Shops Island Bureau of Immigration and Customs

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Shops Island Bureau of Immigration and Customs
BoIC, B.I.C.
Government Agency overview
Formed 2012
Preceding Government Agency Registry of Immigration and Travels (informal government sector)
Jurisdiction Territory of Shops Island
Headquarters Shops City, Shops Island
Employees Unknown
Annual budget Unknown
Government Agency executives LMGT, Director of the SIA
Taleah A. Xana, Director of the BoIC
Parent Government Agency Shops Intelligence Agency

The Shops Island Bureau of Immigration and Customs (commonly abbreviated as the BoIC and vocalized as the B.I.C.) is one of the many child agencies of the SIA. It's main jobs are to record all travel information for creatures going to or coming from Shops Island territory, and releasing those records at the beginning of each year (for the previous year). As the name suggests, it is more of a direct department of the SIA since it directly pertains to Shops information. However, it is treated as a separate child agency in certain ways and even has it's own director (currently Frankish woman Taleah A. Xana).


Before October 2011, no system was used to record immigration/transport records for Shops Island. In October, a beta system was released but supposedly all of those records were accidently erased when the permanent (improved) system was released in November 2011. Along with an official registration and record system, a sub-sector in the government was created known as the Registry of Immigration and Travels, and it was maintained by government officials and the Shops Island Council.

Shortly after the SIA was founded in April 2012, the Department of Immigration and Customs was approved by the Council and created by the government as a child agency to officially take over the duties of the Registry of Immigration and Travels, so the government officials wouldn't have to maintain those records anymore.

In 2015, the name was changed from the Department of Immigration and Customs to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs

Immigration Records[edit]

With the first release being on January 2nd, 2013, every year on January 2nd the department will release immigration records pertaining to the previous year.

If you'd like, feel free to show some sort of charts here to show Shops' immigration records.

Immigration Policy[edit]

For a free and democratic country, Shops' immigration policy is nevertheless looked down upon by the rest of the first-world countries in Antarctica. The BoIC publicly states that it refuses to recognize the legitimacy or legality of the citizenship of penguins applying for Shopper citizenship, who fall under these criteria:

  • Those who are (severely) mentally disabled or self-identify as scrubs.
  • Those who have existing criminal records which include, but are not limited to, crimes such as treason (against Shopper allies), arson, and murder.
  • Those who have an IQ of under 70.
  • Those who have an annual income of under 12,000 WB$ and do not have a non-government source of financial support.*
  • Those who do not have at least a reasonable understanding of the English language.*
  • Those who failed secondary and lower education (not applicable to dropouts).*
  • Those who are unable for financially and/or mentally supporting themselves.
  • Those who show an irrational level of hatred for the Shopper culture/country/government/peoples as a whole.
  • Those who have previous formal affiliation with enemy governments.

Shops Island and the BoIC are often criticized by other countries, who view many of these criteria as racist. Shops, however, rebukes its claim by stating that this is for those applying for citizenship only, and that the Shopper government allows tourists of all kinds into the country.

* = Exemption for refugees.

Travel Restrictions and Bans[edit]

Travel to Shops Island from the following countries and territories is banned by the Shopper government for either political or security reasons:

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