "Good. I need to go take care of some business."

He left the medical room, and went to the Shops government buildings. He went into his office, and pulled out his keysaber.

Brook: "My precious..."

He turned it on, and swung it around. Brook could use it much better now that his arm was reattached; the surgeons had made it stronger than before.

Brook: "Haha... Those silly rebels will tremble before our mighty power; we're unstoppable!"

On the eastern coast of Shops Island, near Port Chill, the Shopper battalion was loading themselves onto ships, and off to attack one of their colonies to make sure it wouldn't get overrun by the rebels. A commander radioed in to the top general.

Commander: "Where are we striking, sir?"

General: "Malesia. It's prime rebel territory."

Commander: "As you wish."

By this time, Shops had relinquished most of its colonies that served little or no purpose to them. Only the big ones, that were conquered in 2013 still remained. That, and colonies that weren't in Antarctica.

Penquino ran into the room where his friends were honing their Jedi skills. They were practicing the classic skill of deflecting laser beams with their Keysabers.

Penquino: "Hey guys! I have a surprise!"

Brook: "What is it?"

Penquino looked over his shoulder, and shouted into the room behind him.

Penquino: "Hey! You can come in now!"

A familiar-looking female penguin came into the room. It was Penquino's sister, Mito.


Chill: "Mito! It's been so long since we last saw you!"

Mito: "It's a pleasure to be back. My brother brought me here to help you rebels with upgrading your army."

Penquino: "Yeah, you can get to work right away. We need to go fight the Shoppers soon!"

LMGT: "No. We need to go fight NOW. I heard there's an attack fleet heading for Malesia already!"

Brook: "And? What do we do?"

LMGT: "I suggest we send what we have to Malesia ASAP. Mito can stay behind and upgrade our weapons while we're gone."

Mito: "So, you're just going to leave me here?"

LMGT: "Unfortunately, yes. We should go right now!"

Penquino: "Ok. Just give me a minute."

Penquino hugged his sister as hard as he could; the most affectionately he had in years.

Mito: "You stay safe."

Penquino: "I will. Believe me."

Chill: "No need to ruin the moment or anything, BUT LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!"

Penquino: "Fine."

The four penguins ran out of the room with their supplies, leaving Mito behind. She could do no more than just helplessly look at them and faintly wave them goodbye.

On the open seas, it was now a race to get to Malesia first. The rebels were to arrive first, but they were far outnumbered by Shops. However, considering Penquino's pride after personally "killing" Djf a while back, he had no doubt that they would win. He and his friends were standing on the bridge of their ship, as they rolled over the ocean waves.

Brook: "Good sailing weather if I do say so myself."

Penquino: "Whatever you say. Do you think you're an experienced Jedi yet?"

Brook took a second to think. Then, he grabbed into his pocket, and pulled out his keysaber. He turned it on and pointed it at Penquino.

Brook: "Ready as I'll ever be."

Penquino: "Ha. You make me laugh."

Penquino pulled out his keysaber and struck Brook, throwing him to the other end of the room. He turned his weapon off, and put it away. He walked over to where Brook fell to help him up.

Penquino: "All joking aside, I think you still need a bit more practice."

Brook: "What more practice is there? I was trained by the best."

Penquino: "The best Jedi, that is. Never underestimate the power of the Sith, they have great power on their side."

Brook: "I'm not going to get cocky like you, but I'm pretty sure I could knock out most Sith anyday."

Chill: "Guys, break it up."

LMGT: "Yeah, we don't need a fight. Anyways, when are we going to hit shore?"

Penquino: "How should I know? It's guess and check."

Brook: "Right. How should you know? There's OBVIOUSLY nowhere else in the Asiapelago we could possibly land at."

Penquino: "Shut up. Like you could do any better..."

Penquino left the room in a fuss. He had enough arguing with Brook, and was fed up with Brook's cockiness.

Meanwhile, the Shopper ships had the coast of Malesia in their sights. The rebels had taken a wrong turn, thanks in part to Penquino's careless navigation.

Djf was still knocked out, but was quickly recovering. Brook was still in charge of operations.

Commander: "This is ship 3842 copy in. Dear leader Brook, do you read?"

Brook: "I'm here. What is it?"

Commander: "Malesia is in our sights, and the rebels are nowhere in sight. This will be easy."

Brook: "Excellent. We can take it with no problem at all, and use it as grounds to reassure the rest of our colonies."

Commander: "Roger that. Over and out."

With that, the radio transmission ended. Right as it was ending, ships started rolling near the shore. They got beached, and tanks started rolling out.

The tanks rolled out in massive battalions. It wasn't long before the fighter planes had arrived, and that the giant movement made its way down into the heart of Malesia.

The massive Shopper force made its way south. It didn't take long before they encountered Malesia's first city on their route, Kota KinabaLOL; which was on the northeastern tip of Malesia's eastern island. The commander once again radioed in to Brook's command base.

Commander: "We're making great headway, and we're right about to enter Kota KinabaLOL."

Brook: "Yes?"

Commander: "It will be an easy conquest. No rebels in sight, and the population is giving little resistance."

Brook: "What population?"

Commander: "The penguins we've encountered, duh."

Brook: "Well, that's like... 10, so what numbers are we talking about?"

Commander: "Rest assured, sir, this will be an easy conquest even once we get into the cities. No rebels, and no uprisings. It's about as easy as beating up a penguin with no limbs."

Brook: "As you say. I'm counting on you for this; commander. Screw up, and you'll meet the fury of my gun."

Commander: "Uhh okay? Over and out."

The transmission ended abruptly. The conquest would be nonetheless easy, as the rebels had taken a fatally wrong turn.

In the rebel ship, Brook, Chill and LMGT were still on the bridge. A layer of fog started rolling in, but it immediately caught the unusual attention of the trio.

LMGT: "Ew. What's that smell?"

Brook: "I don't know. It smells like burning chicks."

Chill: "This smell is familiar. It reminds me of something I smelled somewhere on a diplomatic mission once as Vice President, but I can't quite put my flipper on it."

LMGT: "Well, what was the place li-"


The ship jerked, and the fog grew thicker. A loud crunching sound was heard throughout the ship, but nobody knew what it was.

Brook: "Was that an iceberg or something?"

Chill: "Nope. But I think I know what it is. See all those little fishing boats?"

Brook: "Is that what we hit?"

Chill: "Yes. Hmm... Fishing boats... these ones look familiar..."

LMGT: "They have a very Zhouese design to them."

Chill: "Oh crap."

Brook: "What?"

Chill: "This isn't Malesia! THIS IS ZHOU!"

At that moment, Penquino walked back onto the bridge.

Chill: "Way to go, genius. Your crappy navigation landed us in Zhou."

Penquino: "Whatever, we can always turn around."

LMGT: "It looks like the rest of the rebels already turned around."

Chill: "Wait a minute! I see some big ships coming."

LMGT: "Oh crap."

Brook: "What is it?"

LMGT: "Those are Zhouese battleships. We're in deep trouble."

Chill: "Not if I can turn us around."

Chill tried turning around, but the battleships closed in on the smaller rebel ship. Soldiers came out of all of them and started shooting at the rebel vessel.

Penquino: "HIT THE DECK!"

The gang jumped onto the floor and bullets flied all across the room. A minute later, it stopped, and the ships came closer.

Brook: "What's happening?"

LMGT: "I don't know. It looks as if they're about to board us."


LMGT: "I was right. It sounds like they blasted the door."

Penquino: "Well, why are we laying here! Let's get off this ship!"

Everyone got up and Penquino opened the door to the bridge. There were multiple Zhouese soldiers with guns in their flippers.


Everyone in the gang put their flippers up, and were escorted off the ship. It was useless to fight.

By now, the Shoppers had reached PuffLOL City, and had conquered the whole eastern island.

Commander: "Brook, do you copy?"

Brook: "Hi. What's the news?"

Commander: "We conquered all of the eastern Island, and we're about to go and invade the western island and take JohoLOL Bahru, sir."

Brook: "Excellent. Make this conquest quick, though. We need to secure larger territory."

Commander: "I assure you we won't fail, sir."

The Shoppers would have their first resistance, however. The rebel ships that turned back from the ship controlled by Penquino had arrived in the harbor of JahoLOL Bahru, and were digging in.

It didn't take long though, before the Shoppers came with unmatched power. The rebels were vastly outnumbered. The rebel commander tried calling in to Penquino.

Rebel Commander: "Penquino, do you read!? We're way outnumbered!"

There was no answer

Rebel Soldier: "What is it?"

Rebel Commander: "There was no answer. I guess we'll just hold in for as long as we can."

Rebel Soldier: "I don't think that will be very long."

The rebel soldier's prediction was right. The Shopper forces easily crushed the rebels, and held them all prisoner before being executed. The Shoppers quickly went on to secure Kuala LOLpour, which put Malesia firmly in their grip. But, more vicious battles would come in the near future.

Chapter Six: Struggle for Control[edit]


Chill woke up in shock. He opened his eyes to see a Zhouese soldier holding a bayonet to his face. All of his friends were still knocked out, and they were all hanging in the air, suspended by their arms.

Zhouese soldier: "你!你怎麼敢擅自進入我們的光榮的國家嗎?"

Chill: "Ho ching chong?"

Another soldier whacked Chill with the butt end of his bayonet, and he was swiftly knocked out.

The gang soon woke up again, this time all of them. They were suspended by their feet, and they were hanging over buckets of ice water.

Brook: "WHAT IS THIS!?"

LMGT: "I forget, but I've witnessed too much of it."

Zhouese Soldier: "ENOUGH TALKY!"

Chill: "Oh hey, you speak Engli- BLUB!"

Chill was dunked into the ice cold water.

Chill: "Ah! So cold..."

A Zhouese general emerged out of the shadows, and pointed a gun at Penquino.

General: "You! Why did you invade the glorious land of Zhou!?"

Chill: "Misdirections."

General: "I didn't ask you! Dunk him!"

Chill: "NO!"

Chill was waterboarded again. He was left in for half a minute, and came out unconscious.

General: "If you don't want us to the same thing to you three, I suggest you answer my question."

Penquino: "His answer was correct. We made an innocent mistake, now let us go!"

General: "We'll do no such thing! You four shall spend the rest of your lives rotting away in a prison cell. Oh, and one more compliment of me."

The general gave the soldiers a gesture before leaving the room. After he left, the gang was dunked into the water and kept there for a whole minute. They all came out unconscious this time.

In Shops City, Brook had gotten suspicious of the gang's disappearance, and the rebel army was doing nothing more than fighting along the border, gaining and losing the same land over and over again. To add to it, Djf was still knocked out, so he was also bored.

Brook: "I think Djf has had enough nappy time. I'll go wake him up."

Brook went to Djf's residence and went to where he was sleeping. Djf was hooked up to machines, yet he seemed completely healthy. He instinctively unplugged all the machines. Djf started squirming, and then he, as a groggy figure, slowly woke up.

Djf: "Brook... How long was I asleep? What time is it?"

Brook: "7 in the evening."

Djf: "Ah, good. I was only out for a few hours."

Brook: "It's Thursday."

Djf: "You mean I've been asleep for three days!?"

Brook: "It's the 22nd."


Brook: "Whatever. Anyway, the gang has gone silent. That makes me suspicious."

Djf: "Don't pull anything. They may be in hiding. Let's wait for them to make the first move so we don't look like idiots."

Brook: "Fine. Will do."

Far up, in the Hanjurian mountains of Zhou, a penguin named Chris Chesterfield was training with his fellow monks. Chris, though not being of Zhouese or monk origin by any respect, was still in tune with nature. Though he wasn't a Jedi by any means, he could still sense disturbances in the essence of the world. Chris was meditating, before sensing something

Chris: "Master, I feel something."

Monk: "What is it, young one?"

Chris: "I see... someone I recognize."

Monk: "Yes..."

Chris: "He and his friends are in trouble..."

Monk: "Go on..."

Chris: "They're being held by the government! They're being held from fighting some kind of evil force!"

Monk: "You must go rescue them."

Chris: "Are you sure? I sense that it's a prison camp. I've never even fought anybody outside of the monastery anyway."

Monk: "Young Chris, I can tell that you are ready. I can tell that you will never come back. You will be in for the most exciting journey of your life."

Chris: "Ok, if so say so. I should go now."

Monk: "Beware of the lures of evil, Chris. Evil is about and around every corner on this journey you shall encounter."

Chris: "Yes, master. Thank you for your training."

With that, Chris left the room and set out on his journey to find those penguins.

Chill and his friends were sleeping on the rock floors of their cramped hut, with many other malnourished and dead prisoners. They were being starved badly, and LMGT was even experiencing hallucinations due to withdrawal.

Brook: "Are we ever gonna get outta here?"

Chill: "I'm asking myself the same question. Penquino, can't you just use your Jedi mind trick?"

Penquino: "These guards must've been trained in how to resist it; it seems like half of all penguins nowadays are immune to it anyway."

Chill: "Well, life here sucks! LMGT is almost never awake because of not having any donuts, and we're all being starved thin!"

Penquino: "We'll be saved soon. I can feel it in the force."

Brook: "Whatever you say. I just hope we really are rescued soon."

On the open seas, the growing Shopper navy was moving out from the mainland and heading towards its other colonies. After their strategic victory in Malesia, they were now going out and securing colonies like Northern Shops and the Frosian Islands. By now, Shops had relinquished most of its colonies that served little or no purpose. Brook was on board one of the ships heading towards the Frosian Islands.

Brook: "Are we almost there? I want to conquer our territories faster than those lousy rebels can fight us for it."

Servant: "Yes master, we're almost there. Also, in all respect, where is president Djf?"

Brook: "He was left injured after his accident. I now take care of everything hands-on, he's just the great one who rules all of us with his ever-powerful iron fist."

Servant: "Excellent judgement, master."

The servant waddled away, and left Brook to contemplate. He could feel it in the force that something was going to arise.

Back in Zhou, in a peaceful little creek, a jester hat, colored red, blue, and yellow popped out of the water. Soon, Chris himself emerged from the creek and made his way towards the prison camp where Chill and his friends were being held. He jumped over rows upon rows of barbed wire, and hopped, skipped, and jumped his way through the mine field.

Meanwhile, Penquino was sleeping. He woke up.

Penquino: "I sense something."

He got up fully, and went over to wake up Chill.

Chill: "Guhh... what is it... I'm soooo hungry."

Penquino: "I think help has arrived, my friend."




After a few crashes and bangs, the wall behind Chill and Penquino collapsed. There stood a healthy, blue penguin who donned a red, blue, and yellow jester outfit. Almost in a fashion similar to Clovis Hochstadt.

Chill: "Who... who are you?"

Jester: "My name is Chris! Chris Chesterfield, to be precise. I came here to rescue you."

Penquino: "About time... All of us have withered to nothing."

Chris: "Well, I'm getting you out of here. I'll be right back."

Chris ran away, and went off to find some materials.

Penquino: "NO! DON'T LEAVE!"

Penquino's cries for him to come back were futile. He thought they were stranded for good.

Penquino: "That was our last hope. That's it, we're all gonna die here..."

He turned around to see that Chill had already collapsed. Penquino himself soon fainted too.

About an hour later, Chris came back with a homemade stretcher made of bamboo and leaves. He saw that everyone had fainted, so he loaded all of them onto the stretcher. Before he could get out of a prison camp, a guard called at him.


Chris: "Oh, crap!"

Chris took off in an instant, and started running as fast as he could with the stretcher pulling behind him, trying to escape the camp. Suddenly, he ran into a mine field guarding the outer rim of the camp bounds. He dodged any mounds he could, with the stretcher dragging behind him.

Unfortunately, the stretcher kept setting off mines behind him.


He soon jumped the short barbed wire fence, and threw the stretcher over the fence, too. The explosion and dust from the mines had either killed, or blinded the guard.

Chris: "Good to see all of you guys are safe, but hold on."

The prison camp was at the top of a snowy peak. Chris brought the stretcher up to the edge, and jumped on. The stretcher slid down the slope extremely fast, and it started ripping up. Luckily, they weren't far from Honk Gong, where Chris' destination was. He eventually reached the bottom of the mountain and repaired the stretcher with some big leaves, before taking off again.

Chris eventually arrived at the coast of mainland Zhou. Unsurprisingly, Zhouese soldiers were guarding the coastline.


This caught some soldiers' attention. They ran toward him with their bayonets. Chris, being a martial artist, easily knocked them all out with some swift kicks and punches. He then took one of the their uniforms and put it on. He pulled a rope out of the outfit, and tied Chill, Penquino, Brook, and LMGT together. He tied the bunch of penguins to himself, before swimming to sea.

It was now nighttime. Chris emerged from the murky water and saw Honk Gong right in front of him. Honk Gong was free in contrast to the rest of Zhou, and here he could give aid to the passed-out penguins. As a monk, he didn't believe in hospitals, so he decided to take care of them himself.

After arriving on the mainland, Chris dropped his friends into a vacant rickshaw, and made his way through the city. After pulling his friends though the congested Honk Gong city streets, he soon arrived at an apartment.

Chris: "This must be it."

He pressed a couple of digits into a machine, and it buzzed. The door opened, and he made his way inside the elevator, dragging his friends up with him. When he reached the floor he wanted, he went to room "666", and knocked on the door.

Penguin: "Who is it?"

Chris: "Who does this voice sound like? Open up, please!"

Penguin: "Alright."

The penguin opened the door, and revealed herself. She was a purple-colored, blond female penguin; just a bit younger than Chris, and wore golden clothes. Her name was Goldette. She let Chris and his friends in, and together, they laid the unconscious penguins out.

Chris: "You still have medical training, right?"

Goldette: "Of course. Let me heal these penguins myself; you go take a rest."

Chris: "Okay, thanks."

Chris left the room and went to the apartment's bedroom to have a nap. Meanwhile, Goldette prepared some food and some medicine to bring Penquino and his friends back to life.

The Evil Brook's ship soon arrived at the Frosian Islands' seaport. The air was choked with smog, and the sky was grey. He stepped off the ship, onto the seemingly desolate pier.

Brook: "Nobody in sight. This should be quite easy. You shall march to the capital, and take it swiftly. It shouldn't be hard at all."

Commander: "Yes, my master."

The commander turned to his numerous SIA Drones (who could now understand penguin slang and normal commands) and soldiers, then said "Alright men, let's go!" The drones and soldiers began their march toward the capital. However, they were soon interrupted.


A bunch of rebel soldiers popped out from the water behind the pier. they began firing at the drones and soldiers, while the Shopper forces fought back. Brook ignited his keysaber and started running while deflecting incoming bullets.



Brook ran out of sight towards the capital, while the battle on the pier raged mercilessly.

Penquino faintly opened his eyes and groaned. He was laying on the floor of Goldette's apartment. He sat up, to see Chris and Goldette enjoying some coffee.

Penquino: "Chris? Where am I? And who's the girl?"

Chris: "Penquino! You woke up! You're in a Honk Gong apartment, and this is my friend, Goldette."

Goldette: "Hi!"

Eventually, Brook, Chill, and LMGT woke up. They were given something to eat.

Chill: "Hey jester guy, what's your name again?"

Chris: "Chris. Chris Chesterfield."

Chill: "That name rings a bell for some reason..."

Back in 2018, Chill went on a diplomatic mission to Zhou. He went to tour the mountains where Chris resided at the time, and went to his monastery as part of the trip. Chris acted as translator there.

Chill: "...But... Whatever."

Brook: "We're alive! Thanks for rescuing us!"

Chris: "All in a day's work."

LMGT: "Are there any donuts around here?"

Penquino: "I don't think we should worry about donuts. We need to get home!"

Goldette: "Who should I call?"

Penquino: "Try my sister, Mito."

Goldette: "Here's the phone."

Goldette tossed her phone at Penquino, who used it to phone his sister.

The Evil Brook ran off the pier and onto solid land, while the battle between the Shopper forces and the rebels was still raging ahead. He ran through the dockyards, slashing at crates, beams, pipes, or anything that got in his way.

After getting past the harbor, Brook arrived at an extremely thick forest, that had been planted many years back to hold off invaders.

Brook: "Is that the best they can do?"

Brook used his keysaber to slice through the thick brush, but he was timid due to many strange noises he was hearing.


Brook: "What was that?!"

A wild Poffle swooped down from the trees, and distracted Brook. In his haste, he accidentally turned off his keysaber, which the Poffle grabbed a hold of, and flew into a tree with it.

Brook: "Pathetic little creature."

Brook force-choked the Poffle until it died with a brutal, final gag. Then, he used the force, and took his keysaber back. He turned it on, and began slicing through the forestry once more.

A helicopter appeared on the horizon of Vonkouver's marina. It came within range, and soon flew right over Vonkouver entirely. It landed in the outskirts of the city, where Penquino, Chill, the Good Brook, and LMGT stepped out. Penquino's sister Mito was there for them.

Mito: "Oh you guys, you can never keep yourselves out of trouble."

Chill: "True."

Mito: "Well, while you guys were on vacation, I made us a nice addition to the force, so we don't have to keep using the same tanks as Shops. Oh, and who are your new friends?"

