Ski Hill

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Decaon Peak
Ski Hill in 2015.
Key details
Type Mountain
Level 170 m ASL
Location Club Penguin

Deacon Peak or Ski Hill is an all-recreation purpose mountain in northwestern Club Penguin. It is the hotspot for Sled Racing and unobstructed views of the island. Deacon Peak is 170m in height, with a Ski Lift installed for easier access to the mountain summit. Surprisingly, several slopes of the mountain are steep while others are smooth. These slopes form the tracks of the famous Sled Racing activities.

A section of the Deacon Peak is hidden to outsiders and most believe it is Pen Chi's hiding spot.


Deacon Peak has a long geological history. Millions of years ago, Club Penguin was situated above a volcanic hotspot which brought life to two large active volcanoes on the island, Deacon Peak and Diamond Falls. As time went on, Deacon Peak moved off the hotspot and slowly became inactive and dormant. As the mountain (and the rest of the island) cooled, seismic events continued to shake the landscape. These tremors created the cliffs that line the slopes of Deacon Peak, which are one of the obstacles of Sled Racing tracks.

When Club Penguin was first discovered under the name Penguin Chat, no one knew of Deacon Peak, only that they saw a large mountain in the distance. The mountain was first conquered by David Deacon on October 1 2005, very soon after Club Penguin's founding. By mid October, the mountain was opened up for the public and was accessed by many penguins who went up to see the view.

With the influx of visitors to the mountain, several penguins created their own past-time of using sleds to race to the bottom of the mountain. Although dangerous, this activity gained widespread attraction; at first appealing to thrill-seekers but soon to many others as well. Many more began to flock to the mountain to partake in this new sport. On October 24 2005, Sled Racing became its own dedicated sport in Club Penguin, with the opening of several slope tracks down the mountain. Deacon Peak became more known as its new name, Ski Hill.

Alongside this, the Sports Shop and Lounge, later dubbed the 'Ski Hill Plaza', or 'Ski Village' also opened on the same date. Soon after its surge in popularity, workers had to upgrade the tracks on Ski Hill to turn them into 'sledable slopes' to avoid the risk of injury. The Bunny Hill track was first to be completed on November 1, followed by the others three days after. A ski lift was finally installed in March, which helped ease the route taken up to the mountain summit.


Since the introduction of Server technology, several variations of Ski Hill exists across the different server types.


The regular and original Ski Hill of the island. It offers four Sled Racing tracks as its primary attractions. The Ski Lift carries penguins from Ski Village up to the mountain. A small shack is also present, where skiers can purchase their own skis or rent out existing ones. Aside from this, the TCP Ski Hill is normally bland.


A large resort owns and operates Ski Village and Ski Hill. Several large Ski Lifts transport skiers up to the summit where there are dozens of different Sled Racing tracks of varying difficulty. The tracks range from simple beginner ones to extreme professional tracks. Hundreds of thousands of penguins flock to the Ski Hill, which is constantly filled with eager penguins.


The Ski Hill is not developed; it is still covered in pristine forests and a calm atmosphere. The hill overlooks Ski Village, which is replaced to a large neighborhood of igloos. The Ski Hill is often just a place for Chicks to explore the forests and sled down the natural tracks of the mountain.


A hilltop factory takes up most of the Ski Hill summit. Belching pollution into the air, the factory is responsible for manufacturing the sleds, skis and other related gear that is sold at the Ski Hill.


Bottom of Ski Hill[edit]

Ski Lift[edit]

The Ski Lift is the ski lift that transports penguins to and fro the summit of the mountain free of charge. It was introduced in March 2006 and was created by Gary. The Ski Lift has approximately 200 chairs which travel around at near walking speed. The Ski Lift traverses up the 170 meter summit of the mountain and measures around 800 meters in length.

Ski Village[edit]

See Ski Village for more.

The Ski Village is, as the name suggests, the main settlement of the Ski Hill. It has a lounge and a sports shop that is now replaced by the EPF HQ. The Ski Village's actual name is Deacon Village.

Ski Slopes[edit]

Bunny Hill[edit]

Bunny Hill was one of the first Sled Racing tracks to be opened to the public. It is the easiest track out of the four. Bunny Hill features few obstacles in the way and is not as steep or rough as the other tracks. These conditions make it ideal for Bunny Hill to be used as a tutorial track for beginners at Sled Racing. Due to the size of the track, only two penguins can race at a time.


Express was the second track of Sled Racing to be opened. It has a higher track difficulty than Bunny Hill, but is still easier than Penguin Run. Like Bunny Hill, though, the track can only have two penguins on together. Many penguins often race on the Express track to settle one-on-one arguments and the like.

Penguin Run[edit]

Penguin Run is a wider track than Bunny Hill and Express. It has enough room for three penguins to race together. It has a medium difficulty and is most often used by amateurs or good casual racers. The track features ice patches, which speed up racers, and many more obstacles, such as tree stumps, snow drifts and fallen logs.

Ridge Run[edit]

Ridge Run is the most difficult Sled Racing track on Ski Hill. It is also the largest, capable of having four penguins racing together and winds a large distance down the mountain. Ridge Run is also the most difficult track, with dozens of obstacles of different types littering the track. The track also several cliff drop offs, including the iconic cliff ridge for which it was named after. This ridge is located at the end of the track and is the last obstacle until the finish line.

Little Log House[edit]

A little log house was located halfway down the mountain. If penguins ride the Ski Lift to the top of the Ski Hill, they may be able to see the little wooden log house next to the mountain on the opposite side. In fact the house was believed to have been built as a rest stop for climbers on the way to the summit. However, it disappeared in mid-2008 and was rumored to have been destroyed in an avalanche. It also may be covered with snow.

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