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Sk8itbot, kicking with his signature smile
Title Lance Sk8itbot Mercy
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction the "Good Guys"
Level Awesome
Status Powerful and Fast
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Ninja, Local "tough guy", Computer "haxxor"
Friends Metalmanager, Jitsu, Mabel
Enemies Doctor Aye-Que
Archetype Good

Lance Sk8itbot Mercy (known as Sk8 or Skate) is a 16 year old ninja penguin living in the north of Club Penguin. He is 120 cm (3' 7.3") and 40 kg (79.4 lbs). He fights along side Metalmanager, his brother and his brother's puffle Jitsu against Aye-Que to help Tails6000. With a lot of strength while being able to run extremely fast, he makes a great fighter. Wielding a Knicicle, he is great for pushing through tough defenses whilst completing battles in seconds. His weaknesses stop him from executing certain tasks, which can slow him down during battles. His weaknesses include being ticklish and easily distracted. Although fighting with Metal and his team, he also fights in his army.


Sk8itbot hatched and was named "Lance Mercy" on October 23rd 1993, two years before his brother and one year before his sister, Guru. Born in an igloo near the coast of Club Penguin, he took his first steps and learned to speak before many chicks. As a child, he got in trouble at schools due to bad behaviour and was expelled because of him being a "bad influence" on other children. After his sister was born, he was roaming the streets and noticed some bullies, bullying a Dorkugal Penguin that was lost on a school trip. He got rid of the bullies by threatening them and scares them off and continued to do this to any bullies that waddled on Club Penguin snow. He became the local tough guy and was told he'd make a good ninja. And quickly aced through the course and earned his black belt. He signed up to the EPF and travelled Antarctica helping others to get rid of bullies or any pains that annoy them. He was supplied with weapons and casually roams Antarctica today. After fighting walri, he decided he'd learn about computer hacking himself, but for good. He signed up to the EPF to fight the walruses, but in his path, Darktan had tried to destroy him. His brother came to help him and Sk8 found his secret power. Speed.