Shroomsky X

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Shroomsky X
Shroomsky X image.png
Not the friendliest looking creature, even though he is.
Title X-Antibody of Professor Zlo Shroomsky
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction He is good. Not to be confused with the real Shroomsky (separate). He isn't Shroomsky.
Health X
Level X-Antibody
Status Looking for friends.
Location His house is next door to Shroomsky's.

Shroomsky X is the X-Antibody of Professor Shroomsky. Unlike most X-creatures, he is not in the slightest bit evil. Very spooky, enjoys spooky things, but not evil. Sadly, he has few friends, since most discriminate him because of his species.


Like every creature, Professor Shroomsky carried a copy of the X-Virus. One night, he started sneezing. He sneezed for hours on end. Eventually, an X appeared on the back of his cap (his head), and with a final sneeze, massive amounts of black goo came out, and floated several feet away from the Professor. The X on his head immediantly vanished, and the room smelled like bananas.

Frightened, Shroomsky dashed out of the room and woke up Melvin. Turtleheimer, thinking Shroomsky was freaking out, entered the room where Shroomsky was, and saw the floating black goop. Before the chelonian's very eyes, the goop started spinning, and lightning forked out of it. After blast of light a creepy looking clone of Professor Shroomsky appeared. Turtleheimer quickly retreated in his shell as the X-Antibody floated out of the room toward Shroomsky, who was cowering in a corner.

Shroomsky X looked at his clone and smiled a beaming grin, one of happiness, not evil. He had fangs.

"Hello, brethren!" the wraith screamed in glee.

Shroomsky lacked a response.

The Antibody continued.

"Well, I just want to thank you for creating me."

"What in the name of deoxyribonucleic acid are you talking about?"

A side-by-side comparison between Shroomsky and Shroomsky X.
"DNA is exactly what I'm talking about! You see, in every Antarctic creature, a special genome called the "X-Virus" exists in their DNA. In most cases, it never activates, but that sushi you ate last night must have done something. Anyway, you sneezed, an X appeared on your head, the works. The virus cloned your DNA-"

"Floating genome error, say what?" Shroomsky cringed.

"Sir, there is not an X on my cap, nor anywhere on the fruiting body."

"Please, brethren, call me Shroomsky X. Also, the X disappears after the Antibody manifests itself. Hey, would you like to map my DNA before you go back to bed?"

Shroomsky smiled a weak smile. He'd been wanting to do that on a volunteer for a long time. He was nervous about his new-found clone, but he seemed harmless enough. After running the gene scan, it was concluded that the X-Antibody WAS a copy/clone of Shroomsky.

"It was quite fascinating, actually..." Shroomsky concluded.


Shroomsky X, like all X-Antibodies, possesses great power. However, he chooses not to use this power unless he really has to. Examples of his abilities include levitation, heat vision, stronger telekinesis than his counterpart, super speed, and a sonic scream that can shatter glass from seven hundred feet away.

He wears a black, flowing cloak, and the signature X of all X-Antibodies actually floats above his head.


  • His favorite songs are "Night on Bald Mountain" and "Old Folks at Home: Goth-Remix", though he isn't gothic.
  • Shroomsky X's favorite holiday is Halloween, his favorite food is candy corn.
  • He always wears black, but behaves in a very positive manner.
  • Unlike his counterpart, Shroomsky X is a pacifist, and refuses to fight in war.
    • This came to bite him in the Nightmare Epic; KwikXilver captured Shroomsky X (he didn't put much of a fight) and like all other X-Antibodies captured, he was mind controlled. During the Battle Shroomsky X had a body count of at least 25 Good Guys. He survived the battle but is very remorseful despite not being in control of himself.

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