Sir Puffley

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Sir Puffley
Sir Puffley
Born Albert Puffley III
UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Species Puffle
Race Orange Puffle
Gender Male
Height 6"
Residence UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Citizenship UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Nationality Puffish
Occupation Criminal mastermind
Evilositian Army member
Employer Evil Pengy
I say, good chap!
— Sir Puffley

Sir Puffley is a Puffish criminal mastermind, best known for being the puffle behind the Mediocre O'Berry Heist of 2010. Contrary to most Orange Puffles, which are very zany and hyperactive, Sir Puffley is very posh and laid-back, and has never eaten non-edible objects. He is often seen drinking his favorite beverage, tea.


In March 2010, Sir Puffley pulled off what he intended to be the greatest crime of his career, although it would later go down in history simply as the Mediocre O'Berry Heist of 2010. In an incredibly bizarre plan, Puffley stopped a delivery truck filled with O'Berries intended to be delivered to a Puffish pet store by placing traffic cones he had stolen from a construction site in its path. After it had stopped, he shot himself out of a cannon through the passenger window, knocking the driver out of the vehicle and commandeering it himself. However, his success was short-lived, and he ended up losing control of the truck, spinning out, and dropping bags of O'Berries in front of the store they were supposed to be delivered to. Puffley was arrested by Puffish police officers on the scene, and was later sued by the shipping company for damages to the truck he had stolen.

In 2013, Sir Puffley was one of the few to respond to Evil Pengy's invitation to join the Evilositian Army. He went on to participate in their failed conquest of Shops Island, and subsequent takeover of Chill Island. Following a standoff between the villains and the Chill Island Protection Force in Chill World, he was arrested and turned over to the Elite Penguin Force along with several of the army's other members.

Sir Puffley participated in the Evilositian Army's assault on Acadia using eggs and cheese in June 2018, but was shot down. He was forced to go on trial, but was broken out by the escaping Evilositian Army members before being sentenced.



At first glance, Sir Puffley appears to be an uncharacteristically fancy Orange Puffle, wearing a top hat, monocle, bowtie, and having a mustache. However, closer inspection reveals several flaws which he hopes no one will notice. His mustache is fake, and came from a novelty bag of 36 self-adhesive mustaches; so far, Puffley has used 17 of them. His monocle is actually non-functional and has no glass. His top hat has been damaged by an unknown incident which he refuses to talk about, and has a dark blue patch on it.



  • His favorite food is O'Berries dipped in tea, which is generally considered weird and gross by other puffles.