Penquino: "Oh. This jester-looking guy is Chris; he saved us from our rat-hole of a prison camp. And this is his friend, Goldette."

Chris and Golette: "Nice to meet you!"

Mito: "Cool. Now, follow me."

Everyone followed Mito, and Penquino came up beside her."

Mito: "I don't like this Goldette girl. She seems suspicious."

Penquino: "You're probably just jealous. She's alright."

Mito: "So... here it is!"

Before the gang, was a giant lump covered by a sheet.

Brook: "The sheet, maybe...?"

Mito: "Oh, yeah."

Mito pulled the sheet off of the giant thing, to reveal an odd-looking tank.


Chill: "What a piece of junk!"

Mito: "Thank you; this was a design my boyfriend made. He died of Nookularix. How do you feel now?"

Chill: "Geez."

LMGT: "No offense, but it does look obscure."

Mito: "This is designed for advanced agility and easy maneuvering. Don't let the small guns fool you."

Brook: "I'm still not convinced as to why this is a good product."

Suddenly, Mito jumped on to the machine and climbed into the cab. She threw down pairs of binoculars for everyone to use.

Mito: "Look on the horizon."

Through the binoculars, everyone could see old and scrapped tanks, about a mile away from where they were standing. Mito pressed some numbers into a computer, and a blast fired out of one of the cannons on the tank. It hit the scrap machines in the distance, deleting them instantly.

Mito: "See? Deletion grenades. They can fire up to two miles away, and take out anything within 1000 feet of the blast."

Chill: "Well, I guess it isn't such a piece of junk after all."

Penquino: "Well said. Let's use it!"

Mito: "It wouldn't be a minute too soon. The Shoppers attacked the Frosian Islands, and our forces are putting up quite a fight."

Penquino: "Oh dear. I promised to governor Guymed that we'd defend them."

LMGT: "How many of these exist?"

Mito: "Less than 50. They're still in rapid production, though."

Penquino: "Send what you've got. These things have proven that they can stand up to Shopper firepower even if they're grossly outnumbered."

Mito: "Will do, brother."

Back in the Frosian Islands, the Evil Brook had just made it through the thick forests. He made his way down the paths leading towards the capital.

Brook: "Those rebels are stupider than I thought; none of them in sight."

Brook soon saw the small skyline of the capital, barely visible over the horizon. He raced toward it.

Brook: "Finally!"

Suddenly, his feeling of victory was interrupted by a voice, coming from behind him.

Voice: "Going somewhere, Sith?"

Brook turned around, confused.

Brook: "Fisch Hochstadt?"

Fisch: "Surprised? I'm a Jedi, and it's my responsibility to make sure you can't wreak any more havoc. Don't ask how I found you."

Brook: "Well, it's a pity that you won't live to fulfill your duty."

He ignited his keysaber and charged at Fisch. He pulled his own keysaber out and deflected the blow with ease. Brook kept striking back with lots of anger, causing Fisch to keep stumbling backwards. Eventually, Brook forced Fisch into the corner of a rock face.

Brook: "Quite pathetic on my behalf actually... just my first Jedi killed. I'll still take great pleasure in this, though."

Brook raised his keysaber over his head, ready to strike down on Fisch and slice him in two.

Fisch: "I'm sorry your plan has to fail, but..."

Fisch used his keysaber to slice off the top of the handle on Brook's keysaber. Brook's weapon exploded, and Fisch held his keysaber close to Brook's neck.

Fisch: "I know this is against the Jedi code, but I think you're safest this way to keep you under control until help arrives."

Soldier: "Well sir, you're not alone."

Fisch turned around, still detaining Brook, and saw a squadron of rebel troops backing him up.

Brook: "You fools! You underestimate my power!"


Brook started shooting force lightning out of his flippers, knocking out the troops, and causing Fisch to fall back on himself. Brook grabbed Fisch's keysaber, and held it to his neck.

Brook: "Well, it looks like the tables have turn-"


One of the soldiers hadn't been knocked out completely by the force lightning, and shot Brook in the arm with his gun. Brook fell to the ground.

Fisch: "Well soldier, I think I owe you some gratitude."

Soldier: "All in a days work."

Fisch: "Get another squad here and take him away, please. The EPF needs me for something back in CP for something, apparently."

Soldier: "Will do, master Fisch."

At the port of the Frosian Islands, the fierce fight was still raging on. A rebel army helicopter flew down to the battle scene, avoiding laser blasts from the SIA Drones. The helicopter landed, and out emerged Penquino, Chill, the good Brook, and LMGT, all wielding their keysabers. Chris, Goldette, and Mito stayed back. They ran out into the chaos, slicing up the drones, while deflecting bullets and laser blasts.

Chill: "This is harder than it looks, master!"

Penquino: "Duh!"

The Jedi made short work of the drones, which were quickly sliced like minced-meat. Half of the rebel army stayed back to guard the docks, while another half went with the Jedi.

A bunch of heavy-duty helicopters flew over the port, each of them carrying one of Mito's newly-designed tanks. They landed on the ground, and met up with the rebel/Jedi platoon, that was ready to push through the forest. The thick forest, however, was blocking the rebel advance.

LMGT: "Well, this really puts a kink in my day."

Penquino activated his keysaber, and sliced the trunk of a tree in half.

Penquino: "I suppose we'll have to made do with it, now will we? Help me slice these trees down!"

Penquino's students pulled out their keysabers and began helping their master with slicing through the morass of trees, vines, and bushes. The rest of the rebels advanced shortly behind the Jedi.

The evil, unconscious Brook was brought to the capital city by rebel troops. He was thrown into a force-proof prison cell, with a force-shield as the door. The soldiers left him, and two highly-trained guards came to keep Brook in check.

Guard 1: "This will be easy."

Guard 2: "Pfft, yeah. He's probably dead anyways. We shouldn't be wasting our time with him."

Guard 1: "You said that mate, we should go to the pub and get some Cream Soda!"

Guard 2: "I'm in for that."

Brook: "Who's dead?"

Guard 1: "What was that?"

Brook: "Turn around, you ignorant brats!"

Brook tried to force-choke the two guards, yet his force-proof cell kept the guards from getting choked.

Guard 2: "Well, looks like nothing happened."

Brook: "What? That's... That's impossible!"

Guard 1: "Apparently not, you disgusting slime."

Brook: "What did you just call me?"

Guard 1: "Does it really matter, mate? Apparently your powers can't help you now."

Brook: "You're wrong, rebel scum!"

Brook clenched his flippers, and held his eyes shut. He concentrated on the dark side. The walls of his cell began to be pushed outwards as they creaked and groaned.

Brook: "These walls will not hold me! Nothing will hold me!"

He clenched up even more. Black and red fog surrounded Brook as he became fully emerged in the dark side. He groaned loudly, and gave a scream. The walls blasted out from him in every direction, and the force-shield door was destroyed. He stood up, and stomped. The ground shook violently.


Brook violently force-choked the two guards to death, and threw them against the wall. He raged down the hallway, obliterating anything that stood in his path.

The Jedi and their rebel army kept advancing through the forest separating the docks from the open space leading to the cityscape. Penquino started noticing trees chopped in half, with black burn scars on them.

Penquino: "Hey guys, stop slashing!"

Penquino inspected the burn marks, they were identical to those made by a keysaber.

Penquino: "Brook was here. We need to move, fast. Who knows where he is now?"

LMGT: "Well, let's go faster then!"

The rebel force picked up speed after that, in hopes of pursuing Brook. With their new speed and determination, they pushed ever harder through the brush. The force soon bashed through the end of the treeline.

Penquino: "Okay folks, you split up and take the area. I'll go after Brook and make sure he doesn't get away."

Chill and LMGT: "On it!"

Brook: "Wait, Penquino!"

Penquino: "What is it?"

Brook: "Can I come with you? I want to settle things with this guy who stole my identity."

Penquino: "Hmm... I guess. You'll do less damage under my supervision anyway."

LMGT and Chill parted ways, each taking half of the army battalion with each of them. Penquino and Brook went off to find some other rebel troops, who could tell them where Brook went. Luckily, rebel troops were spread out all over the area. Penquino ran into one, and the soldier saluted.

Soldier: "Master Penquino, what are you doing here?"

Penquino: "We brought backup. Can you kindly tell us where Brook is?"

Soldier: "Master Fisch came here to help us, and we arrested Brook. He's in the dungeon in the lower levels of the government building."

Penquino: "Good to see Fisch was looking out for us. Thanks a lot!"

Brook and Penquino continued making their way though the desolate and smog-choked landscape, and quickly made it to the capital city. They were in near sight of the government building when they saw a red keysaber light up through the thick smog.

Penquino: "There's your enemy, Brook."

Brook: "So it is."

Brook ignited his keysaber and ran off into the abyss. He was now on a quest for revenge.


As the smog cleared, the Good Brook found his enemy standing right in front of him.

Evil Brook: "So, we meet again."

Good Brook: "You won't get away this time!"

The Good Brook charged at the Evil Brook and they became engaged in a vicious duel. The Evil Brook kept getting pushed back, as the Good Brook raged forward in a outburst of hatred.

The exact same pattern continued for a few minutes, as the two adversaries started leaving the city in a different direction from where the Good Brook came in.

Evil Brook: "Your hate makes you strong, young Jedi. However, I can sense that your energy is fading."

Good Brook: "No it isn't!"

Evil Brook: "Well, let me release my full power, and maybe you'll learn not to mess with me."

The Evil Brook jammed the 'key' part of his keysaber into the key part of the Good Brook's keysaber, so they were locked together. The Evil Brook then flung the Good Brook into the distance. He force jumped, following him.

Evil Brook: "Foolish mortal. You will now learn the full power of the Sith!"

The Evil Brook turned off his keysaber, and raised his flippers.

Evil Brook: "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!"

Force lightning blasted out of the Evil Brook's flippers. The Good Brook got electrocuted fiercely.


The Good Brook, even through his pain, managed to use the force to grab hold of his keysaber, and he began to deflect the force lightning. It built up, and eventually threw the Evil Brook back. The Good Brook started making a run for it, but the Evil Brook soon went after him in pursuit.

Unknown to either of them, they were both headed straight for a small, and dormant volcano. The Evil Brook soon locked himself in a duel with the Good Brook again, heading up the volcano. This time, the Evil Brook was the one pushing backwards in pursuit. They eventually dueled right up to the top rim of the volcano, where the Evil Brook turned off his keysaber. The Good Brook foolishly turned his off, too, in confusion.

Evil Brook: "See ya later, stupid Jedi!"

The Evil Brook kicked the Good Brook over the rim of the volcano, and down into its treacherous insides. The Good Brook, however, was swept in by a pocket of air, and safely landed on a rock surface, which lead down to the lava. The Evil Brook, right after kicking the Good Brook, lost his balance. He too fell into the volcano, and was sucked into the same air pocket.

Good Brook: "I'm not letting you get away this time!"

The Good Brook activated his keysaber, and sliced off both of the Evil Brook's flippers while still in midair. The Evil Brook yelped in pain, and rolled belly-down, stopping just a few feet from the lava.

Due to the heat the Evil Brook was experiencing because he was right on the searing hot rock, his body became crusty, and his eyes turned shades of red and yellow. The Good Brook just watched on, protected by his shoes.



Evil Brook: "I HATE YOU!!!!"

The Evil Brook tried to push himself away from the lava, but he could only use his feet because his flippers were cut off. But, with his futile attempts, he only slipped further towards the molten lava.

A spark from the lava soon caught on to the Evil Brook's clothes, and it created a fire. The fire ripped up his dress, his princess hat, his hair, and severely damaged his internal organs. He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Evil Brook: "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

The fire ravaged throughout him, burning anything that could be burned. The Evil Brook was left bald, without clothes, and burnt all over. The Good Brook decided to leave him for dead, and force-jumped his way up the volcano rim, to the surface. Penquino had caught up to them there, and had silently witnessed the whole thing.

Penquino: "That... was... dark."

Brook: "It had to be done."

Penquino: "That's not the Jedi way, you know!"

Brook: "I know, master..."

Brook and Penquino waddled away from the sight, both believing that their enemy would surely die in the heat.

The two Jedi met up with Chill and LMGT, who had done a sweep of the island, and cleared it of the few Shopper soldiers lurking around.

Penquino: "Progress report?"

Chill: "We only found a few soldiers. But, the Frosian Islands are ours now."

Penquino: "Great. We should celebrate tonight!"

LMGT: "I suggest calling many more troops in, to guard the perimeter, so the Shoppers can't infiltrate our defenses."

Penquino: "Do what you must. I'm calling it a day."

Brook: "Me too!"

Chill: "Me three!"

LMGT: "Ok. I'll just contact the troops and then I'll meet up with you guys. Where are you going?"

Penquino: "I don't know, somewhere to eat."

LMGT: "Well, order some donuts for me!"

Brook: "Whatever."

The three Jedi commanders retired for the day, and went into the downtown core to find a decent place to eat. Meanwhile, LMGT called in rebel reinforcements to secure the territory.

Back in Shops City, the Shopper military commanders had lost contact with their battalions, and were getting worried.

Commander 1: "Shopper Offensive Squadron #4728, come in."

The commanders heard nothing on the other side.

Commander 1: "I repeat, Shopper Offensive Squadron #4728, come in!"

There was still nothing.

Commander 2: "Perhaps they were killed?"

Commander 1: "That was the last battalion we had, and none of them have picked up."

Commander 3: "Then why don't you idiots stop talking, and report it to president Djf?"

Commanders 1 and 2: "Ok."

The three penguins walked away, and went to Djf's office to report the bad news.

Soon later, at Djf's office...

Djf: "Missing? What in blazes do you mean 'missing'?"

Commander 1: "Uhh... yes my lord... We didn't get any signals-"

Djf began force choking the commander, until he collapsed in a dead heap.

Djf: "Send a fleet to retake Frosian, I have a feeling Brook is in danger. And, DON'T SCREW THIS UP!"

Commanders 2 and 3: "Yes, my lord."

The two remaining commanders left, rattled to see their friend choked to death. They knew that if they screwed up, their fate would be the same.


Penquino and his friends woke up, rattled, by the sounds of explosions and artillery shells.

Chill: "WHAT WAS THAT!?!"

Penquino: "Bombs, obviously. Djf didn't take kindly to Brook killing off his friend, I guess."

LMGT: "Nor the fact that he lost a major trading post."

Brook: "What else was I supposed to do?"

Penquino: "Okay, cut the chat, and follow my lead."

The four Jedi grabbed their keysabers, and ran outside the little hotel they were staying in; running towards the fight. A rebel soldier radioed the Jedi, to update on their position.

Rebel Soldier (Radio): "Master Penquino! We're under attack; the Shoppers have counterattacked with all of their power!"

Penquino (Radio): "Pull back! You can't hold out to them. We'll be there soon!"

Rebel Soldier (Radio): "BANG!

The radio communication was short circuited and died out.

Chill: "Well, they're dead."

Penquino: "Many more will be if we don't go to help them soon enough."

The gang picked up speed, and ran into the massive Shopper fleet of tanks and SIA drones.

LMGT: "The only way to kill these SIA drones in one shot is by slicing them in half, in the torso. AIM FOR THE TORSO!"

Brook: "Whatever you say."

The four penguins massacred the drones, and disabled tanks as they pushed their way through the Shopper fleet, quickly narrowing down the amount of Shops troops.

Penquino and his friends were almost finished with destroying all of the Shopper brigade, when rebel reinforcements arrived. At the same time, an unmarked helicopter flew past the battle scene, and towards the capital city.

The unmarked helicopter flew past the capital city, and dived into the volcano where the Good and Evil Brooks had previously culminated their epic duel. The helicopter landed on the same rocky outcrop at which the Evil Brook was laying on. It touched down, then out wheeled Djf and some Shopper troops. Djf touched Brook, and the latter let out an agonizing groan.

Djf: "Wait... you're still alive?"

Brook: "Ughhh.. Owww.... Ugh..."

Djf: "Change of plan, men! Get Brook on a stretcher, and we must go back to Shops City. He needs immediate medical treatment!"

Soldier: "Yes, sir!"

The soldiers loaded the disfigured Brook inside the craft on a stretcher, and they took off. They flew back past the battle scene, unaware that the Shopper forces were surrendering to the rebels in plain sight from the helicopter. However, Djf was paying too much attention to the almost dead Brook to notice.

Chapter Seven: Let the Hate Flow[edit]


Brook screamed in excruciating pain as surgery was performed on him, as he laid on a surgery table. His feet were being amputated, because they were burnt beyond repair, and were being replaced with robotic feet. He was being given a new breathing system, too. Brook would also don a new outfit, to strike fear into his enemies more effectively. Djf and Darth Swissius were overlooking the final steps of the operation.

The final touch to Brook's new identity was a modified princess hat, which housed life support mechanisms, and an oxygen tank. The hat was rested on top of his head, and his operation was complete. Brook's new systems gave him a very robotic, and much deeper voice. His breathing was much louder now, and much scarier.

Darth Swissius: "Rise, lord Princessius."

The surgery table on which Brook had been operated on, suddenly tilted upwards, so Brook was standing while still locked on to the table.

Djf: "Lord Princessius, can you see me?"

Brook: "Yes, master."

Swissius: "Good, goood. The operation was a success. From now on, you shall be known as... Darth, Princessius."

Princessius: "With pleasure, my master."

Darth Swissius handed Princessius a red lightsaber, to replace his broken keysaber.

Princessius: "A lightsaber? What kind of noob do you mistake me for!?"

Swissius: "Your recklessness has proven that you do not deserve a keysaber."

Princessius: "WHAT?!"

Lord Princessius was furious. He broke free of the grips holding him onto the surgery table, and force-threw Djf and Darth Swissius across the room. He grabbed his new lightsaber, and exited the room in a fury of anger. He was a sight to be feared, especially when angry.


The next day, Penquino and his friends, after defeating the Shoppers in the Frosian Islands, had decided to go back to Shops' mainland to meet up with Mito, Chris, and Goldette, and to get info on where the Shoppers would probably strike next. While flying home on a rebel escort, Brook was talking to Penquino.

Brook: "Master, are we really Jedi?"

Penquino: "Technically not. None of you are force-sensitive, which means you physically can't be Jedi, or use the force to any great extent. You're more-so just regular penguins who are trained in the art of keysaber fighting."

Brook: "Oh..."

Penquino: "Don't be upset. You're still doing Antarctica a great thing!"

Brook: "Maybe, but I feel something wrong."

Penquino: "It's intuition, not the force. What is it?"

Brook: "It feel's like he's... alive."

Penquino: "Who?"

Brook: "My imposter."

Penquino: "Oh. I knew something was fishy when I watched you two down in that volcano."

Brook: "Am I in danger?"

Penquino: "I doubt it. He's probably immobilized if he were to survived. He's probably a vegetable now, just like Djf."

Brook: "Oh, that's good."

Voice: "The only way you truly kill someone is if you shoot them up while they're tied to a pole! Trust me, I know!"

Brook: "What?"

Bro's ghost appeared out of thin air, and he began talking to Brook and Penquino.

Bro: "You guys left me for dead, and I had the most painful death imaginable! I haven't seen him as a ghost yet, so he's probably still alive."

Penquino: "Bro, why are you here?"

Bro: "Because I can. All I can say is that all of you are in grave danger; you're being led into a trap. Tread lightly, if you can."

Brook: "What does that mean?"

Bro: "Beats me. See ya!"

Bro's ghost vanished into thin air, and his essence left the aircraft.

Brook: "What did he mean?"

Penquino: "Nothing. Don't listen to him. He's just a stuck-up jerk."

Bro's spirit: "I HEARD THAT!!!"

Penquino: "Anyway, we should be approaching Vonkouver soon. I'm sure Mito and our new friends will be there to greet us."

Upon approaching the main rebel headquarters in Vonkouver, two weird looking aircraft approached the Jedi escort. The aircraft seemed futuristic; loaded with missiles, and had just one penguin in a very simple, and suspended, cockpit.



LMGT: "Calm down! Those have USSI transmission codes on them according to the radars I see over in the cockpit. They're friendlies."

Penquino: "Whatever they are, they sure are ugly."

The new fighters escorted the incoming transport safely onto the runway, where Mito, Chris, and Goldette were waiting for the new war heroes. The aircraft came to a halt, and the intrepid group of four went to greet their disconnected friends. Penquino went up to his sister Mito, and gave her a big hug.

Mito: "Aww brother, I've missed you so much!"

Penquino: "Heh. I wish I could say the same."

Chill: "It's good to be back on our soil!"

LMGT: "And it's good to still be in one piece, unlike somebody."

Chris: "Well, do you guys like the new aircraft the three of us designed?"

Brook: "Ehhh...."

Chris: "Well?"

Penquino: "They look ugly!"

Chris: "Oh."

Mito: "Brother, be nice! They're not ugly, but they're excellent fighters!"

Goldette: "I designed the weapons systems."

Chill: "Good for you."

Penquino: "Well, what's it called?"

Mito: "We decided to name it the Umbara!"

Brook: "Well, its name makes up for its appearance."

Chill: "The name still sucks."

