Shops Island Subway

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Shops Island Subway System
Type Rail travel
Industry Rail
Founded 2012
Founder(s) Welcome00
Headquarters Shops City (headquarters)
, Shops Island
Area served Shops Island
Key people Welcome00, Mario Arkay
Services Subways
Operating income 3 Billion WB$ annually
Divisions Shops City Division
Vonkouver Division
Penguin City Division
San Vancelton Division
Goberna Division
Bro Town Division
CK Town Division
Yuri102212 City Division
Brookelas Town Division

The Shops Island Subway System, abbreviated and labeled as the S.I.S, is a system of subway and high-speed, above-ground rail lines that link all of Shops Island together. They run in every major city and town on Shops, and provide cheap transportation throughout the country.


Shops' subway system used to compose of many small and independent rail companies which charged differing rates to use their lines. Interchanges were shotty, and it would take hours to go anywhere on the island, mainly due to the slow transfer processes. In October 2012, the Shops Island Council passed a motion stating that the subway system was to undergo a renovation, and all lines were to be owned by the government.

The independent stockholders were furious. They outraged, and stopped all rail traffic on the island as an act of protest. At the time, the Shopper government was far too pacifist (even with Bro as leader) to do anything about the problem. The penguin spearheading the movement for making the subway transportation system government-oriented, Welcome00, asked the Shopper government to take a loan of a whopping 2.5 Billion WB$ to speed up the process of unhanding the subway lines from the private stockholders.

Welcome wanted the money because he knew it would ultimately be cheaper to bribe the independent owners out of their lines, other than building new ones. Welcome succeeded, and the owners that didn't accept the bribes eventually went bankrupt after their customer flow got choked by the lines now owned by the government.

Now that the lines were government-owned, the lines were improved, fares were slashed heavily, and new rail cars made appearances on the island. Ever since then, the Shops Island Subway system has been renowned across Antarctica for efficiency, cleanliness, service, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


The hub of Shops' subway system lies in Shops City. From there, the lines branch out in all directions, spanning to almost all of Shops' major townships on the mainland, with the exception of Tomville, Port Chill, and other small villages. There are a different amount of traffic lanes depending on where the line is spanning between. The track from Shops City to Vonkouver has an unprecedented six track lanes across, while the one heading from Penguin City to Bro Town only has one lane, for example. There are also three different sectors of track: The yellow sector, the blue sector, and the red sector.

The Yellow sector spans across the western portion of Shops, the Blue sector spans the eastern portion, and the Red sector spans the southern portion of Shops. All of these sectors converge in Shops City. All of the lines are color-coded, from stripes on the walls of the tunnels, to the colors of the subway cars.

Some cities, like Shops City, Penguin City, and Vonkouver, have independent subway lines run by the Shops Island Subway system. These independent lines are smaller subway lines that run throughout the city, with quite a few stops at each. Penguin City has 52 stops, Shops City has 103 stops, and Vonkouver has an unprecedented 112 stops. Unlike the lines that cross Shops Island, these independent lines charge a small fee in order to be used.


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