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President Simon "Parkers" McClark of the United Provinces

His portrait.

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1 August 2015 – Incumbent
Prime Minister Lena Sanders
Clara Kennedy
Preceded by Robert Smith

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Simon "Parkers" McClark is the current president of the United Provinces as of 2015. He was born 1974 in Greenfield. He was Member of Parliament of Snowiny from 2004 to 2015, when he became president. His spouse, as of 2017, is Evelyn Amy Davis-McClark, making her the First Lady of the United Provinces. He resigned the presidency on 17 February, effective noon 18 February and is set to be replaced by Matilda Savić-Todorović.


He was born on the 19th of May, 1974, to Dragan McClark and Rosa Garcia McClark in West Winsburg Hospital, in the then Republic of Snowiny. He was discriminated by his childhood friends for having different interests than them. He has 2 fourteen-year-old sons, Janko and Tadija McClark. During his adult life, he campaigned against the dictatorship and even met former president Henry Horatio in 1997, during Francisco Ferinco's regime. He hasn't, however, personally fought against the regime. In 1995 he was arrested for criticizing the regime, and released in 1996 as the rebellion began. He went to exile in Muscovgrad, Rusca and didn't return until 2003, when he celebrated victory for the Republicans along with president Geronimo Stanling, vice president Robert Smith, secretary of state Jane Horrace, and many other government members.

2007 Presidential Election[edit]

In 2006, he announced he will campaign for the position of president of the United Provinces in 2007 as an independent. Incumbent president Geronimo Stanling announced he will run for a second term. McClark campaigned ruthlessly and won lots of liberal voters in the eastern and northern parts of the country. The rural parts of the country destroyed his campaign, however, in some places in central Snowiny with Stanling polling as high as 86% and McClark 9%.

He nominated Ashley Gablings for his running mate a few weeks before the election. He lost the 2007 presidential election to the McClark-Smith ticket by around 120,000 votes. He refused to campaign in the 2011 Presidential Election against the Smith-Waltera ticket.

2015 Presidential Election[edit]

In July 2015, the country was in political turmoil; the country was very unhappy because Smith randomly instated a monarchy in the country and proclaimed himself king. They were also unhappy with the fact that he is killing the economy of the country and getting involved in various overseas wars. Smith resigned in July that month and presidential elections were to take place on August 1st, 2015. McClark announced he will campaign for president and picked Ashley Gablings for vice president. He won 57% to 42% against vice president Jerry Waltera, and became the first president of the United Provinces.

The McClark administration[edit]

McClark became the first president of a new country, the United Provinces. At first it was extremely unstable as it just saw a peaceful revolt that overthrew Robert Smith and was at war on terrorists worldwide. McClark quickly outlined his National Salvation Plan which included increasing wages, increasing the size of the federal government, restricting gun control, fighting climate change and giving amnesty to refugees. The most controversial part of the plan is the immigration plan as the majority of the population (58% according to polls) were opposed to giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. This led to the rise of far right parties in 2016, which could influence UP politics in the years to come.

McClark's plan successfully brought down unemployment, which before August 1st, 2015 was 7.1% and after August 1st, 2016 was at 4.8%. He increased economic growth to up to 3.8% (the 2015 all year low was 0.76% in March while the all year high was 3.11% in December) by August 2016.

His foreign policy was, unlike Smith's, very passive and cooperative with other nations. Smith, in contrast to McClark, was very politically incorrect and used very simple words at international summits and other meetings. McClark forged healthy relations with Tropicalis, Acadia and many other nations. His government publicly supported the liberation of Yow, the first and only country in Antarctica to do so, and accuses Shops and other Axle nations of war crimes in Yow.

The most major event of his presidency was the January Crisis in which East Pengolia shot down a UP plane. At first, McClark took an aggressive approach, but a few days later tensions calmed down and by Feburary 2016 the events of a month ago were nearly forgotten as the UP and EP managed to work it out between themselves. The biggest success of his presidency is also regarded, quite ironically, the UP's lifting of sanctions against EP and the subsequent treaty of cooperation signed in Fishwow.

