Ski Lodge

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The Ski Lodge
Inside the Ski Lodge
Key details
Type Ski Lodge
Level Unknown
Location In the Ski Village of Club Penguin
Inhabitants Penguins

The Ski Lodge is a building in Club Penguin, located in the Ski Village. Here, penguins relax, play Find Four and go fishing at the lake right beside the lodge.


The Ski Lodge was first opened in December 2005 for fishers to relax before and after fishing. Later, Rockhopper invented Find Four, brought it to Club Penguin and penguins flocked to the Ski Lodge to play the "interesting game".

In 2015, at the height of EBUL's Club Penguin Renovation Project, the Ski Lodge was renovated, the decision being very controversial among older citizens of the island.


  • Rockhopper often relaxes here during his visits to Club Penguin.

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