Siege on Puffleville

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Siege on Puffleville
Inspiration(s) Puffleville, Snow, Mr Cow2
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Platformer
Platform Snowtendo Vii N, Snowtendo 3DS
Rating Game Cube: 4.5/5 stars
GameUniverse: 8/10 stars
Rotten Cherries: 100/100 stars
←None Freeze on Puffleville

Siege on Puffleville is an indie game in which Snow and Mr Cow2 stop an ancient tribe from taking over Puffleville and everything around it.


Once upon a time, a long long time ago in a galaxy not far away (ours actually), there once lived a tribe named the Instrosic Tribe. The Instrosic led very peaceful lives, hunting and gathering like normal tribes were. But they were not a normal tribe, because everybody was a living instrument, with bongos being the most common. When the plans for Puffleville were first set up, the Tribe was angry and tried to fight back, but alas, the new residents were far too powerful. Everybody that was killed had their organs hollowed out and turned into the modern-day instruments you use today. Creepy, huh? Everybody thought the whole tribe went extinct, but nine survivors thought otherwise.

Much later, Mayor Snow of Puffleville just finished bulldozing down the old tree that had been there for centuries to expand the small village. The old tree, however, used to be what the Instrosics worshiped. When the nine left saw that it had been taken down, they decided they had enough. They launched an attack, putting all the residents except Snow in panic. Years of exile and training taught the last few new powers and strength. One of those new powers was hypnosis, which one tried to use on Snow. It didn't work so they scrammed, learning they need outside help. One of them brought back a truckload of O' Berries, though and they soon learned that O'Berries were a legit source of power that they could use to revive their whole tribe. Unfortunately, this meant the residents of Puffleville into almost complete starvation. Then many changes occurred, and Snow was just about ready to surrender when a new visitor arrived: Mr Cow2 of Club Penguin Island. With some quick thinking, Snow thought of using Mr Cow2 as the brawn to take down the tribe. With Snow as the brains, the duo set off to kick butt and retrieve O'Berries.


Mr Cow2 and Snow have sort of a symbiotic relationship as Snow depends on Mr Cow2 to move them both around and Mr Cow2 needs Snow to tell him what to do.

An example of this is that Snow has the option to just let Mr Cow2 do everything himself which will result in a harder gameplay. However, taking on this challenge will result in a few consequences which includes Mr Cow2 forgetting what he's supposed to do for a second, attacking the wrong enemy, and, the most prominent, Mr Cow2 has only two jumps for the whole game instead of three with Snow.

Snow and Mr Cow2 have basic gameplay that most other video characters have (examples: jumping, ducking, etc.) but some new additions are added. One of these is if the player presses the attack button while ducking, Mr Cow2 will be able to blow out fires or kill any flaming enemies.


  1. Puffleville ruins
  2. The Beach
  3. Forgotten Temple
  4. Mines
  5. Box Dimension
  6. Puffle Wilds
  7. O Factory
  8. ??? (The Volcano)


  1. Puffle King (Controlled by Piantissimo)
  2. Crabby Crew (Controlled by The Three Triangles)
  3. Terry Dactyl (Controlled by Drumroll)
  4. Rory (Controlled by Guitak)
  5. Box Dragon Hatchling (Controlled by Trump)
  6. The Sasquatch (Controlled by Pandeiro)
  7. Sergeant Duck (Controlled by Vile Lin)
  8. Leader of all Instrosics (Final Boss)

Notable Characters[edit]

While these characters are usually not playable, they are almost always important to the completion of the game.

  • Snowball Eating Plant-In one level in World 6, the Snowball Eating Plant will ask for giant snowballs because he's extra hungry in the cold. After Snow and Mr Cow2 give him four snowballs, he opens the way to the next level.
  • Chomper-In Level 3 of World 7, Chomper explains there's something blocking the border of the area (Terry Dactyl's bomb cauldron). When you come back afterwards, Chomper thanks you and a new sidequest is unlocked - collect a gear in each stage.
  • FrostByte-In Level 6 of World 7, FrostByte is seen in the background on a small island lifted by a propeller. By finding a secret hole, the first pit of the level, to be exact, you can blast to the platform with FrostByte. He thanks you for saving him, and he follows you to the end of the stage. If you fail a stage, he'll return to the island he was on. This unlocks a sidequest - every 5 days FrostByte gets stuck at a spot in a level. Finding him rewards you with a bonus reward.
  • Goldy-In Level 2 of World 4, Goldy can be seen attempting to drill a hole in a boulder blocking the way. By pounding the ground, the boulder rolls out of the way.
  • T.A.N.K.- In Level 3 of World 2, T.A.N.K is seen next to a very unstable platform and tells you to use him as a bridge. If you return to the stage after the game is beaten, he proceeds to offer to allow access to a small island. On this island, you can view records in the game.
  • The Hydra-Bot- In Level 3 of World 5, the Hydra-Bot appears in the background. While initially inaccessible, by returning after the game is beaten, you can talk to the Hydra-Bot, who will give you challenges to complete daily. Each head offers one challenge a day. Beating them gives you great rewards.



  • The tree that is bulldozed in the game is rumored to be the Periwinkle Tree of PuffleVille.