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Evil sheep.jpg
An artist's impression, as they are very hard to catch
Race Shprogshel (Occisor spheniscidae , Latin for Slayer of Penguin)
Faction Penguin-Eating Sheep
Health Very good. Immune to all diseases except the common cold.
Level 1,000
Status Eradicating the population of Baa
Location Baa (Though some have been found in the forests of Antarctica, recently removed to Baa); some live at Duck Island 2, as well; one lives in Baaa!, but it escaped from a zoo

The Shprogshels (also called Killer Wool, Doom Flock and Cotton Chaser) are soft but dangerous creatures that, simply put, spend most of their time hunting down and devouring penguins whole. They are native to the island of Baa, but have also been found scattered in tiny amounts throughout forests all over Antarctica, in which case, when found by penguins, they are exiled to Baa for the purpose of defending the security of penguin inhabitants. Many biologists who admire Shprogshels have tried to keep them as pets, but were ripped to shreds when they managed to escape. They are known to breed like rabbits.

Several penguins are now attempting to render the Shprogshel harmless by de-fanging them, or yanking out their teeth. They call this Operation S.H.E.E.P. This operation is thus far incredibly unsuccessful, even despite the unified efforts of world governments to assist the operation financially - not even trying to simply contain them within fences succeeded.

Penstubal is against Operation S.H.E.E.P. and calls it incredibly cruel, and he believes that the real reason Shprogshels hate penguins is because of penguins themselves, and asks whether it is possible we have all done something to deserve being hated by Shprogshels. Penstubal claims he is the only person whom Shprogshels don't hate, but this so far has not been proven true as he has never approached a Shprogshel in his life (despite troll attempts to send them to his house - for some reason he was always gone whenever they would do that), and he bases this claim on his belief of the existence of a "pink Shprogshel" which is superior to all other Shprogshels and visits him in his dreams and gives him advice. That belief hasn't been proven either.


It is unknown where Shprogshels come from and why they exist only in Baa and a select few places. Penguins so far haven't been able to go to Baa and explore the island in an effort to find if there previously used to be a penguin civilization on the island that wrote down somewhere where the Shprogshels come from. The Shprogshels are thought by some historians, most notably Scrubette who is considered to be an expert on Shprogshels, to have come several hundred years ago and to have been pacified, innocent animals who were strictly obedient to their penguin overlords. However, those creatures got tired of penguin exploitation, and so they furiously overthrew the penguins of the island, ultimately using them as food, and this led to them getting a considerably more aggressive personality and they took on a red color because of this.

This theory is thought to be stupid by many, however, because nowhere in the history of penguinkind is it reported that Shprogshels or creatures similar to them were used as cattle, nor does it make sense for them to be used as such because penguins do not eat meat and biologists and other scientists have determined that shprogshels are pretty dumb. This hasn't stopped many historians from promoting this theory, however, and this is a widely accepted theory today despite not being based on real facts but rather estimates, guesses and opinions.

Scrubette once went by helicopter to Baa and decided to observe the Shprogshels from above for several days. She learned that they live in herds and that nobody lives outside their herds: later, Penstubal experimented with her findings and wrote a story about nations of Shprogshels vying for supremacy, although critics called it trash and he burned the book, which is now lost forever. Later Scrubette determined he might have been right in that Shprogshels have a history of organizing themselves into herds which behave similarly to nations and they have wars between each other over food on the island. This helped historians understand the Shprogshels better.


Shprogshels are coated in thick, blood red wool and have a pitch black skin, large, yellow eyes and mouths filled with massive, bone-crushing teeth. They have large, yellow eyes, and their mouths are filled with massive, bone crushing teeth. Two of these are very long fangs that surpass the animal's bottom lip. They often foam at the mouth slightly and they move around in flocks, cooperating to take down prey. All Shprogshels fit this description, with the exceptions of some Shprogshels like Sheepman (although it is not known whether he is really a Shprogshel, but he has been included in the definition anyway).

Authorities all over the content advise that if you notice an animal of this description or even of a similar description that it is best to run for your life. They are incredibly hostile, and you are advised not to play dead, not to attempt to fight and not to stand your ground. Just run and should you manage to escape, phone the authorities as soon as possible in order for the animal to be contained.


  • Shprogshels have powerful legs. They can run at a speed of 40 km/h and jump 3 metres into the air.
  • The wool of a Shprogshel is so thick, that it would take a spear to penetrate it. This allows the Shprogshel to survive the frigid Antarctic climate.
  • The wool makes very warm and strong clothes (if you can get your hands on it). Astronauts have been known to wear spacesuits partially made from Shprogshel fleece.
  • Shprogshels are edible! It is not uncommon to see these creatures, deemed a delicacy (and very expensive), on the tables of various monarchs and rich creatures. It is said that they taste like lobster, with a hint of sage.
  • They make great haggises. Try it, but DO NOT ask what is in it.
  • A rare subspecies can be found around Antarctica. They look the same, but have no fangs and their wool is pale blue. They are harmless, and only eat plants.
  • The DNA was tested on penguins so penguins could eat more meat. Test Subjects turned into a Puffle because of Mabel putting her fur into it.
  • Shprogshels are largely nocturnal. They sleep in caves or simply on hillsides (depending on the breed) during the day, and hunt at night.
  • Shprogshels will NOT attack you if you are a human or other non-Antarctic creature. They will only attack and eat penguins, ducks,, and other Antarctic creatures. They do eat puffles, but it’s extremely rare.
  • The Penstubal Post, due to Penstubal's obsession with his imaginary "pink Shprogshel" and due to his opposition to S.H.E.E.P., often writes stories about Shprogshels and their way of life and describes how in reality they are peaceful creatures who just want to live undisturbed. They used the fact that most of their reporters who were sent to Baa were eaten as proof of that.

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