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A map of all of Shops' interstates.

The Shops Island Highway System (often abbreviated as SIHS) is the official highway system in Shops Island, which is a concept that was first proposed by Welcome00 in October 2012 as part of the Shops Island Transportation Plan. So far, there are many highways under this system. It is one of the most advanced interstate systems in Antarctica, even rivaling that of the USA. Much of Shops', at the time weak, economy was poured into the foundation of this project. Many smaller highways and exchanges have been added ever since its initial construction, as well as planned expansions into Shops Island's vast empire. Maintenance and construction of the Shops Island Highway System is done by the Shops Island Bureau of Transportation.


By the time Shops was two years old, it had advanced a ton compared to it's first days. There were multiple large cities being built, along with roads, tons of igloos, and many other things. However, Shops didn't have very efficient ways to travel across a state or state-to-state, especially from the mainland to nearby Freezestonia. So, to solve this, Welcome00 proposed an official highway system as part of his "Shops Island Transportation Plan". The plan was approved by the Shops Island Council, but unfortunately due to the recent economic depression and, as such, a lack of government funds, the project was ignored and forgotten shortly after. Around the time of the second governmental reforms in January 2013, governors Snowstormer and Chill57181 had the new economically stable government start funding Welcome's entire transportation plan.

List of highways[edit]

Examples of a stand-alone highway shield (left) and a shield incorporated in an overhead sign (right). Highway shields are both numbered and color coded.



  •   SI Interstate 1
    - Chillway (Vonkouver - Tomville - Bro Town - Yuri102212 City)
  •   SI Interstate 2
    - Brookelas Town - CK Town Highway (Brookelas Town - Goberna - Shops City - CK Town)
  •   SI Interstate 3
    - Highway Yuri (Yuri102212 City - Bro Town - Penguin City - San Vancelton)
  •   SI Interstate 4
    - Innovation Route (Goberna - CK Town - Vonkouver - Tomville - Shops City)



Moon Island[edit]


A typical Shopper speed limit sign, this one featured prominently on the interstate. Shopper speed limit signs show the limits in both kilometers per hour and miles per hour, due to many immigrants from the USA.

The Shops Island Highway System was designed with the utmost efficiency at mind. All of the interstate highways were designed with the sole goal of transporting motor vehicles from one place to another as quickly as possible. All of the Shopper interstates are divided highways which allow for high speed transportation with low risk. Shopper highways are well funded by the government and are in pristine condition given that they are quite young and largely still under initial construction.

Shopper highways tend to also have heavy traffic-law enforcement and reasonable speed limits. The speed limits on all highways are between 120 km/h (75 mph) and 140 km/h (85 mph). However, these laws are considered mere suggestions by many, and the cops tend to leave speeders doing below 20 km/h over the speed limit alone. The minimum speed limit on all Shopper highways is 110 km/h (68 mph), and this limit is enforced strictly (cars and trucks merging on and off the highway are exceptions).

The Shops Island Highway System provides easy access to all of Shops Island's large cities and towns, although none of them actually go through cities or towns. Drivers must take exits and other secondary highways to get into the hearts of cities and towns; as the main highway only serves as a high-speed bypass route with easy access to population centers.


  • Connection Way uses two of Antarctica's longest tunnels to connect the Shopper mainland to Freezestonia. It is also far enough underwater that ships can sail right over it.
  • Shops' highway system has been the inspiration for other highway systems such as those in Snowiny and Acadia.

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