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All the islands in the Shops Sea. Click to enlarge

The Shops Sea is a ocean occupied by The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops. Its territory starts at Shops Island and expands west, very far west. It expands so far westward that Plutonium Bay is the farthest west-reaching island in Antarctica.

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States and Territories


Shops Island was discovered in August 2010. Until April 2013, the direct area surrounding area of Shops Island and the 2 other colonies was one of the only territories of Shops Island, with the exception of Buhu Isle and Love Island. However, in April 2013, Shops decided to expand their territory westward. They occupied a remote area of sea and declared it the Shops Sea. The Shoppers then built 3 artificial islands by dredging sand from the bottom of the ocean and spitting it out into a separate place in the ocean to form islands.


The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops (Shops Island)[edit]

Shops Island is the largest, and main island of the Shops Sea, also often considered the mainland. It's the economic hub of all of Shops' operations. A considerable amount of the population lives there.


Shops' most populous state. It's located directly east of the mainland and has the largest population out of any other state. It's also the largest state off the mainland.

Moon Island[edit]

Moon Island is an island state northeast of the mainland. It's in the shape of a crescent moon. Its southern state is the richest state in the country.

Chill Island[edit]

Chill Island is the smallest state in the country. It's located directly south of the mainland. It has no industry whatsoever.


Seashells is the smallest of the 3 artificial islands in the Shops Sea. It serves as a popular tourist destination, and has a giant resort.

Uranium Island[edit]

Uranium Island is in layman's terms, a giant mine. Uranium deposits were discovered, and systems of rings were built where the island was. The water was drained from the inner ring, and mining began.

Plutonium Bay[edit]

Plutonium Bay is an ominous island filled with toxic nuclear plants which pump out plutonium, supplied by uranium from Uranium Island. The plutonium produced is used to build the SIA drones. Nuclear production, however, was slowed down in May 2013 after Yow was conquered by The Allies.

Fort Celatum[edit]

Though it is not an island, it's often considered one. Fort Celatum is an SIA training site and maximum security prison. It's infamous for its noted penguin rights abuses.

Territorial Extent[edit]

Shops' sphere of influence in southwest Antarctica.

Although legally the Shops Sea only surrounds the Shopper mainland, home islands, and artificial islands such as Plutonium Bay or Uranium Island or Seashells, Shops has political, economic, and armed influence in almost all of the ocean southwest of the USA. This sphere of influence has put many opposing nations on edge, as Shops patrols and monitors this entire sphere of influence as if it was legal territory, even if it isn't.


  • Plutonium Bay was strategically placed so pollution would be carried to Yow. This was fixed after the Great Yowien War, in an effort to create less pollution from the island.

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