Signore Francisco

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Signore Francisco
Title Signore Francisco
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Noble, Monk, Professor
Health Deceased
Level Deceased
Status Deceased
Location Hochstadt Mausoleum, Wien, Osterreach
Friends Pengo Pollo, Chin Yang, his students.
Enemies Duke of Yenoa, Emperor Joseph II

Signore Francisco, also known as Francis II of Osterreach, was the son of Holyswissian Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa. Due to his unexpected birth, his parents donated him to a Monastery of Herbs in Liguria, where Signore Francisco was taught by the herbal monks the practices of medicine, calligraphy writing, and reading. While growing up in the Monastery, Francis read many books on science and was allowed to attend the university of Milano, where he earned a high level degree in teaching.


Francis II was born in Wien, Osterreach in 1764 only a few days after the death of his father, the Holyswissian Emperor Francis I. Francis II was an outcome of the irresponsibility of Francis I and his wife, Maria Theresa, since they did not want any more children. Maria Theresa donated the young chick to a Monastery that specialized in herbal medicine in Liguria. As a youth, Francis's German name, Franz, was Italianized into Francisco. Francisco soon learned the ways of herbal medicine, reading, and writing in calligraphy. Francisco read many books as a child, and when he turned 16, he was ordained as a monk in Herbal Medicine and was accepted as a student in the University of Milano. He studied there for several years until he received his Master's Degree in Teaching. It was in University that Francisco was told of his real parents by the monks, and Francisco was able to obtain the title "Signore", which means "Lord", due to his nobility status. Signore Francisco made his way to the prosperous city of Frostize, married a local baroness, and he began teaching the young sons of other nobles. Due to their terrible attitudes and their disinterest in learning, Signore stopped teaching the sons of nobility, and he resolved to move somewhere else and teach the poor. Francisco moved to Penguin Island, then ruled by the Hokkaido Master, and Francisco established Beacon University, which was tucked within the mountains of Club Penguin. Francisco offered a very cheap tuition for students, and many penguins and puffles from the Ninja town, local farms, and sailor town came to study. Signore Francisco decided to retire when he decided to have a son with his wife, and he resided in Frostize, where he became a member of the city's legislature of nobles. When his son, Pengo Pollo, was framed for trading with the Yenoans, Signore Francis was also thrown in prison. When he was freed, Francis moved to Wien, Osterreach to meet his brother's grandson, Emperor Francis II. The Emperor was happy to allow Signore Francisco into Osterreach and made him one of his head advisers. Francisco served Emperor Francis II and his son, Ferdinand IV, until he died of old age in 1860. Signore Francis was buried in the Hochstadt Mausoleum in Wien, Osterreach with his ancestors.


Francisco is accredited for being one of the first penguins in Antarctica who cared about the education of the lower classes of society. Francisco's humble philosophy inspired many Universities and schools in the High Penguin Confederacy to reform and to allow the education of the lower end of society and the growing middle class. Signore Francisco also re-visit Club Penguin during the reign of his grandson, Chin Yang, and gave him tips to improve his reign.


  • Signore Francis was trilingual. He could speak Italian, German, and English.
  • Though Signore Francis never met his brother, Emperor Joseph II hated Signore Francis because of his background of being raised as a lowly monk. Joseph felt offended that Francisco was rising in social status and viewed him as a threat.
  • There is a monument to Signore Francisco on the site where his University used to be.

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