Penquino: "Chill, be nice!"

Mito: "I couldn't care less, brother. You and Chill have a lot of business to catch up on with politics and stuff; the rest of us will go rest."

Chill: "Politics? Awww..."

Penquino: "Chill, we'll do what we must. Let's go to the government building. Our friends can rest."

Chill: "Fine."

Djf was in his presidential office in Shops City, drawing something with a bunch of crayons. Shortly after he finished drawing, Darth Princessius barged in the door, breaking it in the process.

Princessius: "You called, master?"

Djf: "Yes, my friend. Considering that Shops is now governed under the almighty Sith, I've come to believe that we need a reboot."

Princessius: "I do not understand."

Djf: "The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops does not suit our intentions, nor our governing style. Democracy is a failed system, my friend. Shops needs a more powerful and fear-instating face."

Princessius: "Like an empire?"

Djf: "Precisely."

Djf wheeled himself out of his office, and headed towards the Shops City Square.

Princessius: "Master, where are you going?"

Djf: "To change history."

Djf wheeled himself outside of the presidential office, onto a balcony, where a few citizens were gathered. Djf got on the city-wide loudspeaker system, and made a stunning announcement.

Djf: "Today, my loyal citizens, The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops is no more!"

The citizens gasped in disbelief.

Djf: "From now on, we shall be known as the SHOPPER EMPIRE!"

The citizens were even more shocked now, but they cheered anyway.

Djf: "This new Shopper Empire shall be the largest empire in history! We will crush those rebels, you will see!"

Behind Djf, a large and unfamiliar flag was draped down the presidential building.


Djf: "Our new flag represents our POWER! LONG LIVE THE SHOPPER EMPIRE!!!"

The crowd cheered horrendously. Djf soon left the balcony, and wheeled himself back to his office. Once he settled down, he pressed a button on his desk, and an unfamiliar tune started playing.

Princessius: "What's that?"

Djf: "Our new national anthem. I believe that the citizens will get very used to it."

Princessius: "Well, I'm not concerned about the citizens... they're just living resources anyway."

Djf: "What's on your mind?"

Princessius: "We need to redeem ourselves after losing the Frosian Islands to those rebel scum."

Djf: "Yes. We can do a joint attack on both New Delphis and Northern Shops at the same time."

Princessius: "Master, where shall I go?"

Djf: "You will go to Northern Shops. I will send a larger army to take New Delphis."

Princessius: "It will be done, master."

Darth Princessius bowed to Djf, and left the room to prepare an attack fleet that would head for Northern Shops. Djf sat back down, and organized military platoons to go to New Delphis.

Penquino and Chill were, reluctantly, going through piles of paperwork in their Vonkouver offices. Suddenly, a reconnaissance agent barged into the office, with a piece of paper.

Chill: "Yes, what is it?"

Agent: "Sirs, we have intelligence that the Shoppers have transformed themselves into an empire!"

Penquino: "Old news, kid. Anything else to report?"

Agent: "Yes! They also plan on attacking Northern Shops and New Delphis! Someone by the name of Darth Princessius will be leading the Northern Shops raid."

Penquino: "Thank you, agent. Is that all?"

Agent: "Yes, sir. Have a good day!"

The agent quietly left the room.

Penquino: "Brook."

Chill: "What?"

Penquino: "Darth Princessius is the evil Brook! We need to go to Northern Shops and defend it, all of us."

Chill: "What about New Delphis?"

Penquino: "Ehh, I can call some friends up. But anyway, we should get going now!"

Chill: "And we'll be taking those ugly Umbaras with us?"

Penquino: "Yep. They may be ugly, but they're effective. Just like those tanks Mito designed."

Chill: "Ok."

Chill left the office, and went to rally up rebel troops which would go to defend Northern Shops. Penquino stayed behind to finish up his paperwork, and to make some important phone calls.

The rebel forces were getting faster in their processes, yet they weren't fast enough. A Shopper brigade, led by Darth Princessius, was already making headway towards Northern Shops, and another larger fleet was heading towards New Delphis. Princessius sat on the bridge of the main Shopper ship.

Princessius: "How long until we arrive there, captain?"

Captain: "Quite soon, my lord."

Princessius: "Excellent. How is the fleet heading for New Delphis handling?"

Captain: "I would estimate that they'd be halfway there already."

Princessius: "Well, tell them to hurry up!"

Captain: "Yes sir."

Chill was in the main USSI hangar, filled with soldiers and Umbara craft. LMGT and Brook were with him, while Chill was giving the troops their orders.

Chill: "Okay, soldiers! So, all we gotta do pretty much is head to Northern Shops and keep the Shoppers from occupying it. Penquino said he's gonna contact some friends to take care of New Delphis."

Soldiers: "YES, SIR!"

Voices: "What about us?"

Chris and Goldette came up to Chill, eagerly.

Goldette: "Can we come?"

Chill: "I dunno."

Chris: "We know martial arts skills!"

Chill: "Well okay."

Chris: "Yay!"

Goldette: "Oh, and by the way, Mito said she's staying back."

Chill: "Ok. Anyway folks, let's do this! FOR FREEDOM!"

The soldiers cheered in excitement, pride and determination. Some even threw their hats in the air. Troops began exiting the hangar to board ships and transport planes, while the pilots got inside the Umbaras to fly them to Northern Shops. Though the Umbara craft weren't too fast, they could still easily travel around Antarctica.

Darth Princessius' naval fleet was approaching the horizon of Northern Shops, and were fully prepped for a full-on assault on the state.

Princessius: "When will we be there? I'm thirsty for more death!"

Captain: "We will be there soon, my lord."

Princessius: "You better be."

Communications officer: "Uh, lord Princessius? Someone wishes to transmit to you."

Princessius: "Who?"

Communications officer: "Someone named Gudruni."

Princessius: "Put them on the screen."

The communications officer transferred the transmission onto the giant screen monitor on the Ship's bridge, where Princessius was. The figure was draped in black robes, much like Darth Swissius.

Princessius: "What do you want now?"

Gudruni: "The Jedi are heading your way, and are sending almost all of their forces to help you."

Princessius: "Foolish Jedi. Thinking that they can take us out."

Gudruni: "I will make sure that their plans are ruined, my lord."

Princessius: "As you wish."


The transmission cut out, and the ship shook.

Princessius: "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Captain: "We're under attack, my lord!"

Princessius: "WHAT?!? Somebody's getting force-choked for this! How did those rebels catch up so quickly?"

A scout on-board the bridge overheard the entire conversation, and soon saw a fleet of vessels coming over the horizon. The scout zoomed his scope in closer, and saw a flag that wasn't flown by the rebels.

Scout: "Lord Princessius?"

Princessius: "What is it?"

Scout: "Those aren't rebel ships..."

Princessius: "Impossible! Who else would dare attack us!?!"

Scout: "It seems as if they're Castillans."


Captain: "Yes, my lord."

The captain of Princessius' vessel contacted the rest of the fleet with orders to shell the Castillan navy which had gathered. The Shopper vessels began shelling their former closest-allies' ships mercilessly.

Princessius: "They will learn never to mess with the Shopper Empire!"

In Shops City, Djf was sitting on his throne, having a screen-to-screen conversation with Darth Swissius.

Swissius: "You are seriously pushing my buttons with this 'Gudruni'. I have a feeling that you and your apprentice are trying to overthrow me."

Djf: "Of course not, master!"

Swissius: "Well then, if you're telling the truth, then I want your Gudruni friend dead after it does its deed."

Djf: "It will be done."

Swissius: "Good. I am putting more trust in you than I'd like, lord Pengus. Don't make me reconsider."

The transmission between the two Sith closed. Djf sighed, and called on his servants for a snack.

The Shoppers and Castillans were in a full scale battle. Many ships were being lost on either side.

Princessius: "Get our forces to push towards land, no matter the cost!"

Captain: "Will do, my lord."

The Shopper fleet began forcefully pushing itself through the barrage of shells and artillery, but the Castillans started retreating.

Princessius: "Silly Hispanics! Never mess with the Shopper Empire!"

Princessius thought that he had won, though he was wrong. The Castillans regrouped behind the advancing Shopper fleet, and threw all their firepower at the ships in the rear.

Captain: "Lord Princessius, they're attacking us from the rear now!"

Princessius: "Well, we'll get we'll get weaker if we keep fighting! Get us out of here!"

The Shopper forces were soon in full retreat, heading towards Northern Shops. The remaining ships had sustained heavy damage, and some were even burning as they approached land.

The Castillan-Shopper battle had bought the rebels valuable time, and didn't come in far behind after the skirmish had ended. The Castillans were still there, searching for bodies and cleaning up the mess made during the firefight. Some rebel ships provided aid, while the rest pushed ahead in pursuit of Shops' forces.

Meanwhile, in a modified conference room aboard the main rebel ship, Penquino was teaching his friends more keysaber combat skills. He was also desperately trying to harness the force within them, with little success.

Penquino: "Remember to focus, and not let your hate get a hold of you!"

Chill: "Whatever you say."

Penquino's students obviously weren't paying attention, and he was about to get mad at them. Penquino's intervention-to-be was interrupted, however, by a knock on the door.

Penquino: "Not now!"

A lightsaber from behind the door ignited, and the door was thrown open using the force. It was Goldette, wielding her yellow lightsaber.

Penquino: "Since when are you force-sensitive?"

Goldette: "Oh, haven't I told you before that I'm a Jedi?"

Penquino: "No. But if you were, then how come I was never informed of your existence before?"

Goldette: "I'm disconnected from the council."

Penquino: "Suuure. You can join in on our little lesson, if you'd like."

Goldette: "With pleasure."

Darth Princessius led his Shopper forces to land. Many tanks pulled out of the ships, and advanced towards the city of Hilnit.

Princessius: "Kill anything that stands in our way! Spare nobody!"

Soldiers: "YES SIR!"

Goldette was sitting in her ships quarters with Chris, tapping through Shopper communication transmissions.

Chris: "Is this legal?"

Goldette: "Of course not! But this is a war. This helps our effort."

Chris: "Okay..."

The two friends heard a knock on their chamber doors. Penquino came in.

Penquino: "Have you found anything?"

Goldette: "Yes. Princessius has landed in Northern Shops."

Penquino: "We need to press our counterattack quickly then! We're not far from land, anyway."

Chris: "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Penquino: "Nothing... I just hope that Notron and the other Shopper space colonies haven't been corrupted yet."

Darth Princessius' forces had already secured a landing site along the coast. The tanks were sent towards the capital, while artillery shipments and extra troops backed and supported their lines. The beach-head was becoming increasingly enforced. It was a pristine example of classic Shopper-style warfare. Princessius led the advance as he sliced through opposition with his lightsaber.

Princessius: "Die, lower scum! Nothing stands in the way of the Shopper Empire!"

This continued until Princessius was briefly interrupted by a beep. He grabbed into his pocket, and grabbed his hologram communicator which was beeping and flashing red. He turned it on, and out popped Djf in a holographic video.

Djf: "Darth Princessius, have you secured the capital yet?"

Princessius: "Not yet, my friend; but soon!"

Djf: "Friend? How dare you call me your friend!? I'M YOUR MASTER!"

Princessius: "Master? I've been a Sith for years longer than you have!"

Djf: "Darth Swissius advises that I'm your master, as both a more experienced force-wielder AND as I'm emperor here!"

Princessius: "As you wish... master."

Darth Princessius abruptly shut off his communicator. He was raging more than ever now, but he continued his assault.

From aboard the rebel command ship, Chris and Goldette were still rummaging through Shopper transmissions. They eventually came across some static sounds, which sounded vaguely familiar; especially to Goldette.

"You secured the capital..."

"I'm your master, as bo..."

"As you wish..."

Chris: "They've already reached Hilnit?"

Goldette: "No, but almost."

Chris: "How are you sure?"

Goldette: "I'm a Jedi, duh."

Chris: "Oh, ok..."

The USSI fleet soon saw the Northern Shopper coast on the horizon. Rebel troops began to disembark their ships while in the water, climbing down rope ladders stretched down the ships' hulls and into smaller landing craft. Hundreds of landing craft were ready for a naval assault. Penquino and his keysaber-wielding friends split apart to each command separate battalions. Penquino grabbed a radio and signaled out to the rest of the fleet.

Penquino: "Okay guys, let's do this!"

And with that, the hundreds of small craft made their way towards the beaches. As they came closer to shore, it was apparent that the Shoppers had already reinforced their position; thousands of artillery guns and soldiers stood in their face as the small and stinky boats sloshed around in the waves. They were entering the jaws of death.

Shopper guns and cannons mowed down most rebel troops as the landing crafts' doors opened. Dead carcases were already littering the beach, as the water turned a shade of red. A thick cloud cover hovered above the battle scene the entire time. Against Penquino's orders, Chill and LMGT congregated together and were valiantly leading a growing squadron of troops up the beach. The two penguins used their keysabers to deflect any gunshots.

Chill: "Where are those new aircraft?"

LMGT: "The Umbaras? I don't know!"

Penquino had sent the most of the Umbara aircraft, and many soldiers to New Delphis to fend off a pending Shopper invasion there. Chill and LMGT made their way into the heart of the Shopper defenses. They began to run along the beach, destroying every cannon and, with the help of their troops, killing every Shopper soldier they came across. Penquino and Brook also contributed by jumping into bunkers and dug-ins, wiping out the gunners from within their hideouts.

Far to the north, off of New Delphis' coast, rebel ships were approaching Sunset City, which was located in a bay right close to the Antarctic ocean. Because the rebels had won over the Frosian Islands, the Shoppers had to make their way all the way around Antarctica or UnitedTerra to reach New Delphis, which severely hurt their approach, allowing USSI forces to beat the Shoppers to New Delphis without a hitch. One special task-force was given a special order directly From Penquino. Their job was to recruit an old friend to help the rebels' cause.

That special brigade marched into the capital, completely unarmed to show that they came in peace. They made their way into the outskirts of the city and came across a mansion. The address? 16, Progress Avenue. The commander waddled up to the door and knocked on it, with his troops in the background. A grumble was heard from inside, and an old-looking red penguin came out with a pistol in his flippers. The commander backed away from the doorstep. The penguin, was none other than the famed General Broseph.

Broseph: "Who are you? What are you doing here? Get off my property!"

Commander: "Sir, we come in peace! We are soldiers fighting for the United States of Shops Island. Our president, Penquino, has ordered us to ask you a favor on his behalf!"

Broseph: "Well, what's the order?"

Commander: "Our president wants you to help us in our cause."

Broseph: "Hmm... Come inside, will you?"

Broseph led the commander indoors as the extra troops went off onto the street to wait.

The Rebels had finally secured the beach. More and more ships came in and unloaded artillery and tanks. The Shoppers had begun their retreat and were fleeing towards the capital. Penquino gathered up his friends and gave them their orders.

Penquino: "If Darth Princessius captures Hilnit, then the rest of Northern Shops is done for."

Brook: "What's so important about this place anyway?"

Penquino: "We can use Northern Shops to create a total blockade for Shopper transports. If we succeed, then the Shoppers would have to go all the way around UnitedTerra or go all the way up South America and go through something called the Panama Canal."

Chill: "How do you know that?"

Penquino: "Jedi skills."

Chill: "Okay."

Penquino: "Anyway, I need you guys to send your troops up the path that the Shoppers are carving. Bring trucks and wheeled tanks, they're our fastest option."

LMGT: "What about those new tanks Mito designed for us?"

Penquino: "Those are too slow. Now let's do this!"

The four penguins went their separate ways to gather their battalions for a chase to catch up to the Shoppers. Meanwhile, Penquino went to a makeshift communications center. He contacted Mito, who was safely in Vonkouver.

Back outside Sunset City in New Delphis, the battalion commander and General Broseph were sitting in Broseph's private library. They were sitting in comfy leather and oak seats, with a stone fireplace in the background. The walls were filled with bookshelves, all the way to the ceiling, which was about thirty feet up.

Broseph: "Say, what's your name kiddo?"

Commander: "Sam. Samuel Johnson, sir."

Broseph: "Okay Sam, why should I help you guys?"

Sam: "Well, sadly, the USSI's army isn't as strong as the Shopper Empire's, though we're still growing. We're also fighting for democracy and freedom."

Broseph: "I see. What about Lavender? Where's he at?"

Sam: "I think he retired to Chill Island. He's aged horribly."

Broseph: "Hmm. I suppose you need my help. Consider me your general once more!"

The two penguins got out of their chairs and shook flippers. Broseph began to escort Sam out of the building, but the young commander had one more question.

Sam: "Sir, why did you quit the army in the first place?"

Broseph: "Well kid, there was one time that I let my guard down and I suffered the consequences for it. But I'm over that now."

Sam: "That's good to hear."

It was now nighttime, and Goldette and Chris were both sleeping in their cabin aboard the Rebel command ship. Technically, they were sleeping until Goldette abruptly woke up. She went and cleaned herself up in her powder room, before coming out with a pill. She tip-toed beside Chris' bed and slipped the pill in between his back teeth, before manually clenching his beak and jaw closed to break the pill.

She went outside of the room to see if anyone was coming. Once she realized that there was nobody in sight, she wrapped Chris in his blankets. Goldette soon came back with a stretcher and wheeled Chris out of the room, to places unknown.

Through forests and down winding roads, the rebel wheeled forces led by Chill and LMGT were zooming across Northern Shops, pressing farther inland towards Hilnit. All the infantry and weapons were supported by trucks and wheeled tanks in an effort to take on the Shoppers before they could reach and occupy the capital.

Chill: "How long do you think it'll be before we catch up?"

LMGT: "I have no idea. I bet it's soon, though."

Their forces kept racing down the highway and through the woods. They passed by a couple cars along the side of the road, and not far from it was a flickering light in the distance. However, Chill and LMGT kept pressing forward.

Chill: "What was that?"

LMGT: "Radio Penquino. He'll probably know."

Penquino and Brook's forces were taking up the rear, not too far behind Chill and LMGT. Penquino and Brook were leading their forces in a much more lackluster fashion, though they were at a consistent speed with the army group ahead of them. Penquino, however, was half-asleep as is, and wasn't very focused on his surroundings; neither was Brook. But suddenly, a red light flashed from Penquino's pocket and it beeped. It was his holographic communicator.

"Incoming message!"

This woke Penquino up. He turned it on, only for an image of Chill and LMGT riding on top of a wheeled tank to appear.

Penquino: "Yes? I was almost about to get some shuteye."

Chill: "Oh, sorry. But we just found some suspicious light off in the distance to the right of the road."

Penquino: "What about it?"

LMGT: "Well dood, there are cars parked not far from it. You should be coming up on it anytime soon. You should check it out."

Penquino: "Okay, will do."

Penquino's convoy kept moving ahead. He ordered his men to watch out for anything suspicious on the right side of the road, which they did.

On the mainland to the far east, the residents of Sunset City welcomed their protectors in open arms, offering them the food and supplies that they needed. It here too was the dead of night. Ships were bringing in tons of supplies and the rebels troops were busy fortifying the seawall with gun nests, riprap, and cannons. USSI Destroyer ships lined around the harbor, expecting a full frontal assault by the Shoppers. Landing bases for the Umbara craft were being constructed further inland as Broseph came onto the harbor scene to inspect the progress. Commander Sam was by his side.

Broseph: "Your men are doing a fine job, Sam. It reminds me of the old wartime strategies I used to use. Thing is though, I didn't have the luxury of time on my side."

Sam: "Well, we do, sir."

Broseph: "Expect a Shopper fleet to appear over the horizon at any time. If they come, open all batteries on them and send your fighters to intercept the armada."

Sam: "Sounds like a good idea to me."

Broseph: "Good. I'm gonna go check on those airbases now to make sure they're on progress. You can never be too well-protected."

Sam: "Okay. See you around."

Broseph departed the scene as Sam stayed behind to survey the fortifications. He was also overlooking the large numbers of troops coming in to help the rebel effort. Everything looked in place; it was like a second Escargot Line.

Chapter Eight: Betrayal[edit]

It wasn't long before Penquino's armored convoy came upon a mass of parked cars along the side of the road. By now, Brook had fallen asleep and he was awaken by the sudden change of atmosphere and attitude. Penquino got on the radio and gave his troops their orders.

Penquino: "Men, stop here and pull over to the left. Bring all the weapons you can carry, I have a bad feeling about this."

Penquino got off his tank, armed with his keysaber. Brook woke up and jumped to Penquino's side, as their troops lined up behind them. Once they passed the inconspicuous looking cars, the group saw a path winding through the thick forest.

Brook: "Well, looks like there's no direction to go but down this path."

Penquino: "Duh."

And so, the Jedi, Brook, and their troops made their way down the dark path. Brook and Penquino left their keysabers on to provide light and extra protection.

"Ugh... Where am I? What am I doing here?"

Chris had finally awoken from his deep sleep. He found himself in the middle of a giant opening in the theoretical middle of nowhere. There was a huge bonfire burning in the middle of the clearing. Goldette was looking over him. Once she saw that he was awake, she picked Chris up and walked him over to an opening that seemed to lead away from the clearing.