This decision had mixed reactions; the most of the population at home in Snowiny supporting it, while anti communists worldwide staged protests. The government of Lavender condemned the lifting of sanctions, accusing McClark of "being a friend of communism". Tens of thousands of Shoppers went on the streets in Vonkouver to protest the treaty, waving signs such as "MCCLARK: FRIEND OF A BABY KILLER", "DOWN WITH MCCLARK DOWN WITH COMMUNISM" and "MCCLARK THE MURDERER", as well as waving pictures of McClark with the caption "OBEY" (sort of like this).

Nevertheless, McClark's administration proved to be very successful with foreign and domestic policy. He has, however, had several diplomatic incidents, the most notable one when he secretly told his secretary of state on the phone that Margatian president Frederick Mueller "shouldn't be president cause he is Nexonan scum". After the phone call was leaked, McClark apologized for his comments and said he never should have said them.

However, in June 2017, a parliamentary election was called by McClark and Prime Minister Lena Sanders. The election took place on 1 July and it resulted in a stunning debacle for the Liberal Party. The Prime Minister Lena Sanders resigned, two new parties entered Parliament, problems started looming in Penland and everything got uglier. McClark faced a political crisis as he got calls to resign and faced pressure to appoint a Conservative Prime Minister.


Simon McClark has a pretty abrasive personality. He generally has little regard for other people's opinions and feelings, and that is the reason he divorced 7 times. He has complicated relations with his current wife, Evelyn Amy Davis-McClark, whom he married in 2017 after being divorced for a year. All 7 times he divorced because of his general selfishness and lack of concern for others, and he generally doesn't see much in people other than objects he could exploit for his gain, especially women, as he is notorious for his constant scandals and gossips. His love life brought him a significant defeat to Geronimo Stanling in the 2007 presidential election, same year when he divorced with his then-wife Marla Taylor.

He is also known to be aggressive and dominant, and constantly puts himself as the 'alpha male'. He, however, tries to make others feel comfortable and welcome and doesn't hesitate to help but always refuses to help those he dislikes even when it can benefit him personally. In 2007 McClark would have likely entered second round with Stanling and come close to victory had he not been known for the brutal treatment he gave to his wives and lovers and he was often consumed by lust which constantly carried him out of control. He was also damaged by a could-have-been-fatal car incident he had in 2004, leading to people believing he is a maniac and cannot even be trusted with 'driving his kids to a store'. He is very irresponsible indeed and his irresponsibility has been pointed out many times.


Member of Parliament[edit]

He was a Liberal Member of Parliament in Snowiny from 2004 to 2015, when he was elected President. He proposed the Domestic Privacy Act in 2005, protecting the privacy of citizens, which was rejected by most of other Liberals and the entire Conservative Party. He also proposed a constitutional amendment enshrining gun rights in the Constitution in 2013, which failed to win 2/3rds of all votes required (it won 89 votes for versus 57 votes against and 4 abstain). His record included voting for war against Puffalia, voting for increased military spending, voting for restricting gun control and voting for better access to healthcare and education.


He was elected President of the United Provinces in 2015. He immediately got to work on reforming the system, introducing a federal republic, lowering taxes on the poor and the middle classes and working towards greater access to gun rights. He had to deal with East Pengolia and Acadia many times during his administration and has to work on appeasing a divided country at home. He won a second term in 2019 just barely against far-right candidate Monica Le Ben. 2 years earlier, his party suffered big defeats at parliamentary elections at which the Liberal Party lost 2 seats. He is set to hold a State of the Union speech on 10 July 2017 before the Parliament, where he will talk about his foreign and domestic policy agenda and more.



  • He is the current president of the United Provinces.
  • Lavender considers him to be salty, but still more tolerable than Robert Smith.
  • President Mueller praised him for having the courage to speak out against anyone, even though McClark had allegedly made a statement about how Mueller (who is a Nexonan) shouldn't be elected President (which was condemned as racist by most Margatians). Even then, the Margatian government thinks that he's better than the last leader who proclaimed monarchy.

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