Sir Kitteh

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Sir Kitteh
Sir Kiteth.png
He didn't make it.
Title Sir Kitteh
Gender Male
Race LOLcat
Faction Firing teh Kittypult
Health Deceased
Level Kittypult!
Status Firing teh Kittypult
Location Firing teh Kittypult
Place of birth Inside the Cat Arch
Death date December 19, 2009
Death place Hyperspace
Occupation In life, warrior
Interests Catapults
Weaknesses Impaitient
Friends Serious Cat, mourners
Enemies Mandy Mortis
Archetype Good

The late Sir Kitteh was a LOLcat, like Serious Cat. He is reknowned for his brave attempts to enter Antarctica... -but he did not live to see the statues and honors made for him..


It was about a couple days after Serious Cat's arrival at Antarctica. Sir Kitteh had utilized the Cat Arch, and eventually navigated through the dimensional mazes to the CPFW. Sir Kitteh, however could NOT take the time to float through like Serious Cat, so he launched himself through it. He could only think "Fire Teh Kittypult!" as he flew through the metal-fictional rift.

Sir Kitteh, because he was going so fast, actually dented the Fourth Wall as he phased into hyperspace. Sadly, the force of the collision killed him instantly. The impact was near the Bureau, and after they learned of his unfortunate death, they laid out a small shrine/grave for the creature. Everyone really felt bad for him, and the BOF, in tribute, named a new expansion after him. The "Kitteh" wing currently houses several upgrades to the Bureau of Fiction Operations Module, who also feels pity for the cat.


Sir Kitteh was never removed from his spot of death. The cracks and dents were never repaired. BOF employees passing Sir Kitteh's shrine usually leave a candle or a flower, and quietly walk by, only resuming conversation after respecting him.

A statue is also found in the main hall, with a plaque that reads "SIR KITTEH: HE GAVE HIS LIFE TO JOIN OUR WORLD".

Director Benny's secretary is currently considering graning him ghost status. A lot of BOF employees wouldn't mind having him in their world.


  • When his "Fire teh Kittypult!" is translated, you can hear many Meows.
  • Sir Kitteh's "Kittypult" slung him so hard into the Fourth Wall that it sustained cracks and a cat-shaped dent. This shock broke nine, count them, nine doinkometers in the BOF.

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