Shops Island Presidential Election 2012

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The Shops Island Presidential Election 2012 was the first official presidential election on Shops Island. It was a rigged election started by Brook and Bro.


The idea of an election was sparked when Brook and Bro gave Shops Island president Chill57181 no choice except to resign from office (or else he would be impeached for false evidence uncovered by Brook showing that Chill supported a dictatorship).


There were some things going on behind-the-scenes at the same time as the election.

  • Brook tried to get Mario removed from the ballot, as he secretly wanted to remove the old administration completely so he and his un-knowingly brainwashed friend Bro could take over Shops Island.
  • Brook also had Penquino arrested and subsequently removed from his newly renewed governor position on Shops Island due to an un-knowingly false claim that Penquino was a traitor. This is because Penquino was one of Brook's biggest enemies on Shops Island at the time.



There are no official parties in Shops Island elections, and anyone could enter themselves as candidates.

  • Mario Arkay - Vice President of Shops Island under Chill57181 from April 2012 until the election.
  • Brook - Said he was going to do great things, but everyone realized he was lying, due to his misdeeds from the past.


Unfortunately, since this was Shops' first ever real presidential election, they didn't properly prepare themselves or the public for voting. Out of the approximate 5,849,532 penguins that lived on Shops Island or its fellow islands, only the 3,743,183 that lived on Shops Island were allowed to vote. Unfortunately due to conflict issues about advertising the election in Central Shops (since it had no mayor to spread the word at that time), 43,183 penguins in Central Shops didn't even have an idea that an election was occurring (which is quite ironic since the president, VP, etc. live in Central Shops).

Out of the approximate 3,700,000 penguins on Shops Island who knew about the vote, only 1,200,000 (32.4%) actually voted.


These are the percentages of votes from the 1,200,000 penguins that actually voted.

Bro - 66.7% of votes (800,000). This was the highest amount and Bro thus became president.

Mario - 25% of votes (300,000). This was the second highest amount of votes, thus making mario retain his role as Vice President.

Brook - 8.3% of votes (100,000).


There are many things that occurred after the elections ended which are directly related to the outcome of the elections.

  • Brook had Bro make him a government official after his astonishing failure during the elections.
  • Brook had Bro make Snowstormer the governor of Eastern Shops again.
  • Wolfgangs resigned as a government official after the elections and he learned about Penquino's arrest, because he saw what Penquino had feared.
  • Brook actually thought he was working together with Bro to take over the Shops Island administration, but that turned out not true after the elections finished and Bro won. After Bro gave Brook a government position again (reportedly because Brook was whining too much), he turned his back on his former friend and they started a rivalry.