Sixty Four Senseis

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The 64 Senseis
All 64 of them
Title Senseis
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Deceased
Level Very High
Status Dead
Location Unknown
Occupation Senseis
Interests Card-Jitsu, Teaching
Friends Each Other, Their Students
Enemies None

Sixty Four Senseis is the name given to sixty-four unidentified Senseis that were in reign after Jacques Hochstadt (third Sensei of the whole line) and before Hokkaido Master. The Senseis reigned from 1100 AD to 1724 AD.

Who could they be?[edit]

To date, not many know who the Sixty Four Senseis are, probably because they were not notable. Below are clues about some of the Sixty Four Senseis.

First Sensei[edit]

  • We do know that the first Sensei of the Sixty Four Senseis was named Arthur Gurnstiles from modern day Freezeland, who was one of Jacques Hochstadt's most dedicated students. Arthur died in 1109 of unknown causes, and he was cremated.
  • It is known that the first Sensei banned Ninjas from marrying and having offspring since he believed it distracted Ninjas from being effective warriors.

Second Sensei[edit]

  • The second Sensei, named Eric Von Kampf, was a former warlord from Osterreach. He was known for making Ninjas fight among each other and caused a civil war between Ninjas who preferred Water, Snow, or Fire. This Ninja Civil War lasted until the 5th Sensei came to power. Sensei Eric Von Kampf was assasinated in his 9th year of his reign.

Third Sensei[edit]

  • It is believed that the third Sensei was formerly the mayor of a town, possibly Shiverpool or some even say old South Pole City itself. His name is not known, but he was the favored student of Eric Von Kampf, since he did not side with any of the other elemental parties. His son, also neutral, took the throne after his father resigned his position because of the pressures to support a single party at the 9th year of his reign. Most of the Ninjas wanted him to quit because that was the end time of the other Senseis' Reigns.

Fourth Sensei[edit]

  • The Fourth Sensei, only known as "Sensei Wong", was a very secretive but neutral Sensei who hated the civil war. The war had divided the Ninjas very much so that the Fire loving Ninjas lived in one neighborhood, the Water loving Ninjas lived in another, and the Snow loving Ninjas lived in the third. Each Neighborhood was surrounded by walls that created a teardrop shape, and all of the neighborhoods touched and left a small triangle that became the town square, and the home of most of the violence. The square, once made of marble stone, became pitch black by the time Sensei Wong was in Power. The pitch black square inspired Sensei Wong for an idea. Secretly, under the command of the King of the High Penguin Confederacy, Sensei Wong commissioned the secret Order of the Shadow, a military order that trained secret Shadow Ninjas that would help keep the peace between the elemental neighborhoods. The Shadow Ninjas were assasins, although they existed until the Fiftieth Sensei came to power, when he abolished the group. Sensei Wong died of old age, although he only reigned for 9 years.

Fifth Sensei[edit]

  • The Fifth Sensei, Sensei Hépíng, was known for going into the Sensei State during a major clash between the three elemental groups and the Shadow Ninjas, all of whom had become corrupt. The perpetrators of the violence were destroyed by Sensei Hépíng while in the Sensei State, and he forced all sides to formally end the Civil War and to integrate the Ninjas into one united community.
  • He was nicknamed "The Great Uniter".
  • Legend says that he died by turning into a gust of cherry blossom petals.

Sixth Sensei[edit]

  • It is believed that the sixth Sensei ended the celibacy requirement for Ninjas, allowing females to live on Penguin Island.

Fiftieth Sensei[edit]

  • It is believed the 50th Sensei was a puffle, the first of its kind to actually claim the throne if true. He was known for thwarting an attempted coup by the Order of the Shadow, and forced them to disband.

Fifty-Second Sensei[edit]

  • Some claim that the 52nd Sensei was a tern.

Sixty-Fourth Sensei[edit]

  • The Sixty Fifth Sensei was known for allowing Ninjas to live outside the Ninja town and to leave the island. He was also the teacher of the Hokkaido Master. His name is unknown since information about him had been destroyed in the 1840 fire and the Hokkaido Master had never told any of his students his name.


  • The Average Sensei reigned for a maximum of 9 years.

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Preceded by
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The Position of
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