Shops Island Farmlands

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Shops Island Farmlands
Key details
Type Farming grounds
Level A lot.
Location Southern Shops
Inhabitants Farmers

The Shops Island Farmlands are farming grounds, located in Southern Shops Island. They have been opened up 3 times, each time expanding the area of the grounds. The farming grounds were originally founded to grow food for the growing population of Shops Island, and after that for export, but are now used for more personal/commercial purposes as Northern Shops carries all needed export. Companies have acquired land in the grounds and so have penguins.


First opening (2011)[edit]

The Farmlands were first opened by Farmer Ben in March, 2011, a little after Shops Island was discovered. The Farmlands ran for a few months and were closed down.

Second opening (2012)[edit]

The Farmlands were rediscovered and reopened by Snowstormer in March of 2012, so Snow invited his friend, Farmer Ted to run them. Ted expanded the Farmlands a lot, and it got very popular. Unfortunately, Ted had to leave in May 2012, leaving the Farmlands to no one. They closed down soon after that. The Farmlands were scheduled to reopen again in November 2012, but didn't because of lack of interest and request. Most of the crops grown this time were for export.

Third opening (2013)[edit]

The Farmlands were reopened again in February 2013 by Snowstormer, soon after that, Farmer Ted eventually returned to take care of the The Farmlands once again. The Farmlands have been open ever since, though not as successfully as the second time.


  • It was once thought that Farmer Ben was Ben 100022, but came out he was actually Farmer Ted's father.
  • The farms imports its phosphorous from UnitedTerra.

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