Chris: "Why are we standing here?"

Goldette: "Oh, to enjoy the view I guess."

Chris: "But there's nothing to see... And I feel like we're not the only ones here."

Goldette subtly put her lightsaber up against Chris' back, right where the heart would normally be. Both of them looked up to the stars, with Goldette still having her lightsaber against Chris' back, as if she was ready to stab him.

Goldette: "Isn't it beautiful, my friend?"

Chris: "I suppose."

Penquino, Brook, and their army began to come to the end of the path as they came in sight of a bright light.

Brook: "Is that a fire?"

Penquino: "Definitely. Prepare your weapons, everyone!"

The soldiers loaded their guns as they came into the wide open clearing. Once they pulled through the brush, they saw Goldette and Chris standing there. Goldette, unannounced to the others, still had her lightsaber against Chris' back.

Penquino: "Goldette! Why are you here?"

Goldette: "Oh, you know. Pleasure, business, a little of both."

Suddenly, she ignited her lightsaber, stabbing Chris in the heart. His corpse collapsed to the ground immediately.


Goldette: "I said there was pleasure involved in this. Now I have business to take care of."

Goldette then charged at Brook and Penquino with a roar, engaging them in a duel. Penquino and her exchanged harsh words accompanied by multiple keysaber and lightsaber blows.

Penquino: "You're a Sith!"

Goldette: "You idiot, you just figured that out now?"

Penquino was too focused on Goldette, but Brook saw something come out of the forest. He saw red lights activate, and he also saw a red lightsaber through the brush.

Brook: "Penquino... I think we have company..."

Out of the forest came a swarm of SIA Drones. With them, was Darth Princessius. His makeover was obscure and very different, but Brook had no doubt that it was his old enemy.

Brook: "You! You're still alive!?"

Princessius: "Of course, fool! Now it's time to end this, and show that I am the true Brook!"

Darth Princessius raised his flipper and blasted Brook with force lightning. The current was so strong and sudden that it sent Brook flying backwards, smashing him into a tree trunk.

Brook: "Ow..."

He was disoriented by the blow. His head began to hurt, as well as his entire body. But he was shocked back into sensibility when he heard Princessius yell:


Darth Princessius force-jumped into the air, with his lightsaber in hand. He crashed toward the ground still screaming, and Brook rolled out of the way right before Princessius landed and thrust his lightsaber into the ground. Brook activated his keysaber and started backing away. Princessius ran at him, locking weapons.

Brook: "You may be stronger, but that doesn't mean you'll beat me!"

Princessius: "We'll see about that!"

Princessius' blows kept coming one after one, as he was quickly pushing Brook back into the thick woods. Both of them were slashing at tree trunks in desperation. Trees were falling down behind them. Princessius was trying to get trees to fall on Brook. Brook, however, was too busy just trying to stay alive.

Back in the clearing, Penquino and Goldette continued their duel. They were circling around the fire as Penquino was also dodging and jumping all over the place to avoid the blasts of SIA Drones. Goldette's blows kept becoming more and more intense, although she began to become tired and less focused. Penquino was aware of this.

Goldette: "This is the end for you, Jedi!"

Penquino: "Oh?"

Suddenly, Penquino locked his keysaber onto Goldette's and flung her up into the sky. He then used the force and threw Goldette into the scorching bonfire. However, the young Sith still had time to blast Penquino with a bolt of lightning before she fell into the flames. Penquino was shot back into the woods while Goldette was burned alive as if she was a witch. She let out screams of pain which echoed throughout the forest.


Penquino was stunned, and the SIA Drones were still there, closing in and ready to fire.

SIA Drone: "*bzzt* Your gig is up, Jedi! *bzzk* Surrender or face the fury of the almighty Shopper Empire!"

Penquino's strength was almost all gone, so he used the last of it to say one last thing:

Penquino: "Not today, thanks."

He then force-jumped up above the clearing and landed in the thick forest. He hid behind a tree and pulled out his holographic messenger. He sent Chill an urgent message.

Penquino (COMM): "CHILL! I'm under attack! Follow my signal and come help! Please!"

The SIA Drones opened fire into the woods aimlessly, sending bullets and laser beams blasting through trees, sending leaves, pine-cones and debris everywhere.

In the woods, Brook was getting tired as Darth Princessius kept forcing them further and further into the brush. Brook, however, was trying to move backwards in a way that led them back to the road.

Princessius: "Tired yet, Jedi?"

Brook was huffing and puffing and sweating too, but he didn't want his opponent to get the best of him.

Brook: "Not at all, why do you ask?"

They continued to exchange devastating blows as the duo dueled their way into thinner forest, and eventually on to the road. They began to square off, pounding each other as hard as physically possible, be it at the sake of the vehicles around them. Princessius continued to push Brook down the road, as Brook became more and more tired as time crawled on. It seemed like the duel would never end, and that time had slowed down ten-fold.

"Incoming message!"

Chill was startled to hear his holographic communicator beeping. He grabbed it out of his pocket and turned it on. The message blared out loud and clear:

"From [Penquino]: CHILL! I'm under attack! Follow my signal and come help! Please!"

Chill: "Uh oh, sounds like Penquino got caught up in that area we warned him about.

LMGT: "Should we head back there and help?"

Chill: "Probably. Let's go."

Chill and LMGT's convoy was almost towards Hilnit and were catching up to the Shopper advance. However, the two commanders instead decided to turn around and help their friends, one of which who was in mortal danger.

It wasn't too long before Chill, LMGT, and their battalion arrived back at the forest clearing. They could see Brook and Darth Princessius down the road, and could hear the chaos ensuing within the brush. Penquino then emerged from the bushes.

Penquino: "Thank goodness you guys are here!"

Chill: "What's going on, man?"

Penquino: "No time to explain - go fight the drones in there, I need to go assist Brook!"

Penquino bolted off down the road to assist Brook fight off his rival, while Chill and LMGT led their army into the clearing to fight off the SIA Drones.

Princessius: "Think you can outdo me, little guy? TAKE THIS!"

Brook was occupied in keeping Princessius' lightsaber moves at bay. Princessius took note of this and kicked Brook right in the groin.

Brook: "OW!"

He dropped his lightsaber and fell to the ground, clutching the area where Princessius had kicked him. Only when he opened his eyes and looked above did Brook see what was about to happen. Darth Princessius had his lightsaber mere inches above Brook's head. Princessius reared his lightsaber up into the air, ready for a final strike, then suddenly:

"You're a lot uglier than I remember, Princessius"

Darth Princessius lost concentration for a split second, and sliced the lightsaber into the ground, as opposed as right into Brook's head. Princessius then turned around to see who had interrupted him. It was Penquino!

Penquino: "Give up, Princessius. I've been in the business longer than you have."

Princessius: "So what? Do you really think I'm scared of you, little pansy Jedi? If so, you're even stupider than I thought."

Penquino: "I know a Sith has no fear – but you should be. When we win this war, you'll be powerless next to democracy!"

Princessius: "Foolish Jedi. My master is the most powerful being in Antarctica!"

Penquino chuckled to himself, before responding: "And who's your master? Djf? Hahahaha!!"

Princessius: "THAT IDIOT IS NOT MY MASTER!!!!"

Out of pure angst, Darth Princessius force choked Penquino and then smashed him into a tree. Princessius kept choking Penquino, and the Jedi master began to turn purple. Meanwhile, Chill, LMGT, and the rebel forces emerged from the forest and surrounded Brook. Penquino saw them, and used his last breath to say:

"Ugh... Surrender now... Princessius! Urk!"

Princessius: "Ha! you're funny, Jedi!"


Princessius turned around to see Chill, LMGT, and the rebel forces standing behind him. They surrounded Princessius. He looked all around for an exit, but couldn't find one.

Chill: "Your army lost, Princessius! Surrender now and you won't get hurt!"

Instead of surrendering, Princessius looked around and then force-pushed everyone over, before running off into the wilderness.

Chill: "...Crap. Should we go after him?"

Penquino: "No. We need to capture Hilnit. He'll probably get attacked by wild puffles anyway."

The USSI soldiers spread out minutes later, arresting and interning Shopper POW's. It was late in the morning by the time they were all ready to go. They soon went on the road, pushing their way to claim Hilnit without much opposition.

Meanwhile, in New Delphis, the battle for Sunset City was fully underway. The city's defenses were being held strong, but were still being battered terribly by the Shopper fleet out at sea. Skyscrapers collapsed like dominoes in the background and the peaceful city skyline had turned into something that looked like a surreal art piece from the underworld. General Broseph was manning a heavy cannon embankment, constantly keeping contact with rebel forces spread across New Delphis.

Soldier: "Good to be back in service, sir?"

Broseph: "You betcha. It's been far too long! FIRE!"


Another shot from their cannon rang out, obliterating a small Shopper destroyer in the harbor.

Broseph: "BOOYA!"

Broseph's celebration was quickly interrupted by an incoming message on the radio.

"From [Merchants Garrison]: General Broseph or General Sam, do you copy?"

Broseph (COMM): "I'm here. What is it?"

"We're under attack by Shopper forces sir, we need backup immediately!"

Broseph (COMM): "Wait, what!? What the heck do you mean?"

"Our strongholds in Gates have already been captured - we're being completely overrun!"

Broseph (COMM): "Crap. I'll have to let you go."

Broseph closed the connection and ran outside his bunker - he then ran off into the war-torn city to find Sam.

In Northern Shops, it was now early evening, and the rebel convoy was finally closing in on Hilnit. The convoy was traveling in tiny individual sections, and Penquino's column was taking up the rear.

Chill: "Are we there yet?"

Penquino: "No."

LMGT: "Are we there yet?"

Penquino: "No!"

Brook: "Are we there yet?

Penquino: "NO!"

Chill: "Jeez Penquino, no need to be so grumpy."

Penquino: "Well, your foolishness doesn't exactly-"

Before Penquino could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by screeching brakes and the sound of vehicles smashing into each other.

Penquino: "What the heck?"

He got outside to see all of the other vehicles had came to a halt and some had crashed into each other, although there was no serious damage to any of them.

Penquino: "What's the problem, kid?"

Soldier: "We're out of gas, Mr. Jedi-sir."

Penquino: "All of us?"

Soldier: "Yes sir."

Penquino: "How does that even happen?"

Soldier: "I don't know, sir. Can't you turn water into gasoline or something like that?"

Penquino: "No. I can use the force, that doesn't mean I can perform miracles."

At the same time, LMGT, Chill and Brook got out of the vehicle and came up to Penquino to see what was wrong.

Chill: "What's up, man?"

Penquino: "All the gas has ran out. We're stuck."

LMGT: "I told you we should have gotten Cream Soda-powered trucks! They're much more efficient!"

Penquino: "You would have drank all the fuel!"

Brook: "Guys, stop bickering! There must be a way we can keep going."

Penquino: "I doubt it. We'll have to go search for help."

Chill: "Can't we just radio the others for supplies?"

Soldier: "Afraid not, sir. The vehicles' batteries have gone limp too, so the radios don't work either."

Penquino: "Well, that leaves us no choice. We might as well head out and look for a settlement."

And with that, all the troops, and the four Jedi abandoned their column and waddled down the highway in search of hospitality.

After two hours of waddling down the highway, everyone was getting tired and daylight was beginning to transition to night. However, it wasn't long before they came across a beaten path that twisted its way far into the forest.

Soldier: "What's that?"

Chill: "Probably just an old walking path. I wouldn't worry about it."

Penquino: "No. Wait. Everybody stop."

LMGT: "What is it?"

Penquino: "I don't know... My Jedi senses tell me there's something important down that path that we should go investigate."

Soldier: "You lightsaber dudes go do that. Us soldiers have no business exploring."

Penquino: "So be it. Let's go, guys."

And so, Penquino, Chill, LMGT and Brook solemnly made their way down the winding path, into the unknowing and unforgiving darkness.

Chapter Nine: The Great Escape[edit]

The rebel situation in New Delphis had taken a turn for the worse. The Shoppers had pulled a pincer on the rebels, and they were now surrounded. However, General Broseph had yet ordered the troops to keep fighting until the very end. The Shoppers still pounded Sunset City; the place had now been leveled. The Shoppers still pushed through rebel resistance in the south of the colony like a hot knife through butter. And, the Shoppers still kept sending in reinforcements to help speed up the rebel's glaringly obvious defeat.

Sam: "Sir, I think we should retreat - or at least use some greater force!"

Broseph: "Retreat? True Shoppers don't retreat! And what do you mean by greater force?"

Sam: "I don't know... Maybe Squarium bombs?"

Broseph: "Are you daft!? We'll blow ourselves up doing that!"

Sam: "Sir, it's one or the other unless you want to die!"

Broseph sighed. He lurched his head the other way then answered under his breath:

"So be it. We will retreat. But this won't be my last fight."

Penquino, Chill, LMGT and Brook had made it to the end of the long path. Upon their exit they were met with the view of a high fence constructed of old wooden shafts, topped with spikes.

Chill: "Looks like we found someone to help us! Hooray!"

Brook: "Are you sure? This place looks run down."

Penquino: "Only one way to check. Let's jump the fence and see what's inside."

Penquino used the force to send his three friends over the high fence, and then force-jumped his own way in. When they got in, it was as if they had suddenly traveled 200 years in the past. The village inside the fence was archaic - All but one of the houses were built of wood, there were ancient watchtowers and old cannon armories along the village's wharf. A Puffish green ensign flew high over the village, showing that the area was once a Puffish trading post.

LMGT: "This place must be abandoned... it's ancient!"

Penquino: "I have no idea. However, I do feel something eerie about this place. We should explore in case there is someone here."

The four penguins waddled around the village, hearing some things rustling in the buildings, and doors slamming. They even encountered a horde of bats. Events kept getting weirder, but the thing that set Penquino and co. off was what came next:


Penquino: "What was that?"

Chill: "What was what?"

Penquino: "I just heard a voice in my head."

LMGT: "You're just crazy."

Penquino: "Whatever."

The four continued to search the village, looking for someone, but with no success. Strange noises and instances kept occurring, along with recurrences of "Penquino"




Penquino continued to ignore the voices his head, until the group of four rounded a corner onto a long street. Suddenly, the building behind them fell out from its supports and collapsed.


Everyone was scared solid. They turned around and backed off - the building behind them had just been reduced to rubble!

Brook: "It's not just us, THIS PLACE IS CURSED!"


The group of four turned around again, only to see Bro's ghost. They were all shocked - they hadn't seen their late friend in months.

Penquino: "Bro! What are you doing here?"

Chill: "Yeah Bro, what the heck is going on? This place is haunted or something!"

Bro: "I know it's haunted. Why didn't you respond to my calls in your head, Jedi dudes?"

Penquino: "That was you?"

Bro: "Yeah. I'm also the one who took the building behind you down, to get your attention. But the rest of this place is cursed for some reason."

LMGT: "That's cool and all, but why are you here?"

Bro: "All of you and your armies gotta get out of here as soon as possible."

Penquino: "Wait, what? What do you mean?"

Bro: "The Frankterran, Snoss, and Castillan armies are all heading off to war as we speak. Frankterre is about to invade the southern coast of Northern Shops, while Snowzerland and Castilla are about to square off in the north."

Penquino: "That can't happen! They'd all surely respect the USSI's sovereignty over this territory... maybe except Snowzerland."

Bro: "Nope. They're all willing to invade. Both the USSI and the Shopper Empire are illegitimate states to them, so all Shopper territories are pretty much up for grabs."

Penquino: "What about New Delphis?"

Bro: "Your forces have lost there. The USA is getting ready for a joint invasion alongside Polaris."

Penquino: "So does that mean we might as well call it quits and stop trying?"

Bro: "I don't know. All I know is that this war will end in disaster for everyone if either you guys or the Shoppers take this much further out of hand."

The position for both sides of the conflict had become precarious. Antarctic countries, notably the empires of the Ninja Archipelago, were openly attacking Shopper territories. Darth Princessius had been called back to Shops City to meet with emperor Djf.


Djf threw a can of margarine across the room, splattering on the other wall.

Princessius: "I'm sorry my master... but both us and the rebels are losing against the other powers. Our forces are too..."

Djf: "Enough with your pessimism! I've found other means as to how we can win this war!"

Princessius: "How so?"

Djf: "Lately they've discovered a new element on the planet of Notron that we call "Deathium". Apparently it has great weapons' potential, even better than Squarium or plutonium... maybe it could be our knockout blow!"

Princessius: "A doomsday device?"

Djf: "The title I had for it was better, but yeah, sure."

Princessius: "This idea is intriguing, but what am I to do with it?"

Djf: "Your job is to make sure we get our Deathium without any problem. We can also use this opportunity to get a tighter grip on our space territories; they've been getting quite belligerent lately. Now, go! There is a spacecraft waiting for you at the Military Imperial Complex."

Princessius: "Yes, my master."

Princessius left Djf to go board the spacecraft bound for the planet of Notron.

However, when it came to the Shopper Empire expanding into space, there was a major logistical problem. Most of the Shopper Space Corps and their spacecraft had been taken over by the USSI when the civil war broke out, due to most of them being based in Southern Shops; deep in rebel territory.

Meanwhile, Penquino and the gang had retreated from Northern Shops as it was stormed by Snoss, Castillan and Frankterran forces.

Chill: "Where can we go now?"

Penquino: "I honestly don't know. Northern Shops has been taken over. Bar Crab City has too, and Vailand is under attack."

Brook: "What's the situation like at home?"

Penquino: "I've heard they've devolved into trench warfare. Intelligence suggests that the Shoppers have been pulling some of their forces and gathering them elsewhere."

LMGT: "So, where will the next invasion come from?"

Chill: "We'll wait and see, I guess."

"Hey Mito, come look at this!"

At one of the rebels' main bases in Southern Shops, an engineer had observed something peculiar on the radar. It showed an object flying up through Earth's atmosphere, into space.

Mito: "What do you think it could be?"

Engineer: "I have no idea. Maybe it's a UFO?"

Mito: "No, it flies too much like a penguin spacecraft. I'll tell my brother about it, maybe he'll have answers."

On the planet of Notron, tensions were rising. In the City of Peace, the capital of the planet dominion, there were rising movements to leave the Shopper Empire and join the side with the USSI. Notron had been oppressed for decades, and didn't like the idea of any of their freedoms being infringed upon by the evil Shopper Empire. The Shopper Empire hadn't yet established its dominance over the space territories, and doing so was about to inflate a whole new theatre of the war. As the tensions rose, the prime minister of Notron spoke to his people:

Prime Minister: "My people, our home planet is in dire danger again, by a threat coming from Earth. But unlike last time, the threat is real. These invaders do not wish to bring us freedom, but rather wish to enslave our planet once more. This entity is the Shopper Empire, one of the factions that emerged after another force, called the United States of Shops Island, seceded from Shops Island. The Shopper Empire is ruled by the forces of dark and evil; the USSI is ruled by the forces of the light and goodness. We must put our faith in the USSI, and we must put our faith in freedom!"

The crowd that had gathered around him cheered frantically.


This pattern repeated itself over and over again on Shops' other space colonies. The Shopper Empire was furious, and knew that this resistance would have to be crushed if they were to win the war.

Penquino and the gang had just arrived in Vonkouver, and were exhausted. All of their territories were under siege by foreign countries, but the news was about to get worse:

"Master Penquino! Master Penquino! We've received intelligence on something very important!"

An officer came running over to Penquino and his friends, giving the Jedi master a transcript that had been found by USSI Intelligence.

Officer: "We've spotted many unidentified flying objects heading for Planet Notron, sir, as well as other space colonies. Most of them have declared that they wish to join our side, so the Shoppers have gone in and tried to subdue them."

Penquino: "Well isn't this just great... now we have to fight a war in space!"

LMGT: "It can't be that bad! We have a larger space fleet than them!"

Penquino: "True... I guess we have no other choice. Tell all our available pilots to board their craft and head to Notron."

Officer: "Yes sir!"

Darth Princessius had already begun the mass-pillage of Notron. Imperial Shopper troops and drones came in by the hundreds of thousands, and were quick to subdue most Notroneans. Those who were useful were sent to be used as slave labor. The useless were sent away for re-education, and those who actively rebelled were killed as a public spectacle. Princessius himself had landed not far from where the "Deathium" was supposed to be, in northern Oberfranken.

Princessius: "Where is this stuff? I don't have all day! We need to get it before the rebels get here!"


Princessius: "What was that!?"

Darth Princessius had heard a loud blast out in the distance behind a hill, which was not far away. He ran and force-leaped over the hill, only to be confronted by a rag-tag group of Notroneans who would fight to the end for their freedom. They opened fire on Princessius, who looked like a monster to them.


Princessius: "Oh no you don't!"

He pulled out his lightsaber and activated it, but nothing happened.

Princessius: "WHAT THE HECK?!"

He tried again. Only a couple sparks came out. It was as good as broken. Princessius was also busy dodging Notronean fire. He then tried using the force to forcibly throw the enemies' weapons away. Nothing.


Princessius collapsed onto the ground before he could finish his statement. He had been shot. The Notroneans picked him up and took him as prisoner. Princessius was knocked unconscious as he bled profusely.

