Ski Village

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Ski Village
The normal TCP Ski Village.
Key details
Type Village
Level 812
Location CP
Inhabitants Shop owners

The Ski Village, officially the district of Deacon, is a district of Club Penguin, located at the foot of the Ski Hill. The Ski Village is a small plaza, where penguins often gather and do a range of activities. They can meet in the Ski Lodge, visit the Everyday Phoning Facility, relax in the village, or head into the Wilderness, up the Ski Hill or to the Beach or Dock. There used to be a Sports Shop in the village, but it was destroyed by an explosion of popcorn. The top-secret Elite Penguin Force headquarters is also located here.


To the inhabitants of Ninja City, the Deacon area was a wild and untamed forest with a small hill. it was not settled until the period of Olde Antarctica, and existed as a separate village from the main area of Club Penguin. Called Deacon Village, it was a popular ski destination due to the presence of the Ski Hill. The main town square consisted of a few shops, a ski lodge and a sporting equipment store.

After Club Penguin was incorporated in 2005, Ski Village was eventually absorbed by the fast growing Club Penguin. The sporting equipment store was bought out by another sport shop, known as the Sports Shop. The Ski Lodge, although slightly modernized, remained. Eventually, the small village became urbanized, and today only the TCP servers retain the old village square.

On May 18, 2010, the infamous Popcorn Explosion occurred. The entire village sqaure was flooded with popcorn and left the Sports Shop completely destroyed. The island saw this as a chance to rebuild and renovate the village. After that the Sports Shop was moved to the Stadium, and in its wake the Everyday Phoning Facility was built. Over the years, the Ski Village continued to be renovated, including a reconstruction of the Ski Lodge and placement of several amenities.

Today, the Ski Village is one of the most popular tourist destination in Club Penguin.


The Ski Village is the #1 tourist attraction in CP. Since it's located right under the Ski Hill, many tourists have to come to the Ski Village first. The Ski Hill is the second most crowded room in CP, the first is the Town. In fact the tourist traffic there is so a large, officials had to put in a Tour Guide Booth. Many tourists come to this booth to learn more information about Club Penguin, and surrounding islands.


Server technology has helped to create different versions of Ski Village.


In the TCP servers, the Ski Village only has two buildings. There's a Ski Lodge to hang out in, including some Find Four games to play in there; there's also the Everyday Phoning Facility, which is just a large, concrete building with a pay phone inside. It's rumored to be the Command Room of the EPF. A small tour booth is also located for tours to be conducted around the island. The TCP Ski Village is generally a quiet place to congregate and a stopping point for those heading to Ski Hill.


In the BCP servers, the Ski Village is replaced with a massive vacation resort more akin to a Ski City. The resort also owns the Ski Hill, which offers much more Sled Racing tracks than TCP servers. The Ski City also includes an indoor water park, an arcade, two restaurants, and a large outdoor activity center. The park is owned by the city and its many visitors help to create a profit of 15 million coins per year.


In the RCP servers, the Ski Village is a neighborhood of igloos. Where the Ski Lodge would be is a large, paved road with igloos on each side of it. The Ski Hill is untouched, and is partially covered in forests. Many of the chicks in the neighborhood like to explore the woods, and sled down the hill.


In the ICP servers, the Ski Village has an unemployment office, and massive parking lot. It's a very uninviting site, and is much unlike the other servers.


The Ski Village is decorated for nearly every party, and event. Though it's not always the most decorated. The most decorated it has ever been was during the Medieval Party 2012, where it became a destroyed kingdom. The Ski Village has also been the hub for different expeditions into the wilderness, and other festivities.



  • The Ski Village is often decorated during parties and becomes a hub of activity.

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