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Shops Island Executive Professional Council of Law and Justice
Established July 28, 2011
Jurisdiction Shops Island and its territories
Location Vonkouver
Composition method Council, Supreme Court
Authorized by Nominated by random selection, or by other government positions held by them
Judge term length Four years
High Judge of the Shops Island Council
Currently Jackson McArdy
Since October 2, 2013
Lead position ends October 1, 2017

The Shops Island Executive Professional Council of Law and Justice, often shortened to Shops Island Council is a council organization headquartered in downtown Vonkouver (formerly Shops City). It presides over many legal affairs concerning the nation. The council runs a string of many other local court systems throughout Shops. They are also responsible for elections throughout the country. The main SIC building in downtown Vonkouver is considered to be Shops Island's supreme court.

There are five categories of citizenship in the council: Bureaucrats, Administrators, Officials, Mayoral Representatives, and (trusted) Citizens. The categories all play different roles: Bureaucrats approve any proposals, Administrators finalize any proposals, Officials write out any proposals, while Citizens and Mayoral Representatives deal with cases and proposals that are made.

The council doubles as Shops' highest court, being in charge of executive federal trials and criminal rulings. It used to preside over all government affairs, before being replaced with the Common Legislature in late 2013.


The Shops Island Council runs under the policy/doctrine of democracy and diplomacy. The doctrine is simple, and lays out the rules that the council must abide by.


The Official Doctrine of the Shops Island Executive Professional Council of Law and Justice

Under the infinite power of the Shopper penguins, this council was founded on the basis of liberty and justice for all. The Shops Island Council will always be there to establish Shops' legislation, and make sure Shops Island remains pure through the ages though the treachery of corruption, fascism, communism, and much more.
The council shall have five sectors as such; The Bureaucracy being the first one. The Bureaucracy will be the party of who presides over the council. The penguins in the Bureaucracy shall be those who hold the offices of President and Vice-President, respectively. Below them is the Administration. This level shall consist of Shops' most powerful politicians, such as governors and important ministers. The Administration shall take on the role of finalizing any proposals that pass through, to be sent to the bureaucracy. The next level down are the Officials. They are trusted citizens who have or have had important roles in Shops and its development. They shall be the ones to word and write out any policies and proposals to pass through the higher ranks. The lowest ranks are the Mayoral Representatives, who are there to address issues concerning their cities. They will be the mayor(s) of the cities in question, or trusted representatives.
Citizens shall also have a say in the matter. Per meeting, 15 trusted and voluntary locals from the likes of Shops Island shall have the opportunity to voice their opinions on any council proposals. They must have no criminal record, and a valid citizenship to be able to hold this position. They shall take an oath to swear their loyalty to Shops, and the council, for a fair and democratic vote on their behalf.
This council shall never be deterred or corrupted by the forces of evil or injustice that plague the world. The Shops Island Council will always be there for its people, to provide liberty and justice for all; regardless of gender, orientation, race, or other dividing factors. May the council find infinite wisdom in their decisions, and let them Never never never give up!


The council covers legal affairs of Shops. Any movement that's passed in the council will automatically be put into (or removed from) law or wherever the movement affects. Only about half of movements presented are actually passed, and a good number of them are bogus, or just for jokes. They automatically dismiss these movements and anybody in the council that suggests them.

Rank Requirements[edit]

To join any of the categories (ranks), you need certain qualifications.

Bureaucracy and Administration positions are simple. You just have to be a bureaucrat or administrator of the government. For Officials, however, you need to have at least 5 years service in the public sector of Shops' government or economy (3 if you're in the SIA), and no criminal record. For trusted Citizens, you must not have any criminal record or charges to your name, and must make at least 250 WB$ a month.

The Council also has elected representatives from each city on Shops to do their bidding and give the city's word on any ongoing situation.


This is a list of penguins who attend the meetings on a regular basis.


Name Jurisdiction Significance
Jackson McArdy All of Shops Island and its territories Head of the council
Chill57181 All of Shops Island Vice-President / Governor; Chill Island


Note: Not all administrators in the government are on the council, and vice-versa. For example, Bro.

Name Jurisdiction Significance
Dps04 Governor; Moon Island Administrator
Mark "Snowstormer" Von Schneesturm Governor; Freezestonia Administrator
Unknown SIC Member Unknown Administrator
Phillip Johnson Ricci Governor; New Delphis Honorary Administrator
Daniel Frost Governor; Frosian Islands Honorary Administrator


Name Jurisdiction Significance
Penquino None Former Governor; Southern Shops
LMGT SIA Head of the SIA
Mito SIA None
Anna Von Schneesturm Shepherd Island None

Mayoral Representatives[edit]

Not all towns are listed due to the fact that they're not significant enough. Major cities in overseas territories (including Chill Island, Freezestonia, and Moon Island) are represented by their representative for the state/territory. If their state/territory has no representative, the head of the council automatically represents them.

Name Jurisdiction Significance
Chill57181 Shops City Mayor; Vice President
Marion Lancel Vonkouver Mayor
Börk Snöwten(a) Goberna Mayor
Guo Paz Bird Penguin City Mayor
Unknown SIC Member Bro Town Representative

(a) = The mayor of Goberna also represents the City of Goberna in council meetings.

Trusted Citizens[edit]

Changes per meeting


  • The SIC used to be hosted in Shops City, but was moved to Vonkouver in 2013.
  • The Vonkouver Trials were hosted in the Shops Island Council building.

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