Meanwhile, Penquino and his entourage had joined the rebels in forming a massive space fleet to take on the Imperial Shopper forces, as they rampaged through Notron. Their force mainly comprised of fighters from the former SIA Space Command Fleet. There were only a few larger capital ships, which had been hastily built at the beginning of the war. The force sped through hyperspace, and had arrived not far from Notron. Captain Swaggins and General Lorn, who had both fled to the USSI at the outbreak of the war, were dragged out of retirement to help command the rebel fleet.

Chill: "So, Lorn, how long should we be until we get to Notron"

Lorn: "Ehh... I predict about two hours, young chap!"

Penquino: "Can we get a reading on Shopper defenses in the area?"

Lorn: "I think it's about-"

Swaggins: "Watch it, old man! I'm in charge here, I'll give the stats!"

Penquino: "Then would you be so kind as to tell us?"

Swaggins: "Ah, yes. I've seen no Shopper ships on the radar."

Brook: "None?"

Swaggins: "Of course not! That's what I just said!"

Chill: "We should be able to start bombarding the planet's surface, then?"

Swaggins: "Yes."

Penquino: "Then let's begin!"

Swaggins got on the intercom and told all of the capital ships to start opening fire on Notron. Moments later, many cannons were sending laser blasts rocketing into the Notronean atmosphere. General Lorn commanded the fighter squadrons as they raced ahead to begin softening up any defenses inside the atmosphere.

Chill: "Does anyone else think it's weird that there are no Shopper defenses in the area?"

Swaggins: "I don't! There couldn't possibly be any."

Penquino: "Yeah... it's kinda creepy. I know Djf is stupid and all, but I'm pretty sure he'd send some kinds of space reinforcements."

Swaggins: "I doubt it. That old wretch doesn't even have any ships!"

Brook: "I agree with Penquino and Chill. I think it's a trap."

Swaggins: "What? Of course not, I-"

Chill: "Yeah, it's a trap."


Penquino: "Because, look behind you."

Swaggins turned around in his fishbowl to see a massive fleet of Shopper ships coming out from the dark side of Notron. The fleet was absolutely massive.

Swaggins: "Oh. That trap."

The Shopper ships opened fire on the rebel fleet. They outmatched the rebels in both fleet size and firepower.


Chill: "Hey Penquino?"

Penquino: "Yeah?"

Chill: "I know this is a really bad time to ask, but where's LMGT?"

Penquino: "In the storage room searching for donuts. He's suffering from withdrawals-"

LMGT: "Here I am! Did I miss something- oh."

Penquino: "Yeah. I think General Lorn and Swaggins have got this, I've got important business to tend to."

Penquino abruptly left the flight deck, and made his way down into the fighter bay. Tucked in a corner was a special Actis fighter waiting for him. It was activated by the force. He jumped in it and zoomed out of the hangar.


Darth Princessius was writhing in pain inside a jail cell, not far from where he was captured by the Notroneans. Outside his cell he could hear the guards speaking in German. Due to spending many years on Pen Chi Island, he had gotten a good grasp of German due to speaking with the Snoss guards.

Princessius: "Lass mich gehen!" (Let me go!)

Guard 1: "Nie!" (Never!)

Guard 2: "Höhöhöhö, nein." (Hahahaha, no.)

Princessius: "Then I have no choice but to KILL YOU BOTH!"

He tried to harness the power of the force to break out of the jail cell, but amounted to nothing. For some reason, the force didn't work here.

Princessius: "Rats."

Guards: "Höhöhöhöhöhöhöhöhöhöhö!!!"

Princessius sulked into the back of the cell, feeling incredibly embarrassed. He tried to think of what he could do. At the same time, the guards waddled away, still laughing. As he caressed his robes, looking for something that could come to use, he moved his flipper over a cold iron rod. He dug through his robes and pulled it out. It was his lightsaber! The Notronean guards had never reckoned with Jedi or Sith before and therefore didn't know of the power of lightsabers. Princessius ignited his weapon and sliced the door off his cell, before making a run for it, slicing through any guards who tried to detain him.

Just as he ran out of the prison, an Imperial Shopper fighter swooped in from overhead. It landed, and Princessius hopped on, before flying away.

Princessius: "Talk about good timing!"

Pilot: "Good thing you're safe, Lord Princessius. The emperor sent for you."

The fighter climbed steeply into the air, eventually breaking through the atmosphere and reaching the Shopper capital ship.

Penquino was in his space fighter, on approach to the capital ship and the other Imperial Shopper destroyers. He got close and opened fire on the massive craft, only leaving superficial damage.

Penquino: "These things are built tough!"

He turned around and came back, this time dropping bombs on the destroyer.


A massive explosion engulfed Penquino's craft briefly before he raced out of the fireball.

Penquino: "That's more like it!"

The destroyer looked to be disabled, as it had stopped firing upon rebel ships and fighters. Penquino still had bombs on him, so he sped towards the capital ship, getting ready to bombard it as well.

Penquino: "I'll drop these bombs and victory will be min-"


Out of nowhere, a specialized TIE Fighter came up behind Penquino and opened fire.

Penquino: "These Shoppers can't make anything easy, can they?"

Penquino had to take evasive action, and cut hard to the right before dropping back and letting the TIE Fighter get in front. Penquino then opened fire, but the enemy was unfazed. This dogfight continued for a while before suddenly -


The TIE Fighter pilot had made a lucky shot and had blown off Penquino's fighter's left wing. Penquino's craft careened out of control, off into space. The TIE Fighter kept up in hot pursuit but did not fire. Penquino tried to regain control, but suddenly found himself stopping, and then going backwards. His craft was floating towards the Shopper capital ship.

Penquino: "Oh crap, they got me locked in a tractor beam!"

He turned the engines on to full power and tried to escape, but it was futile. Penquino's fighter was dragged into a hangar on the Shopper capital ship. Penquino jumped out of his wrecked fighter before it even touched the flight deck. At the same time, the special TIE Fighter that had been pursuing Penquino came racing in, and it's pilot jumped out, and launched himself at Penquino.


Penquino: "Princessius! I should have known!"

Darth Princessius hit the ground and Penquino took out his keysaber. Princessius ignited his and charged at Penquino, only for the Jedi master to suavely step aside, causing Princessius to slam into a wall.

Penquino: "Olé!"

Princessius: "That joke was already made!"

Penquino came charging at Princessius, just as the Sith lord turned around and forced Penquino back. Princessius used the force and slammed Penquino into the other side of the hangar, and then force-jumped, intending to impale Penquino, but he was able to dodge Princessius just in the nick of time once again. Both of them got up and they dueled themselves into a long corridor, with Penquino being constantly pushed back by Darth Princessius.

Princessius: "I'll get you, you sniveling little wretch!"

Penquino: "We'll see about that!"

The duel went a long way down the corridor. Lights sparked and debris was flying everywhere as Penquino and Princessius made a wreck of the corridor and its utilities. Princessius still had the advantage and was pushing Penquino fiercely. They eventually found themselves at the edge of a large shaft. Penquino was blissfully unaware of this as his back faced the shaft. Princessius suddenly turned off his lightsaber and stood ominously over Penquino.

Penquino: "What's going on? Do you surrender?"

Princessius: "No, but maybe you should."

Penquino: "And why is that?"

Princessius: "Because you're in a very precarious position right now."

Penquino: "Oh yeah, and what are you gonna-"

Darth Princessius pushed his nemesis over the edge of the shaft, and Penquino was sent plummeting all the way down to the bottom.


Penquino screamed the whole way down until a loud crash was heard, and then silence.


"Penquino? Penquino? Are you there?"

Back at the rebel command ship, Chill was trying to get a hold of Penquino, who had not contacted the group for a few hours.

"Penquino, answer me!"

There was no answer.

Brook: "What's going on?"

Chill: "Penquino isn't answering my messages."

LMGT: "Maybe something happened to him."

Chill: "I hope not. If he's gone then we're done for."

Swaggins: "If he's not answering your calls then that means he's either dead, been taken prisoner, or just doesn't like you."

Brook: "I think I saw Princessius' fighter go into the Shopper command ship at the same time that Penquino did."

Chill: "If that's so, then I assume that they must have fought."

LMGT: "The Shoppers don't take prisoners."

Chill: "I know. That must mean that..."

There was silence for a moment as everyone came to grasp what must have happened. They believed that Penquino had been defeated and killed by Darth Princessius.

Brook: "He's gone..."

The silence continued as everyone tried to come to terms with what seemed to be the undeniable truth. They sat in silence in honor of their fallen friend.


The somber silence was soon interrupted, however. An explosion rocked the rebel command ship, as much of the vessel began to catch fire, billow smoke, and started to list heavily to the left, in the direction of Notron.


General Lorn: "Frankly, I'm getting used to this."

Many pilots and commanders aboard the command ship scrambled their fighters and took off in retreat. Many others huddled into Nebula craft and took off.

LMGT: "We have to make our escape!"

Everyone ran out of the command room, trying to make their way down to the fighter bay, and to find an escape. But, not far from the bridge, they found that the floors above them had collapsed and the corridor was blocked.

Brook: "We're trapped!"

Chill: "Are you seriously that naive? Grab your keysabers and start slicing!"

Brook, Chill, and LMGT pulled out their keysabers and began slicing through the wreckage like madness to get to the fighter bay. Captain Swaggins and General Lorn followed closely.

LMGT: "Is it just me or is it hot in here?"

Chill: "Yeah..."

Lorn: "We're entering the atmosphere! We have to hurry!"

It took little time before the group had reached the fighter bay, but by now all fighters and transports were gone.

Brook: "You've got to be kidding me..."

As the ship kept falling down towards Notron, the entire vessel began to shake itself apart. Giant steel plates fell from the ceiling of the fighter bay, as well as electronics and other accessories.

Chill: "Grab a piece of sheet metal and jump!"

Lorn: "I'm getting too old for this."

Everyone grabbed pieces of steel and jumped out of the fighter bay. Everyone except Captain Swaggins, who had to be carried by Chill.


Inside a dark and cluttered room, a dazed and badly beaten Penquino woke up to the sounds of clanging and rattling, as well as the sounds of a scurrying creature. He saw a multi-colored object emitting light as it crashed around, aimlessly coming closer to where he was tied down on an upright and operable table.

Penquino: "What's going on? Who are you?"

"Ah, there you are."

After hearing Penquino, the creature made it to the foot of the table. It was a brown puffle with two eyepatches on, and a keysaber-like dagger in his grip.


"Mr. Jedi Penquino, I've been expecting you."

He spoke with a Puffish accent and seemed rather calm despite the mess that he had just created.

Penquino: "Who are you and what do want from me?"

"My name is Pheonix the Third, the son of the late and great Pheonix II, who gave birth to me in..."

Penquino: "I asked, what do you want from me?"

Pheonix III: "I'm the Shopper Empire's best interrogator and torturer. Do you like this little dagger-saber here?"

Penquino: "No."

Pheonix III: "Hmph, well Mr. Penquino, my job here is to kill you in the most painful fashion possible, since it seems that Darth Princessius can't get you to die, he's tasked me with extracting everything from you and making sure you die a slow and painful death."

Penquino: "So do you expect me to talk?"

Pheonix III: "No Mr. Penquino, I expect you to- oh wait actually... umm... uhh yes, yes I do expect you to talk. And I have very effective means of getting it out of you!"

The evil puffle set the table back to its horizontal position and then jumped up on it. He brought his fancy weapon close to Penquino's neck. In response, Penquino tried to use the force, but to no avail.

Pheonix III: "Your force powers don't work here. I am the one in control! Now, your rebel friends have crashed their spaceship and are about to be captured by our Imperial Forces. Tell me where they are, or else I'll chop off your right flipper."

Penquino: "I don't know! And even if I did, I would never tell you!"

Pheonix III: "Then you give me no choice."

Penquino: "If you're going to chop off my flipper you need to move your dagger over to the right a little bit."

"A little more."

"Just a little bit mooorrreee..."


Penquino had guided the practically blind Pheonix III to the chains that secured Penquino to the table.

Pheonix III struck his weapon down onto the chains and they snapped. Penquino's right flipper was free; he grabbed the dagger-like weapon and threw the evil puffle to the other side of the room before freeing himself.

Pheonix III: "Drats! That happens entirely too often."

Penquino made his way for the door, but not before Pheonix III could set off an alarm to the guards. Penquino made it out the door and grabbed his keysaber; he was in for a good fight.

After watching their command ship get destroyed, Chill and the other rebels were falling towards Notron. Their makeshift scrap-iron parachutes weren't proving very effective.

Brook: "AHHHHH!!!!!"


After minutes of panicking and watching many rebel troops die on the plummet to the ground, the intrepid group let go of their pieces of steel and free-fell the last couple feet, landing in many feet of snow. They had landed in the Oberfranken region of Notron, not far from where Penquino was being held, nor far from where Imperial Shopper forces were still searching for Deathium, the elusive element Djf sought for his doomsday weapon.

Alarms sounded throughout the base where Penquino was being held captive as the Jedi master wreaked havoc in his escape, ripping Shopper soldiers to shreds in every which direction through improvised weapons, considering his keysaber didn't work. He stole a speeder bike that was lying near an outpost and used it to break through the front gates, considering he couldn't just force-jump over the fence. He zoomed off into the snowy abyss that was this part of the faraway world of Notron.

However inconveniently, Darth Princessius arrived at the base not long afterwards to see Penquino, or at least that's what he expected. When Princessius arrived at the base, he was stunned.

Princessius: "What happened here? Did the rebels attack?"

Soldier: "I don't know."

Princessius: "Then what did happen?"

Soldier: "I don't know."

Princessius: "Ugh! How can you not know what happened!? I thought you were based here!!"

Soldier: "I don't know."

Princessius: "That's it!"

Darth Princessius took out his lightsaber and activated it, and immediately swung at the dumb soldier.

Nothing. Sparks.

Princessius: "RATS!"

Princessius pushed the soldier into the snow as he angrily marched into the base. He should have known that Penquino had escaped, but that conclusion was too obvious. He went into the room where Pheonix III operated, expecting to see a bound up and badly injured Penquino.

Princessius: "Well Mr. Penquino, we meet agai- oh you have got to be kidding me."

Darth Princessius saw the empty table at the back of Pheonix III's lab, as well as much destruction and the dazed puffle himself still rolling on the floor.

Pheonix III: "Who's there?"

Princessius: "Your boss, dimwit!"

Pheonix III: "Who?"

Princessius: "It is I, DARTH PRINCESSIUS! The most powerful Sith to ever set foot in this universe!"

Pheonix III: "Oh, yes. Hello my lord. How are you?"

Princessius: "Terrible! What did you do with that filthy Jedi Penquino, and WHERE IS HE!?!"

Pheonix III: "He err... umm... uhh must have gotten away..."

Princessius: "WHAT!?!?"

Pheonix III: "i'm so sorry"


Darth Princessius, in his fit of anger, picked up Pheonix III, and threw him so hard that he went right over the complex fence and got buried in the snow outside of the base.

Pheonix III: "I hate to say I'm starting to get used to this..."

The Sith lord then, in his anger, loomed over the dazed and confused brown puffle, who laid helplessly in the snow. Princessius picked up his lightsaber one more time ready to strike the bumbling puffle down once and for all.

Darth Princessius: "Third time's a charm..."

He turned on the lightsaber and swung at Pheonix III. The scared and confused puffle shut his two blind eyes in horror, thinking this was the end.


Yet again, sparks flew but the lightsaber did not activate.


Darth Princessius put his lightsaber away, more incensed than ever. Instead, he grabbed a match out of his inventory and simply lit the helpless Pheonix III on fire before waddling away. The angered Sith moved on from Pheonix III and made his way to a nearby laboratory where the illusive "Deathium" weapon was being constructed. As Darth Princessius approached the facility, there was a sudden flash and bang, and then silence:


"This is Master Penquino calling for any USSI forces on the ground - do you read?"

Penquino had successfully escaped Pheonix III's captivity with the help of some cunning USSI pilots, who flew him back to the rest of the forces. Luckily, the rest of the gang had heard Penquino's transmission over the radio;

Chill (COMM): "Penquino! You're alive! We're apparently 20 miles east of Köpenick right now"

Penquino (COMM): "Good to hear from you again Chill, I'll meet up with you shortly."

A few minutes later, Penquino's craft landed where he reassembled with the rest of the group. Penquino told the group his harrowing tale, but he was soon interrupted by a USSI Commander with urgent news.

Commander: "Good to see you're alive Master Penquino, but unfortunately I come bearing bad news."

Penquino: "What would that be?"

Commander: "Shopper forces have already based themselves in Köpenick and are poised to take the whole city and its surroundings in a matter of hours. We will have to escape if we have any chance of survival".

Brook: "We can hold them off! We have a Jedi here and we're all capable fighters! We've gone up against worse odds before."

Penquino: "As much as I'd love to stay and fight, I'm afraid our friend here might be right. For some reason, the force and my lightsaber don't seem to work on this crazy planet, so our best chance might be to flee."

LMGT: "You know, I'm getting really sick of running away from things at this point."

Penquino: "So am I, but it is our best chance for survival."

Commander: "According to other reports, our forces are greatly outnumbered across Notron. The Shopper ambush on our fleet drastically reduced our fighting force and as such we've been flying by the seat of our pants trying to fight the Shopper forces. It may be wise to abandon Notron to its fate."

Chill: "We can't do that! Notron is Shops Island's largest space colony! If we let this one fall, all our others could be in jeopardy!"

Brook: "Well, what choice do we have?"


Djf and Darth Princessius were in the middle of an intense argument about what had just happened. Right before Princessius could get to the "Deathium" laboratory, it had blown up and destroyed all evidence that research had ever occurred there.

Darth Princessius: "Clearly this magical substance of yours is far too dangerous to work with! We should cut our losses and focus on expanding our territory!"

Djf: "You are foolish and unwise, my apprentice! This doomsday device will win the war for us, for the Sith! I have foreseen it!"

Princessius: "Well then, master, you best increase production elsewhere to offset this setback."

Djf: "I will. This device will be completed on schedule, without your meddling. I have other tasks for you, ones that are perhaps more difficult to screw up."


"Hello, this is Lavender. I have a favor to ask of you, Ed."

"Okay, what did you have in mind?"

Chapter Ten: Divide and Conquer[edit]

As a result of the war, the political landscape of Antarctica had changed drastically; that tends to happen when a superpower collapses. Most of Shops Island's territories which had not already been fought over in the war were being gobbled up by the Ninja Archipelago nations and other wannabe imperial powers. In a shocking move, ex-President Lavender had broken with post-presidential tradition and had asked Ed Island to begin taking Shopper space colonies for itself, honoring an agreement that had been made over ten years prior.

The turmoil surrounding Shops Island was of primary concern to the AU, which had called an emergency meeting in Frostize. Chancellor Pengvintine took place at his podium to address the delegation:

Pengvintine: "Thank you all for gathering here on such short notice. Today were are here to discuss the faltering Shops Island and what should be done about its colonies."

Suddenly, the floor erupted into chaos, with everyone wanting to voice their opinion:

Frankterran Delegate: "We must let Shops Island administer its territory fairly and according to law!"

Ruscan Delegate: "Every nation for itself! All territory is fair game!"

King Carlos: "All territory should be ceded to Castilla, as we are Shops Island's closest AU ally!"

Austin8310: "Don't listen to that old geezer! All territory should go to Snowzerland, as we are the most powerful nation in the AU, and the only ones fit to rule!"

Pengvintine: "ENOUGH! Clearly we cannot reach a consensus. Thus we will have a simple majority vote; All in favor of "divide and conquer" say "Ay"! All who wish to create a legal framework say "Nay"."

A vast majority of the delegates present were in favor of going to war to get as much territory as possible:



The one 'Nay' vote was cast by the delegate for Mylou, a nation which had nothing to gain one way or another.

Pengvintine: "The Ay's have it; I suppose Shopper territories will be dealt with through good ol'-fashioned Imperialism then!"

The chamber erupted in a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. The AU had just voted to go open season on all outstanding Shopper territories. Soon after, many other nations would also take this approach to dealing with Shops Island's territories.

Penquino and the others had boarded one of the few remaining USSI cruisers, which were on their way back to Earth in light of all the recent developments. Penquino was watching the Penstubal Post's news channel of all things, which was the only frequency available. Penquino tried to see through the glaring bias and to understand the facts of the situation.

"This isn't good... this isn't good at all."

Chill: "What is it?"

Penquino: "The AU has just voted to divide and conquer all of our outstanding territory, and it seems like many more nations are joining in. I don't know if us or the Shoppers really stand a chance at holding any more of these territories."

Brook: "That's not very good at all..."

LMGT: "Lavender also called on Ed Island to take over the rest of our space colonies, so at least the Shopper Empire can't get a hold on those."

Penquino: "I suppose all we can do now is head back home and defend the Shopper homeland."

LMGT: "Well then, this may very well be the final showdown."

After they had arrived back in Vonkouver, Penquino gathered his friends together to make up a battle plan.

