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You got ten seconds before I send you to the CyberVoid.
— Simeon Felix threatening a penguin.

Simeon Julius G. Felix
Title "The Weaponist"
Gender Male
Race Kanta Penguin
Faction Good Guy
Health Excellent
Level Level 5
Status Alive
Location Frostbite Street, Club Penguin Island
Birth date June 15, 1990, USA
Occupation Weaponry Development Mechanic
Interests Machinery, weapons, etc.
Friends EPF agents, Nicktang10 etc.
Enemies Malfunctioning weapons, corrupt penguins, etc.
Archetype Protagonist

Simeon Felix, otherwise known as The Weaponist is one of the many mechanics of the Weaponry Development Division. A very fit and smart penguin, he is currently 23 years old.



Simeon was born to a happy family in Club Penguin Island. He grew up just like a normal boy; he would collect baseball cards and eat snow-cones for snack. He was a pretty smart guy in his elementary years at the same time cool. He had many friends, and was at one point appointed class president.

Teenage Years[edit]

As he went into the teen years, he became more distant with his friends. He would rather be alone, watching the school mechanic fix cars every time he can. He loved watching him go. He was better at his studies and eventually graduated at the top of the class.

PSA Recruitment[edit]

The PSA at that time, was conducting a search for promising agents through the different schools in Club Penguin. They had found Simeon Felix. They requested the principal to send him and the other chosen students to the Ski Village after their graduation. They were sent there, and introduced to the PSA. They were sent to The Academy, and they excelled greatly. They all graduated, and they were immediately separated from each other. One was sent to the United States of Antarctica, another was sent to Castilla, and Simeon was left in Club Penguin. He completed missions anyway, and was once awarded the Agent of the Year Award.

EPF Recruitment[edit]

After the Popcorn Explosion, he was at once requested to take additional courses in the Academy. From there, he met Nicktang10. They were great friends. It was at one point that Nicktang had to return to somewhere, then they never saw each other again. While Nicktang was gone, Simeon was dong EPF work at the same time designing some weapons for EPF agents to use. Eventually, after Agent Rogue Tvarkov's inauguration as general of Anti-Terrorism, a proposal was made to create the Weaponry Development Division. Nicktang and Penstubal were requested to lead the division, and choose at least 35 agents. Simeon was one of the first to be chosen.


Simeon is a purple penguin who is usually seen wearing a green bulletproof vest with his black overalls. He usually wears black safety glasses. He is a well built man, and regularly exercises.


Simeon is very kind to his friends and colleagues in the EPF, but is very serious when it comes to the war-zone. He gets easily irritated by penguins who judge his wardrobe selection.


  • "Oi oi oi! Who took my pen?"
  • "I will not confirm or deny the fact that this thing can't be fixed."
  • "Weapons, weapons. Oh how I love my weapons."
  • "SInce when do I not make a weapon?"
  • "I've been making weapons as long as I can remember."


  • He was born mute, but he "suddenly" was able to speak because of accidentally falling off a tree and hitting his head because of someone.
  • He likes looking at optical illusions. Not only does it confuse him, but he also gets to argue over what it really is with other penguins.
  • During training in The Academy, he often fell asleep in Weapon Mechanisms class. It is unknown why he still managed to pass the subject.

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