Penquino: "Okay, so here's the deal: I've been meditating quite a bit lately, and I feel that I should go to the Jedi Temple to see what's really going on."

LMGT: "Are we going to follow along then?"

Penquino: "Unfortunately, the Jedi council wouldn't approve of outsiders coming into their meetings. However, I've discussed with other people involved in the defense of New Delphis and apparently they have an idea."

Brook: "What's that?"

Penquino: "I don't know. Apparently they want to meet you at a cafe a few blocks from here. You have a table reserved for 'Sam'. You better get going."

Chill: "Ok then, see you later!"

Penquino: "Good luck!"

Chill, LMGT and Brook rushed off down the street towards the cafe. A few minutes later, they arrived at the step with a waiter ready to seat them.

Chill: "Hi there, apparently we have a table booked for 'Sam'."

Waiter: "I don't see any booking on my list."

LMGT, however, did see it, and made it known by pointing to it on the list: "It's right here!"

Waiter: "No, it isn't! I know that because I said it wasn't!"

LMGT: "But it's written on the list..."

Waiter: "You're wrong - I'm right because I said so!"

LMGT: "Are you really going to-"


The argument was cut short by a shout from across the cafe, everyone looked over and saw General Broseph and Sam sitting at a table. Chill, LMGT and Brook pushed the waiter out of the way to go sit with them.

Brook: "Out of the way, scrub."

Once everyone had settled in, General Broseph explained his plan:

"Ok, so this is my new right-flipper man, Sam. He's awesome."

Sam: "Hi!"

Chill, LMGT & Brook: "Hi Sam."

Broseph: "We have gathered intelligence from spies within the Shopper Empire that Emperor Djf has hidden most of the empire's cash and gold in a few vaults in Bro Town. We believe that if we raid and successfully destroy this supply, the Shopper war machine will quickly deteriorate due to lack of funds and give us the upper hand."

Brook: "I understand that financial issues will hurt them, but will it really turn the tide?"

Sam: "The Shopper Empire is being bankrolled by Snowzerland, and I'm sure Swiss Ninja would not be fond of supplying military equipment and fuel for free."

Brook: "I see..."

Broseph: "We'll be conducting this raid with help of defectors from the SIA Special Forces who are familiar with Bro Town. You guys still have Keysaber's, right?"

Chill: "Yeah, LMGT and I still have ours."

Broseph: "Good. You best head to the USSI military base on LordMaster96 Island to stock up on supplies. Our flight leaves at 9:00 PM sharp tonight."

LMGT: "Okay, Broseph, we'll see you there."

Sam: "Good luck!"

LMGT: "And one more thing -"

Broseph: "Yes?"

LMGT: "Don't try to pull a coup on us this time."

Broseph: "Yes, of course..."

Penquino had arrived at the top secret location of the Jedi Temple in southern Shops Island, located 30 miles southwest of CK Town just off the interstate, hidden in the woods. Penquino took off his hoodie and put on his Jedi robes so that he could be properly identified. He was approached by a Jedi Temple Guard, who was there to ensure that no outsiders entered the temple.

Jedi Temple guard.png

Guard: "Ah, Master Penquino. It's been a while."

Penquino: "It has. I heard that my presence has been requested by the council."

Guard: "It has indeed. Please, come inside."

Penquino made his way into the main chamber of the Jedi Temple. This chamber is where the Jedi High Council conducted all of its meetings. Present at the meeting were many of Antarctica's most powerful Jedi masters, including Master Fisch, Master Sensei and Grand Master Yed'ah, among others. The room was dimly lit and the Jedi masters sat in a circle around Penquino.

Yed'ah: "Greetings, Master Penquino."

Penquino: "It's good to see you too, Master Yed'ah."

Yed'ah: "Aware of why you have been summoned, are you?"

Penquino: "No, I am not."

Fisch: "We sense that there is a great disturbance in the force, particularly surrounding this war."

Penquino: "Isn't there always a 'great disturbance in the force'?"

Fisch: "Indeed... We sense that Kaiser Swiss Ninja is playing a dirty role in this game, and we need you to settle it."

Penquino: "What exactly do you mean?"

Fisch: "We have evidence to suggest that Swiss Ninja is affiliated with the Sith. We need you to deal with him, and in doing so you deal with a valuable ally for the Shopper Empire."

Penquino: "You're his brother, why don't you deal with it?"

Fisch: "I believe that my time will come eventually, Master Penquino."

Yed'ah: "Only the best of luck we wish you, Master Penquino."

Penquino: "Thank you, Grand Master. I will see to this issue immediately."

Penquino bowed to his fellow Jedi Masters and got up to leave the temple; he made his way to the hangar within the temple to get his personal Actis Starfighter, which was the quickest way of getting him to Snowzerland. Without delay, he fired up his Starfighter and he was on his way.

After a few hours of preparation, Chill, LMGT and Brook met back up at the Vonkouver airport with General Broseph, Sam, and defectors from the SIA Special Forces, ready to board a one-way flight to Bro Town.

Broseph: "Since we obviously can't land in enemy territory, we'll be parachuting into Bro Town, from there we must fight our way to the central bank vaults and do our job."

LMGT: "You don't think we'll face stiff resistance from the Shoppers?"

Broseph: "I'm expecting some push-back, but keep in mind that most Shopper forces are in Notron or fighting on the front lines in Western and Southern Shops."

Chill: "Makes sense."

Sam checked his watch, and alerted the gang: "It's 8:58 PM, everyone."

Broseph: "Right, let's get on board."

Everyone got on board the plane, and it quickly took off from Vonkouver's Airport, on its way towards Bro Town. This raid could potentially turn the tide of the war.

After a few hours, Penquino had made his way to Zurich in Snowzerland, where, quite suspiciously, he had met no air resistance. It was almost like someone knew he was coming. Penquino landed his Starfighter not far from the Keukenhof Castle, Swiss Ninja's personal residence, and Penquino made his way towards the castle.

By this point in the war, Penquino had grown war-weary and was not in the mood for polite negotiation, but rather he just wanted to get this ordeal over with.

Snoss Guard: "HALT! No access allowed!"

Penquino simply used a Jedi Mind Trick to get past the guard.

Penquino: "I have important business to attend to. You will let me enter."

Guard: "You have important business to attend to... I will let you enter..."

Penquino pulled the Jedi Mind Trick on other guards and servants a few more times before finally arriving at the top tower of the Keukenhof Castle.

He soon approached a room in which Penquino felt a very dark presence. Inside, he could see Swiss Ninja standing at a window, facing away from the Jedi Master. Without turning or moving, Swiss addressed his guest:

"Ah, President Penquino. I've been expecting you."

Penquino: "I'm not here to talk, Swiss Ninja."

Penquino took out his Keysaber and ignited it, ready to strike Swiss Ninja down and to cut off a vital Shopper ally. Without moving or turning around, Swiss replied swiftly:

Swiss Ninja: "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerf-"

Penquino: "I'm not playing games, Swiss! You know what you did - You can either surrender peacefully or you leave me no choice but to strike you down."

Swiss Ninja: "So be it then..."

Swiss pulled his Keysaber out of his inventory and ignited it, he then turned towards Penquino and ran ahead to make the first strike. They briefly exchanged blows, before Swiss Ninja tried to blast Penquino with force lightning, which he deflected with his keysaber.


Penquino: "Your witchcraft and dark magic will never prevail, Swiss! The Jedi will overthrow what is left of the corrupt Sith and restore order to Antarctica!"

Swiss: "We'll see about that!"

Swiss increased the power of his force lightning, but to no avail; after some point, Penquino could no longer hold back the sheer force of the lighting, and he ended up being thrown back across the room and down a long flight of stairs leading to the top of the Keukenhof Castle. Penquino had dropped his keysaber in the fall, and narrowly dodged Swiss Ninja who had jumped after him. Penquino then used a force push to slam Swiss Ninja against a wall to buy enough time to grab his keysaber. After Swiss recovered, the Jedi Master and the Sith Lord engaged in a fierce battle; it was a duel between one of Antarctica's most prolific Jedi masters and the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Swiss: "Your dueling style is sloppy and unrefined! No wonder your apprentice was such a lousy fighter."

Penquino: "Your petty insults won't get to me! I'm here to bring you to justice for supporting the Shopper Empire, and I'm not leaving Zurich until I have you in tow!"

Swiss: "Is that so?"


All of a sudden, Swiss Ninja's dastardly bounty hunters appeared. Austin8310, XTUX345 and Java Ghent all began shooting at Penquino, who now had to fend of them and Swiss at once.

Austin8310: "Hold still, Jedi! You're making this awfully difficult!"

Penquino: "If you were such a skilled fighter Swiss, you wouldn't need your cronies here to help you!"

Swiss: "I have more important things to do than entertain you, Jedi scum! I have an empire to-"


XTUX had just taken a lucky shot at Penquino and had managed to land a bullet inside the hilt of Penquino's keysaber. Sparks flew out of the weapon before it deactivated; the clever Jedi ducked out of the way of an incoming blow from Swiss Ninja, and used the force to push the bounty hunters away to buy him some more time.

Swiss: "Some Jedi you are; you're not even able to protect your weapon!"

Penquino: "You know what? I've had enough of this..."

"Beep boop beep!"

Suddenly, Penquino's starfighter piloted itself up alongside a nearby window with the help of the onboard pilot droid.

Penquino: "That's a good droid - This isn't the end, Swiss! Peace and justice will always prevail over your corruption!"

Swiss: "We'll see about that, fool!"

Penquino hopped in his starfighter, still dodging incoming fire from the bounty hunters. As soon as he got in the cockpit, the starfighter took off as fast as it could, and it was soon out of sight of the Keukenhof Castle.

Penquino: "Well, that didn't go exactly as I'd hoped..."


"Aw c'mon, really?"

Although he had gotten into Snowzerland without facing any resistance, leaving would be quite a bit more difficult. Multiple Snoss TIE Fighters had been scrambled to take down the Jedi starfighter. Luckily, Penquino was an expert pilot and made quick work of the relatively unskilled TIE Fighter pilots. Under the cover on incoming nightfall, Penquino made his way back to Shops Island, defeated and unsure of what to do next.

After his failure to properly oversee the construction of the "doomsday device" on Notron, Darth Princessius had been summoned back to Shops City by Emperor Djf.

Princessius: "What do you want now?"

Djf: "That's no way to speak to your master!"

Princessius: "Yeah, well what are you going to- AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!"

Djf blasted his 'apprentice' with force lightning, sending him across the room and into a wall.


Princessius: "Yes, master... What were your plans?"

Djf: "I sense that the rebels are about to make a dastardly attack on Bro Town and our financial reserves. I need you to go there and ensure that their plot fails. Can you handle that?"

Princessius: "Absolutely - I'm the greatest Sith warrior out there!"

Djf: "Your track record as of late has been less than satisfactory..."

Princessius: "Well, that was due to-"

Djf: "JUST GO! I will not tolerate any more incompetence from you, understood?"

Princessius: "Yes... master..."

Darth Princessius sulked away; he was getting increasingly tired of having to answer to Djf.

"Okay guys, we're approaching Bro Town; get your parachutes on and get ready to drop!"

General Broseph, Sam, Chill, LMGT, Brook and many defectors from the SIA Special Forces were on a cargo plane inbound to Bro Town, under the cover of darkness, to conduct a crucial raid on the Shopper Empire's financial reserves. Their task: burn all the paper money and delete all of the present gold reserves.

As Emperor Djf did not believe in "imaginary money", all of the Shopper Empire's money was in physical form, and all government transactions were done with cash and bullion. Even worse, this attack was coming at the end of a pay period, in which Swiss Ninja and other military contractors were expecting to be paid for their assistance to the Shopper Empire.

Broseph: "Let's all get in a line! I'm going to send the Special Forces out first, followed by our special guests!"

Everyone lined up accordingly, with the elite soldiers ready to take the plunge first, and Chill, LMGT and Brook were ready to follow suit.

Broseph: "On my count, we're going to jump!"





Everyone on board began jumping out of the plane in a single file line, with Chill, LMGT, Brook and General Broseph taking up the rear. As Bro Town was a small community deep in the heart of the Shopper empire, they had anticipated stiff resistance once they reached the ground, but nobody had warned them about being attacked while skydiving.


Unfortunately, the rebel force had been discovered quite quickly, as their flight had been tracked on radar, and TIE Fighters were scrambled to deal with the rebel incursion. Snowzerland had loaned the Shopper Empire a large fleet of TIE Fighters, and Swiss Ninja was expecting his rental payments within a couple days... out of the reserves which were to be attacked.

Chill: "Wait a minute, since when does the Shopper Empire have TIE Fighters!?!"

Broseph: "They can't make anything easy, can they?"

Chill, LMGT and Brook got out their keysabers and started deflecting the incoming attacks with them, while everyone else started firing on the enemy aircraft. The TIE Fighters were well-built, however, and handheld weapons did little to hurt the fighters.

In the midst of the attack, Brook thought to himself: "Hold on, I have an idea!"

Brook grabbed a grappling hook out of his inventory; he had picked it up at the military depot in Vonkouver earlier that evening. Once a TIE Fighter came close around to him for a strafing pass, Brook latched onto one of the fighters and reeled himself in. He used his keysaber to break into the cockpit, threw the pilot out, and assumed control of the fighter himself. Everyone else was stunned.

Broseph (COMM): "Do you know how to use that thing?"

Brook (COMM): "No, but now seems like as good a time as any to find out!"

Although Brook had never piloted an aircraft before, let alone a TIE Fighter, the controls were quite intuitive and it didn't take long for him to get the hang of it. He ended up making quick work of the enemy fighters, and then proceeded to swoop down above the streets of Bro Town to clear away any standing resistance.

Brook (COMM): "Hey, uh... Where exactly is this place we're ransacking?"

Broseph (COMM): "It's a large, grey building a couple hundred feet south of the main square, you can't miss it!"

Brook (COMM): "Roger that!"

The building they were looking for was quite distinctive. Brook was able to find it easily, and used the TIE Fighter to destroy the facade of the building, killing most of the guards in the process. At the same time, all of the surviving rebels had touched down and were inbound towards the building of interest. Brook landed the TIE Fighter in front of the building and waited for everyone else before heading inside. One of the Special Forces agents made sure to destroy the TIE Fighter on the way inside to prevent anyone from using it against them.

Chill: "That was pretty awesome, Brook!"

Brook: "Thanks!"

General Broseph had blueprints for the building on hand, and led the squadron down to the basement of the building, while meeting patchy resistance along the way. Once they got into the basement, they encountered several vaults with bombproof doors.

Broseph: "These doors here are why I brought you Jedi trainees on this mission; none of our explosives will penetrate these doors, so we need you guys to use your keysabers instead."

LMGT: "Sounds simple enough."

Chill, Brook and LMGT took out their keysabers and started cutting through the doors. The plan was going flawlessly, until a menacing figure came into the basement, lightsaber in hand.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

Chill: "Oh boy, here we go again..."

There stood Darth Princessius, who had been tasked with ensuring that the rebel attack on Bro Town failed.

Princessius: "Don't think you'll get away this time! I'm not taking any prisoners; the only way you're getting out of this building is in body-bags!"

Brook: "Not if I have anything to say about that!"

Brook began frantically and violently attacking the Sith imposter, in a rage-induced outburst of strikes, stabs and parries in rapid succession. Princessius was caught off guard by the gusto with which Brook fought, and as such did not notice that Chill and LMGT had opened two of the vault doors during the fight.

Broseph: "Alright boys, have at 'er!"

The members of the SIA Special Forces made their ways into the vaults with flamethrowers and Deletion Grenades, ready to lay waste to much of the Shopper Empire's standing financial reserves.

Princessius: "NO!

Darth Princessius disengaged from his rival and ran into the vault, with Brook in hot pursuit. There was nothing the Sith lord could do to reverse the deletion of all the gold or the money which was rapidly burning.


In a fit of anger, Darth Princessius concentrated his full power of the Force on the defectors of the SIA Special Forces, whom he blasted with a lethal dose of force lightning.



Darth Princessius made quick work of the SIA Special Forces soldiers, and was ready to finish off Chill, LMGT and Brook before he was interrupted:

"Yoohoo! Over here! Come get me you frog-looking hunk of scrap iron!"

Princessius: "WHO SAID THAT!?"

Broseph: "You think you're soooo powerful with your magic powers. How about you try fighting like a real man?"

He laughed, thinking Broseph was joking: "HA! You think you could fight me, the most powerful Sith of all time!?"

Broseph: "Of course I can! But no magic tricks, and no laser swords!"

Princessius: "Alright, you're only delaying your own death, general. Let's make this a fair fight."

To make the fight fair, he dropped his lightsaber and kicked it across the room. Then, using the Force, Darth Princessius picked up Chill, Brook and LMGT and pinned them against a wall to keep them from interfering.

Chill: "Some fighter you are!"

Princessius: "SILENCE! I'll show this so-called 'general' the price of his ignorance!"

Broseph put up his flippers to indicate he was ready to fight. Princessius approached him, and they engaged in flipper-to-flipper combat. It was fierce and swift; although Broseph had aged, his years in the military made him a skilled fighter even against someone who was willing to cheat with the Dark Side. After exchanging multiple punches and kicks, Broseph was unhurt:

Broseph: "Is that all you've got? I've seen old men fight better than that!"

Princessius: "I don't have time for this..."

Darth Princessius used the force to grab his lightsaber and was ready to strike General Broseph down. At the same time, he accidentally let go of Chill, LMGT and Brook, who ignited their keysabers and ran over to the fight scene to protect Broseph.

Princessius: "RATS!"

Thinking fast, the cunning Sith lord grabbed Broseph and put his lightsaber up to the general's neck.

Princessius: "Take one more step and your friend gets it!"

Brook: "Not this cliche again... If you were worth your salt you could fight all three of us, and not worry about a non-Jedi!"

Princessius: "Hmm... you're right... maybe I shouldn't worry about this random idiot. SO LONG, 'GENERAL'!"

Darth Princessius then proceeded to slice his lightsaber straight through General Broseph's neck.


Broseph's decapitated body fell to the ground with a deafening 'thud'. The once-famed Grand General of the Shopper Armed Forces had been slain at the hands of Darth Princessius. Although they did not always agree with him or his leadership, Chill and LMGT were not allowed to let this grave deed go unpunished.

Chill: "Right, now you've had it!"

Chill, LMGT and Brook engaged Darth Princessius all at once.

LMGT: "You won't get away this time!"

Brook: "You've failed, Sith scum! Your cash reserves are ash and your gold reserves are worthless in the Cybervoid!"

"Ohh, Djf is gonna want your head on a platter for this one!"

Princessius: "WHAT!? WHO SAID THAT!?!"

"Over here! Never seen a ghost before?"

Behind Darth Princessius stood the ghost of Bro.

Princessius: "Ah yes, Bro. Don't think you're going to just swoop in and save the day for your Jedi friends so easily! You're so weak you didn't even live long enough to see my rise to power! You doubted me, but look at me now! I'm on top of the world!"

Bro: "But at what cost?"

Princessius: "Don't moralize me, you little brat! You failed as a leader and as a voice against the power of the Sith! Do you really think you can defeat me just because you're a ghost?"

Bro: "I believe I have - look behind you!"

Darth Princessius turned around, to see that Chill, Brook and LMGT had disappeared. They were smart enough to use Bro's distraction as the perfect opportunity to escape.

Bro: "Better luck next time!"

Bro's ghost vanished, leaving Darth Princessius both perplexed and enraged.


Chill, Brook and LMGT had used Bro's distraction to get away from Darth Princessius, and were now on the streets of Bro Town, waiting for rescue.

Chill (COMM): "This is Chill calling from Bro Town, come in, all frequencies! We need immediate rescue! This is NOT a drill!"

Rebel Command (COMM): "We hear you, Mr. Vice President. We're sending help as soon as possible."

The mission was a success; the rebel force had successfully destroyed most of the Shopper Empire's standing gold and cash reserves, leaving the empire in a precarious situation. However, it had come at the cost of a whole battalion of Special Forces soldiers and the mastermind behind the whole project, General Broseph.

Chapter Eleven: The Final Showdown[edit]

As the sun began to rise in the early hours of the morning, Penquino returned to the Jedi Temple, having failed to punish Swiss Ninja for his assistance to the Shopper Empire. He met with the Jedi Council hoping to find advice and assistance.

Fisch: "I probably should have told you that Swiss Ninja likes to fight dirty, Master Penquino. I've seen him slay many Jedi before you; you were lucky to get out of there in one piece!"

Penquino: "Thank you, Master Fisch; however one little defeat like that cannot hold me back, I have a country to restore order to. And we need all the help we can get."

Yed'ah: "Peacekeepers, the Jedi have always been. Warriors are not what we seek to be."

Penquino: "I understand that sentiment, Master Yed'ah, although I insist that this is a worthwhile investment for the Jedi Council as we are directly fighting the Sith."

Fisch: "Unfortunately, Master Penquino, we cannot risk the fate of the entire Jedi Order on one civil war and against two amateur Sith lords without drawing much more attention and risk to the order."

Penquino: "This is a battle for the fate of one of Antarctica's most powerful countries; it's a fight for millions of lives! If this isn't a worthwhile fight, then what is?"

Yed'ah: "Sworn to helping others, the Jedi are. We must protect those who cannot protect themselves."

Fisch: "I have to agree with Grand Master Yed'ah on this one. You and your 'padawans' seem to be fully capable of protecting yourselves as is."

Penquino: "I see. Thank you for your guidance."

Penquino was curt and was frankly quite upset that the Jedi Order would not provide the help that was required to end the war; victory for either side was palpable as fighting had been relegated down to the mainland of Shops Island. Penquino decided to make his way back to Vonkouver, where he would meet back up with Chill, LMGT and Brook.

Knowing he had failed at protecting the Shopper Empire's financial reserves, Darth Princessius did not want to return to Shops City just to get reamed out by Djf. Instead, he made his way to the front lines to try and break the stalemate that had been going on for quite some time. The fight had been reduced to brutal trench warfare, ranging all the way from the coast of Western Shops through the forests of Southern Shops

Princessius came with the head of General Broseph in tow, both as a morale booster, and as a reminder to the Imperial generals of what their fate would be in the event of failure. Many of the older generals whom had served General Broseph in previous wars were clearly uncomfortable with Darth Princessius' "trophy".

General: "Lord Princessius, it's... uh... a pleasure to see you."

Princessius: "Enough with the pleasantries, general. I'm here to make the breakthrough that you numbskulls haven't been able to."

General: "With all due respect, sir, the rebels are well entrenched and are heavily armed."

Princessius: "What kind of excuse is that? Are you telling me you are not willing to die for me and your emperor!?"

General: "No! I would never dream of treason like that, sir! What I simply meant was- AGHCK!"

Darth Princessius began to force choke the general, largely to make an example out of him. He began gasping for air, but there was no remorse to be had.

"Defeatism will not be tolerated! I want a breakthrough to be made, NOW! Understood!?"


Having just killed another general in cold blood, all the other Imperial commanders who were present realized it was smart to just go along with Princessius' crazy plans.

Other General: "What are your wishes, my lord?"

Princessius: "Assemble our most elite troops; we're going to go over the top and wipe out the rebel trenches, when we shall begin our advance!"

This general knew the plan was suicidal, but was smart enough to not talk back.

"Excellent plan, my lord. We will make preparations immediately. *gulp*"

Djf was sitting at his throne in Shops City, awaiting news from Darth Princessius, who had instead opted to head to the front than back to see his emperor.

Servant: "Lord Pengus, there is an incoming hologram transmission for you."

Djf: "Who is it?"

Servant: "He will not tell me, my lord."

Djf: "Fair enough. Put him through."

The servant left the room, turning on the hologram transmitter as he left. Djf was expecting news from Darth Princessius, but instead he got something much worse.

"Lord Pengus..."

Djf: "Darth Swissius! What a surprise, I-"

"I am not here for excuses, Lord Pengus. You know what day it is, right?"

Djf: "It's November 1st, my lord, but-"

"Then why have I not been paid for my assistance to your cause?"

Djf: "The shipment of gold should have been ready to go last night, Lord Swissius! I'm sure there was just a delay."

"Delays are not to be tolerated! I sense that there was more foul play afoot than some simple 'delay'."

Djf then realized that Darth Princessius had failed at his relatively-simple task. He grew furious, but knew he could not express it in front of his master.

Djf: "My deepest apologies, Lord Swissius. We will compensate you for your gracious assistance as soon as possible. Have a good day."

"I'm not done yet."

Djf: "Oh..."

"This 'doomsday device' you've spoken so highly of, what is its status?"

Djf: "It's currently in the final stages of development my lord, it-"

"You've been saying that for over a month!"

Djf: "I promise that the weapon will be completed very soon. It will definitely eliminate the rebel threat!"

"I am not here to bet on hopes and dreams, Lord Pengus."

Djf: "I am aware of that, Lord, but-"

"You have the force of an entire country behind you, and yet you cannot defeat one Jedi Master, his apprentices, and a rag-tag group of rebels! Your performance as of late has been most upsetting."

Djf: "My deepest apologies, my Lord."

"Any more incompetence will not be tolerated. Bear in mind that if you cannot perform, you will be replaced."

Swiss Ninja ended the transmission before giving Djf a chance to respond. Many failures stemming from both his and Darth Princessius' ineptitude had become a thorn in Swiss' side. Djf was now afraid for his life, as he should be.

Penquino, coming off a stunning defeat, reunited with his friends, who had just accomplished a great victory for the rebels.

Penquino: "Good job, guys. You've crippled the Shopper Empire for sure."

Brook: "Yeah, and it would have been a lot easier without Darth Princessius interfering."

LMGT: "That made things pretty difficult."

Penquino: "Princessius? What was he doing there?"

Chill: "The empire must have gotten intel about our attack."

Penquino: "What happened to General Broseph? You'd think he'd be telling the whole city about how great he is and how he's pulled off the greatest raid of all time."

Brook: "He didn't make it."

Penquino: "Oh dear..."

Brook: "He made the ultimate sacrifice to let us finish the job and escape in one piece."

Chill: "He died a hero, at least... I guess that's all he'd ever wanted."

LMGT: "I think he certainly redeemed himself."

Penquino: "Agreed."

The rebel friends walked down the streets of Vonkouver, which had really started to feel the effects of war, as rolling blackouts and a shortage of all supplies was rampant. While waddling the streets, Penquino bought a newspaper off a grateful vendor who had received little business.

Penquino: "Well, this is troubling..."

Chill: "What is it now?"

Penquino: "Apparently the Shoppers have broken through our defensive line just west of CK Town."

Brook: "We should probably go and fight then, shouldn't we?"

Penquino: "That would be wise. You three should go and spearhead the effort, as you've proven yourselves to be quite capable without my help."

LMGT: "What are you going to do, then?"

Penquino: "I have to attend to political matters; I'm still president, after all."

LMGT: "Right, I almost forgot..."

As Chill, Brook and LMGT went off to hold back the Shopper advance through what was left of rebel territory on the mainland, Penquino went to his presidential office to make a televised plea to the countries of Antarctica for assistance. He knew that, on the heels of defeats by the Shopper Empire, and with the involvement of Swiss Ninja and the Snoss, the rebels had little hope of winning the war as is. This plea was heard by many of Antarctica's most powerful politicians, who were hesitant to get involved.

President Donal Tenorio of the USA was one of the first to respond when pressed about the issue:

Journalist: "Mr. President! What is your opinion on the Shopper Civil War, and are you willing to help the USSI?"

Tenorio: "The civil war is a HUGE problem, and I have the best minds working on the issue right now."

Journalist: "What exactly is that supposed to mean?"

Tenorio: "I know that the war is a tremendous problem, but the Shoppers have treated us very unfairly in the past. So unfair."

Journalist: "So you won't help the USSI?"


Journalist: "..."

President Patrick Smith of the United Provinces was next to respond.

Journalist: "President Smith, what is your opinion on helping the USSI in their fight against the Shopper Empire?"

Smith: "We think that the Shopper Empire is repulsive and revolting, but we are declining to help either side in the war at this time. They had previously declined our help, so why bother now?"

The press gallery got quite unruly, with many Provincials booing and hissing at president Smith; even though he did not fervently support the rebels, many Provincials did.

Journalist: "They're fighting for the good of Antarctica! You should help them as this is a moral crusade, not a political one!"

Smith: "We have to focus on our own issues first before we can just go around wasting money on pointless civil wars. We will, however, provide humanitarian aid and allow Shopper refugees to resettle if they so wish."

Emperor Slender of Magonia, when asked, was one of the few politicians to respond positively to the USSI's request.

Slender: "I strongly believe that the rebels are fighting a good fight against the Sith, and as such I pledge that Magonia will help the USSI in their efforts in any way we can."

Journalist: "What do you mean by that?"

Slender: "We will provide arms, training and rations to the rebels to help bolster their war effort; I believe that supporting the legitimate Shopper government will help Magonia in the end and create a meaningful change in the war."

It was clear to Chill, LMGT and Brook that the end of war was in sight, and it was approaching rapidly. They had been tasked with halting the recent gains made by the Shopper Empire and to defend CK Town, home to much of what was left of the SIA.

Chill: "Alright guys, let's show these Imperial scrubs who's boss and kick some butt!"

The rebels had begun setting up encampments around CK Town in anticipation of a vicious attack. Meanwhile, Chill, LMGT and Brook gathered a force of about 1000 soldiers to go on the offensive to push back into Imperial Shopper territory. Their advance did not last long, however, until they came under attack.


LMGT: "Well, that didn't last very long."

Out of the forest came a large battalion of RDA Clone Troopers and Shopper soldiers, accompanied by TIE Fighters up above to quell any air resistance.

Shopper General: "Surrender now, rebels! Your rag-tag group of guerrilla warriors stand no chance against the might of the Shopper Empire!"

Chill: "I'm sorry, but CK Town is closed. You'll have to turn around."

LMGT: "Yeah, and we're not gorillas either!"

Shopper General: "I don't get paid enough for this nonsense... Soldiers, ATTACK!"

The Imperial Shopper forces and Snoss reinforcements opened fire on the rebel battalion, who were quick to return the favor. Chill, LMGT and Brook ignited their keysabers and took charge, heroically fighting off the enemy and preventing an easy advance.

After spearheading a new round of attacks against the rebels on the main front, Darth Princessius left his generals to their own devices and went to take care of his own business. Even though he was supposed to report to Djf on his progress and to explain himself for the vault heist, he instead opted to go elsewhere: Snowzerland.

Darth Princessius, aboard his personal starfighter, landed outside the Keukenhof Castle much like Penquino had done before. However, he would be given a much warmer welcome upon arrival.

Snoss Guard: "Good to see you made it here safely, Lord Princessius. The Kaiser has been expecting you."

Princessius: "Excellent."

Swiss Ninja was sitting in his Sith robes at his throne with his loyal bounty hunter Austin8310 by his side. The lights had been turned off and only a few candles lit the massive throne room. Swiss and Austin exchanged some brief whispers before Darth Princessius approached the throne.

Austin8310: "Oh boy, not this again..."

Swiss: "Quiet down, Austin! This is an esteemed guest!"


Swiss: "Darth Princessius... I've been expecting you."

Princessius: "Thank you, my Lord. I sense that you know why I am here."

Swiss: "Indeed I do. The recent actions of your master, Darth Pengus, have been most upsetting."

Princessius: "He is NOT my master! I will answer to him no more!"

Swiss: "Oh?"

Princessius: "His continual failures are due to his lack of conviction! I cannot be subservient to someone who was once a filthy Jedi!"

Swiss: "He is weak, much like his old master."

Princessius: "I would be a much better leader!"

Swiss: "You have my blessing, Lord Princessius. Go and lead Shops Island, for it is your destiny. I have foreseen it."

Princessius: "Thank you, my Master."

Swiss: "Make haste, Lord Princessius. DO WHAT MUST BE DONE."

Darth Princessius left the throne room, invigorated and ready to "do what must be done." As soon as he left, Swiss started cackling maniacally.

"Hahahahaha.... HAHAHAHAHA.... MWAHAHAHA HA HA HA!!!!!"

Austin8310: "You're not really going to let THAT nincompoop lead Shops Island, are you?"

Swiss: "Of course not, Austin! He is but a tool in my greater plans! I will have no trouble disposing of him later on and putting someone suitable in charge, as is right. Why do the dirty work to eliminate one of our most powerful rivals when I can get a moron like him to do it for me?"

Austin8310: "Good point."

Some time later in Shops City, Emperor Djf was sitting at his throne, looking out over the city. The citizens of both the Shopper Empire and the USSI were suffering greatly from the war, as almost all resources had been diverted to the war effort. Suddenly, Djf was interrupted from his thoughts by commotion from outside the throne room.


Djf looked towards the door of the throne room, which now had a lightsaber sticking through it. Darth Princessius had cut open the bombproof door leading to Djf's throne and threw it across the room with the Force, nearly missing the emperor.

Djf: "Darth Princessius, what is the meaning of this!? You nearly killed me!"

Princessius: "Oh, I'll do better than nearly killing you."

Darth Princessius ignited his lightsaber, and Djf lit his keysaber, and they engaged in a duel. Due to Djf's disability, Princessius had the upper hand right off the bat.

Djf: "YOU TRAITOR! How DARE you rebel against your Emperor!?! After everything I've- AAAAGGHH!"

Darth Princessius blasted his former master with force lighting, sending him out of his wheelchair and flying across the throne room until he hit a wall. Darth Princessius waddled over, lightsaber in hand, at the Emperor who had little way of defending himself.


Princessius: "This is the natural order of the Sith: there can only ever be two. AND YOU HAVE FALLEN OUT OF FAVOR!"

Djf: "No, please! Please don't! No! NO!"

Darth Princessius sliced his master in half, clean down the middle. Now there really were only two Sith. He collected Djf's keysaber and put it into his inventory, before waddling away as the Shopper Empire's new Emperor.

Princessius: "This will make a fine addition to my collection!"

Much like Swiss Ninja, Princessius too cackled maniacally as he left the throne room, thirsty for even more power and glory.

"The power is mine! All MINE! MINE! HA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"


Back on the home front, Chill led a battle cry as he and his rebel forces led yet another attack on the advancing Shopper army. The war had nearly reached CK Town, which was a key stronghold for the rebels. The fighting was a fierce as ever, with both sides getting quite sick of the war, as it had raged on for almost a year at this point. By this time, Penquino had reconnected with Chill, Brook and LMGT after his presidential business in Vonkouver. The rebel attack was going swimmingly, that is until Penquino piped up:

"Hey Chill, I don't feel so good..."

Chill: "What's up, man? You okay?"

Penquino: "No... I... I sense... I sense that something terrible has happened?"

Chill: "Is this a Jedi thing?"

Penquino: "Yes... I feel a great imbalance in the force... But I don't know what it is."

Chill: "It's probably just a false alarm. Come on, we have some Imperial butts to kick!"

Penquino: "Maybe you're right... Okay, let's do this."

Penquino and Chill ignited their keysabers and went back to the front line. Once again, they led the rebel battalion by slicing down enemy troops and deflecting bullets from hitting their own soldiers. However, Penquino still felt that something wasn't right. Then, all of a sudden, it clicked:


Brook: "Djf? What about him?"

Penquino: "He did it! The madman actually did it - that monster! That unbelievable, sniveling little-"

LMGT: "Who did what, now?"


Brook: "....Oh. Yikes."

LMGT: "You should be celebrating, though! His reign of tyranny is finally over!"

Brook: "And now another one will start... But we should still celebrate his death..."

Penquino looked at LMGT and Brook very disappointingly.

Brook: "...Right?"

Penquino: "You two don't seem to understand. When a Jedi takes on a Padawan, the master and the apprentice will always share a strong bond due to how much time they've spent training and fighting together. Even if an apprentice turns to the dark side, a master will still be greatly impacted in the event of his apprentice's death. Even if I despise everything Djf turned into, he was still MY apprentice before he got corrupted... I still remember the good times we used to have..."

Brook: "Oh..."

Penquino: "I also sense that, in the heat of it all, he was scared... no, terrified - that he suddenly realized the error of his ways and-"

A rebel general had overheard the entire conversation, and suddenly stepped in to prevent the overly-sentimental Penquino from making any rash decisions.

General: "It doesn't matter if he felt sorry in his last minutes, he still did terrible things and threw Shops Island into a civil war! Come on guys, cut the Jedi nonsense; we have a war to fight!"

Penquino sighed: "I suppose you're right, general. His heinous deeds will not be forgotten."

Penquino, his Jedi-trainee friends and the rebel soldiers continued their assault on the advancing Shopper Forces; they would have to fight fiercely regardless of whether or not Djf was dead, for they knew his replacement was even more brutal.

Not far from the front, a makeshift war-room had been made up by the Imperial Shopper forces. Within the canvas and plywood room sat a large boardroom table and multiple Shopper generals, as well as a few Snoss generals sent by Swiss Ninja to oversee the war effort. They were discussing a strategy for a Shopper advance, that is until they were interrupted:


The door to the war-room was sent flying across the room, just barely missing the Shopper general at the far end of the table. Darth Princessius barged into the room, ready to flex his newly-found power.

Shopper General: "Ah, Lord Princess-"

Princessius: "EMPEROR Princessius."

Shopper General: "Yes... It's good to see you've arrived, Emperor Princessius."

Princessius: "What is the situation?"

Snoss General: "Our forces and your forces have agreed to encircle Bro Town and to cut off all enemy forces in the area. We will besiege them until they surrender while advancing onward to Vonkouver; our last major target."

Princessius: "No, that will never do!"

Snoss General: "I beg pardon?"

Princessius: "CK Town must be taken! I need those pesky Jedi and their rebel friends exterminated, NOW!"

Snoss General: "Our strategic maneuvers are being conducted in accordance with Snoss military policy. I advice you to follow our strategy, or else-"

Princessius: "Or else WHAT?"

Snoss General: "Or else you will have some explaining to do with the Kaiser."

Princessius: "This is outrageous! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!"

An infuriated Darth Princessius stormed out of the war-room; he would accept the Snoss strategy this time, but his patience for strategic blunders had run thin, and he was hungry for absolute power, and was unwilling to let some foreign generals boss him around.

Darth Princessius' absolute reign of terror was quick to spread across Antarctica. He had grown very strong in the force and could use his powers of telekinesis far away from Shops Island. In his anger, he decided to use a show of force to show all of Antarctica that he meant business.

In Acadia, president Brant Esser was giving a speech regarding the Shops Civil War:

Brant: "The penguins and puffles of Acadia believe that what the Shopper Empire is doing is absolutely reprehensible, and is as bad as anything we've seen to date in Antarctic history, second only to the horrors of COMMUNISM! and SOCIALISM!. I shudder just to think about it! The Shopper Empire must be stopped, and its ugly, violent, oddly-feminine 'emperor' needs to be- ACK!"

All of a sudden, Brant clenched his neck and fell to the ground. His body was then lifted up off the stage, smashed into his podium, and sent flying through the stage curtain behind him. Many of Brant's aides were clearly concerned for his well-being and raced after his body. Luckily, he wasn't seriously hurt. Many journalists and political opponents (of which there were many), however, had a good laugh and Brant's misfortune. Darth Princessius' powers were far-reaching, but Brant would not be humiliated without a proper fight.


Shortly thereafter, Brant had gathered up some of his finest soldiers from the Acadian military, who had accompanied him on a helicopter headed towards Shops Island. The Acadian forces made contact with the Rebels, claiming that they were Acadian mercenaries there to help the rebel cause. They were allowed to land near CK Town without any issue. Once the helicopter landed, Brant and his backup disembarked and made their way into the thick forest, thirsty for petty revenge.

Brant: "Keep an eye out, guys! This monster is green, red, grey and VERY evil!"

Darth Princessius, quite coincidentally, was nearby and heading in the opposite direction. He was ahead of the Shopper flank, clearing away any stiff resistance so that the Imperial Shopper forces could steamroll their way straight to Vonkouver without encountering any real issues. Princessius heard Brant and his friends in the distance, and stopped his advance.

Princessius bellowed into the woods: "WHO GOES THERE???"

There was no response.

Darth Princessius made his way towards the source of the noise. After making his way through lots of thick brush, he arrived in a clearing to a bunch of Acadian soldiers with their guns pointed at the Sith Lord, as well as Brant.

Princessius: "President Brant, I should have known! Did your public humiliation earlier not teach you a lesson?"

Brant: "You'll pay for this, you monster!"

Brant pulled a green Keysaber out of his pocket and ignited it, much to Princessius' surprise.

Princessius: "How did a scrub like you get a keysaber!?"

Brant: "Black market."

Princessius: "Whatever. You want to fight? Let's fight - I've got more important things to do."

Brant held the keysaber in his right flipper and pointed it at Princessius. He looked quite silly. Despite being a formidable swordsman in his own right, Brant stood no chance against a force-user with a massive chip on his shoulder.

Brant: "Your move."

Princessius: "Okay then!"

Darth Princessius ignited both his lightsaber and the keysaber he had stolen off Djf. He ran towards Brant in a wave of fury, and struck him across the chest with the lightsaber, much too quickly for the untrained president to react. Brant fell to the ground, with a giant gash across his chest. He was badly hurt, but luckily he would survive.

The Sith Lord made quick work of Acadia's "elite" soldiers within a matter of seconds, and then continued along the war path as if nothing had ever happened. He left the remains for the Shopper forces to clean up.

Princessius: "The crap I deal with... Geez..."

Closer to the front lines, Penquino and Brook had split off from Chill, LMGT and their rebel squadron to go deep into the woods, looking for enemy encampments, much like their Sith opponent. Their goal: arrest or wipe out any Shoppers or allies to the Shopper cost. They were waddling through the thick bushes, before hearing a faint chant in the distance.

"Siehst du im Osten das Morgen Rot?"

Penquino: "Hold on a second, Brook..."

"Ein Zeichen, zür Freiheit, zür Sonne?"

Penquino: "Do you hear that too?"

Brook: "Yeah, we should probably go investigate."

Penquino and Brook made their way through the trees towards the noise. As they got closer, they stepped into a clearing containing a Snoss encampment with lots of tents and tanks. Off in the distance, all of the Snoss soldiers and officers at the camp were gathered around the campfire, singing war and propaganda songs in German.

Brook and Penquino nodded at each other; they each knew exactly what was about to happen. Penquino ignited his keysaber to get their attention.

Penquino: "Hello there."

The head Snoss general turned around and addressed the two unwelcome Jedi.

General: "Ah, what a surprise. You Jedi are quite bold, unfortunately we do not take kindly to such deviance around here. ATTACK!"

All of the Snoss soldiers pulled out their guns and opened fire on Penquino and Brook. They began waddling backwards away from the enemy, deflecting incoming fire at the same time.

Brook: "Hey, uh, Penquino?"

Penquino: "Yeah?"

Brook: "You know how we're supposed to arrest these guys?"

Penquino: "Yeah..."

Brook: "How are we supposed to do that?"

Penquino: "Simple: We won't!"

Penquino jumped high in the air and landed in the middle of the huddle of Snoss soldiers, and began cutting them down one by one. Brook charged on foot and helped. Snoss soldiers could not withstand an attack from two Jedi who had had enough of playing 'Mr. Nice Guy'. However, one Snoss general managed to get away from the massacre to send out the distress signal.

"HELP! ALL CHANNELS COME IN! We're being ambushed by two Jedi and our forces are depleting rapidly! All help available must be immediately sent to sector- AAAHH!!"

Darth Princessius heard this transmission on his transponder and was, of course, quite upset by it:


"Um, Emperor Prin-"



Princessius: "WHAT?!?"

Messenger: "You have been summoned by the Snoss High Command to discuss plans for the invasion of Vonkouver."

Princessius: "Really? Don't they know I have more important things to do?"


Although they had had some early successes, Chill, LMGT and their rebel forces were now retreating due to implementation of the Snoss strategy to starve CK Town. The rebel forces had been trapped in CK Town, and were dangerously low on supplies.

LMGT: "I think CK Town is lost, man."

Chill: "Yeah, I think so..."

LMGT: "You wanna tell Penquino?"

Chill: "Sure, I guess..."

Chill picked up his hologram communicator and called Penquino.

Penquino (COMM): "Hey Chill, what's up?"

Chill: "We're getting absolutely pwned over here; we're almost out of supplies!"

Penquino (COMM): "Because of the Shopper blockade?"

Chill: "Yeah."

Penquino (COMM): "It might be worthwhile to fall back to Vonkouver then, we'll have to make one last stand there. Brook and I will rendezvous later, we're still clearing out enemy camps."

Chill: "Alright then, we'll get our forces to start shipping out."

Meanwhile, Darth Princessius arrived at yet another makeshift Snoss encampment where he was to meet with the leading Snoss generals; appointed directly by Kaiser Swiss Ninja to oversee the defeat of the rebel forces.

Snoss General: "It's good to see you, Emperor Princessius. Please take a seat."

Princessius: "Don't tell me what to do!"

The Snoss General sighed in frustration, before another general continued:

"Anyway, here's the plan: The rebels are falling back to Vonkouver, so-"

Princessius: "We should follow in straight after them! Give them no remorse! No quarter! NO MERCY!"

General: "No, that's a terrible idea!"

Princessius: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA!?!? It's MY idea, that's what makes it brilliant!"

General: "Emperor Princessius, you don't understand-"

Princessius: "You know what? I've had it with all of you!"

General: "What's that supposed to-"


Darth Princessius raised his flippers and blasted every Snoss general in the room with force lightning, throwing all of them out of their chairs and killing some on impact. The Sith lord then took out his lightsaber and slayed every single Snoss general to prove his point. Swiss Ninja would certainly not be happy...


Austin8310: "What's happened now?"

Swiss Ninja: "That traitor Darth Princessius went and killed some of my best generals! I trusted him!"

Austin8310: "I thought he was always a bit sketchy, anyway..."

Swiss Ninja: "His forces are killing my finest soldiers! There are reports across the front of mass treachery and backstabbing! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!"

Austin8310: "What do you suggest we do, then?"

Swiss Ninja: "Bring me my suitcase!"

Austin8310: "Sir, are you-"

Swiss Ninja: "NOW!"

Austin8310: "As you wish..."

Austin left the throne room to retrieve Swiss Ninja's "suitcase". He came back a few minutes later, with his Kaiser still fuming and foaming at the beak.

Swiss Ninja: "I'll show them not to mess with the power of Snowzerland! With the power of ME, KAISER SWISS NINJA!"

Austin8310: "You're not really going to do this, are you?"

Swiss Ninja: "Of course I will! If these pesky Shoppers want to play dirty, I'll show them dirty! If I can't have their empire, NOBODY CAN!"

Austin8310: "Sir, maybe you should reconsider-"

Swiss Ninja: "Too late!"


Austin8310 hung his head in shame; even for him, this was going too far: "Oh dear...", he thought to himself.

Penquino and Brook were still separated from the other rebel forces, and now that they were in retreat, would have to make their way back to Vonkouver by themselves. They were making steady progress until a deafening noise was heard in the distance.


Brook: "That isn't what I think it is... is it?"

Penquino: "I'm afraid it is... Look over there."

Off in the distance, a mushroom cloud towered over the treeline of the Southern Shopper forest. There was foul play afoot.

Penquino: "Duck!"

Penquino and Brook ducked down beneath some fallen brush in preparation for the inevitable shockwave.


The shockwave from the blast flattened all the trees in the area, leaving an arid and bare plain for miles in each direction.

Brook: "Was that a nuke?"

Penquino: "I believe it was..."

Brook: "Why would Princessius do that, though?"

Penquino: "He wouldn't... This was Swiss Ninja's doing... And it's all Princessius' fault... I should have known it would come to this."

Penquino pulled out his hologram communicator and called Chill.

Chill (COMM): "Hey Penquino, what's up?"

Penquino: "Chill, Swiss Ninja is nuking Shops Island!"

Chill (COMM): "What? Why?"

Penquino: "I don't know exactly why, but I know that it's all Darth Princessius' fault. Anyway, you guys need to evacuate as many people from Vonkouver as possible! We need to save as many lives as we can before the island is destroyed for good!"

Chill (COMM): "Well, that's a bummer. I'll see what I can do."

Penquino: "I'll try to get there as soon as I can!"

Penquino and Brook made it to Vonkouver soon after, where the rebel army had changed their focus from fighting off the Shopper invasion to evacuating the people of Vonkouver onto boats and transport shuttles to get them away from the oncoming apocalypse. At this point, Shopper forces were pouring into Vonkouver due to there being no more rebel resistance.

Chill: "Penquino! Brook! Are you guys alright?"

Penquino: "Yeah, we're fine. How's the evacuation going?"

Chill: "We're using every boat we can get our flippers on to get people out of the city. We've rescued a lot of them so far, but we need more time!"

Penquino: "Okay, Brook and I will hold back the Shopper forces as long as we can."

Penquino and Brook made their way to Vonkouver's main city square, whose centerpiece was the tallest tower in Vonkouver. Penquino and Brook stood at the foot of the skyscraper, seeing the Shopper soldiers marching in the distance.

Brook: "Oh, no..."

Penquino: "He just had to show up too, didn't he?"

Darth Princessius was leading the flank of Shopper soldiers towards the main square. When he saw Penquino and Brook in the distance, he signaled for his battalion to stop; he wanted to deal with the Jedi personally.

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?"

Penquino: "It's over, you monster! You've sacrificed the whole country to fulfill your perverted lust for power! Are you happy now!?"

Princessius: "Not until I have your heads on a platter, Jedi!"

Brook: "You're not getting away this time!"

Darth Princessius ignited his lightsaber and Djf's keysaber; Brook and Penquino ignited theirs. They charged at each other, and engaged in a fierce battle. Darth Princessius initially had the upper hand, and forced his opponents into the skyscraper, where they continued to fight.

Princessius: "Give up now, Brook! You're no Jedi; you're just a pawn in Penquino's silly, pathetic game!"

Brook: "I've defeated you before, and I can defeat you again, you filthy imposter!"

Princessius: "You're nothing but a rat, and I will crush you like a rat! You're no Jedi; you never have been, and you never will be!"

Darth Princessius blasted Brook with force lightning, sending him flying across the skyscraper's atrium and into a fountain. The Sith lord continued to battle Penquino as Princessius backed him into an elevator. The doors closed behind them, and the elevator made a bee-line for the top floor.

Penquino: "You'll pay for your treachery, you villain!"

Princessius: "You'll pay for your treason!"

They continued in their fierce duel all the way until they reached the top of the building. It was a large penthouse suite with an open floor and large windows for walls; it was a very precarious place to fight. In his rage, Penquino began swinging violently and uncontrollably at his opponent. Mushroom clouds could be seen in the horizon, a stark reminder of what Darth Princessius' actions had led to.

Penquino: "I was right about you all along!"

Princessius: "You know nothing!"

Penquino: "I always knew you would destroy Shops Island! Nobody believed me all those years ago, but now look what you've done!"

Princessius: "I did what must be done."

Penquino: "You destroyed people's homes! You killed millions of INNOCENT penguins in your perverted hunger for power! YOU'VE DESTROYED EVERYTHING! YOU'RE A MONSTER!"

Penquino stepped up his attack, delivering even fiercer blows, which caught Darth Princessius by surprise. Soon enough, Penquino had backed his enemy into a corner.


In his swing, Penquino's keysaber smashed the window behind them, exposing them to the outside and to the streets of Vonkouver, many hundreds of feet below. The duel continued, although Penquino clearly had the upper hand and Princessius was getting worn out. Mushroom clouds continued to rise on the horizon.

"You stole my apprentice from me!"

"You killed my friends!"

"You ruined my country!"



In one swift move, Penquino managed to chop off one of Darth Princessius' arms. He yelped in pain as one of his arms fell out of the window, lightsaber in hand. He dropped Djf's keysaber out of shock, and Penquino kicked him onto his back, at the ledge of the window. Exhausted and defenseless, Darth Princessius laid there, with Penquino's keysaber pointed at his neck.

Penquino: "For fifteen years, everyone thought I was a madman because I said that you would destroy Shops Island some day! But guess what? I was right all along! Are you happy with what you've done to my friends!? Are you happy with what you've done to my home!? Are you happy knowing that your evil actions have killed millions?! ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THE MONSTER YOU'VE BECOME?!"

Princessius: "Yes, I am!"

Penquino: "THEN YOU MUST DIE."

Princessius: "You won't kill me! It's not the Jedi way!"

Penquino: "I will not hesitate to do what must be done! My resolve has never been stronger!"

Princessius: "You're a WEAK Jedi! You would never-"


From the floor below, Brook climbed out of the window and stabbed Darth Princessius through the chest with his keysaber.

Brook: "I'm no Jedi."

Brook then kicked Darth Princessius out the window, falling to his death.



It was finally over. After months of fighting and years of suffering due to Darth Princessius' evil deeds, Brook had finally gotten the revenge he so greatly deserved. He had slain his mortal enemy, the man who made his life a nightmare for over twenty years.

Penquino: "It's finally over."

Brook: "It's finally over. Thank goodness."

Brook wrapped his arm over Penquino's shoulder, and the two Jedi boarded the elevator back down to the main floor of the skyscraper. They escaped out the back door, as the Shopper soldiers were too busy kicking Princessius' corpse around. Suddenly, Penquino got a call from Chill.

Chill (COMM): "Hey Penquino, what's going on?"

Penquino: "We did it. It's finally done."

Chill (COMM): "Did you kill Princessius?"

Penquino: "Yes; Brook did. Why did you call me?"

Chill (COMM): "We've boarded all the residents of Vonkouver onto boats and transports; there's one more police speedboat waiting down at the docks for me, you, LMGT and Brook. You better get here quickly."

Penquino: "Don't worry, Chill. We'll be there soon."

Penquino and Brook soon made their way to the dock, where Chill and LMGT were waiting. They didn't really say anything to each other; they were at a loss for words as they realized what Darth Princessius' actions had led to. As they embarked on the police boat, headed towards Chill Island, they looked back at the skyline of Vonkouver.

Mushroom clouds rose up above the city skyline as what was once Shops Island's largest and most prosperous city was leveled in a matter of seconds. And it was all due to the ego-maniacal actions of one penguin with a twisted mind and evil intentions.

Chill: "So long, Shops Island... It was fun while it lasted."

Penquino: "Agreed."

Epilogue: Once the Dust Settles[edit]

Early the next morning, Penquino and his beleaguered Jedi trainees arrived on the coast of Chill Island with some of the Vonkouverite refugees. Some had been sent to the tiny Chill Island, while many others were sent to Freezestonia and the Seal Islands for the time being.

LMGT: "Well, I guess that's the end of Shops Island, isn't it?"

Penquino: "Yeah, what a shame. All because of the selfish actions of one penguin with a temper tantrum."

Chill: "What are we going to do now? Our home is destroyed and these people have nowhere to go! Other countries will surely come knocking on the door looking to take over what was left of Shops Island."

Penquino: "As I'm still technically president of the USSI, I'll make contact with Freezestonia, Moon Island and our allies so that we can figure something out. But before that, I promised that we'd do a favor for an old friend."

Later that day, Penquino, Chill, Brook and LMGT arrived at Chill Island's small graveyard. There stood Bro's casket with his remains interred inside; his body had been recovered shortly after his execution by rebel sympathizers in the Shopper Empire, who had sent his remains to Chill Island for safekeeping. Bro had stated in his will that he be buried by his friends in Bro Town, although this was now impossible due to it being destroyed. Everyone agreed that burying him on Chill Island was a suitable alternative. Although he had served as a soldier in the Frosian War and was entitled to a soldier's funeral, he had previously declined this privilege.

Many people attended the funeral, notably dignitaries such as Lavender and close friends such as Tar Tar Peng, Yoshi, Sancho Monte Captio and the Hochstadt Gang showed up for the solemn occasion.

Penquino was asked to deliver the eulogy, even though he had not prepared a speech:

"We gather here today to celebrate the life of a true Shopper patriot, to mourn his untimely passing, and to always remember him as a martyr for the cause of freedom, liberty and justice. Although I didn't always agree with him or with his method of leadership, he always remained strong in his conviction and his principles. He always fought fiercely for what he believed in, even when he had to pay the ultimate price to do so. His bravery showed us all the horrors of the dark side, and his martyrdom kickstarted the most devastating war of our time. He will be remembered fondly by his friends, his colleagues, and by me especially. Thank you all."

There was absolute silence as funeral music played in the background. Bro's casket was lowered into his grave, which was then covered up with soil. Well-wishers left flowers and wreaths in front of Bro's tombstone. Penquino, Chill, LMGT and Brook could not reminisce for long, though, as there was still work to be done.

January 4th 2027, Chill Island

A few days later, shortly after New Years' Day in 2027, Penquino, Chill, Brook and LMGT met up with other dignitaries from what was once the mighty Shops Island. Other dignitaries were also in attendance, such as the Governor of Moon Island, Dps the Fifth, Governor Snowstormer of Freezestonia, the governor of Farleya and the president of the Seal Islands. These were the last Shopper territories which were left untouched by the war, and the Seal Islands were a close ally who had much hanging in the balance.

Chill: "As president of Chill Island, I think it's present on all our minds that our countries cannot survive independently of each other, for there are much larger powers which would like to annex us."

Dps the Fifth: "I agree! We must band together to protect ourselves!"

Snowstormer: "Freezestonia would be willing to form an alliance with the former Shopper states and colonies for protection and prosperity."

Dps the Fifth: "What shall we call it?"

Chill: "How about the Shops Union?"

Sealien President: "I support your motion, but I cannot join your union at the time being. Maybe in the future."

Chill: "It's alright, we can discuss other terms later."

Penquino: "Then it's official. The USSI and the Shopper Empire are no more; long live the Shops Union!"

LMGT brought out a legal document, which Chill, Snowstormer, Dps and the Governor of Farleya all signed. The Shops Union had been formed, and would serve as Shops Island's technical successor on the Antarctic stage. In the months to come, the Seal Islands would join the union in exchange for annexing Freezestonia. The years ahead would be difficult for these countries, as they would have to contend with larger empires cleaning up the mess left behind after the war.

Later that evening, Penquino sat atop Mount Yorkie, the highest mountain on Chill Island. He was accompanied by Master Yed'ah, who, like the other Jedi masters, had managed to escape Shops Island before the disaster. From the top of Mount Yorkie, you could see the coast of the Shopper Mainland in the distance, which was now completely barren and devoid of all life; condemned to an indefinite nuclear winter.

Penquino looked at his Jedi master with remorse and sorrow: "I failed, haven't I, Master?"

Yed'ah: "Failed? How so?"

Penquino: "So many innocent lives have been lost! My country is in ruins! And it's all because I couldn't stop my enemies early enough. I should have listened to my instincts and acted on them much earlier..."

Yed'ah: "Ah, Young Penquino... Never change, do you!"

Penquino: "I beg pardon?"

Yed'ah: "Failed, you have not! Meant to be are some things, but not others. Not meant to be was Shops Island."

Penquino: "But all the lives that were lost! All because I couldn't stop the Sith!"

Yed'ah: "Your fault alone, this loss is not. Wrong was the Jedi Order to ignore your people in their time of need. But, we cannot dwell on our failures. Learn from this tragedy, we must. We will then be prepared for the next test."

Penquino: "But Darth Swissius has gotten away with a most heinous crime! How is that a good lesson?"

Yed'ah laughed: "Young Penquino, much have you to learn! Lost the battle, have we? Yes... Lost the war? No! Have their day soon, the Jedi will. And YOU, Penquino, must lead them!"

Penquino: "You really think so?"

Yed'ah: "Much have you learned from this war, hmm? Much you have grown! No longer can ignore your destiny ahead!"

Penquino: "To lead the Jedi Order going forward?"

Yed'ah: "Yes... Almost come, my time has. Too busy in the future, will Master Fisch be. Lead the Jedi Order, you must."

Penquino: "I will not let you down, Master. Thank you for your guidance."

Moving forward, Penquino would become the figurehead of the Jedi Order due to his heroics during the Shops Civil War. His actions and the bravery of his friends had thrust the Jedi into the public eye as a force for good across Antarctica. Indeed, Master Yed'ah was right: Although they had lost this battle, they would eventually win the war. Penquino would go on to train many more Jedi in the ways of the force, including his son, Penquino II who would be born in 2031.

Chill would spend the next few years still heavily in the Antarctic spotlight, leading Chill Island as an independent state. Despite his heroic actions in the Shops Civil War, he continued to live a very modest life and gave up his time as a Jedi trainee to focus on his passions, his Puffles, and his favorite pies. He also continued to run the last FreezeShop, as all others had been destroyed in the war.

LMGT decided that his service the Shops Civil War was a fitting end to his twenty-year long career in the military industry. Much like Chill, he did not continue down the path of the Jedi, and surrendered his keysaber to Penquino for another Jedi to use in the future. He peacefully retired to a house on Chill Island, where he too would spent much of his time eating donuts and pie.

Despite being a nobody before the war, Brook emerged as a celebrated war hero across Antarctica due to his heroic actions, and by being the only penguin to defeat Darth Princessius not once, but twice in combat. Brook decided to dedicate his life to the mission of the Jedi Order, and became an actual Padawan of Penquino, where he eventually became a Jedi Knight in his own right.

In Snowzerland, Kaiser Swiss Ninja was very smug and satisfied with his actions. However, the rest of the Antarctic community disagreed. In destroying Shops Island, Swiss Ninja had Snowzerland labeled a pariah across Antarctica. Snowzerland would be kicked out of the UAN and almost all countries ended up cutting ties with the empire in retaliation. Even Zhou, one of Snowzerland's most powerful allies, cut all ties in disgust. Despite an overwhelming reaction by the international community, Swiss Ninja remained undeterred, and would continue with his most ambitious project yet.

In the Keukenhof Castle, Swiss had invited Austin8310 to come and celebrate his victory.

Swiss Ninja: "With Shops Island gone, there is nobody left to stand in the way of my next great plan!"

Austin8310: "What about the USA?"

Swiss Ninja: "There's no way they can properly fight us now that I've put that idiot in charge!"

During their conversation, Austin couldn't help but look at Swiss' side table and see a peculiar set of blueprints sitting on the table.


Austin8310: "What are these?"

Swiss Ninja: "Those are the plans for my next superweapon! With that, NOBODY will stand in our way!"

Shortly afterwards, Austin would briefly retire to Pengolia after getting in a disagreement with Swiss Ninja's daughter, Bellina. However, he would make a return for the next phase of Swiss Ninja's devious plans. Swiss Ninja's "superweapon" would indeed get built, however, it would take almost twenty years to complete, only becoming operational in 2045.

Swiss Ninja: "With my greatest opponents vanquished, NOBODY can stop me! I'll show them! I'LL SHOW THEM ALL! HA HA HA HAHAHAHA!!!!"

Austin8310: "Oh, Boy..."